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Feel like it can end up looking a bit Kind of like there if you see what I Mean you know like by the end of the day I'm like okay I can see my foundation And I don't like that And we're back with another educational Beauty video in today's video I'm going To be going through the top three Products of every makeup category I know That you guys have been asking for this So I'm really excited about answering This question for you and showing you All of the best products within each Category now if you do like this video Please do give it a thumbs up don't Forget to subscribe to my channel and Hit the Bell button so that you never Miss any of my future videos and come Follow me on Instagram because I do a Bit of unboxing there you can watch my Reels and all sorts now we can jump Straight into the video I know this is going to be a popular Video because so many of you have been Asking me recently on comments saying You know what's the best concealer which Brow product would you go for what would You say the best foundation is and I've Kind of like taken all of your questions And put them together and created this Video so that I can answer that for you And solve that problem for you so here It is it's the top three of every Category in makeup and I'm gonna keep it

Short and sweet for you because I I know That you guys just want to know what are The top three and what's the winner and Why so that's exactly what we're gonna Do so let's head into the first category Which is concealers And they are The Hourglass Spanish Concealer the tarte shape tape concealer And my Charlotte Tilbury beautiful skin Concealer let's start with The Hourglass Varnish concealer now that concealer is Great I absolutely love the fact that It's great coverage it Blends seamlessly So I love the fact that I don't actually Have to go back in with extra concealer Because I feel like I get all of it in One like with one kind of swipe the cons I would say are sometimes I feel like it Can be a bit obvious not so obvious but Like it doesn't really like melt into The skin as much as I would like it to So it's quite masking now the tarte Shape tape concealer I feel like this is Amazing coverage and I love the fact That it kind of does blend easily not as Easily as The Hourglass Spanish Concealer but it does blend well you can Quite easily layer it up as well the Cons are I do feel like it can kind of Like I feel like it runs out pretty Quick like my hourglass kind of lasts a Bit longer but my tarte shape tape Doesn't last as long and I find myself Kind of like going and buying this a lot

More often and I don't think it's just Because I use it quite a lot because I Have gone through phases of using the Others quite often but yeah that that Would be my con for that my Charlotte Tilbury beautiful skin can see like Something I've started using over the Last like month or so I'd say and I Absolutely love it I love that it gives You that radiant finish it genuinely Does but the coverage is actually really Really good too I didn't think I was Going to get the coverage from it I do Think that you can build it up very well But I don't think you can get as much of A kind of like opaque finish as much as Like you can with The Hourglass and the Top you can't get that much of an opaque Finish but then again it is a radiant Concealer and the winner is my tarte Shape tape obviously it's been my Beloved best friend for so many so many Years I feel like I can rely on it That's the reason I feel like I can Actually rely on this concealer no Matter what if I feel like I've got a Really bad day and like my skin is just Not looking like looking its best Doesn't matter what how bad it is I know That the top shape tape is always going To have my back and I guess it's down to The reliability like it gives me Flawless finish and as much as like I Said I might need to get it more often

It's not often enough that it kind of Like really bugs me which you'll find Out about a different product later but Yeah that is my main reason it is Honestly an all-rounder it does Everything that I need and it gives me The most Flawless face so okay moving on To the next category which is Foundations And the three top products in this Category are my top base tape Foundation My dual forever matte foundation and my Charlotte Tilbury beautiful skin Foundation let's start with my top face Tape my top face tape is amazing I Absolutely love the coverage I love that You can keep building it up the color is Impeccable for when I am super tanned Which I'm not at the moment but it is an Absolutely amazing Foundation I think The coverage is amazing and I actually Feel it's quite an underrated Foundation I don't feel like it's kind of like Spoken about enough I don't hear enough About it but it's amazing and I feel Like it can be a bit iffy with certain Shades like I'm lucky that I found that One shade but I feel like if you want to Go a little bit lighter like when I'm Locked hand I can't find the right shade In this so I kind of like have to Usually mix it if I want to use it then My dual forever matte this honestly Stays put no matter what it doesn't go

