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I love the pigment I love how I don't Have to layer so much because the Pigment in this palette is amazing I Mean it's Pat McGrath what else can you Say literally it just sells itself her Name sells itself [Applause] We're back with another educational Beauty video I'm Nina Ubi and I'm a Professional makeup artist in today's Video I'm going to be showing you how to Create a colorful eyeshadow look which Is wearable because I always see these Colorful eyeshadow looks and I'm like That is just way too much and it's just Not wearable for me so I really want to Keep it real with you guys and you know Something that you guys can create and You can actually wear now if you like This video please do give it a thumbs up Don't forget to subscribe to my channel And hit the Bell button so that you Don't miss any of my future videos don't Forget I'm over on Instagram too where You can come and check out my reels and Unboxing and just what I get up to when I'm not filming for YouTube now let's Head straight into the video I feel like this is something everyone Wants to know how to do a colorful Eyeshadow look which is wearable because I feel like when you think of colorful Eyeshadow you kind of think of like Really out there you know bold bright

You know this kind of stuff when you Search it on Pinterest and it's like When am I gonna wear that it's just way Too much let's be realistic I mean it Might be okay for some people maybe it Suits them and if you if you're good With going out like that good for you Great I wish I had that kind of Confidence but honestly I don't really Want everyone just staring at my bright Eyeshadow so I am going to be showing You a wearable colorful eyeshadow look And the palette that I'm going to be Using is something that I'm just Drooling over at the moment is the Pat McGrath Artistry palette it's the Celestial Nirvana palette this palette Is just Amazing like it just Oozes color when I received this I was Just kind of like wow the gold is Absolutely amazing in here and I was Like wow do I go all out and show you a Crazy colorful eye look or do I keep it Real and show you something which is Wearable that you guys can actually do At home and actually go out with so That's what we're gonna do I'm gonna be Using this like kind of light purple Color and a little bit of gold and maybe The dark brown just to add some depth to The eye but yeah we're gonna get started Now now I already have concealer on my Eyelids and I've set that with powder

Because my whole base and everything is Done now I'm going to go in with a kind Of like almost like a crease brush but It's a little bit kind of flat around The edges so it's not kind of super soft At the end well it is super soft but It's not like sparse near the end of the Brush it's the barredo one Zero Brush And yeah that one seems to be working Well for this so I'm going to be using The very light purple shade and I'm just Patting it onto the back my hand first Because I don't want to like have loads Of loads of color look just go on Straight away now what we're going to be Doing is we're going to be applying it Just near the end of the eye like the Last half of the eye very close to the Lash line and I'm pressing it And I don't want to bring it out like as In I don't want to create a wing with it I will do shortly but not really a wink I'll you'll see what I mean it will Blend upwards and outwards and I'm Dabbing it on the back of my hand again Before I put it onto my skin Onto my eye and I'm just pressing it so I'm just using the tip of the brush And I want a really nice kind of soft Purple like a bright eye but not like Crazy bold pigment there if you see what I mean I still want to see my skin Through the eyeshadow that's the best Way to describe it like I don't want it

To be like a solid color I want it to be A little bit transparent so that it's Colorful but wearable so you know Sometimes you see those kind of looks I'm talking about on Pinterest which are So artistic I love them but I feel like It's just solid color on your lid and I Don't see any of the skin so I don't Want that I want like that slight Transparency transparency transparent Did I even say that transparency yeah And okay now I'm kind of like gradually Moving my brush upwards so I'm not Changing the way that I'm applying it But I'm kind of going up this way right So you will see it will slowly start to We're going to build up the color Shortly but I just want to get that Shape and the sizing right so I'm good With that I'm going to go with a Different brush I'm using my Sigma Beauty E36 brush I'm going to use the Same color I'm going to do the same Thing Pat it on the back of my hand and Now what I'm going to do is basically go Right into this area here so it's kind Of like from the inner corner there Going a little bit into the socket area So keep it small because you can always Kind of like make it bigger afterwards So you just want to get your placement Right first Again pressing I'm using the tip of the Brush and I'm pressing very lightly

