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Why I stopped exercising to lose weight #shorts




Why I stopped exercising to lose weight #shorts

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For the longest time I exercised for one Reason and that was to lose weight or to Change the way my body looked I usually Picked my exercise based on whether or Not I thought it burned a lot of Calories or if it was supposed to help Somebody lose weight and the problem With that is I really didn't enjoy it And then after a week or two I would Decide that I wasn't seeing any results And I would quit and I was constantly on And off the exercise bandwagon and then Finally I had that aha moment and I made A decision that hey look it feels good To move my body and it feels good to Move my body in ways that I enjoy so I Made a commitment to myself that I was Going to pick exercises that I enjoyed Doing and I was going to commit to that Movement whether or not it changed my Body or it made me lose weight and the Great result of that is that feeling Good feels good and I find when I'm Moving my body in a way that feels good I tend to eat better and make better Decisions throughout the day

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