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Upper-Body Strength Workout | Chest, Back, and Arms




Upper-Body Strength Workout | Chest, Back, and Arms

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Welcome to class fit sugar I'm Nicollet Amaras we're doing chest back and arms Today in this 30 minute upper body Workout let's go let's get it let's Start off with a body weight warm up Feet a little wider than the hips in a Squat position toes slightly turn out Let's bend the knees reach the hips back And then inhale the arms up overhead We're here for 30 Seconds making sure that you're pushing Through the heels and squeezing your Glutes so even though today is an upper Body workout we got to make sure to warm Up the entire body I'm here with Pauline on my left and Michaela on my right say hello ladies Hello we got about five more seconds and From here we're coming into inchworms Integrating this squat position as well And time let's take our time coming back Feet are hip distance knees are soft We'll hinge forward join me now Big Stretch of the hamstrings walk the hands Out until you're in a plank position Hold that for a little millisecond and Then walk the hands back reaching the Hips up to the ceiling Big Stretch to The hamstrings inhale the arms up let's Go so today's workout we've got big Exercises for the upper body like chest And back big muscles that require a lot Of energy and maybe even a little bit Heavier weight so keep that in mind for

When you're choosing your weight we got 5 seconds left let's go one more time Down and then we're going to end in that Plank position now once you're in that Plank hold here for me for a sec and Then drop the knees right under the hip You're welcome to keep your knees here On the floor or you can tuck the toes Lift the knees we got a bare plank Holding so knees hover above the ground Shoulders down and away from the ears Draw the belly button into the spine and Then push the floor away from you Engaging through the shoulder Blades inhaling through the nose Exhaling through the mouth hold hold Hold yeah I feel it I'm uh oh I'm Already feeling it five seconds In three in two and one drop the knees We'll be extending the legs to get into A full plank in three in two and one Let's extend the legs you're welcome to Keep the knees on the mat shoulder tap Plank so Hand comes to the opposite Shoulder hand down and then switch the Wider your feet the more stable you'll Feel the more narrow your feet the more Spicy it will be so we have big Movements today chest press rowing but We also have smaller single joint Movements like arms so you might want Some lighter weight for those moves and Heavier weight for those bigger moves we Got 3

Seconds two and one okay drop the knees Now from here we're going to open up the Hips while also warming up the shoulders I'll extend my legs bring one leg Outside of my same hand opening up that Hip you're welcome to keep the knee on The ground if you want we'll step back And then switch sides alternate back and Forth now here do do what feels good Today go slow maybe do some Circles my legs are a little sore I'm Grateful this is an upper body workout You Guys 10 more Seconds still feeling that core Work few more seconds Here and then we're going to open up the Spine create a little Mobility a little Lubrication through the joints and the Vertebrae in three two one drop the Knees let's tuck the toes reach the hips Back now keep your hands where they are So they're reaching ahead of you your Hand will come at your ear drop the Elbow toward the floor and then inhale Open up and rotate yeah now take your Time with the range of motion so if this Feels a little tight don't worry about Going too far your body is always is Talking to you just take a moment to Listen do what feels Right moving slow now this is our Opportunity to keep it chill today we're Going to be moving pretty quick through

Our workout so don't rush all right Other side hand comes to the ear let's Open Up so we have three blocks we have two Strength blocks with all upper body four Exercises in each block working for 30 Seconds for each then we have a core Finisher and then we have a short little Cool down got a lot of work build up in This 30 minutes today y'all I'm ready We're almost there we got one more Exercise in three two one to warm up Let's pop onto our feet y'all okay feet Hip distance knees are soft nice strong Stance we're going for I and then a Y and then a t let's Go feel like a cheerleader I love it Okay I was a cheerleader in middle School I know I probably don't look like The cheerleading type uh and I'm not I Can say gymnast my yeah thank you my Cheerleading career definitely ended by The age of like 11 that's all right here We are Fitness basically a a body Cheerleader three two and one workout Starts we ready okay so first block we Have pushing and pulling for the upper Body alternating between the two we're Starting off with bigger moves and then We'll finish off with like smaller Simpler moves our overhead presses first So let's grab those dumbbells I would

Say A medium or Light I'll show you the move real quick And then we'll get into it Palms Face Forward elbows are right underneath the Wrist you'll press up straight above the Head Knuckles to the ceiling control Your way down are we ready so ready Let's go 30 seconds come on team press Knees are soft now think about your hips Maybe you're not always thinking about That area in the overhead press tuck Them in and squeeze your glutes the more Stability you have in your lower body The more strength you're going to have In your upper body as you press arms are Straight shoulders stay down because the Intention that we bring in the form that We offer our body is going to change the Engagement and that's why we're here We're here to fill that burn you got Five more seconds and then we're going Into a bend over row with one Arm okay you have a few seconds I'm Going to show you the move only one Dumbbell at a time for this one we'll Get into a half kneeling position or a Hovering back leg depending on how much A burn you want in the booty elbow comes To the uh the top of the leg and then We'll row elbow to the ceiling let's Go now I'm thinking about how my elbow Is coming to where the wall meets the Ceiling so not straight up not back Right in between what this does is it

