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Zatima Star Nzinga Imani’s Weekly Routine To Stay Fit & Body Confident | Game Plan | Women’s Health




Zatima Star Nzinga Imani's Weekly Routine To Stay Fit & Body Confident | Game Plan | Women's Health

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We just focus on you know making sure The plus-sized woman feels vivacious and Beautiful in all things this is one of My the money looks right now hey it's Nzinga Imani I'm here with Women's Health ready to break down my seven day Game plan [Music] Now Mondays are my actual weekend Because I'm typically very busy on the Weekends so Monday is my first day of Real self-care started off with making a Cup of coffee listen to some music now If I'm at home you know trying to keep It on a budget I'm going to stick with My little Keurig and my my what is it Dunkin Donuts either French vanilla or Caramel little pot put it in there pop Two seconds and I've got my coffee then I'm putting all the things in it I'm Putting Um honey yes I'm putting honey I'm Putting cinnamon I'm putting either Caramel or hazelnut and that's how I do My personal coffee now if I'm feeling a Little bougie and I want to go to Starbucks or something I'm getting a Caramel ribbon crunch if y'all haven't Tried it yet let me put you on game ask For a double blended with oat milk it Will change your life your welcome and Then I'm typically either going to spend That day getting my facial with my Esthetician getting my nails did maybe

Doing my hair all things in Zynga that Day I tried to focus on me fully if this Is my self-care day and I'm looking for My personal breakfast I'll probably go With something simple I don't want to Spend too much time whipping something Up I try to do that if I've got some Company over or something like that but If it's just me I'll probably do some Kind of low-fat yogurt with some Blueberries and strawberries chia seeds And flaxseed ground on top with of Course you have to have your low-fat Um oh granola granola that's what it is A little bit of honey and that is my Go-to Easy breakfast for myself I'm going into Tuesday and I'm starting off of course With my coffee because I need it can't Start the day off without it then I'm Gonna start with my emails because Typically in a weekend I can collect Over 100 emails and they're actually It's not just Spam I'm talking about Real emails between clients potential Partnerships all of those things scripts Everything so Tuesdays I'm basically Buried into my computer trying to figure Out what I'm going to prioritize and all Of those things I also own a clothing Line and a company so I'm making sure That I ship out my orders I'm trying to Shoot content for that it's a very very Hectic day I own a boutique for

Plus-sized women called shop namani and As in in Zynga and then Imani and we Just focus on you know making sure the Plus size woman feels vivacious and Beautiful in all things this is one of My the money looks right now and so on a Tuesday I'm typically shipping out all The orders for clients who've purchased Over the weekend in and making sure that They're wrapped and I put my little card In there and then seal it with love and Then I take it on over to the ups and Ship it all out make sure everybody gets Their orders within two days because we Do not play about our customer service So now we're in Wednesday typically by Wednesday I either have my own content To shoot for my brand or my clothing Line or scripts to read I always have Something to do I also very often have To shoot with one of my many clients I'm A model as well for other brands so I'm Not normally home by Wednesday I'm Probably at someone else's Studio Getting myself ready to be on camera for Pretty much the rest of the day and that Typically runs long if I get out before Maybe six then I'll try to cook if it's Anything past then I am ordering Ubereats or I'm stopping at rusans to Get some sushi they have been a part of My life since I was in college you know When you're a broke college kid they Were the only person who had like sushi

But they have like two dollar options For sushi so judge me if you want to but It's amazing you can get like several Different kinds and mix it up I like to Get the katsu salmon which is like a Deep fried salmon roll it's um and then I make my sauce with the sriracha and The soy sauce mixed together because I Like all things spicy garlic chili sauce Like I like fire as you well you don't Know but I lick Hot Cheetos so that's Gonna seem weird out of context however I eat hot Cheetos and I just eat the Sauce so my point is I like sauce I like Hot so it doesn't matter what kind of Sushi it is it's going to be smothered In Sriracha and dipped in soy sauce and It's going to be amazing especially if It's from musan so that's how I end my Wednesdays it's Thursday so we're gonna Switch things up and we're gonna spend a Little family time I have a beautiful Nephew just barely well he's not Actually two yet but he will be soon and He is my pride and joy you would have Thought that I birthed him but my Sisters and I are so close that I Probably Don't let my sister know that but I like To spend time with him whether it's him Coming and staying with me or me going And visiting them I like to just Completely kidnap him he is my child for That day and we just do all things I'm a

I'm a child I used to be a preschool Teacher the other teachers were annoyed At how much fun we had in my class and I Love to kidnap him specifically on Thursdays because it's before the Weekend when like daddy and mommy want To spend time with him and I just get That one-on-one time where we just get To be kids and I have an excuse to be a Kid with him My Fridays are typically the days that I Am intentionally social so I will Intentionally go to like the works or Some kind of food Hall try to be out in The public around people so that I'm not Just being a Hermit in the house because I know with my lifestyle I don't Necessarily need to leave the house too Much like on sets and all those things Are great but if I don't intentionally Make time to leave the house I won't so I try to go have lunch somewhere social Where I can interact with other people I'm always going to be on a date with One of my friends by that evening most Of my friends have regular jobs so I Have to wait for them to get off and Then we typically go for like a karaoke Situation or just anywhere fun I mean Even just like picnics in the park we're Versatile with our friendship so we can Do anything I love to see shows I am Addicted to theater so if I can go see Any kind of musical

That's it for me musicals are it for me So by Friday maybe Saturday but Typically on a Friday when it's a little Bit less of a crowd I'm gonna be seeing A show for sure Saturdays and Sundays Content content content Content is key for my brand for my Clothing line as well as my professional Brand and being a actress entrepreneur Model influencer all those things so I Definitely try to make that a day where I'm gonna be cute and I'm gonna spend Some time just getting content for the Rest of the week because the rest of the Week I'm not getting cute I am staying With my bare face bald headed if I need Wigs that week I don't know I'm not Doing it so if you want to see me cute Catch me on a Saturday or Sunday the Rest of the week don't look at me okay Truly throughout the week I'm collecting Inspiration online I'm saving it I'm Sending it to my videographer or my Sister or whoever trying to get some Kind of feedback with you know ideas and What I think I should do with this but My biggest key that helps me get content Done when I'm receiving packages clothes Anything like that I put it on a rack in My living room You cannot run from anything that's in Your living room I know it's there it's Looking at me every day throughout the Week so if I don't get it done Saturday

And Sunday is going to stare at me until The next week so my cheat code for Getting anything done when it comes to Fashion style content put it on that Rack and then you're gonna have to face It at some point or your living room is Going to turn into chaos but it's up to You it's in your hands now and that's it For me my name is enzinga Imani thank You so much women's health for having me This was so much fun and make sure that You follow me at nzinga Imani and follow All things in Zynga Imani my show on BT Plus is a Tema Sistas and my clothing Line shop namani thanks for tuning in

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