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Oh is that what you'd say if you Actually saw it like that you didn't Know me Oh my God [Music] [Applause] How are we doing guys welcome back to Another educational Beauty video and in Today's video I'm going to be showing You my top three foundations of every Finish I feel like it's good to have a Selection so that you can actually Choose out of the best for every finish Now if you do like this video please do Give it a thumbs up don't forget to Subscribe to my channel and hit the Bell Button so that you don't miss any of my Future videos and I'm over on Instagram So please come say hi there too now Let's jump straight into the video This is something I feel like everyone Needs to know what are the best Foundations in every finish and I'm Talking about matte finish dewy finish And then that Barely There finish Because I know there are so many of you Guys who wear Foundation but it's like Literally barely there because you Probably don't need too much coverage so I want to kind of like tip all the boxes And make sure I get foundations there For everyone I know we could really Really spread it out and go into like Best foundation for acne prone skin best

Foundation for sensitive skin tell me if You want to see a video like that which Is a lot more kind of like literally Covering every type of skin type as well Let me know in the comments below if you Want to see that I'm going to be showing You the top three foundations of every Finish so this isn't like number three And then one above that is number two And then the one the best one is number One I'm not talking about okay at the Number one spot or anything like that I'm just giving you the top three and I'm going to explain to you what the Pros of these foundations are and I'm Also going to tell you which is my Personal favorite over out of each Category so let's get started with the First finish Now this finish is all about getting a Matte finish this is perfect if you want That really nice kind of opaque finish So there's not like any shine everything Is really nice and matte and that's my Personal favorite too so let's go with The first one [Music] The first one is the Dual forever matte Foundation now this Foundation I Absolutely love the good thing about This is it has a skincare base to it so Basically the product is infused with Floral skincare now I initially thought Oh my God you know is this going to be

Good floral skincare I'm not too sure How I feel about that but honestly it's Absolutely great the good thing about This Foundation it is matte it stays all Day but also at the end of the day you Don't get that horrible kind of look to It where you can start seeing bumps Under the skin I know you know what I'm Talking about because that happens with A lot of us where at the end of the day You just start seeing this it's like oh My God am I breaking out like what's Going on and it just looks really kind Of like overly you know like you like Lived in like you've had it on way too Long that doesn't happen with this so I Love this Foundation nothing bad happens To my skin I actually feel like it's Looking after my skin and it's really Easy to blend in and the coverage isn't Ridiculous like it's not cakey at all so This is a foundation I absolutely love Plus I feel like the bottle lasts so Long like I've had this one for quite a While now and I'm like I keep thinking To myself I need like you know when I Need to get a new one I want to know Beforehand because I want to make sure I Have one ready but yeah it hasn't run Out yet I've had it for quite a while Also this doesn't transfer and it stays Put all day and it has SPF 20 in there So that's another good thing about this Product

[Music] Then we have Estee Lauder Double Wear Now I know you probably are thinking Well I haven't seen you talk about Double Wear much and I haven't seen you Really use it much in your videos well Recently I have been and there's a video That's going to be coming out soon where I'm going to be showing you how you can Use this Foundation I don't know if They've changed the formula from right At the beginning like years ago because Years ago I used to find it really Really cakey but now I absolutely love This foundation and it's SPF 10 it does Genuinely stay put and it genuinely has No transfer it's a matte finish and I Love this Foundation I feel like if you If you're looking for a matte foundation That actually stays per this is another One of my all-time favorites Foreign Next we have the vanish seamless finish Foundation from hourglass this is a Foundation that I feel gives you a Really nice matte finish but not overly Matte you know I feel like it doesn't Like look dry or anything neither do the Other two foundations but you know for a Foundation which literally covers Everything and does get rid of any kind Of imperfections and any dark circles as Well to be honest you might feel that You don't even need a concealer with

