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Why I Deleted My Quite Luxury Video | Liver Transplant | Menopause & More




Why I Deleted My Quite Luxury Video | Liver Transplant | Menopause & More

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Hi there everyone I've just finished Filming a video and wanted to just chat To you guys a little bit I don't tend to Do this much and I suppose I just Thought there were a few things that I Wanted to address and a few questions That I keep getting of late that I Thought it was worth me just sitting Down and having a little bit of a catch Up and please let me know if you like These sorts of videos because I feel Sometimes that as much as I love Creating my fashion content sometimes I Don't Or it doesn't allow me to kind of really Let you into maybe what's going on in my Life and what's happening behind the Scenes so I'm thinking about creating a Regular kind of talk Story Time talk time video like this so Let me know If once you've watched this you think That you would like to hear more but the First thing that I wanted to talk about Was A couple of weeks ago I created a video On quiet luxury it was my take on the Trend and what was really interesting to Me was it started going off from the Moment that I posted that video it was Going crazy and getting lots and lots of Views which is always exciting as a YouTuber you want to get as many views As possible because that's how you get

Paid after all but Um what also seemed to be happening was The comments were well a lot of the Comments were really nasty and For me I can deal with this I am 56 I'm Old enough to and I have a thick enough Skin to kind of deal with a lot of the Negative stuff that comes my way but What seemed to be happening in this Video was There was quite a bit of fighting within The comments within like between viewers And that's kind of the worst thing for Me because you know this YouTube channel Is my little space on the internet that Lets me escape from The Real World lets Me kind of just have a happy place that I can chat about something that I love Which is fashion and share some of my Insights and just be part of a Like-minded community so when I saw all These nasty comments it was just Heartbreaking for me so what I did do Was I switched that video off so I put The video to private it's still there on My on my channel you can't see it it's It's set as a private video Because I wasn't sure whether I was Going to Re-re-set it live or what I was going to Do with it Um I'm sure I'll just delete that video But yeah it really sort of saddened me That there was so much nastiness in the

Comments and so for anyone asking and I've still had lots of comments over the Last few weeks as to what happened to That video they wanted people wanted to Watch it again people had heard about it And they can't find it on my channel Well that's what happened to it now one Of the reasons why Also I didn't want that sort of Negativity at the time not that I ever Wanted but one of the reasons is that my Boyfriend of my partner of five years Um has just had a liver transplant and Um I'm sure you can guess that that's a A major operation and while he'd been on The the waiting list for a liver for About seven months it's always a bit of A shock when you get that call up that It's that it's your time that there's a Donor liver that's become a available And It's all go essentially Um and so that that process is obviously Huge and my whole Focus for the last Three months so he had it almost three Months ago now My whole Focus for the last three months Has been very much taking care of him And making sure that he Has everything he needs to get healthy Again and so I think that that sort of Compounded the whole Um quiet luxury sort of video for me and And made me I suppose less resilient to

Deal with negativity Um Yeah and I think you know as YouTubers We're all vulnerable we all go through Our own personal stuff which you know as I said earlier I just generally don't Tend to share that that sort of side of My life Um But I think maybe sometimes it's it's Worth me doing that and opening up a Little bit and giving you guys who Follow me regularly just a little bit More of an insight into to who I am and You know I know that it's easy to kind Of look at people online and think that Everything's cruisy and their life is Amazing but that's you know definitely Not the case Um I also had a skin cancer removed a Couple of weeks ago well actually it was Just over a week ago I had the stitches Out yesterday and I had an interesting Comment and generally the comments on my Videos are very positive and really Lovely and occasionally you'll get some That just kind of strike a chord with You and this one did that for me because It was a woman saying that I I mentioned My getting my skin cancer removed in a Video I think it was the video before or Two videos before this one And she seemed to think that I was Making light of it and making a joke of

It which was definitely not my intention Um all I was saying was I've got a Unsightly plaster on my arm that's what It is it's skin cancer I haven't looked After my skin as well as I could have When I was younger Um and I basically sort of said that's Just a little friendly reminder to Either stay out of the Sun or wear Sunscreen now I didn't think that I was Kind of making light of it and I Certainly wasn't feeling like it was a Lightweight topic um because it is a Squamous cell carcinoma I actually need To have another surgery on it just to Remove the margins But that comment also made me think I Wonder if there is Um an option for me to just talk about Issues and topics here that are kind of Of interest to me and potentially of Interest to you Um another question that I had was um I Mentioned in a recent video about Menopause and how I have been going Through menopause I'm not quite out the Other end I don't think but someone Mentioned in a comment which really also Struck a chord with me that you know Perhaps I should use my platform to Share Um you know my experience with things Like menopause and to sort of help break Down the stigma and yeah I it did get me