Now I'm just kind of building up that Color And the great thing about this brush is It fits in to that kind of little crease Area perfectly Now you don't want to make the mistake Of going all the way around so you see How you can really see that separation But it's kind of going in the same Direction it's like this is going round Into the crease and then it kind of like Fades out so that's why you've got to Start from this section here and then Gradually work your way up because as You're working your way up the pigment Is kind of becoming less and less Because majority of it is there and you Don't add more pigment near the end Section because you've already added Most of it there and you gradually move Your brush up as you're moving it up There's less and less pigment on the Brush which means you're going to end up With that nice faded finish Okay I'm kind of happy with that because I feel like that's going into that way This is going up that way it's kind of Similar Direction so now that we've got Our placement and shape right we're now Going to basically build up on the color So I'm going to go back into that color Dab it on the back of my hand And now we're just gonna build it up a Bit so that it's just kind of make it

Pop a bit more you know There you go And you just keep going over it to Kind of like soften the edges And we're not going in with any more Color because we've got that nice kind Of pop of color there but now we're just Kind of making sure the edges are nicely Kind of faded which I think they are now We're going to go in with that other Brush the first one dab it on the back Of your hand And same thing exactly what we were Doing before And now this is where you can actually If you want to you know like increase The length of it like just take it out a Bit more depending on what you like Now I'm going to go in with my fenty220 Brush because it's kind of like a nice Pointy pencil brush I'm going to go into That purple and I'm going to dab it onto The back of my hand again and now this Is where I'm going to go in the center Of the lower lash line I'm really going To go into the Lash And I want to basically just keep it in The center just pressing it And then we're gonna just drag out a Little bit on the edges you know just so That it looks faded and it doesn't look Like it just like a blob In the center And you can like go back and forth with

It if you feel you need to because it's A little bit more of a precise area to Work on Because it's not so large the surface Area isn't so large so the dabbing can Only help up to a certain point you may Need to kind of drag Now you really want to focus on keeping It mainly in the center about having it Fading on the edges you don't want to Take it all the way out to the end so Can you see how we've got the purple Here on the bottom on the lower lash Line in the center and it gradually Fades out on either side we've got the Purple from the last kind of quarter of The eye and it gradually Fades upwards And outwards and then we've got the Purple on kind of from the inner corner Of the eye going up into the crease but Not too far in so they're very small Sections but they kind of fill that area Nicely but there's a decent amount of a Gap between each section because we Don't want it to end up kind of mixing Together and that's the worry when You're using larger brushes and you Don't take your time and slow it down And be very precise with your Application always start small and you Can work your way up to get bigger and Bigger but it's always better to start Small because that way you can build it Up whereas if you just go straight in

And start blending and everything all at The same time then what happens is You're using too big of a brush and You're blending your movements are too Big big and everything just merges Together and then it just turns into one Big purple smokey eye now what we're Going to do is we're going to go into This gold which I really really like It's so nice I'm actually going to use My finger and I'm going to like Gradually kind of like press this onto The skin now I'm going to apply it in The gaps so I'm going to apply it right There And don't worry about blending the edges Yet because we'll do that with a brush But I just want to get like close to the Lash line you know and if you feel that Your fingers like your fingers are too Big use your smallest finger so you can Really fit in there do you see how we Filled that in with the really nice kind Of like gold now I can't use my finger For any other area because it's going to End up like my finger is going to be way Too big for that area so that's the only Place I can really use my finger you can Use any brush like I've literally just Picked up whatever's come to hand that Fits the bill and this is the Charlotte Tilbury Eye smudger Brush there's Nothing on this all I'm doing is Grabbing the I feel like that came out

With I'm grabbing the like end of the Gold around the edges And just kind of like fading it out a Little bit you know just dragging it Across so that it just doesn't look like It's a blunt kind of finish there we are Going to do something else as well to Just help with it now I'm going to go in With the same brush and I'm now going to Apply a little bit here Because there's a bit of a gap there And lastly just kind of here and we're Gonna just drag it out a bit So very subtle there we don't need to be So pigmented everywhere you apply it Because obviously when you kind of move Around the light kind of reflects off Those areas because it has a slight Sheen to it in comparison to the matte Purple we've used and you will be able To see it but what we do want to do is We do want to go back into the purple The reason we're going back into the Purple is because we've applied that Gold and I feel like that's just the Right amount but I do feel like I want The last layer to be purple because if You think about it in layers right we've Added that purple as your base layer Then we've gone in with that gold to Kind of make it pop a little with a Slight Shimmer in there and to break it Up a bit and to give the eye some Dimension because the purple is matte