Anywhere it keeps it honestly just stays Purple it like gives me the most amazing Matte finish so it's really nice opaque Finish to my skin for flawless I love The fact that there's skincare in there It's actually good for your skin and my Skin doesn't ever feel like it's Starting to break out underneath by the End of the day if I've had it on for Hours and hours it can obviously not Necessarily check the box for everyone Because it is a matte foundation so That's only the con like if I don't Really want a matte foundation then it's Going to be matte if I use this now the Next one is my Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful skin absolutely love this Foundation I didn't initially when it First came out and then a friend of mine Said to me you know I really love that Foundation I'm like why do you love it I Don't so I thought let me try it again And since then I've loved it so it gives You a really nice kind of like I Wouldn't even say just radium finish it Does genuinely make your skin look good The only thing I don't like about it Which isn't a major thing but that's Probably like it's just a con for me Like is that not a clone for me it's Like you know what I mean Quantum it's Like a negative point of it but I feel Like it can end up looking a bit kind of Like there if you see what I mean you

Know like by the end of the day I'm like Okay I can see my foundation and I don't Like that so that's the only thing about It but out of all these three the winner Is my dual forever mat and the reason That this is the winner is because again It's reliability for me I feel like I Get the most amazing finish from it it Doesn't ruin my skin like at the end of The day with other foundations sometimes I can see like bumps under the Foundation they're kind of developed Because I've had it on for so long with This I don't get that so I love that and I love that if I want a finish or a Foundation that lasts all day and no Matter where I am or what I'm going Through whatever the weather that is Gonna have my back that foundation will Stay put so that is the reason that that Is a winner for me and hopefully it's a Winner for you too now moving on to the Next category which is setting powders And my top three in this category are The makeup forever Ultra HD powder the Huda Beauty Easy Bake powder and the Beni luxury setting powder now going Through all of these the makeup forever Ultra HD powder is a great powder it's Ultra fine so I feel like it isn't too Thick you know sometimes when you put Powders on it's quite like chunky this Isn't like that it's super super fine And it genuinely does give you the most

Beautiful matte finish I do feel like it Later on in the day it can end up like The Shine Comes through a tiny bit but Again I am very OCD with looking for Like perfection in products so you know It might work really really well for you But for me I feel like it's great for Probably the first four to five hours I'd say and then after that I can start To see a little bit of that kind of Shine coming through but saying that you Can use that product that same powder And reapply it and it just looks like Exactly as it did when you first applied It so that's a great thing about that Too now the hood of beauty Easy Bake is An amazing powder it's a little bit more Kind of like thicker and terms of like Pigment like texture but I do really Like it and I love how it does genuinely Keep your skin matte again this has the Same issue as the makeup forever powder But I do feel like it stays Matt Matt Matte and all of a sudden it's like that Shine comes through and it's like where Did you come from like you went there And that's the only thing about this pop Powder other than the fragrance of it Which isn't really too much of an issue For me but you know I just I just don't Want to smell anything to be completely Honest with you but anyway that's my Reasoning for that the next one is my Ben eye luxury setting powder I'll be

Completely honest with you I have been Using this powder for years and years And years and years and honestly it's Amazing I love this powder it is the Banana Powder that I use I sometimes mix It with buff because sometimes I feel Like banana can be a little bit too much For me but it really does depend on my Kind of skin tone how it is during that Period of time that I'm using it but I Do feel that it is a great powder it Genuinely does keep everything in place I don't break out with this powder I am Always certain that it's going to keep My skin looking mat and honestly my Makeup has never gone anywhere when I Use this powder and it stays looking as Much as it I want it to look depending On how much I've kind of like a pla Applied of this powder now the only Thing with this powder is it is Difficult to kind of like get hold of And I do feel like you can get a lot Kind of like fakes online so I always Try and find the one which I know is Authentic for you and put that link in The description below so also don't Forget all the links are in the Description box below but yeah that is My reasoning for those three and my Winner is the Ben I luxury powder I'm Not really going to talk about Shades Because I feel like it really does Depend on what shade you want to go for

