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Why This World Cup Player Is Wearing a Swim Cap




Why This World Cup Player Is Wearing a Swim Cap

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If you're watching the Women's World Cup You might be asking yourself why was Daniel van dedonk wearing a swim cap Well I'll tell you why it's definitely Unusual but it's not the first time it's Happened there were some theories Swirling around the internet that it was Part of a concussion protocol because She was made to put it on after a Head-on collision with rose Lavelle but It actually has nothing to do with Concussion protocol they put the cap on Her because she was bleeding probably From a superficial injury from the Head-on collision so the compression of This home cap helps slow the bleeding But it also keeps the player safe from Any potential transmission of disease Since the swim cap is a lot easier than Trying to wrap medical tape around a Bandage and like through her hair Is that the compression could slightly Relieve any headache symptoms from the Impact but that's not the reason they Put it on her

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