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And the number one spot for a foundation Goes to [Music] [Applause] We're back with another educational Beauty video in today's video I'm going To be sharing with you my top five Foundations for combination skin this is A highly requested video and there's so Many more like this coming so stay tuned If you do like this video please do give It a thumbs up don't forget to subscribe To my channel and hit the Bell button so That you never miss any of my future Videos I'm also over on Instagram too so Please do come say hi there now let's Jump straight into the video I'm going to be doing a lot more videos Like this showing you some of the best Foundations for different skin types We're starting off with combination skin So this is basically a list of my top Five foundations combination skin Because I have combination skin so it's One of the first kind of lists that I Could really easily describe for you and Tell you exactly why I love them so much Because I use them on myself we are Going to be working our way up to the Number one spot but that doesn't really Diminish the rest of the products I'm Going to be showing you because honestly It's just the one that I end up using The most all of these foundations are

Amazing for combination skin combination Skin is basically what it says it's a Combination of different skin types so Like I said I'm combination skin and That means that sometimes I break out Sometimes I have kind of like the spots That are under the skin sometimes They're obvious and they just you know Need to really come out soon and then Sometimes I have dehydrated skin and Sometimes it's a little bit oily so you Know I have all of it it really depends On kind of either your hormones or it Could be just your lifestyle eating Habits anything it it changes these Foundations are foundations that work Really well on my skin so they work Really good on combination skin and I Have used these foundations obviously Not these exact ones but as part of my Kit for my clients and it tends to work Really well on combination skin clients As well so I'm going to be starting with Number five now we are going to be going Up to that top one spot I was going to Say top number one spot what we're going To be doing is showing you number five Going up to number one but that doesn't Mean that number one is kind of taking Anything away from the other products I Don't want you to feel like the other Products are not as good it's just not The number one spot is basically the Foundation that I seem to use the most

It could be that it's down to the color More than the actual type of foundation So I really want to share with you those Five products so let's get started with Number five Ex1 in busy wear Foundation this is a Great all-rounder I feel like the colors Were amazing so basically ex1 Foundations are known to really cater For olive skin tones and especially if You want that kind of like Golden Glow So some of you sometimes ask me how do I Get that Golden Glow now as well as the Other foundations I'm going to talk About this is one of them and this is Something that I feel the color is Amazing for if you if you are similar to My skin tone or you are tanned or Olive You know or maybe you're not sure what Your undertone is but you know you are a Little bit more tanned or a little bit Warmer on skin tone this range is Amazing for the color range the variety Is amazing and the actual Foundation Works really well on combination skin Too it is a buildable foundation so when You first put that one layer on it's not Going to give you amazing coverage it Does kind of state that it is medium to Full coverage so you can keep building It up it is a very good foundation to Build up as in like it works really well With building it but I do feel like it Doesn't necessarily give you full

Coverage I would say this is more of a Kind of stays in that Medium Spectrum if You are looking for full coverage then I Would kind of go heavier with your Concealer so that's what I do when I use This Foundation I tend to go a little Bit heavier with my concealer and then This gives me like a veil of color on Top and it kind of like binds everything Together it is also a great foundation For non-bolive skin tones it does give You a really nice glow even if you don't Have olive skin tone don't think that You couldn't use this Foundation you'll Definitely find your shade I have every Shade in this foundation and I do keep It as part of my kit to work on my Clients when they want more of a kind of Natural skin like finish but good Coverage so this is one of the Foundations I would highly recommend I Do feel like it works really well with a Different kind of variety of concealers Like even the tarte shape tape works Amazing with this that's what I tend to Use with it even The Hourglass vanish Concealer works really well with it so It works really well with most products There isn't a single product that I've Used with it which I feel like oh this Doesn't really go well with one another I've never broken out I mean I've never Broken out with any of these foundations I'm going to talk to you about this is

Generally very good on combination skin And we're at number four with the Giorgio Armani luminous silk Foundation I think you guys knew this was going to Be in this list right I mean it's Generally a really widely loved Foundation a lot of people Rave about This I personally love it too I feel Like it is a good foundation for Combination skin I've never had any Again not any breakouts with this or Anything I feel like you know when you Put a foundation on you feel like it Just sits right and it's kind of made For your skin this is what this feels Like and I feel like it is a good Foundation to build I can definitely Build this up a lot better than the last One I mentioned and I feel like you can Achieve a more full coverage look with This it works really well with all Concealers again and I do feel that it's A good consistency because some Foundations can be a little bit too Watery or runny and I feel like this is A kind of very nice thick consistency Like I feel like it doesn't like you Know when you put it on it doesn't just Drip down it's got a nice kind of hold To it which is what I like with the Foundation if I'm looking for a Foundation which is going to give me Amazing coverage but not like it's not Known as a full coverage like I prefer

