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What I Ate in a Week Healing From Chronic Illness (Fall Inspired)!




What I Ate in a Week Healing From Chronic Illness (Fall Inspired)!

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Hi everyone and welcome back to clean Eating kitchen I'm Carrie and this is my Channel where I share easy gluten-free And dairyfree recipes and tips so you Can feel your best and it has been a Little while since I uploaded a video I Missed sharing with you and interacting With you but I thought today I would Share some of the easy fall inspired Meals that I enjoyed last week and they Are perfect for women like me who have Chronic illness I have autoimmune Disease and chronic fatigue and while I Do feel pretty good most of the time There are definitely days when I feel Pretty awful especially if I have a Migraine and so I wanted to share some Easy methods of cooking meals so if You're in the same situation as I am Where you don't either have the energy Or you know maybe your joints hurt and It's hard for you in the kitchen I Thought these would be some easy meals And in general they make larger portions So you can serve them in different ways So you could use a lot of these things For meal prepping and I do rely heavily On my crockpot my instant pot electric Pressure cooker and um let's see my air Fry is probably my newest favorite Gadget so I used all of those Appliances um in this video to make the Recipes that I'm going to be sharing With you I put most of the recipes in

The description box so that's where you Can find it and I also want to encourage You to join my clean eating quick start Guide and my email list and the reason Is that's where I'm the most active I Probably at this point am only making a Video on YouTube about once a month but I publish recipes and articles daily on My website which is cleaning And so if you join my newsletter which Is totally free uh I will email you um Like several times a week the free Recipe links and the Articles and that Way you can just kind of keep up with The new content that I'm publishing um Because again I just don't make the YouTube videos as often mostly because They are tiring to make and they take a Lot of time to edit um I've kind of been Trying to get into a groove of what Types of videos um you are most Interested in plus what is the easiest And most efficient for me to make so Hopefully this type of video of the Meals and the dishes that I make Throughout the week are um you know it's A type of video that you like because it Wasn't too difficult to film um so we'll Just see you can let me know in the Comments I also would love to do some More informational type videos like what I've been doing um to help manage my Migraines because I have found some tips And tricks that have been helping me

Recently that I would love to share with You um so that kind of video if you are Interested than that let me know Otherwise I'm just going to jump Into what I eat this week the meals that I made they are all fall inspired with Seasonal produce and seasonal flavors And so I hope you get some inspiration So the first recipe I want to share with You is how to cook a whole butternut Squash in the instant pot and I hope This recipe blowed your mind as much as It did mine when I first made it and the Reason it's so perfect for people with Chronic illness is because it can be Really hard to cut a butternut squash if You want to roast it in the oven and I Personally find it a huge pain to cut it And peel it and all of that so I cooked It you saw I didn't poke holes in it or Anything and um I usually cook it a Little bit longer this time I think I Did 22 minutes I'd probably do more like 26 or 28 minutes and I'll put the full Recipe Link in the description box but You can see it didn't explode that's Always the concern but I promise you you Can do it the whole you don't have to Poke holes in the squash or anything so It's just like the simplest recipe You'll ever see so what I did was just Took out all the Flesh and then I Decided to make it into a stew for Dinner and you could definitely use that

Cooked butternut squash flesh to make a Butter squash soup and I'm going to show You an acorn squash soup in a minute but This recipe I just put some veggies in I Was kind of cleaning out my refrigerator I had that enchilada sauce that I put Into the crock pot along with the cooked Squash and then I used this chicken Thighs they're boneless and skinless and I just wanted to make a really simple Dinner I didn't have a lot of time to Cook on this day and so I just wanted to Make it as easy as possible I did add a Little bit of cinnamon to give it kind Of that butternut squash fall flavor Profile and then I just added a little Bit of seasoning and um popped on the Lid and when I cook chicken in the crock Pot I usually just do it for like 5 Hours on high or maybe if you want to do It on low you could do that for up to 8 Hours really so we can do it early in The day and then it will be ready for Dinner and of course it makes the whole House smell delicious and my chicken got A little brown because I left it in all Day but it really tasted great and this Ended up being a perfect meal prep Recipe because it made a good I think it Was about five or six servings and I Ended up freezing half of it because U My husband gets bored if I serve him This dish more than two nights in a row So I did end up serving this with some

