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All those husbands watching this and if You're not then ladies maybe you should Just in a very subtle way put this video On and put it very loud so they can hear It so you can like focus on the one that You want [Applause] I'm back with another educational Beauty Video and this time I'm going to be Trying on new makeup and then after that I'm going to be showing you my Sephora Gift guide so stay tuned because it's Perfect for this festive season now if You do like this video please do give it A thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to My channel and hit the Bell button so That you don't miss any of my future Videos and I'm over on Instagram so Please do come say hi there too now we Can head straight into the video We're going to be trying a few new Makeup products and then I'm going to be Going through my Sephora gift guide with You these are products that I've picked Out but I personally think are great as Gifts for anyone whether you want Something affordable whether you want Something small some people don't Necessarily always think of just whether It's affordable that you know they're Looking at size as well so we're going To go through all of that after but Let's start with some of these new Products that I've come across some of

Them I'm going to be trying for the First time and a couple of them I have Already tried and I absolutely love them And I really wanted to share it with you Now I don't have anything on my face Other than my skincare so we're already Prepped and set for makeup first I'm Gonna try the YSL all hours Foundation It's a luminous matte foundation and Honestly when I receive products from PR Brands I kind of especially when it's Foundation I'm kind of like okay how did They know my skin shade you know and Very rarely is it ever right and this Was right I was really surprised I only Swatched it I haven't actually tried This properly you know that I usually Put concealer first and then I go in With my Foundation today because I'm Testing this for you guys I'm not going To be putting my concealer first because I feel like what happens when you're Testing foundations I can't show you Exactly how that Foundation looks like Without anything else on because I Always go in with concealer first so What I'm going to be doing is showing You this first and then we'll go in with Concealer and kind of like under paint In a different kind of technique but Let's go forward and kind of apply this Now my shade is Mw9 and is that a shade yeah that is the Shade okay so this is actually SPF 39 so

I like the fact that there is SPF in Here it's an all-day long wear full Cover breathable texture Couture finish So let's see what this is like I mean I'm applying this with a brush because I Really want you guys to see you know the Difference so I'll apply on this side And I'll leave this side kind of um There I mean the color I can't believe the Color is like an exact match because I Don't have a tan at the moment and for Quite a while I had a really really Stunning time but it's kind of like gone Now and when I don't have the tag I Always feel like it's difficult to find The right color for my skin and I'm Really really surprised that they sent Me this and they've just got it perfect Like this literally is just gone it's Just matched my neck straight away so Color-wise I'm really really impressed It Blends in really easily and I know a Lot of that might have to do with the Fact that the color is you know Perfect match it's quite a fluid Foundation so it's not something which Is thick it kind of like melts into the Skin really nicely right what are you Thinking guys because I have it on this Whole side here I personally feel like It matches my skin tone perfectly it's Kind of like evened everything out I Feel like it's given me a decent amount

Of coverage around the eye area as well Considering I'm quite dark around that Area it it's not like a super matte Finish so like I said it says it's a Luminous matte so it does have that Slight Luminosity coming through which Isn't overly shiny and I like that Because I don't like it when it's too Glowy so I I like that and I'm quite Intrigued because it obviously says all Day now what I will do is because I Didn't plan this for this video to be a Kind of like wear test I haven't done That in a while but I will do that soon On a few more products maybe even this One so let me know in the comments below If you really want to see a wear test on This Foundation after trying it out I Will be sure when this video releases to Put a little comment and like pin it so That you guys can see what the result Was like like how I found the foundation Yeah I I do really like it I mean I I Think that it matches perfectly I don't See an obvious line there but I do see That this is more Flawless than this Side so hopefully that makes sense so I'm going to go ahead and just put it Onto the rest of the face So now it's on wall of my face and yeah I really like it I need to like leave This on all day but I'm really really Glad there's SPF in here because I feel Like every Foundation should kind of

