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Top 5 Foundations for combination skin | Nina Ubhi




Top 5 Foundations for combination skin | Nina Ubhi

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These are my top five foundations for Combination skin ex1 in busy wear Foundation it's lightweight perfect for Olive skin tones and gives you a Golden Glow Giorgio Armani luminous silk Foundation it's an all-rounder Foundation that gives you great coverage But you can build it up and it also lets Your skin still look like skin the Nars Light reflecting Foundation it's a Lightweight Foundation that you can Build up to a medium coverage finish It's also very brightening for the skin And gives you a nice healthy glow your Forever matte clean Foundation if you Want heat proof sweat proof 24-hour Transfer proof Foundation then this is The one for you it doesn't dry your skin Out it also has floral skin care that Helps to make your skin look better over Time the tarte face tape Foundation this Literally takes all the boxes for me It's great coverage it lasts all day and It's the perfect Foundation if you want That really nice Golden Glow

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