But for me it's banana powder it really Is down to reliability for me that's a Big thing for me to make it a winner but Also the actual finish that it gives me And how long that lasts and that ticks Every box for me honestly I cannot even Begin to tell you how many years I've Been using this product and it is Absolutely amazing and plus I feel like You get a big amount in the in the Box In the tub and it lasts for ages so yeah That's my reasoning for that and moving On to the next category which is bronzer My top three products in this category Are the it's Cosmetics bye bye pause Bronzer the Fenty sunstalker bronzer Also the Nars cream bronzer now going Through each of these the IT Cosmetics By by Paul's bronzer is an amazing Bronzer genuinely I feel like the Pigment is just insane I do find it's a Little bit kind of like a fragrancy for Me like it there is I don't know what it Smells of but it smells of something and It can be a little bit overpowering now The color is great for this the shade That I use is Beach and the next one is My Fenty Sun stalker bronzer which I use A couple of Shades I use Shady Biz which I use to kind of like sculpt my nose Because I like using bronzers for Sculpting too and I also use private Islands and sometimes I use I think it's Caramel cutie if I'm really really

Tanned this is a bronzer that I've used For years as well well since it's kind Of like come out I like the packaging It's very Sleek very kind of like small It's not too bulky the colors are Amazing like I can't really say much About this bronzer other than the fact That it's matte which is what I love as Well well yeah there's not really much Sense to it and it really does kind of Offer such a massive range of Shades That I think it suits kind of like any Skin tone and then the next one is the Nars cream bronzer now this is obviously A cream bronzer it's not powder like the Other two but I just wanted to kind of Like just talk about bronzers in general I really do find that this is a good Cream bronzer because I like the shades That are available it's not like a Massive shade range but I don't like They've managed to somehow tick every Box like I think any skin tone could use These bronzers I like the fact that it's Quite warming and honestly a little goes A long way the only thing with this Bronzer is it is cream a very rarely use Cream bronze and that's my main reason For that being a kind of negative point I do wish that they kind of had these Same Shades in the powder and I know They do because they've named some of Them Laguna Casino blah blah blah but Honestly the colors still are gonna

Differ slightly because this is a cream I find the powder version is a little Bit gray in comparison and these just Like tick the box they're great now the Winner is my friend T's on stalker Obviously because honestly it does tick Every box the shade range is amazing I Feel like you can get what you're Looking for with this it's buildable as Well like you don't apply it and it Doesn't feel like it's like patchy or Anything obviously a lot of that does Depend on how you've applied your makeup Underneath that's a big big reason for Patchiness but I feel like this bronzer Really does kind of give me everything That I need and it's never failed me so Again down to reliability but it does Give me a really really amazing finish And doesn't end up looking gray or kind Of like ashy on my skin tone now moving On to the next category which is blush Foreign Are the benefit powder blush the rare Beauty Pinch Me liquid blush and the Dual Rosy Glow blush now the benefits Blush that I think they recently brought Out a whole load of like shade Shades And they are genuinely great like I love The fact that there is such a massive Shade range and not each like they don't All look the same and that's what I love About these blushes like you can really Go in look at all the shades and think

You know what they're all different Usually you kind of like go to Brands And I'm like okay there's either like a Orange-based one a pink based one that's About it you know and it doesn't really Like I don't feel like they're very Different whereas with this with the Benefit like blushes I feel like there's Such a massive shape range and they're Honestly so different from one another So I love that and my favorite shade From that is Willa now I do find that It's a bit bulky the packaging because I Feel like I like it to be quite sleek And just a bit more solid whereas this Is obviously like cardboard I think now The next one is my red Beauty Pinch Me Liquid blush again it's a different Texture but I really really do love this Blush I feel like it's such a pretty Shade like any shade that you use from The range is so pretty on the skin the Pigment is amazing because I do feel Fine with a lot of liquid or cream Blushes the the pigment just kind of Disappears when you start mixing it or Blending it in and with this I feel like It stays like once you've applied it it Stays the only negative point about this Is I do feel like it dries pretty quick So you've really gotta get in there Quick with your blending otherwise it Ends up like you can see the edges and It's a little bit difficult there to