Getting a full coverage look by using Good concealers and a medium coverage Foundation that I can build I don't like To go straight in with a full coverage Foundation because I feel like that ends Up always looking cakey so I like to Kind of just break it down and kind of Achieve that look myself with less thick Products if that makes sense but this Has got a good hold to it I feel like You know when you put it on there's been Times where I've put foundation on the Back of my hand and it's just like Before you know it it's just everywhere Like it needs to have a good hold to That kind of like liquid it needs to not Be so liquidy and I feel like that gives You a good idea in terms of like the Coverage of it and how well you can also Build it up so this is a great Foundation I do feel like the shade Range I wouldn't say hit or miss because I feel like a lot of people can get Their shade from this range as a good Variety there is quite a difference Between each shade I would say and not So much in terms of like whether it's Lighter or darker but more so in terms Of undertone so it doesn't mean it's not Going to work for you but I guess in my Head when I'm looking for a foundation I'm looking when I go up a level I kind Of still want that undertone when I'm Going up a level might be too much talk

That I'm asking for but you know it's Just I guess in an Ideal World we would Be able to go up a notch with a Foundation and it's still the same Undertone you know it's a good range and I feel like it took me a while to find Out what my color was which it is Actually number six 6.5 sorry I think it Is or six or six point five I'll let you Know in the description below when I List the products out I do wish there Was a color within the range which I Haven't actually come across yet that is Kind of a golden finish to it a Golden Glow rather than just more yellow or More kind of like overly orange if you See what I mean there's a big difference There so that is my number four Number three is the Nars light Reflecting Foundation my shade is Barcelona this is a foundation that I Only recently obviously discovered Because it is pretty new I would say I Think it's a really good foundation for Day-to-day wear if you want something Which is very kind of glowy and doesn't Look or feel overly heavy on your skin And this is a great foundation on those Days where I feel my skin is looking Naturally great then this is the Foundation I would wear because I feel Like my skin is kind of like done most Of the job like it's it's ticking all The boxes and this kind of like just

Ties everything together this does work Really well over concealers and Everything it is a bit more runny so It's not something that kind of you know Like I said when you put it on the back Of your hand it does run a bit it's not So thick you can build it up I wouldn't Say this gives you a full coverage look I'd say this is more of a kind of light To medium coverage Foundation what I Love is that it does work really well Especially if you're feeling that your Skin is a little bit extra dehydrated at The moment because it is a kind of like Very seems like it feels like a very Hydrating foundation and it does give You that nice glow without you having to Necessarily set it all over now I do Find that if you don't set it all over Then it isn't necessarily going to last As well but that's the honest truth like If I was to set this with power all over Then later on in the day a lot quicker I Would get that glow coming through so Initially it would be very matte but the Glow would come through very quick Compared to the other foundations in my List but it's great on dehydrated skin It's great if you're just like I said Combination skin but if you are feeling You're a little bit more on the drier Side on that particular day then this is A great option even if your skin is Looking amazing it's also a great option

But I would say out of all of these when Your skin is feeling a little bit more On the dehydrated side and then this Kind of ticks that box for you Number four is the Dior forever mats This is a foundation that honestly I Didn't think I was really gonna like Initially but I absolutely love it so The Dual forever matte my shade is Actually 3w it's an amazing Foundation Like obviously it is a matte foundation So if you don't want it to look overly Matte but I wouldn't suggest kind of Like setting it with powder and to be Honest you don't really need to with This Foundation I do because I'm you Know very OCD with that kind of that Kind of stuff and I want it to like I Love it looking matte initially and then It slowly kind of like starts to look a Bit more lived in later in the day for Me this Foundation kind of like I feel Like if I want to go out and I know that Obviously I don't know what my skin is Going to be like that particular day but If it's feeling like you know what it Feels like I've broken out a little bit More than usual then this isn't an Amazing Foundation or if you feel like You know your like pores are looking a Little bit more visible today then I Would use this kind of foundation now This Foundation weirdly does not make Your skin skin look awful later on in

The day and I'm not saying the others do But you know when you put a really good Coverage foundation on sometimes later In the day you can start seeing your Pores opening up and it all looks a bit Like this doesn't do that like it Doesn't start to look it just it stays Really matte but in a good way not like Overly matte but in the right way they Have a good variety of Shades I do find Like that jaw is always a difficult Brand to pick the right kind of conceal Or Foundation shade for me but that's Just for me sometimes I feel like it can Be a little bit too pink or a little bit Too orange but this shade works really Well on me also this is amazing in heat Now I live in a very hot country so it's Really important that my skin still Looks great at the end of the day Especially when I've got a long day Ahead and this is the foundation that I Can honestly rely on 100 to stay in Place my skin still looks Flawless it Doesn't look overly shiny it keeps that Shine at Bay but yet it still looks good On my skin like my skin still looks good This actually has floral skincare in Here and it actually they say that your Skin quality improves after each use and I have to say that I don't use this on a Daily basis so I can't tell you about How it's improved my skin or how it may Have but what I can tell you is that

