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Why You Should Be Walking Backwards




Why You Should Be Walking Backwards

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I'm sure by now you've been seeing all These people on the internet walking Backward on their treadmill and Wondering what the heck they're doing Well here's the gist of it when you walk Toe to heel as opposed to Heel To Toe You begin to strengthen your shins and Your quad muscles you also build up the Other muscles around your knees and Stabilize The Joint it improves your Overall range of motion and it burns 40% More calories than walking forward even At a Brisk Pace it also stimulates your Brain and has been proven to improve Your shortterm memory now if you don't Have access to a treadmill no problem You can also incorporate lateral walks Lunges straight leg raises wall squats And bridges now if you do want to Incorporate backward walking I would say Start slow no more than 2.0 speed with Zero incline on your treadmill and begin With a minimum of five minutes you want To build up your endurance from here you Want to do this at least two to three Times a week for at least 5 to 10 Minutes to reap the full benefit

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