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I am absolutely loving this this reminds Me of like old school makeup I love it [Applause] Welcome back to another educational Beauty video today's video is all about Trying new makeup so testing some new Makeup and also looking at some new Makeup collaborations which I'm so Excited about this one because it's one Of my ultimate like favorites you're Gonna love it and I also show you what It looks like onto so I can't wait for You guys to see this video now don't Forget that I do have a little super Thanks button so you can click that just To show your support for this channel it Would really mean the world to me now if You do like this video please do give it A thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to My channel and hit the Bell button so That you never miss any of my future Videos and come say hi over on Instagram Too now let's head straight into the Video So I actually just received some of These products today and I literally Just decided there and then I was like I Have to do a video on this because I'm So excited about one of the Collaborations I can't tell you it's Honestly my favorite person it just Brings back so many like childhood Memories anyway what we're going to do Is we are going to start off with the

First collab this is not the one that I'm super excited about although I'm Excited about this too but we're going To be using this as we go along too Because I want to try some of these Products with you now before we do Actually very quickly get started you May have already seen you have the super Thanks feature on my YouTube channel now I'm really excited about it it's Something that is just a way for you Guys to help support my channel because As you know I give everything on this Channel like I don't hold back on Anything I'd literally give you Everything like I don't skim on any of The techniques that I have like I bait Everyday I bear everything What the hell is Just Happening I bear Everything that just didn't even make Sense what I just said let's just forget About whatever that line was that was Really cool because it's just literally Not coming to me that it's so bizarre Anyway what I'm trying to say is that I Basically am super transparent about Everything that's what I'm trying to say So I yeah give you everything quite no I Don't hold back on anything and I really Want you guys to be the best makeup Artist you possibly can for yourself Right so the super thanks feature is Just there for you guys to be able to Support my channel and just show a

Little bit of thanks you know because it Would really really help me out because For me what it is is it helps for me to Reinvest back into my channel so maybe Even like higher models you know like so I can actually be able to give you these Things that you want so it's a way for Me to grow my channel reinvest back into It give you better content and that's What I'm really excited about and in Order for us to get to that one million Mark we need to be like improving the Channel and making tweaks here and there And this is what this is for basically When you leave a super thanks your Comments down out to me so I can Actually see it more easily and I can Actually reply to you like properly you Know because I can actually go in and See who left to see supervisor and then You know show you some gratitude and Show you thanks for leaving me a super Thanks so I really hope that this is Something that you guys feel that you Can use and it's just a way I guess for You guys to help support this channel Even more now moving on let's carry on We've got the first products that we Have which is the IT Cosmetics and Anna Jack's collaboration Anna Jax if you Don't know is someone who is empowering Women through inclusive illustration so I absolutely love some of her Illustrations because I feel like you

Know I wish we had those type of Illustrations when I was a little kid Because it would just you just feel more Included as someone who is a person of Color but anyway moving on I'm glad that We've got this this is a collaboration Like I said It Cosmetics and Anna Jacks This is a Flawless finish brush set the Brushes look really good I've never used It cosmetics and brushes before so let's Open this up And oh it comes in a little pouch oh It's got the Anna Jacks illustration on Here this is cute I can use this for my Like pencils my brow pencils or Something I love the design it's just Really fun and it says beautiful Together and secondly the only other Brush I've got which is similar to this Is my Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Complexion brush which is kind of flat So I'm loving the fact that I have Another one which is more of a kind of Like Dome finish to the brush super soft Guys and then we've got like an angled Kind of uh cheek brush and then we've Got a powder brush I honestly they're Super super soft but I am going to use These shortly so let's put that aside It's actually the value of 135 but you Can get it for 59 so that's from Sephora Okay then we've got the IT Cosmetics and Anna Jacks superhero eyes Trio so this Has an eye pencil and then it has like

