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I think if you get the right shade I Think it's something that you would also Love so really these are my top five Products and I really wanted to share Them with you because I feel like it's Really important to kind of know which Products are your kind of you know your Hero products [Applause] Welcome or welcome back to my Educational Beauty Channel now today's Video is very special it is about the Top five products that you need for a Flawless base literally this is all You're going to need so I wanted to Break down the top five products for a Flawless space so that you can actually Create the most Flawless base this is All you're going to need so stay tuned Because you're going to need every Single one of these and I honestly I Can't believe there's only five of them That can create this look so if you do Like this video please do give it a Thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to My channel and hit the Bell button so That you don't miss any of my future Videos and don't forget I'm over on Instagram too with some real some Unboxing just generally what I get up to When I'm not filming on YouTube now Let's head straight to the video so that You can see which five products you need For a Flawless base

Now I wanted to go through the top five Makeup products for a Flawless base and I really had to think hard about this Because I didn't want to include the Obvious one and these products are all That you need to create a Flawless base And I know because I use them on a daily Basis and honestly if I wasn't using These particular products I feel like my Base wouldn't be as Flawless so these Five products come together and create The most Flawless base for you so I'm Really excited for you guys to learn About this because sometimes it can be a Little bit confusing about what product To go for what is it that I need to Create that Flawless base it's hard Because there are so many products out There so I really wanted to narrow it Down and just give you the top five Products you need this is all you would Really need for a Flawless Bay the first One we're going to start with is primer Now the reason I've chosen this one is Because honestly I have seen the Difference when I use it and when I Don't use it and it definitely does help With giving that Flawless base this one Is the milk Hydro grip primer this Primer is really great at creating a Kind of almost like a tacky layer a film Over your skin again so once you've Applied all your skincare you apply this Primer and it creates like this it's

Just like a tacky film like I said Basically just creates a barrier between Your skin care and your foundational Concealer whatever you're using and the Great thing about this is not only does It create that barrier but it kind of Has has these kind of like just this I Don't know what it is in there but it's Like something that grips hold of the Concealer or Foundation the product that You apply next it grips hold of it and It just keeps it in place and I feel Like that helps with kind of creating a Smooth finish as well so I feel like With primers it's really hard because Sometimes you have the ones which are Great for kind of smoothing but they can Be a little bit kind of almost like like That pilling effect when you apply Foundational concealer and this is not a Cream finish it's a gel finish it's a Clean product so I feel like it kind of Just ticks all those boxes and it really Does I would say it is the best primer That I've used it is the primer that Kind of just does everything because It's perfect for that next up we're Going to move on to the next product Which is The Hourglass varnish concealer I feel like this is a concealer that I Wouldn't say underrated because I know a Lot of people know of this concealer and It is a popular concealer but I do feel Like it should really be right up there

If you see what I mean in terms of Concealers it should be right at the top Because it genuinely is an amazing Concealer I absolutely love my tarte Shape tape I always have but also I have Felt that I'm I I kind of like feel that That dries up a bit quicker whereas The Hourglass vanish concealer kind of stays Fluid that little bit longer that right Amount that I need it to stay fluid yeah It's a concealer that I feel like is Easy to blend it gives me the most Amazing coverage and by the way all of These products that I'm talking about These top five products are exactly what I use today and the reason that I love This so much is because one it gives me That Flawless finish so you apply it and The coverage is amazing amazing it's Amazing it's amazing coverage but it Also doesn't look cakey because when it Actually dries off and sets it doesn't Look kind of dry it doesn't enhance the Lines in your skin and I feel like it's Just very fluid and easy to use I'm kind Of looking myself in the mirror at the Same time because I'm like I just want To like almost getting that confirmation Of what I'm saying as well because I'd Used it so many times but I feel like You know I've had my makeup on for quite A while now and I still love it like it Doesn't look dry it doesn't look it's Not enhancing lines it's not cracking up

It's not looking like cake face I Absolutely love it and I feel like it's Just easy to use like with the top heart Shape tape it can end up being like I Said quite thick dry and it can end up Just feeling quite heavy on the skin Whereas with the vanish concealer it Doesn't feel heavy genuinely can give You the most Flawless look and I don't Even think that you need foundation with This surprise guys but this whole look There is no Foundation I've not used any Foundation for this look this is purely My base is only The Hourglass concealer How amazing is that and by the way if You want to watch this video like how to Create this eye makeup and this uh Actual routine for the base head over to My video which is basically the Concealer trick with no foundation and If you want to know how to create this Eye look then head over to my Valentines Eye makeup look that dreamy Valentine's Eye makeup and you'll be able to learn How to create this look too so those Videos are they should be kind of like Already out by now if they're not then One of them will be out soon so it will Come up you'll see it with this Concealer I do feel that you don't like I said have to use foundation with it But if you do want to you can use more Or less any foundation with it I Wouldn't just using a very heavy