Kind of like make it look Blended or Seamlessly Blended in with the rest of The base now the next one is my dual Rosy Glow blush I really do love this Blush because I feel like it doesn't Look overly powdery on the skin the Colors are absolutely amazing I believe They only do two main colors from The Rosy Glow collection which is a coral And a pink I genuinely love both of Those Shades so I can't tell you which One is my favorite it depends on what The rest of my look is like currently I'm wearing the coral shade yeah I do Kind of like wish it had a mirror on the Inside of the packaging I love how sneak The packaging is but I do wish it had a Mirror it would just be easier if I Wanted to carry around with me so the Winner from all of those is the Dual Rosy Glow brush it basically takes all The boxes it is the most amazing color And I do feel like these two shades from That collection I tend to kind of reach For more more than any of the other Blushes to be completely honest with you So that's my reason for that plus I feel Like these two colors they look kind of Like neon when you first look at them But I feel like they actually suit most Skin tones so that's my reason for that And moving on to the next category it is Highlighters The top three in this category are the

Tom Ford Illuminating powder Duo my Giorgio Armani luminous silk glow Fusion Powder and also the sigma Beauty Highlighter I'm going to go through each One the Tom Ford Illuminating Illuminating powder Duo is an amazing Highlighter I have been using it for Years and I do like that there are two Kind of Shades in there so there's like A more of a Deeper Shade and there's More of a lighter shade and what I love About it is it doesn't there's no Fallout it doesn't like fly around Everywhere when you apply work which is Actually the case with a lot of Highlighters these days and it's not Like a chunky finish to it it is quite Big like I've had what I want for Absolutely ages and I feel like it Doesn't really need to be as big as it Is because you know you're not really Going to use it that like as excessively As you would do like a foundation or Something but anyway that's my first one And then moving on we've got the Giorgio Armani luminous silk low Fusion this is A great great highlighter because it Literally just like Blends into the skin It melts into the skin the pigment isn't Like chunky at all is probably the most Finest one and I feel like it rather Than kind of a highlighter look it gives You more of that glow lit from within Look which is great the packaging is a

Little bit bulky like I do feel like it Doesn't need to be so thick if you see What I mean I do feel like there's a lot Of Fallout from it which is a bit Annoying but it is the best powder if You want that lip from within glow and Then we have the sigma Beauty Highlighter and honestly there's not a Lot of Fallout from this at all and they Have the most beautiful colors and I do Feel like it's the packaging is quite Kind of basic which is the case with the Packaging from Sigma but I genuinely Love all their products but I absolutely Love this highlighter like when I got it I felt like it was very very underrated But anyway moving on let's move on to The winner and the winner is the Tom Ford Illuminating powder Duo because Genuinely it's the one I reach for the Most and it gives me the most stunning Kind of like highlighted look without it Looking white if you have tan skin or You are as dark as I am or even darker Then you will know that sometimes when You use highlighters it can end up Looking it looks great in the mirror and Then you look at pictures and you're Like it just looks like a white streak And it isn't because you haven't blended It because you have but for some reason It just looks weird on your skin you Don't get that with the Tom Ford Highlighter and that's what I love about

It and like I said Sleek packaging lasts Forever and no Fallout and it just is Not chunky at all it looks great now Moving on to the next category which is Brow fixer and let's get started with That My top three in this category are the Benefit 24 hour brow setup the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow freeze and the Too Faced fluff and hold now let's start With the Benefit Brow Setter it's a Great product I do love it because I Feel like it does genuinely set my brows It's not as great like in terms of like The staying power like I don't feel like It really lasts that long what I love is You don't get that kind of like horrible Flaky finish to it once it's dry now Moving on to the Anastasia Brow freeze I Absolutely love this product I feel like It genuinely does push my brows up it Genuinely does keep them there for quite Long but later on in the day I do feel Like they're kind of like you know like A bit like droopy not droopy but you Know they've just gone back in place and Those kind of like in place is what I Would like it to be and I do feel like It's a bit of an annoying kind of like Screw top thing and like I just want Something you can pull out and put on if You see what I mean now next up we've Got the Too Faced fluff and hold Absolutely love this product because I