Fresh avocado you could also put some Coconut yogurt on top and it was really Yummy for the next recipe I decided to Show you how to make a whole chicken in The crock pot this is Another really um great hack that I Learned a few years ago and if I'm super Lazy or not feeling well I'll buy a Whole cooked rotisserie chicken say from Whole Foods um I try not to get the ones At Costco because I really like to use An organic uh pasture raised chicken and So um if you buy it you know uncooked You can have more control over the Quality of the chicken but what I did Was put some uh haved lemon inside the Chicken and be sure to take out any Insides of the chicken which is kind of Gross like it when they have it in a Little bag you just pull out um but then You literally I put a little bit of Chicken broth in because I had an Experience one time where I cracked the Ceramic pot of my crock pot because I Didn't put any liquid in but the chicken Actually will release quite a bit of Liquid and you can use the bones you Could make bone broth if you wanted to I Didn't I was too lazy um but this this Chicken um I I mean you can use it in so Many ways it really yields so much so It's a a really great value for the Money so I'm going to show you the next Day I used some of that chicken to make

A chicken salad and so I wanted to show You how I did that I my husband likes it When I chop the chicken up into little Tiny pieces you don't necessarily have To do that I did that mostly for him and This is another great meal propep recipe You could make at the beginning of the Week and then um have it for you know Lunches or even dinner so I chopped up Some celery and some onion fairly finely And added that to the bowl with the Chicken and again I just want to Reiterate how much chicken that one Whole chicken yielded and so um it's Good in the for refrigerator up to Really about 5 days and um so could Serve the chicken just hot out of the Crock pot or you can do what I did which Was to kind of pull off all the meat put It into a glass bowl and keep that in The refrigerator and then use it to make Different meals throughout the week so You can see um I'm making a honey Mustard chicken salad here I will put The recipe in the description box just Really simple ingredients that's a Coconut yogurt I also use use some Avocado uh based oil based Mayonnaise and some honey of course and Then some mustard and it was just a Simple super simple chicken salad recipe That we enjoyed for lunch I believe this Amount lasted um for two people we got Four servings out of that and I always

Like to serve my chicken salad with Other things like a little bit of Sauerkraut maybe even some chips and I've been working on my mineral status Lately I don't know if you know much About that but I've been trying to work On my pottassium and my Sodium so that's why I mention the chips Um so this is how I made the acorn Squash I'm showing you how tender it Came out I again I did not poke any Holes in it I took I cooked it in the Instant pot I used the fles to make an Acorn Squash soup I used a little bit of Coconut milk I had about maybe a half a Cup left in that can and then I did use Some bone broth to help add protein to The salad uh I mean to the soup which is Always kind of a nice trick because then You have a soup which can be so warming And comforting especially on a cold day Or you're not feeling great but if you Add the bone broth then you're you're Going to get some protein as Well and so um here I just wanted to Show you my neighbor even though it's Fall it's not exactly tomato season Anymore my neighbor grows Tomatoes these Cherry tomatoes and he literally gave me Like 5 lbs of cherry tomatoes it took me A good half hour to wash them all and I Served it with the chicken salad a Couple of cassava flour wraps and then I

Had so many left over that I put the Rest in the crock pot and made a really Easy cherry tomato sauce I just cooked Those Tomatoes uh with a little garlic Powder a little water um I cooked up Some ground turkey to make the make it Into a pasta dish so I cooked this white Rice spaghetti then I had the ground Turkey I had the tomato sauce and it Made for another pretty simple meal and As I mentioned Tomatoes fresh tomatoes Aren't exactly fall food but here in California we pretty get a pretty warm Fall sometimes our fall weather is even Warmer than our summer weather believe It or Not and um this week I was even wearing Shorts which sometimes in the summer I'm Wearing pants in a sweatshirt um I Wanted to show you this really easy app Crumble I guess you would call it that I Made in the crock pot again I'm just Leaning so heavily on my crockpot Because quite frankly I get so tired at The end of the day I don't know if You're the same so I want to prepare Most of my Foods early in the day and so I'm not starting fresh when it's you Know 5:30 because I'm really tired by That time I don't know if it's my History of chronic fatigue or just Because cuz I do work pretty hard during The day but I wanted a dessert and of Course apples are great fall food so I

Just roughly Cho them you and I use this Baby crock pot you don't necessarily Want to use um a big crockpot but you Can I guess but I had this baby one so It worked perfectly and then so I put The apples in with some lemon juice just A little tiny bit of water and then I Made this topping with gluten-free flour Coconut sugar a little vanilla a little Ground cinnamon and ghee and that makes The topping and then it just the topping Browns and then I just served it with Some coconut yogurt this video didn't Give you a great idea of how it turned Out but um oh here's some video footage Of how it looked before I put it in the Crock pot thank you so much for watching I hope that you enjoyed this video if You did did then you will probably be Interested in the other what I ate in a Week while working on my gut health and I'm going to link to that and so you can Watch that next and I'll see you in the Next video Bye

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