Include that now I'm just going to go Ahead and apply my concealer and kind of Like do my brows so we're ready for the Next product that I want to try I'm back I've put all my little bits on That I need you to put on now the first One that I'm going to be trying is the Fenty Beauty ice cold-hearted gloss I Have tried this on and I actually really Liked it it's just a clear gloss it has Like a slight blue tinge to it but it Doesn't look like that on but the reason I like this is because I feel like You've got all those other ones which Are quite heated you know like so like They heat up and they feel like oh wow Your lips are getting hot this is like Cooling it's not it's quite a basic Product but I feel like it's nice to Just have something that's opposite and Personally I don't know about you guys But whenever I'm going through my kit Say if I would need to like make sure That I take something specific on a job The one thing that I can't seem to find Which is the most basic product is a Clear gloss I know that this is Something that if I'm struggling with That sometimes and I know that this is Something that other people may struggle With so I'm just kind of like getting my Lip brush and just kind of like Smoothing it over that's the gloss on so You can see how it gives you this really

Nice gloss but there's no color to it The reason I wanted to show you this Even though it is a basic product is Because I wanted to kind of show you That you don't have to just like don't Feel that glosses are boring like clear Glosses are boring because they're Really not what I love about clear Glosses is that you can kind of change The finish of it depending on the lip Liner that you use so I lined my lips With my Charlotte Tilbury iconic nude Lip pencil and then I've gone in with This and it gives a really really nice Color and honestly I have a lot of People when I do use this technique with Different lip pencils I have a lot of People say to me like what is that lip Color you're wearing it's like there's No lip color it's literally a clear Gloss and it's the lip pencil that's Actually kind of like giving that color Like that color is coming through from So I really wanted to show you that Because sometimes I have some of you Guys say to me what is that lip color You're wearing you know when I haven't Actually shown what I've put on and a Lot of the time when it looks like more Of a fleshy tone this is usually what I Do so that's why I really wanted to kind Of share that with you it's a new Product and personally I think it's Great because I don't always like that

Like hot feeling on my lips so I want Something a bit more Cooling and I Really like the fact that this does that Next up my new product that I'm trying Well actually I don't know if this Actually is a new product but I tried it The other day and I loved it this is the Milk makeup rice mascara I've got like a Little mini version because it came in a Little like pack but I'm gonna put this On because I really want you guys to see Like what it looks like on the brush is A little bit curved by the way just so You know I really really loved this Mascara because I felt like I didn't Have to keep putting as many layers on As I usually would do to get this type Of finish make sure I go right from the Root And just like pull it through the Lash And that's literally it and then I put a Little bit at the bottom I think what I really like about this Mascara is that your lashes still look Like lashes they don't look like Perfectly spread out so it still looks Like it's it's just a little bit a Little bit that kind of like messy lash Which I personally love This is the Fenty Beauty double-shaped Up freestyle cream blush duo and it's in Peony dropper and Molly Molly Rose Marley booze now I really liked this and The reason being is because it blends

Perfectly I recently put a reel up on my Instagram but I think it might be up on My shorts maybe not yet actually the First time I tried it was when I Actually did The Reel I was doing it and I was like looking in the camera and I Was like oh my God like I can't believe How amazingly this Blends in and just so So easy so on my face here like I've set My under eyes I haven't set anywhere Else on my face other than my under eyes And my nose and a little bit on the Forehead so I wouldn't put cream on top Of when you like baked right or like Thick milled powder up so I haven't got Anything over my Foundation here now What I'm going to do is just grab hold Some of this with my finger there's two Shades here so you've got like obviously The lighter pink and then the darker Pink I actually quite like mixing them Together but what I do is I go in with The lighter pink so you can see that's Like quite pigmented right and then what I do is I go in with that darker one Just underneath Right so that's that now what I'm going To do is with my finger I'm literally Just gonna like blend this in and I'm Not rubbing pressing and then flicking My finger out and it just the pigment Was in set like I loved the pigment and I loved how it didn't ruin my Foundation When I first put it on and obviously

Let's just hope it doesn't do that now Because that would be awful yeah it's Not doing it so it's Blended in Perfectly and it hasn't ruined my Foundation and it's just given me this Really nice kind of light color like you Can see there there's nothing and then Here we've got that really nice kind of Lift and like blush color and it's not Over the top either so I'm just going to Do the same thing here So when I the way I do it it's like Press flick press flick and I do that Really fast and that basically is the Best way to blend rather than going back And forth so you're not like kind of Like removing any foundation I just love This blush because I feel like it's Natural it's super easy to blend and it Doesn't ruin your foundation that's the Big thing for me anyway I feel like a Lot of like cream blushes end up ruining Your foundation moving on to our gift Guide now I'm not going to be doing this Any in any particular order I'm just Going to go straight in and just Whatever comes to hand show you now First off we're going to start with These benefit little goodies now I Really really love these because I love The fact they're so festive and they're Really cute and you can actually use the The Box the tin first off we've got this Which is the benefit letters to lashes