Feel like it genuinely It's Like Glue Through your brows it just stays in Place the only thing is I do feel like If you put too much on you will get that Kind of flaky finish to it but you've Really got to be careful with how you Put it on now the winner out of all of These is the Too Faced fluff and hold Because you know what I figured out how To use it so I don't get it on my actual Skin so I don't get that kind of like Flaky finish but genuinely this stuff is Insane like I never thought I could get That laminated brow look without Actually having my brows laminated but This product proves that you can if you Don't actually have to go and get your Brows laminated this is amazing it works I couldn't recommend this product enough And that's really why it's the winner Now moving on let's move on to the next Category which is brow color Foreign My top three in this category are the Lime Crime bushy brow pen the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow whiz also my benefit Precisely my brows pencil I think that's What it is I'm going to go through each Of these the lime Prime brow pen Obviously it's a pen in it's not like a Pencil like the other two but it is a Great product like I feel like I use This in combination with a brow pencil But sometimes I do use it alone because

I feel like if I don't really want a Heavy brow look I can just use that and It has to be the best brow pen I've ever Used it's ultra fine it doesn't change Color when it does touch your skin Because obviously at the end of the day That's what you're doing with a brow pen So that's what I love about it I do feel Like it kind of like runs out a little Bit quick like I have to get back up Stock for this now next up is the Anastasia Brow Wiz absolutely love this Pants one of the best around I do feel Like the tip could be a tiny bit sharp And I'll explain why shortly but the Color is amazing my shade is medium Brown I do feel like it lasts a good Amount of time like it it doesn't like Run out too quickly and it doesn't break That's another thing I love about that Now moving on to the benefit precisely My brow pencil it's something that I Actually started using kind of recently I'd say a few months ago and I've been Like kind of I've kind of fallen in love With it it is a really really good brow Pen so I kind of alternate between these Ones but sometimes I use like two of Them together but it's a great brow pen So I love that it's super sharp and That's what I was mentioning about the Brow Wiz like I did wish it was a little Bit sharper I don't know if it's Actually sharper or more kind of stiff

The pencil of the of the benefit one but It really does give you that sharp Finish and I love the transfer of it It's great I do kind of wish it would Last a little bit longer because again It's kind of new for me so I don't know If I've overused it or maybe I broke the Pencil as I went along but I I guess It's going to take a few more months of Using this pencil to know like whether I Get a decent amount from it or not now Moving on to the winner it is the Benefit precisely my brow pencil Honestly it's literally stolen my heart Ever since I've used it it's such a good Pencil I really did think that anything Could overtake the brow with for me but This genuinely has like I love it my Shade is number four honestly you can Get the sharpest finish from it it's Such an amazing brow pencil and it Doesn't break when you use it and that's What I love about it now moving on to The next category which is eyeshadow Palettes The top three in this category are the Makeup by Mario Master matte palette the Jacqueline Hill and Wolfie Divine Neutrals palette and also the Natasha Denona bronze palette now starting with The makeup by Mario eyeshadow palette What can I say it has literally most of The shades in there that you actually Need I feel like it is probably the most

