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Zara Haul & Try On | Fall 2023 Fashion Trends




Zara Haul & Try On | Fall 2023 Fashion Trends

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I've started to film this video a couple Of times and seemed to keep getting Tongue-tied and that is possibly because I have never filmed a haul video before And usually because I try and wear the Clothes in my wardrobe numerous times And mix and match them with other pieces That I own so I don't tend to go out and Buy on mess especially from one retailer But I did pick up a number of pieces From Zara recently that I thought that I Would like to share with you now not all Of these pieces are full essentially They're not all specifically for fall Some of them will be great for now and They'll see you through into the cooler Months but some are just good staple Pieces that I personally needed to Update in my wardrobe and before this Video goes live I will check the Availability of some of these pieces and If they're sold out I will offer you Some Alternatives because there are some Really great options available at Zara Right now and speaking of which the Famous fashion photographer Steven Maisel has just done an amazing Collaboration this month with Zara and I'm particularly loving it the Collection really does offer some Fantastic basic pieces they seem to be More elevated so really lovely quality There's some beautiful leather biker Style boots there's some gorgeous

Leather coats and oh that was what I was Thinking of too there are some beautiful Wool and boiled wool ponchos so pieces That are great Timeless Basics and some That are well worth taking a look at I Also saw that the Stephen maisel Collaboration includes some really cool Little accessories as well some leather Totes beautiful Woolen scarves hats Jewelry so it's a really well thought Out and extensive collection so Definitely I will leave a few links to a Few of my favorite pieces in the Description box below but go and check Out this collection it does say that it Is for September but I can't imagine That it won't still be on offer after September who knows but go and check it Out when you get a chance and as I said I will leave the links to everything I Feature in today's episode in the Description box below and if they're Sold out I'll offer you some Alternatives but let's get started with My favorite piece and it is one that I Just could not walk past and it's this Beautiful shearling biker jacket now the Reason I particularly love this is Because it is a really lovely weighted Jacket it's not too heavy but it's not Light and flimsy so it's definitely Going to be one that will keep you warm Throughout the really chilly months Ahead it's lovely quality it also

Reminds me of a beautiful shearling Jacket that I missed out on from Source Unknown and it also had some of this Beautiful little kind of Buckley type Details as well and I wish that I bought It it was probably about four times as Expensive as this one so I'm probably Fortunate in that I've missed out on That one so I could grab this one but I Must actually take that tag off as well But this I just absolutely loved I will Add in some cutaways here so you can see It up close but it's a great jacket that I know I'm going to get lots and lots of Wear out of now next up is actually a Suit now hang on let me grab it and I'll Share it with you so it is this Beautiful cargo skirt so it's actually a Midi or I should say maxi skirt because It is a full length skirt so it's a Cargo skirt and it comes with a super Cute little cropped cargo jacket now did I absolutely need this jacket probably Not but I often say that if you get the Option of buying a suit buy both pieces I had only just picked this up the other Day and was invited out to an event and It was so easy for me because I had a Complete outfit to wear in this suit I Love the fact that a suit gives you the Versatility of wearing each piece on its Own and mixing it and matching these With other pieces that you already own But you also have the benefit of wearing

It as an outfit it gives you that option Of like a dress that one and done option As well so even though I had to kind of Struggle to justify buying the jacket as Well I thought you know what it's great Because I've got the suit I've got a Complete outfit and I've got lots of Options to mix and match I also Particularly love this because it's a Lovely Structured heavyweight fabric but it's Also stretch so it kind of gives you That Structured tailored look but with loads Of comfort so this in my opinion has Been a real goodie I'll put up some Pictures here I think I have in a recent Video of when I wore this to a to that Event that I was talking about but I Love the fact that essentially you can Dress this up you can wear it a little More casually with a t-shirt a logo tee Trainers so there are options here and I Really do see this as just a classic Piece or classic set that I will own and Love for a long time now next up are These super cute little kitten heels and I did worry that they were going to look A little bit too dainty for my size 10 Foot but they are surprisingly Flattering and I think it's got Something to do with this little T ankle Strap it just gives it a little bit more Rather than the entire shoe being so