This I feel like it's it's really nice That it isn't drying on the skin it's Very easy to blend into the skin as well I do feel like you are less likely to Need powder with this Foundation it's a Foundation that I feel like you can Layer up if you need to like if you want To get a very light natural finish from It you can if you go with a very small Amount and you apply it with a brush but You can also get a much heavier finish Like a full coverage finish with it if You use a sponge and just layer on the Product a little bit more carefully Foreign And the next finish is The Dewy finish So something which basically looks dewy On your skin and it doesn't look matte But it also doesn't look like wet you Know so it looks like there's a really Nice kind of Sheen to your skin where it Looks natural and you have it doesn't it Just looks a bit more three-dimensional You don't have to worry so much about Kind of sculpting because your natural Contours of your face are naturally Going to show anyway because you're Wearing a dewy foundation and it doesn't Look so dry close up either so it looks More like skin I feel I think it's Probably a quite widely popular finish As well And we're going to start off with Charlotte Tilbury beautiful skin this

Has to be one of my favorite dewy skin Foundations because I feel like it does Give you that really nice dewy finish But also I feel like it gives me that Great coverage and that's something I Used to find lacking in dewy finish Foundations so this to me is one of my Favorites I feel like it literally feels Like it's just gliding onto the skin and I can't really describe the texture of It it's liquid but it's almost like in Between a cream and liquid like a Thicker cream and liquid so it's not Overly runny it's very easy to use and It has this natural Radiance in there Which I love so it genuinely does make Your skin look like its best self and I Love the fact that you can layer this up Even more if you want to and the shade Range is actually pretty good [Music] Next we have The Hourglass ambient soft Glow Foundation this is one of my recent Favorites because I didn't realize I was Going to love it so much like I tried I Was thinking okay this is just another Foundation and I tried it on I think it Was like last month and I was like wow It is stunning and it gives the most Soft focus finish to your skin and your Skin doesn't look shiny it just looks Like natural like a very natural Dew to It so that makes sense a natural Dew a Natural dewiness but it genuinely does

Give you that really nice kind of soft Glow finish to your skin and I would Highly recommend this because if you can Find your shade in this I can guarantee You're gonna love this Foundation it Literally Glides on so easily but it's Also it's not too thick like it comes Out quite thin the liquid and you kind Of think okay what is this even gonna do Is this more of a Barely There Foundation but it actually isn't you can Layer it up and it gives you the most Stunning finish to your skin I don't Feel like you really need to wear much Powder with the whole selection of the Jewelry Foundation category so you don't Have to use a lot of powder with that Maybe on the areas that maybe you feel You need it on your small lines or like Under eyes and things but otherwise your Skin looks great just with the Foundation on [Music] Next is the Nars light reflecting Foundation this is a foundation that I Feel like I and I wear it I love it Because it actually gives a really nice Radiant look to my skin and then I kind Of and because of what I do I end up Using other foundations and then I Forget about it and then I go back and Use it and I'm like like it's amazing I Love it so I genuinely feel that this is Exactly as the name like it's a light

Reflecting Foundation I feel like it Kind of gives you that Inner Glow to Your skin but it doesn't kind of show Off the imperfections it does somehow Manage to kind of hide those little Imperfections that you may have it is a Really nice dewy Foundation that gives You great coverage too and I think that It has a great shade range so I feel Like anyone can more or less find their Shade in Nars yeah I think this is a Foundation that you're going to love if You love a dewy finish but you also want That lip from within glow [Music] And now it's time for the Barely There Finish now this is the type of finish That I feel like you don't really hear The term when you kind of shop for Foundations like we all know about Matt We all know about Dewey we all know About like semi-matte or skin tint and Things like that this category I named It is barely their Foundation because I Really wanted to show you the Foundations whether they fall under Light coverage skin tints or whatever Whatever they are called I don't care I Wanted to show you the top three Foundations in the Barely There category That actually look like it's barely There because I don't care what it says In the bottle you know you know me well Enough by now to know I don't care what

It says in the bottle what it's meant to Be used for what it says it gives you That kind of look I'm more interested in How it actually looks on the skin how Does it actually look if it says it's a Skin tin I'm not going to look at Someone who wears a skin tin and then be Like oh that's a really nice skin tip You know so I'm gonna just go by belly There Foundation because I see some some People wear foundations which are built Like it looks like it's barely there but They can get away with it and it just Looks like Second Skin So that's what We're going to be going through in this Category [Music] The first one is the Fenty Beauty ease Drop skin tint this is actually a very Very nice like I don't call it what you Want to call it it's a skin tin as what It says here but it literally does give You the most like it's just like a veil Of color don't worry about this isn't About coverage for this category this is All about like giving you that veil of Color and it's Second Skin that's it Right and it kind of like I feel like it Just ties everything together so it just Has a very subtle blurring effect and That's it this product is amazing for That because I feel like if you have Quite mature skin as well so those of You mature ladies out there watching