Helps me engage the muscles that cover The shoulder blade yes and feel that Burn through the back of the Shoulder 5 4 3 2 one right into the Other side switch legs let's Go Now notice my head is in line with my Spine so I'm looking right at the top of My mat this ensures that my cervical Spine is in line with the rest of my Spine keeps my body safe also puts me in A position where I'm getting the most Engagement cuz if we're here we might as Well do it right if we're going to go Through the pain and the struggle there It is set it down now we're going into a Line chest pressing so grab your other Dumbbell this is where you might be able To utilize a little heavier weight onto Your back feet on the floor knees facing The ceiling eyes on me real quick for One rep elbows come down press over the Chest let's Go now you have an advantage here Because you have the floor to use so When you touch the floor give that give Yourself an opportunity to rest and then Power Up feeling the Triceps as you extend as well as the Chest stay proud and Knuckles stay Up three two squeezing in one more rep There it is okay we're popping back onto Our feet back into that single leg

Position that we did for the Row straight arm pull now this time arm Goes straight dumbbell comes back Go Slide the shoulder back and open the Chest I like to think about the shoulder Being on a track it's sliding back as I Pull not like it's on a wheel where it's Rounding forward stay Open the same muscles you felt with the Row you're going to feel those here We're going right into the other side in Three two one let's Go here we Are how y'all feeling feeling good yeah Good I feel my Legs well okay there's already shaking Happening here uhoh oh yeah in the water Shaking I'm really glad we're not doing Any jump squats today or something last 10 Seconds then you get a rest and then We'll do all of that Again two and one let's set our Dumbbells down let's grab a little Water in through the nose and out Through the mouth now we need Rest we got set number two let's get Ready so we're doing the same four Exercises overhead presses First now you're warmed up now you're Ready to go here we go feet hip distance Knees soft dumbbells up let's hit it 30 Seconds so it's important that we repeat

At exercises at least a little bit maybe You're someone that's like I like to do Fresh thing every single set but there's This thing called law of repeated effort Really important for building muscle and Getting stronger exposing your body to The same uh movements and muscle groups Within a workout is really important so We're utilizing that today we are done Okay we're going into that bent over Row keep your weight dropping down Starting in three in two and one let's Get it So by exposing your body to these Movements again you're giving your body The opportunity to learn to grow and to Get Better that's exactly why we're here You're more than halfway pulling back And then imagine a little slower on the Way down your body's not going to want To do that your body's going to want to Rush I Guarantee we're going to sneak in one More rep and then we're getting to the Other side let's do It dropping down let's Go I'm drawing my navl away from my Thigh engaging my core and remembering That the stability of the rest of my Body deeply Influences the part that I'm working Which is the Back bring some intention feel those

Muscles over the shoulder blades feel The shaking and allow it to happen That's why you're here don't shy away From it that's it right there set it Down and then grab your other one and We're going into that chest Press three two One remember pressing up bring some Power bring some speed this is called The concentric Portion of the movement when the muscle Is engaging and shortening and it's your Opportunity to bring speed and Power less than 10 seconds and then We're going into that straight arm pull 30 on each side woo anyone else feeling Some shaking yeah Time all right set one of the dumbbells Down straight arm pull same position as That b over row we're in it we're going Now because the arm is straight the Weight is all of a sudden going to feel A lot Heavier that's good and that's normal Don't Force the weight back listen to The body let it guide you tell you what It Needs believe it or not you're not Smarter than your body so don't Try we'll get in one More right there slowly switch the other Side okay block two almost done let's Go what do you guys feel working the Most I can feel my triceps shaking yes

And we have triceps later so good I say Glutes right now yeah I feel you let's Go for about five more seconds One more here last one that's our rest Set it down grab Water okay let's do a little check-in Roll those shoulders out maybe the heart Rate's up right maybe a little burning In the arms all of that's normal Whatever you're feeling I want you to be Proud of yourself today Okay and remember every day is Different three two one let's grab those Dumbbells let's hit it dumbbells up last Set yay us yay but don't worry we have a Whole other set to go block I should Say now when I press up I'm trying to Keep my shoulders away from my ears and I'm doing that by engaging my lats so You've ever done a movement like the lat Pull down where you're pulling from up Ahead think about engaging those muscles The same muscles that we're working in The row it's going to help keep the Shoulders down down that's time woo we Got that one single arm pull in three in Two and One pressing through this front heel now Fatigue is starting to set in Right your athletic abilities really Come down to how you behave and how you Move in times of fatigue we don't rush We don't shy away from the work we sit Into it we enjoy it to a