Foundation with a concealer like this Because you've already got every it Basically does everything you need in This concealer so you don't really need To add a foundation for coverage maybe You want to apply a very thin layer Because you're used to it and you maybe Want to underpaint use that technique But honestly I would say that you Probably don't need to so as long as you Know how to blend this properly then you Should be okay and good to go with just The concealer so that's the reason I Love that concealer for this look and Again all of these products work like When used together it creates creates The most Flawless base it's honestly Unbelievable how amazing your skin looks After using all these products next up I Would say my top for the top five That just came out weird is the beauty Blender you can't go wrong with this This is a little lilac one but I have Different ones that you know I keep Spare the beauty blender honestly does It it just it's an iconic sponge I don't Think there is any sponge that is kind Of beaten this yet I feel like I love The Real Techniques sponge but I do feel Like it's overly big and honestly I Don't need that flat Edge I realized Over time I don't want the flat Edge Because when you have a flat Edge on a Sponge the edges tend to leave marks on

Your skin whereas this it's round all The way like it's just basically like You know smooth all the way around There's no harsh edges there's no blunt Edges so you don't get any kind of edge Marks anywhere on your skin when you're Applying concealer or foundation so Ultimately I feel like this is the best Makeup sponge out there and again I've You know I've reiterated this so many Times but a beauty blender is the brand It doesn't mean it's any sponge so if You think to yourself oh I have a beauty Blender and it's like you know I don't Know like this and it's got a flat Edge And yeah this is my beauty blender Beauty blender does not mean makeup Sponge What is going on with me today I've Noticed when I have these talking videos My words just don't come out so much Like it's like my tongue starts to feel Like it's growing in size it's like Nothing comes out if you think that this Is a beauty blender it's not this is Just a makeup sponge I don't know what Brand this is It's just laying here but This is a beauty blender Beauty blender Means the brand it is kind of that seal Of approval this is a beauty blender Because it's the brand there's nothing Else you would call this you wouldn't Call a sponge from Real Techniques a Beauty blender you wouldn't call a

Sponge from Amazon or Ebay whatever you Know no brand sponges like weird ones You wouldn't call them Beauty blenders They are just makeup sponges so I really Do hope that kind of makes sense there's A reason why this is a beauty blender it Works it's amazing it lasts really well And it honestly does give you the most Flawless finish I would always recommend Wetting this letting it double in size Under running water squeezing all the Water out and then wrap a tissue towel Like tissue paper around it squeeze it Again so it absorbs all the excess water That last step is so so important Important because if you don't and you Have too much water in that sponge and You haven't actually squeezed it out With a paper towel around it it could End up separating your foundation so Just please be careful with that and Take note of that next up within my top Five it is my favorite setting powder of All time this has been my favorite Powder for years and years and honestly It's because it does the job it works Amazing on the skin it gives me the most Flawless finish and honestly it's not Just the powder it is the technique so Don't get me wrong but this does give You the most Flawless finish and it Lasts forever so this powder is the Beni Luxury powder you can go for whatever Different color you want they do a few

Different shades quite a few different Shades actually I like using the Banana Powder I also have the shade buff which Is this one here which is basically kind Of more creamy it's more of a cream Color it's not so much kind of any Specific shade in there but I like to Sometimes mix that with my banana powder If I feel like the banana is a bit too Yellowy for me like if I'm very tanned Then I'm kind of like good with banana On its own but if I'm not then I kind of Tend to mix them together if I feel like It's going to two yellow woman yeah the Powder is amazing it gives the most Flawless finish it definitely does press Into the skin very well which kind of Leads me to my next product which I want To talk to you about had in hand with The powder which is my Powder Puff this Is the Laura Mercier Powder Puff it's my Fifth product in my top five products For flawless skin like Flawless base This Powder Puff is amazing with this Powder because basically what I do is I Put the powder in the palm of my hat and Then what I do is I basically just Do that squeeze it and I press it in and I kind of roll it into the powder like That and then I just press it onto my Skin I don't want to ruin this one Because I probably want to take a Product shot of it because my other one Is really

Like that not Davis it's got makeup on It this Powder Puff has to be the best Powder puff I've ever used because I've Used many many different powder Parts I've gone through them all to try and Find the right one and honestly when you Like wash them afterwards it tends to Kind of it's like the inside where it's Like okay you don't really have like Padding like you have padding in a like Bro the ones that are removable padding From a bra you know when it just moves Around it just like moves around it's Not in the right plate you know like do You know what I mean it's like that Basically I'm sure you know what I mean It happens to please tell me it happens To everyone because it's not just me but It just moves around it's like you've Got to put it back in its place and it's Just not right but that's what happens To these powder Puffs they just kind of Like end up moving around inside and Then it's like not the same thing it's Just really weird but this particular One by Laura Mercier is absolutely Amazing like it genuinely does press the Powder in perfectly into the skin and I Don't know what it is about this Powder Puff but it definitely is different to Any other Powder Puff that I've used I Feel like this size is good I feel like You can you know bend it to make it Whatever size you need and I do feel

