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Wearable Spring 2024 Fashion Trends You NEED To See!




Wearable Spring 2024 Fashion Trends You NEED To See!

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There are some Fab spring Trends popping Up and I didn't see them coming but They're here now and I know you're going To love Them hi I'm Leon and welcome to my Channel with spring just around the Corner I thought it was high time that I Had a closer look at some of the trends And as I just said some of them really Were a little unexpected but the great Thing about all of the trends that I'm Talking about in today's episode is that They are all extreme L wearable and if You've been following me here for a While you'll know that I love fashion to Be fun but I also love it to be Practical so I am very much expecting That there'll be something in today's Episode for everyone okay first up and Probably one of my favorite trends for Spring is the return of Bermuda shorts Now I love everything about Bermuda Shorts they are tailored they kind of Cover your legs if like me you don't Always like showing them off the Bermuda Shorts that I've seen are a mixture of Tailor so they're a little bit like a Shorter version of the tailor manstyle Trousers that we've been seeing in the Last couple of seasons and I also have Seen some that are a little bit more Kind of sporty with more of an Elasticated waist but essentially they Are like your classic Bermuda short

Which Falls just below your knee Although I do recall seeing some that Are a little shorter say just above your Knee but there kind of is something for Everyone I love the fact that they're Really easily paired back with a simple T-shirt or a tank or some of the other On Trend tops that I'm going to talk About shortly but I think a lot of you Will be as excited as I am to see The Return of Bermuda shorts so let me know In the comments below do you like Bermuda shorts are they a little bit Much for you what do you think of Bermuda shorts making a comeback let's Chat in the comments below now next up I'm calling quirky Denim and denim has Been having a moment for Wow Seasons now It's been happening for a very long time We've seen lots of embellished Denim and Lots of WID leg and flar Denim and you Name it we have seen lots happening and That is no different for spring but I'm Calling the denim that we're seeing this Spring quirky because it kind of is There's all sorts of interesting details That are appearing and in particular I Saw a beautiful denim dress that had Denim up top and then a completely sheer Skirt and it's this kind of quirkiness That I'm seeing more and more with denim In fact I'm seeing lots of denim dresses And in all sorts of different iterations So kind of ruffled Maxi style denim

Dresses to more kind of overall style Button through dresses but there are Kind of lots of interesting denim Options there's also still embroidery on Denim and interesting details on denim Some of the double waistband like I've Shown in past videos but there's also Plenty of denim bodices and interesting Denim jackets and because denim is super Versatile I definitely think it's a Really wearable and easy option to Incorporate into lots of different Outfits and looks so keep an eye out on Some of these interesting denim pieces Now next up there are a lot of pleated Skirts happening and in particular box Pleat and certainly larger sort of wider Box plats and there's some beautiful Mini skirts also there are some box Pleated skirs so you know midway between A a skirt and a short there are also Some midi box plate style skirts and Again this kind of lean leans into the Whole preppy styling thing that that is Very much happening this year and I do Think that these skirts are super Wearable the pleat are a little bit fun They're very flattering because they Tend to elongate it's those sort of Vertical lines that elongate and draw The eye down the body which is always Really flattering but there are lots of Options if you're not a huge fan of the Box plats don't worry there are also

Some gorgeous knife plate skirts around I'm definitely looking forward to Bringing mine out I've got a cple couple Of Maxi knife plate skirts which in my Opinion are Timeless pieces so they may Be on Trend now but the skirts that I Own I've owned for years and I can Always bring them out and modernize them With how I style them so essentially Plated skirts are here in a very big way For spring and at this point i' just Like to say a very big thank you to the Team at Squarespace for sponsoring this Portion of today's episode now I am a Huge fan of Squarespace I've been using Them to to create my own blog and Websites and client websites for years I Recommend Squarespace to all of my Friends because quite simply they are The easiest way to build any sort of Online presence and all of the heavy Lifting is done for you too there are Some amazing templates to choose from And whether you have a Business website Or a real estate website or fashion food Whatever it may be there are templates That are going to suit your needs you Can also customize those templates Further down the track so you're not set In stone to what you choose from the Beginning but it just does mean that you Can get up and running really quickly You also don't need to be very Technically Savvy everything is very

Intuitive it's logical it makes sense There are drag and drop components so You really have freedom to create your Own website but as I said you can start From a template just to make it easier Also if you choose to sell products on Your website you can do that really Easily through Squarespace as well so if You do have plans to launch yourself Online this year I'm delighted to say That the team at Squarespace is offering You 10% off your first website or domain So what I do suggest you do is whip on Over to have a little Look and when you are ready to push play On your own website then use my unique URL which is simply Thestyle Insider and my discount code Which is just the style Insider and that Will give you your 10% off your first Website or domain it's really easy I Will leave a link in the description box Below but now let's get on to these Trends okay we've talked a lot about red Being a very popular color this year and Certainly red is definitely happening But there are two colors that I didn't Kind of really expect to see quite this Much of but they're definitely popping Up come spring so the color orange and Also k key so with orange what I am Seeing more is it being used as an Accent color so accessories things like Hats purses shoes and I think it works

