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So I really like that and I feel like it Has helped to kind of gently exfoliate My skin but at the same time it is kind Of like moisturizing as well for my skin [Applause] I'm back with another educational Beauty Video and in today's video I'm going to Be sharing with you the top skincare Products for textured skin now these Products are products that I have used They've been completely transforming for My skin I have textured skin my skin is So much better than before and I really Wanted to share with you the best Products and these are products that are Tried and tested and that's the great Thing about this video it's not just me Recommending products it's me telling You how they work and actually being Able to tell you exactly what they did To my skin and how my textured skin Became a lot more smoother now don't Forget if you do like this video please Do give it a thumbs up don't forget to Subscribe to my channel and hit the Bell Button so that you don't miss any of my Future videos and if you want some reels Some unboxing just generally what I get Up to when I'm not filming on YouTube You can also catch me on Instagram now Let's get started with the video I'm going to be showing you my top Skincare products for textured skin These are products that I have tried and

Tested myself because obviously I have Textured skin so I really wanted to kind Of like put across the products and show You the products that I believe in I've Used for quite a while and I genuinely Feel like they have improved the texture Of my skin so we are going to start off With the first couple of products Because I double cleanse so I wanted to Show you the two cleansers that I do use And I'm going to tell you what order I Use them in too so first off this isn't Like my whole skincare routine this is Just the stuff that's really helped with My textured skin so this is the tatcha Rice wash and this is actually for Normal to dry skin but it really Genuinely has helped with my kind of Texture I feel like it's just giving me The hydration that I need but it's just The right amount if you see what I mean So it's not stripping my skin so this is A soft cream cleanser it does feel like It has tiny tiny granules in there which Kind of dissolve on impact with the skin I don't it doesn't actually say that on Here but it feels like that so it's a pH B h pH pH neutral cream cleanser of rice And hyaluronic acid that gently purifies While moisturizing your skin and when You actually do it like apply it to wet Skin it does foam up so it's a really Nice cleanser you know like an old School cleanser so I really like that

And I feel like it has helped to kind of Gently exfoliate my skin but at the same Time it is kind of like moisturizing as Well for my skin now next what I use is My other cleanser which is my heels blue Herbal cleanser I've been using this for Years and this stuff is absolutely Amazing this I've been using for Probably around three months and I feel Like it really has helped with giving me That hydration that sometimes I lose From this cleanser in it works well in Combination with this for me so this is A salicylic acid blemish treatment Cleanser and it is more of a gel formula And I'm actually running out of this I Need to get another one but it's great For blimp like I break out often because Like the amount of times I'm putting Makeup on for YouTube and everything so You know that's something I can't stop And that's something I have to kind of Like treat on the go and this works Great for it because this helps to kind Of like just reduce my breakouts now I'm Not gonna lie this is pretty strong Cleanser I feel like I've got very thick Skin so I can handle it but honestly This can end up stripping your skin a Little bit so that's why I like to Really kind of you know make sure I Balance it out with a good kind of other Another face wash so I usually kind of Wait and see what my skin feels like it

Which one I go with first really depends On what my skin is feeling like if I've Really broken out I'll go with this First and then I go with this and if I Feel like okay I my Skin's feeling a Little bit sensitive I go with this First and then I go with this so it Really is down to how my skin is feeling That particular day then I have my Lancer triple pep dry drops which you Guys have heard me speak about so much Because honestly this stuff is like gold In a bottle it is so good it has been Great for my skin in terms of moisture And hydration and also Clay clearing my Skin and I didn't realize how good Honestly this was going to be I just Thought okay let me try it and it was Just absolutely amazing it's got these Tiny little like bubble things in there Which I guess burst on the skin but it's Niacinamide and vitamin E in here and This has really helped to kind of like Regulate my my oil within my skin and Even though I break out you think why Would you want to do that but I don't Have oily skin I do have slightly Dehydrated skin so it regulates the oil In a good way and just the right amount You know so my reason for breakouts is More so because of makeup back and forth And you know I I guess I don't give my Skin enough of a break which I should do Which is very difficult when you have a