Perfect kind of nude palette like I find That there are a lot of palettes out There that claim to be nude but then They're actually pink and it's like You're really not nude not for brown Skin anyway yeah it's a great palette I Do feel like sometimes there's a lot of Fallout from it but it's not excessive It's it's pretty good then you've got The Jacqueline Hill and morphe Palette Which is divine neutrals I haven't tried Any of the other palettes from morphe And Jacqueline Hill or even morphe full Stop I would love to actually so I might Pick up some when I go next time to New York because I don't think they're Readily available here in Dubai but this Palette is great I absolutely love the Colors in here and they do have a couple Of Shimmer Shades in there but they're Actually nice Shimmer Shades sometimes I Find that when you get palette you'll Get some great colors and you've got Some random colors thrown in which is so Random and you're like why why am I Going to use this color and when I've Got all these other ones here so it's a Really really good palette it's a bit Kind of like you know cardboardian I Guess you guys you know some of you guys Who may have used more of your palettes May find that it's a bit annoying to Kind of clean that's the only thing the Natasha denona bronze palette is an

Amazing palette it's very warm the Colors are amazing the pigment is insane The Shimmer shades are insane it's Generally a beautiful palette but I do Find it's a little bit too warm Sometimes like sometimes I want a little Bit not overly cool like I don't want Cool tones like for long cool tones Sometimes I do want them to be not as Kind of warm as they are but then again It is a bronze palette but what can I Say my winner from all of these is the Makeup by Mario Master matte palette and The reason being is because it's just an Insane palette it literally has every Shade in there that you would need then When he said it's it's a nude palette It's genuinely a nude palette that suits Every skin tone I love that the colors That he has chosen are just exactly what You would want like it's not too pink It's genuinely like earthy tones and It's an amazing palette honestly I use It most days I would say and I would Highly recommend this palette to anyone Who wants to use a palette which kind of Ticks all the boxes moving on to the Next category which is eyeliners In this category we have the Huda Beauty Lifeliner the benefit there real extreme Precision eyeliner and also the Kat Von D tattoo liner now starting with the Huda Beauty lifeliner it is an amazing Eyeliner it's ultra fine this eyeliner

Is insanely thin and I love that the Brush is not overly long either so you Can really like kind of it's not kind of All over the place like especially if You have shaky hands or you're not too Kind of precise with your eyeliner I Feel like this is a great eyeliner for That the only thing is is over my time Of using it and going through several Eyeliners from Huda Beauty I do feel Like after a little while and I've tried Laying my eyeliner in different Positions but it kind of like all of a Sudden a lot of liquid comes out and it And you've got to kind of clean it Because it can really ruin it for you And I didn't realize that the first time Because I didn't you just don't expect It to come out but there's a whole load Of like liquid and it's not just this One eyeliner it's happened to a few of Them that I've got so that's a a bit Annoying about that but otherwise I love That eyeliner the benefit their real Eyeliner is eyeliner I started using Recently well not too recent but it Really does kind of like tickle the Boxes for me I do feel like it can kind Of dry a bit quick that's the only thing But I feel like I I feel like with every Eyeliner there's always like a negative Point that I have it's enough never Anything that really takes every single Box you won't find it fading cracking or

Anything next up we have my Kat Von D Tattoo liner I absolutely love this she Actually has two versions of it you've Got a tattoo line and you've got a Dagger eyeliner which is slightly Slanted and I absolutely love that one Too I do feel like it dries up too Quickly though you know as you're Applying it but once it's there that's Not going anywhere now let's move on to The winner the winner is the benefit There real extreme Precision eyeliner Now the reason that's the winner is Because even though I said it does dry Up quick it doesn't dry up while you're Actually applying the eyeliner and That's what I love but I what I mean is Like over time and I guess maybe that's Down to you they're maybe not being at Enough of the eyeliner in there but it's Not that quick where it makes me feel Like that can't be my winner like I feel Like it doesn't crack it's pure black Like extreme black and I love that it Doesn't kind of like bleed or anything Like that it's an amazing eyeliner now Moving on to the next category which is Mascara And my top three in this category are The Charlotte Tilbury push-up lashes Mascara the byredo space black mascara The Huda Beauty legit lashes mascara now My Charlotte Tilbury mascara is amazing I love the fact that I've had like two