It's like you can hear that it's like a Tin and it opens up and it has three Different mascaras in here so if I take That sleeve off you have this and it's Like a little postcard it's like a old School letter and it says happy holidays And let me just open this up so it opens Up like this and then it has it's all Wrapped up in that really nice kind of Like paper I can't remember what that Paper's called it's got some stickers in Here so it's really festive and then you Open it up and you've got your like Little mascaras in here so if you open This up like that it opens up and you Have your three different mascaras now I Really really loved this there's three Different full-size mascaras in here so It has the benefit they're real magnet Lashes the bad girl band lashes and the Roller lash so it I think this is a Really good gift like you know I feel I Find like it's really difficult to find The right gift for people so especially If you're looking for makeup for someone You don't know what kind of makeup they Like they like you know most people wear Mascara now this other one is another Little tin it's benefit merry mini male So it has little mini versions of the Product so it's got the professional Primer the Bad Girl Mascara and also the 24 hour brow Setter so this is a really Cute little tin and like I said you can

Reuse these tins once they're emptied Whoever it is can use them to maybe put Their mascaras in or any kind of makeup Next up we've got Globe recipe so again All of these products are available in Sephora so this is the glow recipe hey You you're a bright light there's a Full-size glow recipe guava vitamin C Dark spot serum there's a smaller Version of the glow recipe guava vitamin C bright eye gel cream and then also a Smaller version of the glow recipe Plum Plump hyaluronic cream so you've got one Full-size product and you've got two Smaller version like smaller products in There so I feel like this is a really Good size gift as well like you know It's not too much it's just like if you Know someone generally has good skin Maybe give this to them because maybe Some think they'd want to try you know It's it's I think that's another good One I'm going to go through these pretty Quickly because I don't want like you Know I don't need to sell you the Products I just want to show you the Actual kind of gifts that you could get Because I always feel like if you go Shopping for someone or it's a gift then You you see something and you're like Okay I really want them to try maybe I Don't know like the glow recipe dark Spot vitamin C serum if you pick that on Its own it's kind of like just one

Little thing you're giving them even Though you've maybe spent like however Much on it it's like one thing you know Like so you need to like make it look Like a bit of a gift and I feel like These are perfect so this is The Wishful Glow Trio so this basically has I think This is it's not full size you know They're all like little mini versions But I think it's really good it's a Really good kind of travel set and it Has the yolklow enzyme scrub it's got The first trap of juice and it's got the Honey whip peptide moisturizer so that's Another really good one and what else do We have we've got this is really nice as Well so this is the how do you say this So generous right yeah let's just go With that it's the boom boom summer Jet Set pack and it has the Brazilian Crush Hair and body fragrance Mist the Brazilian foreplay moisturizing body Cream shower gel and a Brazilian boom Boom cream which I love that is amazing And these are like little mini versions Because I have the full size one and It's much bigger than that but this is Still a good like a decent amount and I Feel like this is a really cool little Summerset I like this it's a body gift Set now next up we have a Sephora little Kind of skid set and I like this because I feel like these like the the cases That there are in most of them you can

Like reuse it like that's like a nice Little plastic set which you can easily Reuse that bag I love like keeping bags Like this they're so like good for Traveling now this one is basically a Skincare set so you've got all of the Like Sephora Sephora kind of must-haves Really for skin I think this is really Good so hold on let me see again that's So cool so it has the Sephora soup serum In here which I've tried and that's Great we also have the all day hydrator Which is like a tube and then you also Have a little roller it's a it's an Actual roller you know like a skin Roller in there you know like the ones That you like a jade roller it's like That and you have the brightening eye Cream you've got the ultra glow toner And then you've got a clean gel kind of Like toner cleanser so yeah I feel like You've got everything in here which is Like good for skin so anyone it's a full Travel set so travel bag as well that's A really good option then we've got a Little mini set I love I love the little Cute little ones because they're really Cute and they're good like kind of Stocking fillers too so this is like a Huda Beauty legit eye Duo this is great You've got the legit lashes mascara in Here which is double ended anyway and Then you've also got the life liner Which is an amazing ultra thin eyeliner