Degree and we enjoy the benefits really That's why we're here huh three two one Slowly switching to the other side let The legs rest that rest is for me maybe You don't need it but very we go three Two one opening up that Shoulder now you'll notice today's Workout we're moving from a lot of Different directions we're overhead Pressing we're pulling we're pushing That's to create joint stability this is Really important strength training is Really just strengthening our joints so That we can move and work out for a long Time longevity is the goal am I right Yes I want to be doing this forever Forever ever ever three two one Exactly grab your other dumbell we got That chest Press we're starting in 3 Seconds go This is It final push final Push big press you get to bring the Intention here how hard do you want to Make this press harder press with more Power maybe you lower down a little Slower you are in control of this Workout behave that way 10 Seconds Woo coming up on that final five right Here keep pushing keep working three two One set one down bring yourself Up straight arm pull three two one back

Down in this awful Position feeling those muscles that we Just worked with the Row I definitely feel strong this here You do yeah interesting at the end of The set I like it maybe it's cuz your Body is like okay I've done this I've Been here I'm familiar that's the beauty Of the law of repeated Effort okay tag it back okay three two One other Side think about how your chest has a Magnet on it and that magnet is trying To stick to the top of your mat ahead of You opening up your chest Chest keeping you Proud keeping you in that strong posture For five you get a break in three two One set it down set it Down woo all right you know what yes Good Work okay high five is because like this Next block Is I mean I don't know what I was Thinking when I wrote it anyway so in This block we have what's called Agonist Super sets what does that mean that Means we are doing two moves that work Similar muscle groups back to back with No rest burn high heart rate up muscle Growth baby cool we're starting in 10 Seconds we're starting off with bend Over tricep extension I'd say medium or Light weights for this one elbows come

Back knees are soft hips up extend the Elbows let's Go feeling the backs of the arms work Now we were already in a similar Position with a B over row our spine is Straight think a little bit of an arch Through the low back encouraging the Thoracic spine to stay Straight back up the arms three two one Set the dumbbells down Push-ups If you need to drop to your Knees train how you need to train today In three in two one let's try dropping Down slow and then pushing up strong Three two One elbows about 45 Dees from your body Hips are tucked in squeeze the Glutes and then imagine your chest is Being drawn to the Floor this should be mostly core three Two and one we're getting into Biceps okay grab your Dumbbells bicep curl Palms face up Toward the shoulders elbows come down or Hands come down three two one now it Might be easy movement but it's not easy On the body right it's a simple movement I should say Simplicity doesn't Necessarily mean Easy and it doesn't mean that you don't Have to think about the movement keep The chest lifted squeeze the shoulder Blades like we did in that row and then

Keep the elbows pointed toward the floor The whole time less than 10 seconds Feeling the burn through the front top Part of the arm maybe a little bit of The heart rate's coming up that's it so Time now second move that's similar Palms face up dumbbells come forward With straight arms if you want to make It easier you could bend the arms three 2 one so start at your side sides scoop Up come to about chin Height wow feeling the biceps feeling The chest maybe even Too rethinking my choice to choose the 10 Pounders I was say maybe alternating I got This you guys are almost there five more Seconds you should feel that burn in the Biceps if you do you are doing it right That's it right there time We got 20 seconds we're going back into The tricep extension so triceps to Push-ups bicep curl to the front raise Feeling good we should feel that burn Two more sets yeah you guys why am I Sweating so much more than that oh I was Just going to Say s more seconds let's get into Position toes are forward knees soft Reach the hips back three two one tricep Extension let's go now I like to squeeze My shoulder blades a ton when with this One so that I can try and keep my elbows Up as high as

Possible it's going to engage through The shoulder blades just as much as the Back of the arms if you want a little Extra burn little pause at the back Pause o oh my gosh did you need it Probably not but we like to challenge Ourselves yeah we took it two and one Set those down we got the push-up Hands a little wider than the shoulders Feet hip distance two one let's go slow And then up Strong oh my gosh I'm about to fall Down no breaking any teeth Okay you guys got this think about your Back and chest a lot of the times if you Start to feel weak it's that your arms Are trying to take on the load we love Arms but they're not really strong Enough on their own to do this movement You need the back and you need the chest I'mma squeeze in one More I only did it cuz you okay now last One got a little hairy little shaky Little a little questionable three two One let's go Curl big exhale as you come Upo big inhale as you come Down be present Through the fatigue cuz these are the Moments that get hard these are the Moments that you start to question why You showed up the kind of weight you Chose right that you can maybe make it Through or