YouTube channel which is all about Makeup that that's the issue that I have So it's really been a struggle for me to Try and find the products that are good For textured skin and for breakouts as Well because I have like open port like I have like small acne scars and my skin Is like it's just textured you know I Sometimes get like that bumpiness Under The Skin too and this has been great for It this has been absolutely amazing Because it has actually my skin feels a Bit more plumped but at the same time It's not just about the feel of it it's About the appearance of my skin too it Just feels more kind of it's more Radiant and it also feels like it's just A little bit smoother as well so this Has really helped with my texture that's Something that I would highly recommend To everyone because it is amazing next Up are a couple of products which Honestly I have been using for years and I absolutely love them and these are Lots of products I love Lancer skincare I think they honestly have Transformative products that genuinely Do work let me go through this one first Because I was using this first I I use This the longest this is my Lancer Caviar lime acid peel and this is it has A 10 glycolic acid it has phytic acid I Don't know if that's how you say it 10 And also rational in here now this stuff

Is just amazing this is actually I Didn't want to bring my the bottle the Tub that I'm currently using because It's like a little bit kind of logos and Stuff have kind of like come off so this Is actually a new my backup one which I Can't seem to open so it's like new so You know it looks good it just smells so Good It smells of Fruit gums that's what it smells of but It has pineapple enzyme in here and Basically this stuff so it's like a it's It's like a cream Right so it's like a cream and you I put This on at night so I will put this on Instead of like a moisturizer this will Be like a weekly treatment for me Sometimes twice a week now this is a It's a powerful product so it's Basically for kind of stressed dull skin So it will help to kind of like take off The like remove those dead skin cells But it is also like it's don't be fooled By the name because even though it says Peel your skin doesn't peel with it if You have extremely sensitive skin maybe It will do but all very thin skin maybe It will but my skin does not peel with This at all I've never experienced any Any level of peeling with this product So basically the phytic Whatever it is you know what I mean Hopefully it is basically there to help

Kind of like remove the dead skin cells It helps to remove and resurface the Skin basically and it ends up improving The look of your skin improving the look Of your pores as well so it's very good For tightening those open like big pores Now what this has in there I mentioned Pineapple enzymes it has pineapple and Papaya enzymes in there and what that Helps to do is really moisturize the Skin and help to kind of even out the Skin tone and then in like overall it's Very kind of like it's good for like Boosting the radiance in the skin your Skin is just generally smoother it's Softer the next day and it is kind of More luminous as well but this is great At like as an overnight exfoliator now You don't put this on any kind of like Broken areas of the skin like say if You've got a spot and it's kind of you Know a bit cut there or anything like That don't put that there don't put it Near the eyes or the lips you just put It on the larger surface area of your Face they tell you to kind of put this On for like 10 to 15 minutes and then Wash it off I leave this overnight I'm Going to be honest but it's absolutely Fine on my skin it's not like it's going To just continue to work through the Night but I feel like I still kind of Have that that you know the pineapple And papaya enzymes in there to help with

The moisture so it it works great on my Skin overnight but obviously I would do What it says on the label and what you Feel is right for you that's not Something I'm suggesting you do yeah and Be it has stabilized retinol in here too By the way so that helps with like Wrinkles and fine lines so that's Another product that I would highly Recommend is absolutely transformative For the skin next up is another product That I absolutely love and this is my Lancer Advanced rational treatment this Stuff is absolutely amazing and it comes In a little pump bottle this is my Second bottle I absolutely love this I Use this probably three times a week at Night so after I've cleansed my face and I've put on my niacinamide I wait a Little while like probably about 10 Minutes and then 10 to 20 minutes and Then I put on my retinol sometimes I Skip the night Cinema straight to Retinol it really depends on how much Time like so if I'm just I just want to Get to bed now this stuff is absolutely Amazing it does have 1.25 of retinol in There so what this does is it helps to Kind of increase the cell turnover like During the night too and it helps to Repair the skin quicker as well now it Does have other ingredients in there Which kind of help the retinol to kind Of work better I did experience a little