An eyeshadow pencil and then it also has A mascara so this doesn't actually say The price on here but you know it's a Really cute set it's full size all of Them so you've got superhero no tug Shadow stick well that's really good and It's super smooth but that's quite a Light shade it's gonna be a little bit Too light for me let's put that over There and we've got a superhero no tug Gel liner this gel liner looks literally Like it's going to melt onto my skin Which I'm loving and it Blends really Easily so I might use that shortly for a Special look that I'm gonna do and we Have the superhero it mascara which I Haven't used and I am going to use this Shortly so okay so that's that I really Really do love this pouch it's so cute I Think I'm gonna use this for like lip Pencils or something when I'm traveling Which I am traveling very soon to your Talk and I can't wait spending Christmas There let's move on the next one I'm so Excited about guys so exciting this is a Collaboration between Mac and Whitney Houston now do you see why I've got my Hair like this today so yeah I thought Let me go for the full kind of big hair I'm gonna like puff it up a little bit More in a bit I didn't I couldn't find Like a really small kind of curler Haircut I wanted to go for tight Ringlets but I couldn't find one I don't

Know what I thought I had it but I Didn't but I'm doing a Whitney Houston Look I can't wait honestly I can't wait To try these so let me open this up Because I haven't actually had a look at The products yet so we're opening this Up and this is what we've got inside This is from Mac Middle East obviously The voice was all hers the look is all Yours I'm so excited about this so this Says celebrate your own moments in time With this color curation inspired by the Shades worn by the icon herself along With all new products to honor her Everlasting Legacy come on this stage or Simply the room with this Stellar Collection of sparkling Smoky Shadows Shimmery face Shades and neutral and red Lip Hues each is wrapped in Spotlight Worthy gold packaging and embossed with Her signature Marquee is it Marquee Marquee logo perfect for the star that You are and this is a little quote from Whitney my mother taught me Beauty Really lives in places like a smile it's So cute I know I'm really sad about Winnie but I I love her I remember when I was a little kid my mum every week my Mum would buy me a new single that you Know the record the actual like you know I don't know if you like remember that Time but we had records she used to buy Me a single every week and new single And that was my like little treat for

The week so I remember she once bought Me a Whitney sing I think it was really Because she was obsessed with me she Used to have the same like my mom used To color her hair in the same way and She was like like she just looked her Body shape everything was the same now When I look back I feel like she was Kind of infusing the Whitney style into Her own style because she loved that Short perch she had permed hair at that Point and yeah and I used to remember I Used to play it in the lounge when Everyone was out used to play when Everyone was in as well but I used to Specially love doing this I'd put it on And then everyone would be out and the Whole loud I would just literally dance And I would sing so loud I feel like my My deepest desire would be to be a Singer like my deep if I could do Anything I would love to sing I would Love to be able to like move people with Like just a really stunning voice and I Feel like because it moves me so much And there are so many songs that kind of Like I feel like I'm like feel this Connection to because at some point in My life that song meant something to me And it kind of like resonated With Me Based on whatever was going on in my Life at that time and anyway Whitney Songs some of them were but I just Generally loved her voice she literally

Is an icon and I'm so excited to try This so we have a little kind of like This is a really cute kind of makeup bag It says Whitney Houston Mac so that's a Cute little kind of gold mirror makeup Bag so I'm going to go through these Products with you and then we're going To kind of just try them on now first Off we have some lashes and these lashes Look really really pretty so you're not Gonna be able to see them close up Because I'm going to be putting them on But you'll see what they look like on And then we have the Whitney Houston MAC Eyeshadow palette I love this because as Soon as I open this I was like okay I Know what look I'm doing because there's This iconic look that she had there's so Many iconic looks that she has where she Used to have a really nice defined Crease I like and it was all matte and She had like this beige kind of base Over her lid and then she had like thick Eyeliner which wasn't really feline it Was more kind of like it just wasn't too Much of a wing so I want to do that it Kind of reminds me a little bit of like That 60s look but not so 60s is it 60s I Don't know I might be wrong but anyway You'll know what I mean when you see it Then we have two different blush shades So we have one shade which is nippy's Pink rose and it's a powder blush and It's a really pretty pink then we have