Sides to the to the wand there's one Which actually really does kind of like Give you that thickness and fullness Like from the root of your lash and it Genuinely does make them look thicker And then you've got the thinner side Which actually like lid thins your Lashes so I love that the only thing is I do sometimes feel like there's a Little bit of clumpiness in there like Eventually not straight away but Eventually now next up we've got the Birado space black absolutely love this Mascara because I feel like it genuinely Makes your lashes look like real lashes It doesn't look clumpy or anything it Just looks like you've got false lash Extensions on but the only thing is I do Feel like it runs out too quick and I Really do like I love the mascara and it Was just a bit too quick for me that it Ran out then we've got the Hooda Beauty Legit lashes I really do love this Mascara because I love that there are Two like sides to this mascara you've Got a kind of volume side and then You've got a length side but it's just Just annoying that it becomes so clumpy After a little while but otherwise I Really love the mascara because I can Choose what I want from it the winner From all of this is the Charlotte Tilbury push-up lashes mascara because I Feel like the more and more I've used it

The more I've fallen in love with it Your lashes don't end up going straight They stay that they stay lifted and I Guess that's the push-up factor of the Mascara now moving on to the next Category which is lip pencil Now in this category we have the Charlotte Tilbury lip sheet we have the Kevin o'quar lip definer and we also Have your standard Mac lip pencil the Charlotte Tilbury lip G I absolutely Love this you guys know how much I love This lip balm so because I've been using It for years and years I love it it's a Waxy pencil that just once you've Applied it it doesn't go anywhere like I've never ever had to reapply lip liner With this pencil absolutely love it in Particular what I love is the color Iconic nude it's just like the perfect Nude from my skin color because it all Really does depend on your skin color What lip liner color will suit you and Be that perfect nude for you the only Thing which is so annoying like overly Annoying for me is how quickly the Pencil runs out like it's way quicker Than a standard lip pencil and I don't Understand why I guess it's the waxy Finish of it you can't have it all but That's the really annoying thing about This like I don't know if you've seen in Some of my videos but sometimes my Pencil is like down there it's like that

Small and it's like oh my God like it's So embarrassing because it's just so Small it's like I'm very desperate for This lip pencil but you know that's what Happens with it I try to avoid Sharpening it but I can't have like you Have to because it just goes blunt so Quickly which is really really annoying And like literally with each turn I'm Like watching it just kind of like get Smaller and smaller and it's just so Annoying but anyway the next one is the Kevin o'quar lip definer I feel like It's kind of like takes all the boxes Like the color the shade range is Amazing it's more on the pink side I Would say which is a bit annoying Because I wish they kind of made a shade Which was a little bit closer to iconic Nude like a bit more actual nude like Earthy as opposed to like with that pink Undertone in there but it's such a good Pencil and it's a big pencil like it it Genuinely does like last really really Well and it has a lip brush on one end As well which is great now next up we've Got your standard Mac lip pencil what Can I say about this I feel like there's Not much you can say about it I mean I Just feel like there's a lot of Reliability there like it's a it's a big Pencil again which is great and I love The like Shades that you get again I do Wish there was a shade which was closer

To iconic nude because I I just don't Feel like there is like the closest I Feel like is subculture but I feel like When I put that on I've really got Oppressed to get some pigment there it's Just like not really there for me and It's just been all around it's a great Lip pencil now out of all of these my Winner is I don't know if you can guess This it's the Kevin opar lip definer I Know you guys thought it was going to be The Charlotte tour read right but I have To be honest like it's really annoying At how quickly that pencil goes down Like it just vanishes like literally Like I don't even think it lasts me a Month it probably last me a month and That's about it but the Kevin o'clock Lip definer I love the shade Divine Because I feel like it's really really Close to the iconic nude it does still Have a very subtle underlying pink tone There but it's not enough that it kind Of like looks pink you know it still Looks amazing and I love that and I love The fact that it lasts much longer that Is my winner for the lip pen so I'm Moving on to the next category it is lip Color And we've got three in this category Again and we're going to start with the Makeup forever Rouge artist matte liquid Lipstick I don't know if it's in that Right order but there's that one and