In really beautifully with car keys so It makes sense that these two colors are Trending at the same time so cargo pants Are still very much a happening thing But khaki has moved into some pretty Shirts and dresses and I think when we Tend to think of khaki we think of Utilitarian style dresses and skirts and Outfits and jackets but what I am seeing Is khake used in more sort of Lightweight floaty silk shirts and Broad Pretty dresses and skirts so it's kind Of khi reimagined and that's why I'm Talking about both of the colors Together too because orange does work Well as a beautiful accent color to work With khaki but obviously orange is going To work great with denim with white with Navy it's a really fun happy bright warm Weather color so I'm very happy that It's here as a as an accent and just a Little bit of a pop of fun to an outfit Now another Trend that I'm absolutely Loving because it feels like a t-shirt But looks far more elevated and that is The return of strapless and asymmetric Kind of on shoulder tops now I'm going To show you a couple of examples here But these tops as I said they give you That comfort of a T-shirt and the ease Of being able to move and they do just Look a little bit more elevated and a Little bit more fashion forward they go Really well with some of the wideleg

Jeans and pants that we're going to see And some pants that I'm going to talk About in a second and they're just Really easy pieces to wear I think that They're great for spring too because They do cover for your arms so they're Kind of a great trans seasonal top so When you're moving out of some of those Winter woolies they're a perfect piece To just move into the new season but Check out some of these tops they're fun They come in some gorgeous colors and They're just really easy to wear and Certainly for me I tend to like covering Up my arms especially in spring because You do still get those cool days so They're kind of The Best of Both Worlds They'll give you a little bit of a hint Of skin but not too much now this is one That I absolutely did not see coming and You definitely don't expect to see this In Spring but that is leather and I've Seen a gorgeous pretty red leather dress And and granted the leather definitely Looks very fine but it's not something That I would expect to see in Spring but I do think some of these pieces are very Wearable and I've included them on the List here because they are pieces that You will be able to wear throughout the Year here there's this beautiful bright Yellow wrap leather skirt and you know It's going to be great for spring Because it's not too hot but also it is

A piece that you would be able to wear Throughout the year into the cooler Months as well oh and I probably should Say a little bit of a disclaimer on this One because they're not going to work For everyone of course if you live in Somewhere like Florida or Arizona They're not going to work for you they Are going to be too hot but definitely Weather dependent on this particular Trend but they will work for some of you I'm sure now next up are vests now I Know that vests have been trending and We've seen them quite a lot over the Last few seasons but mostly tailored Style very simple classic vests kind of Really buying into that sort of Minimalist style of dressing but vests Have taken on a little bit of a new Lease on life if you will they do have Some more interesting styling details Some more button details different Shapes there are also lots of knitted And lightweight knit style vests as well Which I think personally are a great Wearable option for spring because as The seasons change you sometimes just Need that slightly warmer or slightly Heavier layer and sometimes you just Don't get that so these vests are Perfect and of course they can be worn On their own they can be worn with a Another pie teamed underneath some of The beautiful mesh layering tops are

Great for being worn under vests so Definitely if it's taken you a while to Warm up to the vest Trend then now might Be a really good time to take a look Because they're interesting and they're Super fun now this one May Scare You A Little but I don't want it to because There are ways around wearing this trend And that is bodyc dresses now I've seen Lots of these mostly sort of mesh or Light weight knit dresses now if you are Worried about wearing a dress that is Super fitted and body hugging then there Are ways to make it a little easier to Wear or to make you feel a little more Covered up and one of the simplest ways To do this is just to wear a button-down Shirt completely open so it's kind of Like a lightweight summery layer over The top and that kind of just gives you That extra coverage if you don't want Your absolute silhouette showing off but The bodycon dresses are not only really Comfy they're also practical another way To wear them certainly in Spring and More casually is if you tie a Lightweight knit around your waist that Can also give you not only the illusion Of a waistline but just that a little Bit more coverage around your hips if That's what you like so think about These these bodycon dresses have a Little look at them don't rule them out Because you you're feeling a little too

Exposed there are some gorgeous options And again you get Absolute Comfort with Them and you do have an outfit that Looks stylish and a little elevated but It's super easy to wear there's been a Lot happening when it comes to Waistbands over the last few seasons and This spring is no different what I have Seen this spring in particular is a lot Of the contrasting waistbands now I know That we saw that over winter and I do Think that there's a really fun element To these particular Styles because a Tailored pant can look a little Corporate and can look a little like You're going to the office yeah I think The waistbands with a little extra Detail definitely look a little Interesting and I have while I'm Thinking about it have seen quite a few Tailored trousers with Contrasting stripes down the leg now if You are looking for a pant that's going To really flatter you e elongate the Look of your legs then these are it as Well I'll have a look for a couple of Pairs and see if I can link them below But yeah everything that I Am featuring In today's episode will be numbered as I'm sure you've already seen and will be Linked in the description box below so You can whip through and have a look if You like the look of any of these pieces But yeah there's interesting detail

Going on with pants certainly the Contrasting waistbands and also the Stripe detail ing or the the the sort of Contrasting detailing going down the Side of the pants very flattering adds Some interest and just creates a little Bit more of a spring Vibe now last but Not least is the return of sweater Jackets now the key jacket style this Year is a cropped boxy style jacket and These sweater jackets are great because Not only are they going to give off that Same cropped jacket Vibe but they are Knit and they are comfy and cozy and yes I know sweaters are not going to be Right for everyone come spring it will Be climate dependent but there are Plenty of places around where you need a Little bit of a lightweight knit just to Tide you over until the summer rolls Around but that's what I love about These sweater jackets they give you a a Kind of Elevated stylish outfit they look a Little bit more put together instead of Just wearing a card But they give you that same comfort and Versatility as well so take a look at Some of the sweater jackets they Definitely lean into the whole trend of Wearing cropped sweaters or cropped Jackets I should say but they do give You that comfort and versatility too so Definitely take a look at them and I

Think that these are a great spring Trend let me know what you think in the Comments below anyway I'm really hoping That you found a trend or two to love in Today's episode if you'd like to see Some more spring Trends then simply Click or tap on the screen here and I'll See you There

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