Thinking you know there is a real stigma Around menopause and women of a certain Age and there's a really nice positive Push that's happening Um In the media at the moment with some 50-plus women that are really Um putting a really positive spin on on Aging and and I'm loving that I think That that's great I definitely have my Own thoughts on it and yeah we'd just Love to know whether you're interested In hearing my experience with menopause Where my mind is at where my head is at With dealing with aging Um let me know in the comments below if If these sorts of topics actually Resonate with you and you would like me To just have a little bit of a regular Talk time and we can sort of chat about Some of the issues that affect us but we Don't seem to see a lot of talk about Them online or certainly not a lot of Positive constructive talk online Um so let me know in the comments in Another question that I regularly get Asked is oh I have been getting asked Recently which I've been loving is my Skin it's about my skin and how luminous It looks I don't know whether it's Looking luminous today it probably isn't Because I'm talking about it but um There is a product that I've been using And I've been mixing it with my

Foundation and I was going to bring it Along today but I haven't got it here Um but I'll put a little picture of it Up on the screen here or maybe here and It's a a really affordable Revlon Product and it's called Skin lights and I used to use this product years ago From Revlon when it was in a powder form And it used to give my skin this really Lovely Um translucent sort of glow and When I was out and about the other day I Saw that they had skin lights Revlon had Skin lights I don't know how long it's Been available for but they still have a Product called Skin lights but it's in a Liquid form so I grabbed some and I've Been mixing a tiny bit in with my Foundation and I've really been finding That my skin is definitely looking more Luminous and glowy and more youthful and Fresh so that is the secret to my more Luminous skin and just in case you're One of those people that that ask the Question but it's a really nice product And easy to use and as I said affordable And just kind of gives me a bit of a Healthy glow which I don't have Naturally anymore oh and just while I'm Kind of sharing a whole lot here Um one of the other things that has been A little difficult for or interesting For me to navigate in the last seven Months is that my younger son is

Um has just turned 17 and he was given The opportunity to go and live in the US And go to high school there spend his Last two years of high school in the US He's been there for seven months and so That's been quite an adjustment for me As well Um you know I did not expect to send my Son to the other side of the world and It's meant that I've traveled to the States twice this year already to spend Time with him and I love the US so it is It's a great opportunity for me to to Travel and to go to a country that I Love and really enjoy seeing more of but On the sort of the mama side of things It's actually quite sad not having my Boy Um close and not having him at home but Again that's probably Another thing that made the whole sort Of negativity around the um quite luxury Video that I posted just that little bit Harder for me to to sort of brush off or You know I think I think what I'm trying To say is that I don't have the thick Skin that I that I used to have there Have been things in life that have been Probably just testing me a little more Than normal which You know my son being away my partner Having a liver transplant my own little Skin cancer hiccup Um

Yeah Yeah little things that have sort of Well they're not all little certainly Not all little but stuff just life that That crops up that makes me feel Probably more vulnerable Um than normal so Um the other thing that I always get Asked to is why don't I do something With my hair why don't I curl it or Something and today I did I've tried my Best it's not hanging in there it's Wanting to drop out and go straight Again but I've made a little bit of a um Promise to myself that I'm going to make A little bit more effort with my hair I'm going to maybe get a few little Layers cut into around the front of my Face so I can curl it and it might stay A little bit longer But that's another thing that I do seem To Um hear about a lot like I need to do Something with my hair it suits My Lifestyle I like to work out I like to Be able to not wash my hair and have to Style it every day over the years I have Tried every style imaginable and tend to Feel that this is the one that works Best for my lifestyle But I don't know why I'm here on the Internet explaining my hairstyle but I Did just kind of want to say I'm trying

To mix it up a little bit I've never Been great when it comes to you know Styling my own hair But I have made that promise I'm going To make a little bit more of an effort But anyway I really did just want to hop On here and kind of just talk to you Instead of Chatting about fashion and Trends which Obviously is something that I love doing But just to kind of connect with you on A different level and to say hi and to Find out whether this is something that You would be interested in me doing on More of a regular basis and as I said Talking about some of those subjects That are affecting me and I'm sure Affecting many of you as well anyway Please let me know in the comments below Thank you as always for watching my Videos it means the absolute world to me And I know that that's not new you Hearing this from YouTubers but for me It's it enables me to be a single mum Look after my boys my family put a roof Over our heads and also do something That I absolutely love so I don't take That lightly I feel extremely grateful And I couldn't do it without you and Your support and your continued support Of watching the content that I put out So this is a great opportunity for me to Once again just say thank you thank you For being here with me on this journey

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