Another blush shade which is nippy's Plum Rose and obviously it has like a Plum finish to that that's really nice And then we have the Whitney Houston and Mac highlighters the extra Dimension Skin finish and it's called just Whitney And I absolutely love this and cannot Wait to try this on because I feel like This is perfect for my skin tone then we Have four different lipsticks now we Have I'm going to show these one by one We've got nippies feisty red this is a Really nice kind of deep deep red this Reminds me of the kind of color my mom Used to wear when I was younger because She used to love makeup and then we've Got another one which is called nippy's Sensual red and this is quite a deep one As well but it looks like it has a Slight kind of almost like Maroon finish To it then we have this one which is Nippy's Moody nude this is the one I'm Going to be going for today because I Absolutely love the look of this and I Feel like it's just gonna look great With this type of of look and then we Also have nippy's Rose lipstick this is A really nice one this seems like it has A little bit of a Sheen in there so it's Not fully matte or creamy well it is Creamy but it has a little bit of a Sheen and then we have the lip gloss the Iconic lip gloss and this one is this is The nip nippy's shimmery gold lip gloss

And this is like a it's like full-on Full on gold so and it actually does Come out like that so that's like a Really nice shade too and as you know Lip gloss is very very kind of like Shiny and it leaves a really nice finish Then we have nippy's shimmery cinnamon Lip gloss and this is like a really I Would say almost like brownie gold it's Like a it's a bronze that's it it's a Bronze so I look the right word there It's a bronze okay so let's move in with This eyeshadow palette okay I am firstly Gonna go in with my Sigma small tapered Blending brush e45 brush so I'm gonna go Into the knit peas melon and I love the Look of this brown I cannot wait I'm Going into my crease here Can you see how I've just basically gone Into the crease and I'm not focusing on Taking it in yet and I'm not taking it Too far out but we're going into the Creek I'm going a little bit above the Crease to be honest because I really Want to kind of Like make that area look a bit bigger so Just kind of like taking it up a little Bit I don't want to take it too far out Because she didn't really have fully Like elongated eyes not that I'm trying To look like when you use them but I'm Just trying to do that makeup and we're Going to take this in here a little bit Okay we're going to do the same on the

Other side No my voice did not come out wrong but So you can see I'm just taking it into The crease going back and forth not Taking it all the way to the end and now I'm going to take it in a little bit Just a little bit okay I'm absolutely Loving this brown it's so nice this is a Really easy look by the way to do so now I'm going to go in with another brush This is my oldest O2 tree brush and I'm Going into the shade nippy sand dust and This is where I'm covering the flat part Of the brush with the product and I'm Basically going to press and I'm going To kind of like create a semicircle There so can you see how I'm just like Pressing the flat part of the brush and I'm like so the tip is kind of touching The crease See how that's like opened up the eye Area now now we're also going to take This in here just there so like it kind Of doesn't close up the inner part Completely Okay so can you see how we've taken it In here it's kind of like brighten the Whole eye area up Let's take this out of it I am Absolutely loving this this reminds me Of like old school makeup I love it okay Obsessed with this already okay we're Gonna go back into that nippy's melon And I'm just going to sharpen this

Crease now you know like because it's Probably been a little bit of an overlap There Now what I'm going to do is I'm going to Actually take this down into this nose Area just a little bit there's not Actually much product on here I'm just Taking whatever's already there I'm Going to take my It Cosmetics superhero No tug gel liner now I don't know if I'm Going to do my full eyeliner with this Yet but I am going to kind of like Tightline first with it so it gives me That really nice black finish so I'm Just going to like go I'm going to go Really close to my lash line like almost Like right into the lashes and just kind Of like draw a little tiny dashes along It all the way to the end that's it wow This pencil is so nice it's so creamy And it just like the minute it touches My skin it leaves the most amazing Pigment look I don't have to try with This black pencil Okay actually what I'm gonna do rather Than use an eyeliner so I've already Done like tight lining to really give me That depth there but I'm going to use The nippy's Noir from the shadow palette Because obviously there's black here Anyway and I'm going to use my e75 brush I'm going to create the line out with This because I think it's going to be Strong enough or pigmented enough for me

To be able to use so I am going to Basically go a little bit in you know Like to my inner corner to just give me More of that rounded eye You know what I love about this Eyeshadow there's no fall now this is Great there's no Fallout so I can create A really nice eyeliner look with it and I'm just pressing it onto my lash line With the kind of flat part of the tip Right we're going to lift it a little Bit I'm gonna have a little bit of a cute Little flick there oh I love this So I'm just going to do the same on this Eye A little bit further in And can you believe all of this this Whole eyeliner look is done purely from Pressing there's no gliding Now I'm going to apply a little bit of Whatever's left on this brush on the Lower lash line there right into the Actual root What I want to do is just get my finger And smudge side to side like in like Sharp line I like it sort of a little Bit kind of messy not messy but lived in Plus it stopped it from kind of like you Know like dropping down or anything Because you've already kind of messed Around with it okay let's go in with the It's Cosmetics superhero mascara let's See what this looks like obviously we're

