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Try this Orange Lemon Ginger Immunity Shot! πŸŠπŸ‹




Try this Orange Lemon Ginger Immunity Shot! πŸŠπŸ‹

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Today we’re making protein pumpkin balls That are delicious grain free and Gluten-free snack they have really Simple ingredients and are very easy to Make so if you love the flavor of Pumpkin pie spice then stick around for This no bake recipe hi everyone and Welcome back to clean eating kitchen I’m Carrie and this is my channel where I Share easy real food recipes so you can Feel your best I have a master’s degree In public health with a specialty in Nutrition and I really do believe that Saying you are what you eat I’m a Survivor of PCOS and autoimmune disease And thyroid cancer so I have to practice What I preach if you also like clean Eating recipes and tips then please do Subscribe and hit that notification Bell So you’re updated whenever I post a new Video and you may have noticed I am in My home kitchen I used to be in my Studio kitchen but now I’m shooting These videos at home and I have a mini Renovation coming up so I look forward To sharing that with you over the next Few weeks for today’s recipe I’m sharing These protein pumpkin balls that are Made without oats instead we’re using Some really simple ingredients including Dates and almonds and real pumpkin puree I also include collagen protein powder To add that extra boost of protein to These energy bites and it makes them a

Really great pre-workout or post-workout Snack or any time that you’re feeling You want a little energy boost so let’s Jump right into this recipe for making These protein pumpkin balls that are Full of seasonal fall flavor we are Going to start with some almonds now you Can use any type of nut or seed in this Recipe and you’re going to need a food Processor to mix all the ingredients Together and don’t forget that I’ve Included the recipe Link in the Description below so you can find Everything you need there the exact Quantities and ingredients and Substitutions Next we are going to add our dates now I’ve kind of varied the number of dates That I’ve used in the past I find that About eight to ten pitted medjool dates That are very naturally sweet is just About the perfect amount of Sweetness in This recipe and we have no other refined Sweeteners other than the dates next We’re going to add some coconut oil and That helps act as the binder of the Recipe and some healthy fats we’re also Going to add some pure pumpkin puree and We don’t want to use pumpkin pie filling Because that would make these two sweet We’re using actual just 100 pumpkin Puree and then we have some pumpkin pie Spice and you can buy the pumpkin pie Spice pre-made that’s what I do if you

Can’t find it at your store or you’re Not familiar with it then just use plain Ground cinnamon and then our last Ingredient for these pumpkin protein Balls is to add our protein powder and I Really like collagen protein for this Recipe because it just Blends in so Easily you don’t get any grittiness or Anything that you might get with other Protein powders If you do want to use other protein Powders I would choose one that is Unsweetened so now we’re just going to Blend this in the food processor and After we blend it up I’m going to show You how easy it is to roll the batter Into balls and then roll the balls in Some shredded dried coconut which gives Them even more texture and flavor I’m Just going to scrape down the sides to Make sure that all the pumpkin puree and Everything gets really well Blended you May also want to make sure that your Dates are at room temperature that helps Them blend easier and if they’re not you Can always soak them in some hot water For a few minutes and then just drain The water off and that will make sure That the dates blend easily it is a very Sticky mixture and that’s another reason Why it’ll be nice to coat these with Some shredded coconut to help them be Less sticky if you want to send them um With your kids to school or you want to

Take them on a road trip or a snack on The go okay everything is really well Blended I’m just going to show you what It looks like so now I have my mixture Here and I’m going to use my clean hands And just reach my hands in and grab some Of the batter and as I mentioned it’s Very sticky so I’m Gonna Roll the batter Into a bowl just like this and then I’m Going to roll it in to some shredded Coconut And as I mentioned that helps kind of Make the balls less sticky and it really Gives them so much more texture when you Bite into the balls And they just look just like this now I’m going to refrigerate these after I Finish all the batter and that is not Only going to make them less sticky but It’s also going to enhance the sweetness Once they are fully chilled you can Serve them like this but I like to chill Them for maybe one to two hours And then they are just Perfect and you can make them any size You want you can make the balls a little Bit smaller than what I’m doing here Um if you wanted more of just a bite Size the bigger protein bites will be More of one or two bites or as I Mentioned you can make the ball smaller And it’ll just be a little bite-sized Protein ball that you can pop in your Mouth so I’m going to finish all of

These and then I’ll show you what They’re like when they’re all done I Hope that you love this recipe for these Easy protein pumpkin balls I would love To know what is your favorite holiday Treat around this time of year and I’m Also going to link to my playlist with Some of my other favorite gluten-free Dessert recipes I will see you in the Next video thanks for watching

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