From the morning to the night my skin Looks if not better than what it did When I first applied it so when I first Applied it looks very matte everything's Very Flawless but later on in the day my Skin still looks like skin and my pores Don't look enlarged you know sometimes When you've had foundation on all day Your skin looks awful at the end of the Day it doesn't happen with this so this Is a really good foundation now honestly I feel like it ticks all the boxes if You love a matte finish then you are Going to absolutely be obsessed with This Foundation Foreign Spot for a foundation goes to the tarte Face tape Foundation this Foundation is Probably one of the foundations that I've loved the longest because I feel Like it gives me the most amazing Coverage and the color is amazing it Genuinely this has to be the only Foundation that gives me an amazing Golden Ultra Golden Glow so when I'm Tanned this is my color basically I am a 47 s tandeep sand and it is the perfect Color for me like it doesn't look too Orange it doesn't look like it's overly Heavy on my skin it's a great fluid Foundation which isn't overly fluid but It also isn't overly thick now I think a Lot of people tend to assume that Because the tarte shape tape concealer

Is quite a thick heavy concealer but They kind of assume that this is a thick Heavy Foundation it's actually not so It's it's not as thick as things like There are other foundations out there Which are full coverage which are Horrendous like full full coverage you Know it literally it's just too thick This isn't like that it's actually just The consistency is it isn't any thicker Than the other foundations that I've Shown you other than the probably the Number five spot but the rest of them it Isn't much thicker this isn't a Foundation that I would say is a like a True full coverage Foundation I feel Like it can be a medium fat medium Coverage Foundation which you can build Up to a full coverage Foundation I'm not Sure if they state that on their website Whether this is a full coverage Foundation but I can tell you from using Numerous full coverage foundations this Is more of a medium coverage which you Can build up very easily to a full Coverage foundation so if you just want A very light finish you can apply it With a brush and that's what I tend to Do because what I tend to do is use my Sigma Beauty foundation brush which by The way you need to get is absolutely Amazing you need to get this brush f47 Multi-tasker brush and I apply it with This brush and then that gives me a good

Medium coverage fat like you can even Get a light finish with this because if You're applying it with a brush you've Got much more kind of control over how Much you're actually applying and it Kind of like Blends in well whereas when You're using a sponge I feel like you're Really kind of keeping it in those areas In your like trying to keep that Consistency the same throughout whereas With a brush it's very quick Gliding Over the skin and gives you an amazing Finish anyway but it's not over the top I have to say that that is probably at My number one spot mainly because of the Color as well as the finish that it Gives me it's what I'm currently wearing I have put something else on underneath But you'll see that video which I think You may have already actually seen it But yeah but I always will apply a Little bit of that if I feel that the Main Foundation I'm using isn't giving Me that boost of goldenness that I want You know and because my skin is quite Golden my face is always a little bit Paler than the rest of my body so I need It to kind of match up which is why it's Really important to me to have a golden Finish foundation and that's what that Gives me so sometimes if I use the Nars Foundation and I feel like you're Missing that Golden Glow then I'll add a Tiny bit of that on top so that seems to

Be my main foundation and it also seems To be my finished shape I feel like the Other foundations are not living up to That color expectation that I want I Really do hope that's kind kind of like Explain to you exactly why I love these Spy foundations and exactly why that Number one Foundation is at number one If you do have any questions about the Foundations please do let me know in the Comments box below because I will always Like read your questions and if I can't Answer there and then I'll always kind Of like add it into another video that I'm gonna do so I would really suggest If you have a lot of questions keep Watching the videos that are coming out Because I will probably answer it at Some point you know and I've had a lot Of you who do consistently watch my Videos actually say leave comments Saying I can't believe you actually did This video I was the one who asked this Question thanks so much for kind of like Answering it so don't think I don't take It on board I really do but I would much Rather give you a kind of like answer Through a video as opposed to just Answering your comment on by writing a Little reply because that sometimes Doesn't give the answer Justice if that Makes sense so I really do hope that That's kind of like giving you an idea Of what you could go for if you have

Combination skin now if you really are Looking for things like foundations for Dry skin foundations for very oily skin I will be doing videos like like that But I'm going to spread them out a bit Because obviously I don't want to have Like three or four videos just on Foundation so I'm going to spread it out So keep watching it will be coming soon But just stay tuned I hope this video was super informative For you if you have any questions let me Know in the comments box below as always If you like this video please do give it A thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to My channel and hit the Bell button so That you never miss any of my future Videos until the next video take care And I'll see you soon

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