Not that's it right there Relax short and sweet yeah Short that One three two One so when fatigue starts to hit We really start to Question use these Moments as motivation right be proud of Yourself that you've worked to a point Where you feel fatigue if you've gotten Here you're doing it right it should Never be easy this should always bring Challenge wooo thought one more no I was Like one more set of everything y'all This is it this is our final block with The arms and we got the Core let's Go Extending shoulders are Back little pause this is your Opportunity to test yourself cuz this is The last time what are you going to do With it I'll take it remember where you Started whether it's today in your Fitness journey at one point you Couldn't do this right every day is an Opportunity to introduce yourself to Something new to something hard that's It ooh push-ups I'm really oh man really Excited about this I'm going to flip the Script I'm excited I love it I can't Wait here we go three two One now don't rush sometimes we bring That like oh we're almost done energy it

Makes us rush but keep your strong Tempo I care less about how many you get More about feeling it in the chest and Back less than 10 five right here three Two one o yes we did it so glad so proud Of y'all we're almost there bicep curls Three three two and one let's Go taking the moment to be Present you got this you don't need me This is all you I'm here to support You so we're Pauline and Michaela yes we Are but this is all you you showed up You're going to Finish 5 Seconds 5 Seconds you have 3 Seconds come on woo okay short break This is the one coming up this is it This is it three two one come On what is your body trying to do right Now to make it easier don't do That your body hates discomfort that's Natural when we're working out we're Doing the opposite of what your body Wants to do it's not going to take the Easy way out we want to find that path Of most resistance that's how we get Stronger that is how we build muscle Come on last three seconds woo Done we can set those down now you're Welcome to use some dumbbells in the Core I'm going to do body Weight let's grab some water before we Start so we have two core moves Three Core moves 30 seconds

Each it's going to burn but don't worry We're only doing it one time you're Welcome and they're all on your back so Let's get onto our back now let's get Prepared our first move is a heel drop We got two Variations we can drop one leg down at a Time this helps keep the back more Stable you want more challenge both Heels three two one let's go now keep That 90 degrees Move from the hips not from the Knees think about there being a little Gummy bear under your low back and you Want to touch it but you don't want to Squisher keep Contact this helps you keep a nice Strong pelvic position and that Influences engagement through the lower Abdominals the muscles below the navl And Timeo okay now we got to tow reach Crunch feet can either be on the floor Knees up arms over the chest reach or Legs up straight or bent reach for the Toes let's Go now this is small think about the Muscles right where the rib cage meets Above your belly button all you're doing Is engaging there lifting the shoulder Blades Up keeping the chin tucked not big but You should feel It less than 10 then we're getting into

A hollow body we'll see how we Do three two one okay hollow body we can Have the knees bent reaching up to the Ceiling and you hold here or you're Crazy extend the legs and arms full Hollow body let's go I'm going to start Here okay we'll see how we do now if you Squeeze the quats squeeze the glutes Engage the lower body you're going to Feel so much stronger you can also drop The head and still extend the legs to Make it a little easier 10 more seconds 10 more we got it ladies come on toes Pointed Engage five 4 3 2 one bring your knees In hug the knees you can lift the head If you want big stretch of the spine we Got our cool down you made it for the Hardest part we'll start off with a Supine twist so let's EX extend one leg On the floor bring this other leg to a 90° angle and then cross it to the Opposite side of your body and then you Could even bring your arms out into the Shape of a Tee you made it to that point where in The middle of the workout you're not Sure if you would now you're here look At you you're a champion I'm so proud of You other Side That's why we show up it's for these Moments there's never anything too small To celebrate whether it be this workout

Whether you go on a walk whether you Cook yourself dinner for the first time In weeks celebrate everything that's how We bring joy into life and we enjoy our Movement Practice when you exhale allow your body To sink into the Floor and when you're ready let's Untwist and then we're going to slowly Bring ourselves into a child's pose that Means we're going to be Kneeling with our knees as wide as the Mat and then the toes tucked uh I'm Sorry the toes pointed touching each Other arms come forward let's just start Here reaching the hips back now imagine You're trying to continue to reach your Hands forward like you're trying to pull Your mat toward you that intention is Going to create a lot more stretch Through the lats and through the back Which is why we're here drop your head Just's relax into this this is your Moment let's walk our hands to the left To get a bigger stretch through the Right And now to the right to stretch the Left and bring yourself back to Center Let's slowly bring ourselves up and just One big breath together on our feet Close out the Workout inhale through the Nose big exhale through the Mouth thank you Pauline thank you

Michaela thank you for everyone at home I'm Nicollet emirus thanks so much for Joining me for class fit sugar and I Hope to see you again soon bye [Music] Bye

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