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Trader Joe’s Shopping Haul – Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free




Trader Joe's Shopping Haul - Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free

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Hi everyone welcome back to clean eating Kitchen this is my channel where I share Easy gluten-free and dairy-free recipes And tips So today we're doing a Trader Joe's haul after vacation so I'm going To show you most of the basics that I Stocked up on I didn't get a lot of the Extra package foods and things like that I just got the bear basics for the next Few days because I cleaned out my Refrigerator before we left for Hawaii And now that we're home we really have Nothing left I would say near nothing Left in the refrigerator so I just Needed some Basics mostly produce and Things like that so I'm going to show You I have a few little treats for the Next few days and I'll show you those Too so I hope this gives you some great Inspiration for your next Trader Joe's Trip let's start over here with our Fresh produce mostly fruits and things I Got some lemons I got some limes I was Really and some oranges and these are All organic which is really nice and the Citrus I was really inspired from our Trip to Hawaii we had a lot of citrus Flavored foods and so I'm planning to Make some Citrus uh fish later this week And I will try to show you that recipe I Also got some organic beets and some Organic apples and I plan to make some Fresh vegetable juice probably tomorrow Just to get some extra nutrients I'm

Sure Um That you have a similar experience when You go on vacation you don't maybe don't Get as much Um I guess nutrition and vegetables as When you're home and so I like to do With green juice with apple Cucumber beets carrots and celery and I Actually have some celery left in the Fridge that was the one produce item That I had left but let's continue on Here I did get some potatoes I'm gonna make some mashed potatoes Tonight with dinner and let's see I got Some Tomatoes some little cherry Tomatoes these are organic And I'm going to be making a salad and These are great on the salad I did get Some some salad mix here which I'm gonna Make for lunch today actually I'm gonna Make have a little special treat I'll Show you in a second what I'm gonna make For lunch then I got some fresh herbs And Trader Joe's is so great about Having organic herbs herbs so I got These chives which I'm going to use with The fish I make later this week Um some basil I'm gonna make a pesto to Go with that fish And I got some mint and I love to put Mint in my smoothies Um let's see what else oh I got these Micro greens this is something new I've

Been putting in my smoothies it's Actually not that hard to grow your own Sprouts and micro greens but often I am Too lazy to do that Um but maybe I can do a video about that Sometime let me know if you're Interested I got some carrot juice Organic carrot juice which I mentioned In my Costco haul and a few other videos That I use as the base of my green Smoothies and it makes them a little bit Sweeter and gives you of course extra Nutrition and then this is my favorite Green to put in smoothies these days It's the baby kale just because it's so Tender and I actually do steam all my Greens before I put them in my green Smoothies it helps reduce the oxalates And it makes them easier to digest and My husband has a a kidney stone and That's the concern about eating a lot of Raw greens Actually they can also impact your Thyroid but for us and for him Specifically we have to just be a little Careful about oxalates and actually Beets are really high in oxalate so but He doesn't really drink the green juice That's mostly for me I did get some bananas I got a mix of Organic and non-organic because I wanted One for today and then these will be for Later in the week I really like these Shallots from Trader Joe's they're just

Loose so you have to I just put them in A bag like this Um I got some mushrooms such all I'm not Sure what I'm gonna use these for but I Love these shiitake mushrooms I'm not Really a big mushroom person I don't Like the big like button mushrooms or The Portobellos but I really like the Shiitakes and then for a protein I got Some chicken breasts and some ground Turkey And that'll just be for lunches and Things like that and then for easy lunch Mostly for my husband I got some sliced Ham and turkey and one thing about Having migraines is I have to be Cautious about Um using like preserved Meats like bacon And these even though these are nitrate Free Um I still have to be careful it's Better if you have migraines to have Fresh cooked proteins as opposed to the Smoked or cured or canned so just Something to be aware of here's the Cilantro that got put over here but Um I'll use that somehow this week and Then for our little treats here we did Get some more of our favorite chocolate It's organic it's 73 cacao so it's very Dark And it's just a really great price it Tastes great we took a bunch of These Bars maybe two bars two two or three

Bars to Hawaii and we ate almost all of It and really kept us away from the Decadent desserts that um we just kind Of wanted to stay away from when we were On vacation because then we start to Feel kind of sluggish but the chocolate Is such a great way to satisfy your Sweet tooth and it's healthy too and Then this is a little treat I buy a lot Of these and they're not dairy free just To be clear They do have some mozzarella but they're Gluten-free and then I love that it's Uncured pepperoni and this doesn't seem To bother or trigger migraine for me and It's just enough cheese it doesn't Really seem to bother me or my husband Because we both try to stick to dairy Free and it's on a cauliflower crust I Think it also has some cassava and I Highly recommend these anyway so this is My Trader Joe's Hall I think it ended up being about 125 130 or so and this will for sure Last us about five or six days Um and then I'll of course need to go Shopping again so that's it thank you so Much for watching and please do check Out my similar gluten-free and Dairy-free Costco haul which I will link Right here

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