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We could all learn something from NY Liberty’s #SabrinaIonescu 🫶 #womenshealth #mentalhealth




We could all learn something from NY Liberty's #SabrinaIonescu 🫶 #womenshealth #mentalhealth

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Mental health is super important if you Want to be the best on the court or in Your craft I think you have to make sure That your mental health is where it Needs to be and so for me it's just Taking time to acknowledge where I'm at And what I need help with and not being Afraid to ask for help or want to talk About it with the people closest to you Or in your circle and a lot of the time For me it's just detaching from Basketball and what I do every day and Whether that's going on a walk or going To get food with family or friends and Doing yoga anything that can just get my Mind kind of away from what's causing a Lot of the stress and just being Intentional about doing that because It's important especially when The Season's coming and there's a lot of Games and things are moving fast I think Sometimes you can put your mental health On the back burner but it's super Important to just keep it at the Forefront of what it is you want to do Because that has to be right if Everything else needs to be right in Your world

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