Then we also have the rare Beauty lip Souffle and we have the Anastasia Beverly Hills lipstick now there are Specific Shades in a couple of these but Really it's down to the texture as well Now we're going to start with the makeup Forever Rouge artist liquid lipstick It's an absolutely amazing liquid Lipstick it's probably one of the best That I've tried for a matte lipstick and Which is liquid it's amazing the colors Are absolutely amazing you might have Seen recently I used a really deep red Shade in one of my recent videos it's Stunning and it doesn't go anywhere Either and it's not drying on the lips Either it absolutely looks stunning the Pigment is so so good I do feel like the Pigment is so good which ends up being a Little bit of a negative point for me Because what if I just want like a Really transparent finish of that color If you see what I mean and I guess I Could just apply a very small amount but You know then I've got to put it on with A lip brush so that there's not major Pigment going on so that's the only Thing with that then there's the rare Beauty lip souffle absolutely love this My two favorite colors are brave and Inspire and I also love mixing those two Shades together what I really love is That you can layer this up like it you Don't just get that one lip color with

It like there are so many different Levels to that lip shade which is what I Love about it I do wish there was more Of a shade range because even though There is quite a good shade range I feel Like there's a lot I really hope that They end up expanding the line and Putting way more colors in there because That would be amazing because it's just Unlimited colors that you could kind of Like go into for that next up is my Anastasia Beverly Hills lipstick in Particular we're talking about Hollywood What you guys know I have absolutely Rinsed this shade I absolutely love it And you guys became so obsessed with it Because you're like in every single Video previously you're like what is What's that lip color I absolutely love It and it was Hollywood you do end up Having to kind of like layer up with That because the pigment isn't like like Well the pigment is good initially but It does kind of fade so that's only like That's an annoying thing my major down Point is I think it's discontinued to Show you know we'll try and find a view I'm still looking myself but I will find And find that out and let you know but The color amazing I don't even know if That's that You do but chef's kiss is that it I Don't know oh my God that's so Embarrassing I don't even know if that

Was the right kind of like action I did Next up we're looking at the winner and The winner is the rare Beauty lip Souffle this is an amazing product not Just the colors that I love but the Actual texture is the best that I have Ever ever come across and the reason Being is because there are so many Different looks that you can create with It I feel like you can create a really Really super transparent look you can Build it up for it with a little bit More pigment and you can just keep Building until you have that solid color That bold color and I absolutely love That because I feel like even with one Shade I can get about four different Types of finishes from not finished but Like color levels like in terms of like The transparency or the boldness of it There are four different levels at least That I could get out there I love that It's not drying on the lips like it Genuinely I can keep layering up and it Won't my lips won't peel they won't feel Dry it doesn't start to get bitty it Doesn't crack it's just the perfect lip Color texture you will ever ever find It's absolutely amazing and that more or Less sums up every top three product in Every category and I really do hope that You've enjoyed this and you've seen that You know what you they're they're great Products out there and I really wanted

To explain to you why each winner was a Winner and I really do hope that that's Kind of like come true on this video and I hope it's answered all of your Questions that you guys are always Sending in if you want to see an entire Look using all of these like the winners This is it this is basically it and I Have done a tutorial on this look which Is coming very very soon it's the next Video in line so make sure you do watch That well stay tuned for it because Honestly it's amazing because I show you Exactly how I've created this look using The top product using the the winners From every category so I really do hope You've enjoyed this video I hope Wherever you are in the world you have The most productive day and it's super Blessed and positive and everything you Would want out of your day I really do hope you've enjoyed this Video today and you've managed to find Out what your favorite products are Within the top three and maybe even the Actual winner for each product now don't Forget that I am going to be showing you Exactly how to create a look using the Winner products which is my upcoming Video soon so stay tuned for that or Make sure you head over to that now if It's already out now if you do like this Video please do give it a thumbs up Don't forget to subscribe to my channel

And hit the Bell button so that you Never miss any of my future videos and Until the next video I'll see you soon

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