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Top 2023 Sneaker Trends & How To Style Them




Top 2023 Sneaker Trends & How To Style Them

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If you love comfort and style as much as I do then it's time to master sneaker Style and today I've created a video all About the key trends in sneakers for 2023 and also how to wear them and this Video is for sneaker Freaks and Non-sneaker wearers alike [Music] Hi I'm leonie and welcome to my channel Now if you're tired of sacrificing Comfort for style then this video is for You today I'm sharing some of the key Sneaker Trends and how to wear them for Any occasion I've recently been invited To a wedding and would love to wear Sneakers so I've been doing a little bit Of research and you know what you can Actually wear sneakers to a wedding and Wear them well so today I'm going to Share a whole lot of the trends and Which sneakers are best for which Occasion and how to wear them so to get Started I think it's really important to Cover off the six key sneaker trends That are happening this year so that you Can have a good look at what's on offer And pick a style or two or three that Are going to suit your lifestyle and Your personal style now the first Trend And this one's been happening for a While is retro sneakers I'm blaming the Adidas Samba for really kicking off this Retro look but it's very much a Happening look now one of the Great

Things about these retro style sneakers Is that they team beautifully with a Sort of preppy style of dress that's Happening at the moment but despite that I do believe that these retro style Sneakers are going to be here for some Time so if you're new to sneakers I Would suggest looking at some of these Retro Styles they're fairly low profile They're not your sort of chunky dead Style sneakers and these retro styles Are also really easy to incorporate into Outfits now another key sneaker trend For this year is the sort of hiking Style sneakers now these aren't for the Faint-hearted and certainly if you're New to styling sneakers with your Dresses and skirts and maybe work wear I Would probably steer clear of this Particular style just because it will be A little bit of a stretch and perhaps Take you a little bit too far outside Your comfort zone but these hiking style Sneakers and high tops are definitely a Really functional practical and good Option and I also think that they are Here to stay then of course you've Always got what I call designer sneakers And these are the sort of high-end Sneakers and what I have seen a lot of In the last few years is the Golden Goose now I think that they are a bit of A stretch for new sneaker converts Because they've kind of got that

Distressed grunge look and if you're Just starting out styling sneakers I'd Probably steer clear of them and instead Opt for some of these kind of more Modern takes so the sneaker that I'm Particularly thinking about is the Chloe Sneaker I can't remember the name of it But I'll put it up on the screen here But these sneakers when I first saw them I thought I need a pair of these then I Saw how much they were and thought I Don't need them that much but if you've Got some cash to Splash a sneaker like This is going to take you places and It's just got some really interesting Detail which I think is probably what Caught my attention at first but the Blanket sort of Stitch detail on these Sneakers and the in interesting color Combinations mean that they're going to Go with lots of different outfits in Lots of different styles so this one is Definitely one that I would love to own But it's not going to happen anytime Soon but designer sneakers are also an Easy way to incorporate sneakers into an Outfit and then of course you've got Your Classics and a classic white low Profile sneaker with no bells and Whistles and no extra detail is Potentially going to be the easiest way To start if you're just getting used to Sneaker Trends and certainly for sneaker Freaks I'm sure you guys have found

These already but a classic pair of Nike Air Force white Nike Air Force or just Low profile simple classic white Sneakers are really going to take you Places in comfort and style so you can't Go past a good pair of classic white Sneakers now let's move into some of my Top tips for styling sneakers and Certainly these tips apply to anyone if You're just starting out wearing Sneakers or if you are a sneaker freak And have been wearing them and Incorporating them into your outfits for Years now my first piece of advice Especially For You newbies is to just be Patient just persist whenever I talk About sneakers wearing sneakers with Skirts and dresses on my channel I do Get lots of comments from people saying That they've tried them and they just Feel frumpy or they don't seem to work The key with this look is persistence And patience and just getting used to The look it does tend to be quite a Stretch if you haven't styled your Outfits with sneakers before but it does Get easier so my first piece of advice Is to just stick with it try try and try Again your feet will thank you for it The comfort that you'll get from wearing Sneakers instead of any other shoes that You own is definitely worth a little bit Of patience and persistence so my first Piece of advice is just stick with it

For now now my next tip is to utilize Accessories to create a seamless sneaker Style so what I mean is if you're Wearing a fairly neutral outfit and your Sneakers have a touch of a particular Color think about introducing an Accessory in that color just to create a Bit of a seamless outfit so accessories In my mind play a huge role in making Sure your outfits or your sneaker Outfits work really well and since Accessories play such a key part in Styling sneakers I'd like to thank the Sponsor of today's video which is case Defy now I've worked with case defy Before and I've been a huge fan of their Phone cases for years and years so I'm Always really excited when brands that I Love and have enjoyed personally want to Work with me here on YouTube but case Defy has this very cool new Personalization option on phone cases And this in my opinion is a super easy Way to add a little bit of something Extra to your sneaker style so it fits In perfectly with today's video and I Don't know about you guys but I just Love anything that is personalized so I Really love this new retro styling in Fact it took me ages to work out what Style to choose I opted for this green Case because as I mentioned I have some Green sneakers with a well they're white Sneakers with a tiny Touch of Green in