And then the gold has a nice Shimmer to It but then what we want to do is we Want to make sure that last layer is Purple so that that's what stands out More than the gold if that makes sense Now I'm going to go back in with my E36 Brush and go into that purple and we're Just going to basically do what we Initially did and it's just gonna kind Of like you'll see what I mean it just Kind of makes that purple be the main Color on the eye that we're focusing on We're going to go back in with that Barredo brush And we're going to do the same here Now what I do want to do is add just a Little bit of kind of like just Define The eye a little bit more so I'm going To be using my Sigma e06 brush dipping Into that like deep matte Brown and I'm Going to create a kind of like slight Wing so I'm just basically going to go Just on the bottom part of where that Purple is And then just drag it out See we just created a little line so we Just created a line from the end of the Lash line and we're using the tip of the Brush now what I'm going to do is I'm Going to start from the Lash line about Halfway across and start just pressing It Into the Lash line And as we're moving across we're going

To basically meet that line that we Created we're going to start going Higher and higher so that it just Thickens the flick a little bit Because I find that the end of the Lash Line can end up looking a little bit Kind of empty otherwise now I'm just Going to thicken this line here because As I'm looking in the mirror I can tell When I'm looking straight ahead that I Feel like we need to just thicken it You've got to keep looking at yourself In the mirror you know like from afar as Well to just make sure that you know is There anything else that I need to do Does it feel like something's missing And I'm just going to now take this all The way across So I'm going super close to the Lash Light now And this is just going to add some kind Of definition To the eye What I do want to do is just add a bit Of like mascara to my lower lash line And I'm just going to use my Which one came to hand which was my Charlotte Tilbury push-up Pillow Talk Lashes And that is basically it's I just want To drag this a little bit yeah That is basically it so like look at the Difference like we've got that pop of Color but it still looks wearable like I

Feel like if I go out with this I'm not Like hey guys look at me I'm wearing Pink today I'm wearing purple today I'm Wearing orange today I feel like this is Something that is wearable and people Can look at and think oh wow that looks Really nice and it's not too much and It's a bit different it's not just one Color all over the lid or just all the Way across in the socket line you can go Heavier with the gold if you wish like I Feel like if this is an evening look and I really want to give it that pop then I'll probably go in with a little bit More of that like the gold but yeah I Feel like you could kind of do this with Any of the colors in this palette as Well I love the Pigman I love how I Don't have to layer so much because the Pigment in this palette is amazing I Mean it's Pat McGrath what else can you Say literally it just sells itself her Name sells itself so yeah this is my Look I'm gonna carry on and do the other Side so you can just re-watch that and Then you know when you see it twice I Feel like it sits in the mind a bit Better Foreign Foreign Wearable eyeshadow look and I really do Hope that you've enjoyed it and it's Something that you feel that you can Recreate too and yeah I feel like purple

Is not usually my color but it actually Is such a nice color and when you apply It and you do it in a very different Kind of way rather than just you know Whacking it all on then I feel like it Just can look quite Chic and you know I Guess it all depends on how you apply it Really but yeah I really do hope that You have kind of like enjoyed watching This and you know I haven't done a kind Of bright eye look for quite a while so Yeah I really like it I feel like this Is something that I could go out wearing I feel like it kind of accentuates the Eyes really well it's lifting it gives You that really nice kind of feline look And it isn't all the way across the Entire lid and you have some you know You've got nice depth there you've got Nice kind of like the colors work well Together because you've got that depth On the inner corner and then out here And then in the center you've got that Pop of gold which really kind of like Brings out your eyes so it does all look Kind of sunk on and deep and you know Just dark so yeah I guess wherever you Are in the world I'm sending you loads Of love and hugs and Laser positive Vibes I really do hope you enjoyed this video Today and you liked the look if you have Any questions let me know in the Comments box below if you like this

Video give it a thumbs up don't forget To subscribe to my channel and hit the Bell button so that you don't miss any Of my future videos until the next video Take care and I'll see you soon

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