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Winnie Harlow Opens Up About Vitiligo & Posing Nude for The Body Issue | Body Scan | Women’s Health




Winnie Harlow Opens Up About Vitiligo & Posing Nude for The Body Issue | Body Scan | Women's Health

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– I did take ballet when I
was younger and I loved it But it just didn't end up happening for me To be a ballerina now did it? Hi, I'm Winnie Harlow And this is my Women's Health Body Scan. I love my lips. My lips are my favorite part of my body Just because I just
feel like they're juicy And I got them from my mom. A part of my body I've grown to love Would probably be my height Because I was very tall in school And I used to slouch 'cause
I didn't wanna be tall. I wanted to be shorter and
like cute and fun sized And now I love it. It helps a lot when you
become a model to be tall So I'm very grateful for my height. My abs, I, I really like
doing Russian twists With a weighted ball. That is one of my favorite workouts. My booty, I like to do plié squats, Get really deep into
them and lift that butt. I did take ballet when I
was younger and I loved it But it just didn't end up happening for me To be a ballerina now did it? Speaking of ballet, I
used to also take dance. My dance teacher was so gung-ho On getting me down into my splits And forced me into a split
before and pulled my groin So I've never been able
to do the splits again And I really want to get there one day. So if there's anyone who
specializes in stretching, Hit me up please because that
is definitely a goal for me, Getting back to my splits.

Ooh, body part I hate exercising
would have to be my arms. I like my arms to be like
naturally the way that they are. They are pretty like long and like lanky And I feel like I can't
build up too much mass 'cause they're like abnormally long. I just hate not being able
to move my arms after arm day So that sucks. My go-to healthy meals
has to be something warm. I don't like cold food so
I don't really like salads. I'm an island gal so
we like hot cooked food Like ackee and saltfish with callaloo And some like boiled yams
and stuff like breakfast. That's our traditional breakfast. So I think that would be
something that I love to eat. My love languages are acts of
service and receiving gifts. Yeah, I think they go hand in hand. I think it's really important When it comes to love languages That you give love in that
person's love language And not in your own. So I definitely give
love in different ways Than how I like to receive it Because I wanna focus on how
that person likes to be loved. I don't have any major
scars but I do have vitiligo And it's changed a lot Since I had a really bad
sunburn on a photo shoot That they didn't want
me to wear sunscreen on Because sunscreen was just
giving me ashy white cast And so my vitiligo has
changed a lot over time From that sunburn and so
it's not really a scar But definitely something
that was permanent. My skincare routine really
consists of protecting my skin. I really think it's important for everyone To protect their skin from the sun.

That is why I created my
skincare brand, Cay Skin, That focuses on protecting
your skin from the sun And recouping your skin
from any burns or dryness That you may receive from the sun. You guys are gonna see in my cover shoot I'm gonna be all glowy and
hydrated from my skincare line So that is really important to me. Another big part of my skincare routine Is making sure that I
take off all the makeup That I have to wear for work. That is so, so, so important. A clean, healthy base Is always going to be a great
foundation for a makeup look Or a no makeup day. This is not really a secret I learned. It's just something I
tried and it worked for me. I have really bad allergies And so I always have
eyedrops and antihistamines But I realize that if
I'm using the eyedrops For like redness and
irritation in my eyes, Why not try it on my skin And so sometimes when I have like a pimple Or something like that
and I have a photo shoot, I'll take my eyedrops and
I'll just put it on my skin And that helps with redness. So a little tip for y'all. I do have tattoos. I have one, two, three, four tattoos And I keep them all very small. They're all on my hands So no one ever really
knows I have tattoos. I have a little skin toned
heart on my ring finger That I'm gonna get filled
when I get married. Oh, so cute.

I was drunk in Vegas when I got it. It's my first tattoo. So I'm very proud of myself For getting a great sentimental tattoo In a drunk Vegas night. I have a dagger on my middle finger That one of my close
friends told me to get Because I was killing it
during fashion week one year. So that was great. I have seven dots on my other hand And they represent all my siblings And I have a K with a heart
which is king of hearts For my boyfriend whose
name also starts with a K. I don't have any interesting piercings. I do wanna get more
piercings on my ears though. I've always wanted nipple piercings But I feel like that's a little painful. So I love to switch up
my hair and wear wigs. I wear wigs Because I like to protect
my natural hair underneath. I love different colors, cuts, styles And it allows me to keep my
hair healthy underneath the wigs While still achieving all
the styles that I need to get For all my jobs and just
for my personal life. I have so many hair products at home. My friends call me CVS. I have a few faves I can think
of off the top of my head. Ooh, I like to use Curls products. Their stuff smells really good. One of my hairdressers, She has a haircare line called
a VIP Hair Care by Ashanti And that stuff is so, so good. She has a hair serum that
is so tingly on your scalp, Feels great.

I think in order to maintain
your hair for a workout, You have to start from before the workout. I like to wear like a headband To make sure that my edges don't revert When I have my real hair out Or that my lace don't
lift when I got a wig on. Like doing little twists or braids Or tying it up in a really nice bun Helps your hair to fall
really nicely after. I think it's more about
the before than the after With maintenance and hairstyle. It's very easy to forget to
keep up with your mental health And check up on yourself. I think even doing the small things Like taking a moment to take
a little soak in a bubble bath And read a book that
you've been dying to read, Just those little moments by
yourself are really necessary. I think for me when it comes
to being in the limelight, People always think that
things are always perfect And you get everything all the time But you definitely have
your yeses and your nos And the doors that open for
you and the ones that close So it's always still a struggle
to get through those nos That you receive and continue
to know within yourself That whatever nos you get, That's just a door that you're
not supposed to walk through And keeping that mentality
and so you stay positive. I'm so grateful to be on
the cover of the body issue. Body confidence is something That I've always been so
adamant about with myself And also helping others
gain body confidence Or maintain body confidence. So it's really beautiful
for this body of mind To be a showcase of that importance.

This is something that
I wanted to be a part of Because my body is something that Over the years of me being
young and being a kid, It took me time to learn how
beautiful being unique is And being able to showcase on a big cover The beauty and uniqueness is incredible And I hope that everyone
who sees this cover Knows that they are beautiful
in their uniqueness too. Thank you so much for watching. Make sure you subscribe to Women's Health And look out for my cover.

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