So that's a good shell next up we've got Some amazing little well they're not Little but I do love them so we've got Briogio which is great for hair so You've got scalp Revival charcoal and Coconut oil micro exfoliating shampoo And then you've also got a don't despair Repair deep conditioning mask now this Product is actually a it's an award Winner for the Allure Beauty Awards 2019. so you've got full size products In here this is awesome I would love to Receive this so if someone gave me this I would personally love it yeah it's It's great so it's definitely cheaper Than getting them separately so we've Got that that's great then we've got I'm Gonna go through a fragrance as well so This is the Narciso Rodriguez perfume Absolutely love it I have the black one And the pink one already it's amazing The black one is the more intense Version so it opens up and you have this You have your full size nosito Rodriguez Amazing Perfume you've got the body Lotion and then you've got like a little Mini version so this is the other Perfume I said that really weird I don't Perform Let's just I just can't say I can't say It nicely and that's like a little kind Of little small version next up we have The I'm gonna put it up on the screen I Actually don't know the correct way to

Pronounce this but I do already use These products and I absolutely love Them not all of them I've only tried one Of them so I'm really excited about Trying the others but I love that you Can get this this is a limited edition Honey infused hydration set I love that You can kind of like get this in a whole Pack like I like that you don't have to Only you can't get gift sets which are Just for makeup or skincare or fragrance Which are the obvious ones like now you Can go for a haircare like set like the Briogio one that I showed you I think This is a really nice gift for someone Like you've got the honey infused hair Oil which is what I've tried before it's Great you've got the honey infused hair Mask the honey infused leave-in Conditioner and then the honey infused Hair perfume absolutely love it now Lastly we have a really nice YSL set Here which is a fragrance set and this Is another perfume by the way guys that I have recently tried and I absolutely Love it if you haven't spot this you Need to go and smell it smells amazing This is the Libra perfume so this is the Ada perfume and this is the perfumed Body balm and then you've got a little Mini version of it so I love this it's Such a nice gift if you want to you know Spend a little bit more on someone Special then you know all those husbands

Watching this and if you're not then Ladies maybe you should just in a very Subtle way put this video on and put it Very loud so they can hear it so you can Like focus on the one that you want and Yeah that's really my gift guide like I Really do oh I've got one more one more This is cute right I love this we've got This kind of like got lost in here Because it's so small but you know if You read if like as a stocking filler or If you really want to like give someone A gift for their birthday or maybe you Don't know them well enough yet but you Want to give them something you know Because it's like awkward not to then Maybe you could get them something like This like it's really nice it's a rare Beauty kind words mini matte lip Duo so You have a mini lipstick in here and a Mini lip liner and so if I just open This up I just want to see how big this Is yeah so you've got like it's a mini Lipstick and a mini lip pencil but it's Really cute like I think this is a great Gift for someone it's so nice so yeah That's that that that was literally my Last one so that's my Sephora gift guide Now I really wanted to show you this Because I know how difficult it is Trying to find gifts for people so I've Been in that situation where I've Struggled because I'm like I don't know What to get or I've set myself a budget

Maybe for certain people and I'm like I Literally cannot find something within That budget like I feel like you know All of this there's something in here That you will find for someone and There's something you'll find hopefully Within your budget you know even if You're looking for something which you Know maybe you have spent a lot spent a Little bit extra on but you don't want It to look like you've spent so much on You've got that option you've got things Which are kind of like a lot cheaper That look like you've spent more on it So I think that's a great situation to Have you know like where it kind of Ticks every box for you so I really do Hope this has helped and I really hope That you you know managed to find Something within here and you like the Products that I tried earlier on too now Wherever you are in the world as usual I Hope you do have the most blessed day And it's super productive and super Positive I hope you enjoyed today's video and if You did please do give it a thumbs up Don't forget to subscribe to my channel And hit the Bell button so that you Never miss any of my future videos until The next video take care and I'll see You soon

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