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Meet a new kind of matte Rich whipped And won't suck the life out of your lips So good I love that she's actually put This in here because that's what we all Worry about right like literally any Liquid lipstick I try majority of you Guys will message saying does it dry the Lips out though [Applause] And we're back with another educational Beauty video I'm Nina Ubi and I'm a Professional makeup artist now in Today's video I am going to be doing a Bit of unboxing it's a bit fun today Because I haven't actually seen these Like what's inside these packages it's Beauty PR packages that's been sent to Me and it's all about first impression So I am going to be just as surprised as You guys are now if you like this video Please do give it a thumbs up don't Forget to subscribe to my channel and Hit the Bell button so that you don't Miss any of my future videos and I'm Over on Instagram so please head over There hit follow and show your support There too now let's jump straight into The video So this video is going to be a little Bit fun for you isn't it so we're going To be unboxing Beauty PR packages and it Is first impression so I haven't opened Up these boxes at all I don't know What's in them one of them is a kind of

Bag so I kind of like know there's Something gold in there kind of I'm Guessing because I know like the name is On the back but you know the others I Haven't opened at all so this is really Me opening up my PR boxes with you so You guys can see what I've received We'll have a look at what they look like Possibly try some see what it's like and Yeah I guess let's get started now the First one is This bag here this is from Apotheca Beauty and they are basically like a Beauty Brand store that hold various Different brands so they hold more like Kind of either Niche brands or Brands Which are difficult to get hold of here In the UAE and they are online as well So they have a store online and they Also have a couple of stores like Physical stores as well which I Absolutely love Apothecary Beauty I was Right I kind of guessed this must have Been hourglass because that's the one of The brands they hold so they've sent Over this box and basically you kind of Like ah let's open this up open this up I don't know what's in here there you go We've got lipsticks in here these are The new Unlocked sateen cream lipsticks and it's Basically hydrating soothing 21 High Impact Shades and it says the Transformative nourishing formula

Delivers instant impact in a single Swipe the Innovative lipstick makes an Impact with a Cutting Edge vegan formula That supports Animal Welfare with a five Percent donation to The non-human whites Project that's great yeah I mean Obviously I always love the beauty Campaigns from hourglass they're just so Flawless and glossy right so let's have A look so they're 24 21 sorry Shades We've got 10 here so I want to see what These are like one of them is red so I'm Wondering what this is in comparison to The others oh well it's red that's like A deep red I don't know why this is Actually red in comparison to the others Like I don't know what the difference is Unless this is like the key color from The whole collection it's called Red O So let me just show you what this looks Like it's a really nice red right it's Quite deep there are various different Colors let me go through all of them With you I want to show you all of them I'm just gonna like speed through this Because otherwise we're going to be here Forever so yeah first one which is Starting with links And clockwise [Music] Thank you So those are all of the colors I have Kind of decided I'm going to try on this One this one is oasis three one two and

It's just kind of a good everyday Oh it's very smooth I didn't think I was Gonna like the lipsticks because I Thought they're lipsticks and I'm kind Of used to like Liquid lipsticks I like lips souffles And stuff but it feels like a lip Souffle you know the rare Beauty lip Souffle that's what this feels like on The lips it's super comfortable but it's Lipstick What do you think of this color and by The way they're right that was one Little swipe or like you know dabbing That was very minimal and it kind of Spread over the whole lip feels creamy Feels Satiny kind of like not so creamy more Satiny and not drying at all it feels Really hydrating and it feels kind of Cushiony if that makes sense I really Like it okay I really like it that's the First one moving on to the second Package now I have my scissors ready Because I haven't actually opened these Packages so I don't know what they are So let's kind of Open this up oh Fenty Okay so we've got A Fenty Beauty Box I wonder what this is I'm trying to think what there is coming Out that it could be What is it oh the new Fenty icon Lipsticks again hey boo we are excited To share with you new shades 20 icon

Semi matte refillable lipstick Captivating color velvety wear Universal Red shades for all danger dancer Frequent flyer oh I like that that's Pretty cool kissing cutie a new venti Icon the case semi-mount refillable Lipstick red Edition we can't wait to See your looks oh okay How stunning is this red lipstick what She's got on Oh my God that looks so good that's like My type of red I hate like dark Reds I Love like bright Reds and it's hard to Get it for like brown skin okay Um yeah this is looking good okay velvet Liquid lipstick meet a new kind of matte Rich whipped and won't suck the life out Of your lips So good I love that she's actually put This in here because that's what we all Worry about right like literally any Liquid lipstick I try majority of you Guys will message saying does it dry the Lips out though I'm trying it guys I'm Gonna try it okay so let's see what have We got in here we've got a the red Edition venti refillable Oh God I forgot about that it's the Extra bit isn't it I'll have to get that Later but you know it's a bit It's the bit that goes at the end oh Look they've put my initials on here Oh I love that that is so cute I was not Expecting that I I honestly love it when

I get stuff like this I'm like guys it's Just you know amazing I love this oh I Love that I've got my own initials on Here okay and then we've got like three Lipsticks which can go in there the ones That I mentioned aren't danger dancer Kissing cutie and frequent flyer what is That girl wearing at the front I need to Know okay front cover in the the MVP That must be the liquid one I don't know Which one I want to put in there yet so I'm gonna have to like leave that put That aside and then figure that out Because it's just too overwhelming right Now Okay so oh I've got the MVP great okay We've got four different shades in the Liquid lipsticks we've got Riri hbic Breadwinner and the MVP I'm really Tempted to try the MVP but I also really Want to try I just want to try all of Them okay let me just have a look at What this looks like so let's have a Look at Riri I'm assuming this is her Like favorite let's try this Just gonna take off what I had on The center I want to leave a lip so It's like a Slight move Okay the pigment is crazy it's insane Okay so that is Riri obviously you've Got to keep it on to know you know like If it's drying but that doesn't feel it But then you know you don't know what's