Gonna put lashes on but I just want to see what this mascara is Like oh it's a nice mascara I think that's about enough I mean it's A good mascara but I feel like I need to Use it like you know like with a few Coats to know okay so let's go in with These lashes I feel like hold on have I Got this the right way I'm just gonna Stick these lashes on Foreign On my lower lashes Coming out a little bit clumpy it feels Like you know like a very new mascara so I don't want it to look like really Widery or anything so I'm just kind of Like going over it after I've applied it Like with my finger I'm using nippy's pink rose this is my It Cosmetics brush I'm going to use the highlighter now I Am so excited about this I'm just using My 134 brush from zoever I'm just going To apply this to the peaks of my Cheekbone a little bit on the tip of my Nose and I think just maybe a little bit On my chin So I'm gonna go in with my lipstick First so I'm using that nippy's Moody Nude Oh it's such a nice color it's really Nice and it's creamy and it just warms Up the whole face okay now I'm gonna go With a little bit of lip liner

So I just blot and then I go over a lip Liner I'm gonna put a tiny bit of this like Brownish gloss on the cinnamon one and Just just a little bit And then I'm going to use my finger to Just dial Oh that's so nice so what do we think About this finished look I absolutely Love it and can I just say that black in This eyeshadow palette is insane it's so Good because there's no Fallout I can't Believe I did this whole eyeliner look Just with eyeshadow a tiny bit of that Gel pencil underneath but that was Mainly to tight line and can I say that This brush is on another level you need To get this brush plus you get a Discount on it it's Sigma Beauty it's The angled brow brush e75 but it is so Good on highlight like I can't believe That how good it is for eyeliner Application it's the first time I think I'm using it as eyeliner application Like this is amazing the brush isn't It's just so it's one of the best angled Brushes I've ever used don't forget you Get your discount you know ub10 you get A little special discount off there so Head over and get yours and the link is In my description below yeah you need to Get this brush you have to get the brush And the eyeshadow palette like it is Amazing Mac and Whitney Houston like I

Love this I love the palette and all the Other colors are really nice too but I This is probably one of my favorite type Of looks I just love it because it's so Clean so defined a lot of depth in the Eyes and yeah I'm obsessed with this Collection I would highly recommend it Moving on to the last product which is The Urban Decay all-nighter settings row But it's different because it has Vitamin c in there so it's cactus flower Water it's a long lasting makeup setting Spray so it's the same kind of setting Spray that iconic setting spray that we All know of but it's actually in an Orange bottle and it has vitamin c in There so basically it instantly hydrates Your skin so it isn't going to be drying Out your skin it's also brightening I'm Just kind of reading out all the main Things about this because I haven't Tried this before so I'm trying it for The first time today also it's Energizing uplifting Citrus scent it Smooths it firms skin up to 16 hour wear That's important transfer and water Resistant and obviously it's vegan and Cruelty free so let's try this I'm going To shake this bottle Oh oh it does smell citrusy it smells Really nice and it's very refreshing it Actually is refreshing so it's like I've Just had a splashed a glass of lemon Water all over my face so yeah it's good

Obviously I can't sit here for 16 hours And tell you if it works we all know That Urban Decay setting spray is good So we know that part of it but I just Wanted to kind of share with you that's A new product which has vitamin C so at Least you know that it's something which Is actually hydrating for your skin too So yeah basically those are all the Products I really hope you've enjoyed This video and you've you've liked this Look because I love it and wherever you Are in the world I hope you have the Most productive day full of love lots of Laughter and lots of love oh I think I Already said love anyway double dose of Love I hope you've enjoyed this video today And you love the look just as much as I Loved it now if you do like this video Please do give it a thumbs up don't Forget to subscribe to my channel and Hit the Bell button so that you never Miss any of my future videos until the Next video take care and I will see you Soon

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