This video it's gonna be great for you I Use this on my mum when I did her Tutorials a little while back and she Absolutely loved it too so it's a Product that I think that you are gonna Love if you just want that second skin Kind of feel to your or look to your Base Foreign For the iconic Duo face and body Foundation this is something I feel like I will never ever get rid of because it Is not a skin tint it is actually a Foundation and finally they say it's a Full coverage Foundation but I feel like It ticks every box like if you want it As a full coverage Foundation you can Use it as that but you can very easily Use this as a veil of color Second Skin Not much coverage you you have the Option and that's why I love this for Barely their makeup because I can Achieve that barely their makeup with it But I can also add more layers if I want It to be a lot more of a kind of higher Coverage for myself so this is something That I think you are going to love Because I think a lot of people may get Scared from this just by hearing that It's a full coverage Foundation it's it Genuinely don't let that fool you Because it really really it can be used As just Second Skin what I tend to do is Use a small drop and you can also mix it

With your moisturizer as well and then Just brush it over the face even a small Drop on the face without mixing it into Anything is going to give you that Really nice veil of color as long as You've moisturized underneath properly You'll get that really nice kind of just Barely bare look so this is a product I Feel like everyone should have [Music] Next up is the makeup forever HD skin Foundation so they have several Shades In this you're about to find the color That's right for you it's a very fluid Liquid formula and I feel like you can Build it up but it gives you the most Stunning finish with just one layer and It kind of gives you I'd say that it Gives you a little bit of a step up from Barely There so like it just you've got That barely there look but it perfects It it gives you the that flawlessness to Your skin if that's even a word Flawlessness but anyway it's now yeah It's a foundation I think you're gonna Love it's very very buildable very easy To blend in it's a product that I think That once you find your shade I think You're gonna love it because when you Look up close up to your skin you're Like wow how is that how has that Perfected my skin so much I hope that You know that kind of like this whole Category is something that has been

Really beneficial to you guys and that's The end of my barely there their Category so I really do hope that this Has all helped you in some way and if You have any questions about any of These makeup products then do let me Know in the comments box below but I Haven't forgotten I need to tell you What my favorite is out of each category So in the matte category my favorite is The Dual forever mats that's my favorite One and my shade is 3w now in the Dewey Category my favorite this is a tough one It was in between Charlotte Tilbury and Hourglass I think I'm going to go for Hourglass it's the ambient soft glow Foundation and my shade is 10.5 my Favorite used to be a short October one But The Hourglass is kind of like taken Over now the Barely There category my Favorite okay it's got to be the Drawbacks the H face and body Foundation Is the ultimate barely their foundation For me so yeah I really do hope this Whole video has been beneficial to you If you do want to see a video which is Focused on every type of kind of skin Type like the best foundation for dry Skin best foundation for acne prone skin Best foundation oily skin let me know in The comments box below and I will make Sure I do it for you and don't forget There's a super thanks button so it Really really means so much to me if you

Can like support my channel and help me To reinvest back into my channel so that Little button there is just for you guys To show your support because as you know I'm so transparent on my videos I give You everything I don't hold anything Back yeah it would be really good Because it means that I can then do Things like you know upgrade my Equipment and just make this channel Better for you higher models you know Like it's really difficult to find People who are happy to be a model in Front of the camera who are not maybe Signed up to an agency who can also kind Of perform well on camera for you guys Like you know like moving so that you Can see everything properly so yeah it Would really really help me so please do Share your support and I will be sure to Give you a shout out give you a little Message back and show you my Appreciation too so whatever you are in The world I hope you have the best day Ever and it's full of love and loads of Laughter I hope you've enjoyed this video today And I hope you've managed to find your Favorite Foundation within each of these Categories now if you do like this video Please do give it a thumbs up don't Forget to subscribe to my channel and Hit the Bell button so that you don't Miss any of my future videos until the

Next video take care and I'll see you Soon

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