Bit of kind of like slight peeling when I first started using this and that's Because I'd never used rational before Now I'm totally fine so when if you've Never used retinol before be ready for Something like that you know it could be That you even your skin purges which Means that you'll just break out loads But it's kind of everything coming out So just bear that in mind I feel like There's like a little fluff yeah just Bear that in mind because that can Happen and don't just stop using it all Of a sudden because you're like oh my God I'm breaking out like it you need to Like you know go through that in order To get clearer skin at the end but this Really helps with younger looking skin Clearer skin honestly that bumpy penis You see the texture this is great for This it's great for it in the room in The long run so it will really help your Skin to kind of like normalize it's also Good for the obvious things like fine Lines and wrinkles so it works with Another ingredient I don't know how you Really pronounce this but it's like Bakuccio bakachu bakugio I don't know How you say it Basically the retinol in combination With that it's like a and a soy complex Which basically helps to minimize the Appearance of like Fine Lines from Wrinkles and helps to improve elasticity

In the skin and firmness in the skin You've also got other ingredients in Here which help to kind of give your Skin that moisture you know because you Also don't want to strip your skin and Also a few ingredients in there which Help with redness as well which is great But after I probably after the first Month my skin just became amazing it was Just this was a real game changer for my For my textured skin so I would highly Recommend retinol but I also do know That it really is down to which retinol You use because I tried another brand Before this and I did not like it I Think I used the ordinary retinol I love Some of the other ordinary products but The retinol just did not it was not good For my skin it was just like like I I Broke out and stuff but it just never Really got better and I tried it for a Good six months and I think that's long Enough as soon as I went past that first Month mark it just started I'm clearing Up so I thought you know I was very Close to giving up on this and thinking I can't be dealing with going through This again but then I got through it and I thought let me just give it another Couple of weeks and it just started Clearing up and I was like wow the Results were amazing like my skin hadn't Been like that in such a long time so I Would highly recommend that so these are

All of the products basically that I Would highly recommend for textured skin These are really really honestly they're Game changers for me I feel like if you Have textured skin then you understand The struggle that you have and I Understand that people with dry skin Have their struggle people with like Oily skin and acne print skin they have Their struggle but you know if you do Suffer from textured skin you understand The struggle because you're kind of like In the middle though it's kind of like It's not smooth the smoothness is not There so I really wanted to do a video About products that I know genuinely do Work I'm not going to sit here and say To you that I could I'm going to do Another video which is you know the dry Skin because I don't have dry skin Honestly I wouldn't be able to tell you Which serums work so it doesn't make Sense for me to do a video like that so I can only show you the things that I Have personally used you know and I feel That they've really made my they've Improved my skin a lot more so yeah I Really do hope that this is kind of like Given you some kind of insight into the Kind of products that would be good for Textured skin if you do have any Questions about them please do let me Know in the comments box below I will Try my best to answer it through a video

And if you haven't already please do Head over to my other channel which is All about Vlogs my life in general and I Think you're going to love it it's fun Some just real talk and you know some Bits of me having a meltdown there was So many you know getting on with work Very business related to and Productivity all sorts so I think you're Gonna like it so please head over there And hit that subscribe button to show me Some support over there too I would Really appreciate it and wherever you Are in the world today I'm sending you Loads of Good Vibes and loads of wishing You like a very productive day I hope you enjoyed the video today and If you have any questions let me know in The comments box below and don't forget That all the products are listed in my Description you just need to click on The link and it will take you straight To the products now if you like this Video give it a thumbs up don't forget To subscribe to my channel and hit that Notification Bell so you don't miss any Of my future videos until the next video Take care and I'll see you soon

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