Like I I used to use a kind of triangle One you know back in the day and I used To use a Charles Fox One you probably Saw this at the beginning in some of my Old videos but I would say this is still Better I wouldn't even say I would want This in a triangle shape because the Reason being is because like I said About the sponge when you have those Harsh edges it basically can end up Leaving just a line right whereas when I Kind of Bend this like this it's kind of Similar to the beauty blender where you Can really roll it onto the skin and Like I said it is technique as well it's Not just about kind of having the right Products it's about your way of applying It your way of pressing into the skin And this honestly is the best powder pop I have used working alongside that Powder it works great now you might say You know what about other powders like The veil setting powder from hourglass Like other powders which are a lot more Fine well the reason I don't like them For pressing into the skin is because They're more kind of like dusting Powders they're better to like dust you Know onto the skin with a brush because When you press it into the skin it the Particles are just not big enough to to Really kind of like fix the makeup in Place so that's why I really love the Ben eye luxury powder I've been using it

For years I'm good with it it you know Hasn't ruined my skin at all I am Actually really really happy with it I Think if you get the right shade I think It's something that you would also love So really these are my top five products And I really wanted to share them with You because I feel like it's really Important to kind of know which products Are your kind of you know your hero Products because it's easy to sit here And give you a tutorial and show you Like this is how you create floor space But sometimes that that kind of video That I have by the way done many times But I have also understood over time That that kind of video as much as I Know it's extremely educational it can Also be a little bit confusing to people Who maybe don't know as much or don't Have as much knowledge in makeup so Maybe you watch that video and you think Great she's shown me like I don't have All those products like what would I Need out of all that to actually ensure That I do manage to create a Flawless Space and that's why I really wanted to Bring you this video so that you know There are just five products that you Will need to be able to create a Flawless space now one thing I will say Is when creating your Flawless base I Started with your primer and then I've Gone up into the other products that you

Would need to create a Flawless base you Do need to make sure that you do kind of Put the right Skin Care on underneath so You've got to make sure you've got a Decent amount of moisturizer a good Hydrating serum you know make sure You've looked after your skin underneath And then you go in with your primer and Then you go in with your makeup because At least you know underneath all that Makeup you've got some like really good Hydration getting to work so it doesn't Dry out your skin so the makeup doesn't Dry out your skin later on in the day Another thing I would say is that if you Want to use a foundation you can but I Honestly feel that try this without the Foundation this concealer see how you go I really love the way my skin like looks When I've used only concealer on my skin And I feel like it's something you're Also so gonna love it's just a case of Getting used to it we're kind of like so It's kind of really we're kind of like Programmed from I don't even know when It starts I don't know when you start Kind of learning about makeup but we're So programmed to think that oh you have To use Foundation you can't only use Concealer you've really got to step out Of that whole box and think right okay I Can apply whatever I want whenever I Want as long as it's not harmful like Near the eyes and things like that you

Know those are the obviously obvious Things that you should know but other Than that you know just be experimental Try different things I really do hope That these top five products have Honestly helped you and I hope that it Makes it so much easier because maybe It's a case of you just going away Getting these top five products and then Going back and watching some of my base Tutorials because it will make it so Much easier for you and if you want to Use a foundation on top of this Concealer you can of course you can just Make sure it's not something which is Full coverage you need a very light Coverage Foundation over this concealer You don't need a heavy foundation so I'm Not saying you don't need a foundation I'm I'm like you don't have to have a Foundation I'm just saying please try it Without a foundation you might actually Really like it but if you don't then you Can always add a very light coverage Foundation with this concealer and then Carry on as normal with your powder and Your Powder Puff on that note I really Do want to share with you again which I Already have but I do have a vlog Channel you'll be able to find the Details on my featured channel on this Channel but also just head over to Nina Ubi Vlogs and it's another Channel where You get to see a bit of behind the

Scenes come to some events with me a bit Of self-awareness a bit of kind of just Real talk some chat honestly what life Is really like and at the same time some Entrepreneurial advice you know just Things that I think that would be very Interesting for you and step outside of The whole makeup game and see what life Is like for me behind the scenes I would Really love to see you there because I'm Kind of working on trying to deliver Some videos that you guys want to see There as well and wherever you are in The world I do wish you the best day Ever sending you lots of hugs and love And just Good Vibes generally and yeah Love you guys loads I am so happy that now you have the full Five products that you need for a Flawless base this is going to just make Your life so much easier when it comes To makeup now if you do like this video Please do give it a thumbs up don't Forget to subscribe to my channel and Hit the Bell button so that you don't Miss any of my future videos until the Next video take care and I'll see you Soon

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