Hbic let's see how Brown this is oh it's Like a deep reddish brown I'm not going To try that one on Breadwinner is like Brown Breadwinner is like brown brown Which actually looks really nice on I'm Not gonna do that right now what I am Going to do is try that red Because I can't help myself one thing I Am waiting for is lip pencils by Fenty Let's take this off Okay this color Stays on By the way it looks really nice if you Do Do you know like Leaves like a stain I'm really excited To try this little color [Music] Okay this looks good That's what it looks like Very bright red Okay I love it I love it This is like old school Ruby woo But better Considering I don't have lip pencil on I'm loving it guys can we just take a Moment For the MVP it's killing it it is I love This lipstick and it looks even better On top it's making me love my tan skin And that's saying something because at The moment I've been freaking out

Because I'm overly tanned like not Because I'm dark I love being dark but Because it kind of ruined my skin and Yeah It's making me embrace the tan in the Moment yeah I love it this is amazing I'm gonna keep this on until the next You know if there's any more lip stuff That I need to try I am loving this Can't stop looking at it it's so good Anyway moving on to the next one we are Gonna open this one up Oh Charlotte Tilbury face architect Highlighter I would have really loved if They send me that sent me those new Bronzers because I really want to try Them but they didn't send them to me but Oh gosh I'm literally nearly dropped it But I appreciate the fact that they have Sent me anything okay this looks pretty Ah okay so Hollywood Beauty glow tricks So she's got like a whole load of Tricks There which you know as a makeup artist Oh no but let's move on we've got two Highlighter Shades so basically this Illuminates and blurs the skin like Hollywood Lights so you have a kind of Warm one and a slightly lighter shade so It says she's created a wardrobe of Beauty lights to mimic how cameras and Filters read the face and redirect light And attention to your best features so It has light Flex technology from Multi-dimensional glow smoothing

Emollients it's like satin finish Glides On illuminates and blurs and it says you Know highlight sculpt and lift but that Is all based on placement not so much The product but we all love Charlotte Tilbury so okay this one is gilded glow And moon leg glow okay so moonlit glow Is this one here And hopefully it's not too white guys Because I feel like it's going to look a Bit white on the camera Because of all the lights but it's Pretty it is pretty white to be fair It's not looking as white it is white It's super white So that might be a little bit too white For me other one however is gilded glow And it's kind of not as dark as I Thought it was going to be I actually Thought it was going to be a lot darker But it's not so let me just apply this So I'm gonna just use my 134 brush from Zoever I'm just going to apply this Oh it's a nice highlighter Okay I like it I do like it You know what I really like it it's Super fine so I like that I mean in Terms of like making the face look a Certain way that's like I said all down To placement yeah so don't be like Confused with that and think that oh you Know this is going to make me look more Lifted if you apply it in the right

Place then yes it will make you look Lifted but that's also a great product Moving on to the next I'm gonna be Honest there are way more boxes but I Thought I'd split this video and like do Some on a different video because Otherwise you know you guys are just Going to be like sitting here for ages So I didn't want to like go crazy For this really good ones for the next One that I do because I haven't looked Inside the box but it says the name Outside and it says what it is and I'm Really excited about it loads of bubble Wrap I didn't realize Red lipstick on my hand Maybe I should kind of just oh too late It's everywhere okay it's a really nice Box for makeup forever oh it slides open Like this Oh these are the new HD skin powder Foundations awesome right can't wait to Look at this They can't obviously try this but this Is a very heavy box Okay we've got how many shades in here Eight I don't know how many there Actually are but let's talk through this So dear Nina we know how much you love The Mac velvet powder foundation and now We're giving you an even better and Improved formula that you'll be obsessed With the new HD skin powder foundation You won't ever have to use a filter

Again we hope you enjoy using it as much As our Pros enjoyed creating it for you I'm excited about this I can't try this Now obviously but it looks like some Really nice deep colors perfect for my Town right now one swipe coverage Undetectable co-created with our Pros we Introduce you to HD skin powder Foundation 24 hours blurred and Mattified complexion in Just One Sweep Sweep swipe silky smooth powder formula Syncs with the skin offering an all-day Comfortable wear a long and true to skin Finish hashtag focus on me okay this is Good I am pretty excited about this Because maybe I'll do like a powder Foundation video for you guys I mean I Always love the packaging it's like they Match the packaging to the shade looks Good Let me show you I mean I love it I just Love the packaging Packaging and then you've got like you Know okay let me take this one out Because I feel like this might be me at The moment Yeah Okay I can't try this now but this is Also something I am super excited about Trying I'm definitely going to be trying This in a tutorial so maybe there's Something you guys want to see so you Know let me know and then you know maybe We can kind of like do a look using

These because I can't use both for the Lipsticks in one look but tell me in the Comments below if there's a specific Look you want to see with any of these Products because I'll be more than happy To create it for you guys there's never A shortage of like ideas guys does that Even make sense the way I said that There's never a shortage of ideas that Doesn't sound right oh no what I was Trying to say what I was trying to say Was you can never have enough ideas that Went totally wrong didn't it okay what I Meant was you can never have enough Ideas so yeah let me know in the Comments box below what you guys want to See and I will recreate it for you and Yeah I guess I'm gonna head off now Wherever you guys are in the world I'm Sending you loads of Love Good Vibes and I hope you you have the best day ever I really do hope you enjoyed this video Today and I hope you enjoyed the Packages that we unboxed if you do want To see more videos like this then do let Me know in the comments box below now if You like this video give it a thumbs up Don't forget to subscribe to my channel And hit the Bell button so that you Don't miss any of my future videos until The next video take care and I'll see You soon

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