Dainty but they're a great height they Are surprisingly comfortable and I know Not all Zara shoes are comfortable these In my opinion are super comfortable I Could run a mile in them honestly they Are really comfy and that's key for me Sometimes I'll Whip into Zara and try on Some shoes and I will love them but if They hurt my feet I'm not going to buy Them these are comfy I'm off to a Wedding soon I'm going to team these With a long slip dress just for a little Bit of an elegant look but they look Great worn with jeans with a denim maxi Skirt with Tailored oversized sort of slouchy Trousers they're actually a really good Little option to have so I'm totally Loving these Zara have also got some Beautiful silver kitten heels they've Got quite a few options at the moment so Definitely definitely check them out now Speaking of maxi skirts I've got my Favorite Zara maxi skirt on at the Moment and I know I've been wearing this Top and this skirt in quite a few of my Videos recently and it's just because I Love this combination I find it really Comfy easy to wear this skirt is just Sort of my daily go-to at the moment and This top it's not a Zara top it's from An Australian label called dish and I Have worn it and worn it I've also got It in Black it's comfy I love the long

Sleeves with the sort of little What's This called is it called sort of lettuce I can't remember the exact name for These sleeves let me know in the Comments below if you know the name of These sleeves I think it's lettuce Sleeves that doesn't sound quite right Anyway this is a top end skirt that I've Been wearing all the time as I said the Skirt is Zara it is just a kind of Lightweight denim it's got a lovely Stretch to it but it's fitted it is Honestly just my favorite and as I said I've been wearing it with the little Kitten heels and also teaming it back With trainers and a tee so a very good Hard-working piece to own anyway next up Are these jeans now I wasn't so sure About them at first but I'm really Pleased that I ordered these so they Have as you can see here a double Waistband kind of design so it's a Little bit of fun going on here and I Just find them really flattering Surprisingly flattering actually they've Also got this interesting sort of seam That runs down the front of the leg Which is also flattering it tends to Just sort of give the illusion of length And elongate your legs they're a really Nice wash they're a nice weight I don't Think they have any stretch to them Actually maybe maybe a tiny bit but not Too much but they're high-waisted the

Double waistband just gives them a Little bit of Interest gives them a Little bit of a fashion Edge I love the The looseness of the legs that these Have been great I've been wearing them With just a simple tee a tank just you Name it Um they're just a really good little Addition to my wardrobe they also look Great with the Zara kitten heels Trainers you name it love love love These jeans okay next up is this lovely Simple striped shirt it's obviously an Oversized shirt I bought the size large I probably could Have sized down but I did want something That was kind of really oversized I love The idea of wearing this with a maxi Denim skirt or wearing it with my jeans That I just showed you or even wearing It perhaps in the warmer months with Some denim shorts and a tank and this Basically just worn as an over shirt It's a basic it's one of those pieces That I kind of felt was missing from my Wardrobe what I do plan to do with this Too is wear it under some sweatshirts And under some sweaters just to give you A little bit of something else going on And have a little collar just to make You look a little bit more dressed up And a little bit smarter but I I think That this piece is great as I said it's Just an oversized floaty simple classic

And last but not least I picked up three Tanks I actually love these sort of Simple white teas and tanks from Zara And felt that I kind of just needed some Layering pieces now I haven't worn this Kind of light brownie talk color yet but I have absolutely thrashed the black and White they have been perfect for the Climate in New Zealand at the moment we Have just hit Spring so we've just come Out of winter here and these have been Great layering pieces for me just to Layer under a denim jacket or a shirt Jacket or something a little bit warmer So I really felt like I needed to update Some of my basic tees and I often say at The beginning of a new season that is a Good time to have a look at some of These classic tees and classic layering Pieces because sometimes they become so Much a part of our everyday life that we Don't kind of realize that they've kind Of seen better days so a few of my tops And teas and tanks just needed a little Bit of an upgrade this particular style Is nice it's flattering it's a little Bit more modern with the kind of cap Sleeve and I just thought I'm gonna grab Three different colors it also comes in A a gray mile but I've got plenty of Gray teas at the moment so I just Grabbed these three colors but now is Also a good time to update those Basics Anyway that's it from me today I hope

You enjoyed some of these places and as I said I will link them all below and Also definitely go and check out that Steven maisel collection because there Are some really good classic pieces and I'm sure you're going to love them as Much as I will and yeah as I said I have Linked some of my favorites down below As well but thank you so much for Watching I appreciate you all and I look Forward to seeing you in the next one so Bye for now [Music] Thank you

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