Them and I kind of just wanted an Accessory that had the same color green Just to kind of as I said create that Cohesive look I've also just recently Got into the case defy straps so I Grabbed this plain black rope style Strap because I know it's going to work Back with all of my different phone Cases case defy other world leaders and I've been using them for years and years So definitely swear by the quality of These cases and the fact that they are So fun and colorful just is an added Bonus so they're a really easy way to Help you accessorize some of your Sneakers and add that little sometimes Needed pop of color to your outfit in a Really affordable and practical way and The team at case defy are also giving You 15 off your entire order so all you Need to do is use the link which I will Leave in my description box below but That is simply forward Slash the style Insider and that will Give you 15 off your order so if you are Thinking about styling your sneakers up And you need a little pop of color to Work with them then whip online take a Look at these new personalization Options monogram Madness which I'm Calling it because it's really tricky to Choose there are so many cool options on Offer but have a little look and Definitely take advantage of that

Discount code the link is in the Description box below but once again It's forward slash the Style Insider and that will save you 15 Off so definitely take advantage of that Cool offer and our next up for you Petite girls you can absolutely wear Sneakers with dresses and skirts but There are a few things I think help Create a good look and that is if you're Wearing a slightly shorter style skirt Or a mini skirt I'd opt for a platform Sneaker just to sort of balance the look A little bit and certainly if you're Wearing a maxi then opt for a gain a Platform or a little bit of a wedge Style sneaker the converse run star hike Which I own a couple of pairs of are Great for this just to manage and Balance out those proportions what I Would say is steer clear of midi skirts For you and for most people if you're Wearing sneakers because that midi will Cut your mid-calf and it will tend to Shorten your look so if you don't mind That look that's absolutely fine but I Never recommend it and certainly think About if you're wearing socks with your Sneakers wear those socks finish because If they're finishing on the part of your Calf that starts to widen out again That's going to shorten your legs as Well so petites you can definitely wear This look but just think about the type

Of sneakers that you're teaming with Some of your looks and a platform or a Wedge style sneaker is definitely going To help you so these days sneakers are Definitely office appropriate obviously It's going to depend on what sort of Office you work in and only you will Know that but certainly you can create a Very stylish professional look with Sneakers what I do tend to advise is to Keep it classic stick with a really Simple classic sneaker if you're teaming It with a corporate style suit and use Accessories like a handbag sunglasses or A beautiful Chanel style Blazer to add That bit of interest and texture to an Outfit but otherwise I would say keep Your sneakers fairly clean and minimal And clean reminds me that your sneakers That you're wearing outside and they've Kind of had a little bit of wear and Tear they're not the sneakers that you Can Style with most of these outfits Keep them for at home or just wearing With your active wear but when I am Talking about styling sneakers with Everyday outfits to create a a little Bit of of a stylish look you do need to Make sure that you keep those sneakers Nice and clean and when it comes It comes my casual look it does take a Little bit of experimentation so it Might mean that you need to put aside an Hour on the weekend and try a few of

Your different outfits on and a few of Your different trainers on with them or What I do often say too is do a little Bit bit of research whip onto Pinterest Whip online find some sneaker styles That you really like use those as Inspiration and see what outfits that You could create from your own wardrobe And which sneakers are going to work Best for you it is all about finding the Right sneaker style that really suits Your style that sometimes takes a bit of Experimentation and if you don't want to Go out and buy sneakers to try on first Then what I would suggest is doing that Little bit of research and trying to Maybe even put together a mood board Coming up with some sneaker styles that You know are going to work for you and When it comes to formal events sneakers Definitely have a place now that I'm not Going to be right for everyone and they Do require a little bit of something Extra when it comes to styling sneakers And I've even seen some beautiful Brides Wearing sneakers Bridesmaids and guests wedding guests Wearing sneakers but I do think you have To be a little careful with how you do That the best and easiest way to do it Is wearing sneakers teamed with maxi Dresses because you generally only sort Of see a little bit of a hint of them But when you think about it sneakers are

Probably the most practical Footwear for A bride to wear or for even a guest a Wedding guest to wear when you are Standing around on your feet for hours You dance the night away sneakers Definitely are a good option what I do Suggest though is opting for a maxi Style dress and a very understated Sneaker that's probably the only way You're going to get away with it and Also think about your accessories as Being a little bit more upscure sales so Whether you wear a beautiful sequined Dress and a fur or faux fur jacket or Coat then you can have sort of sneakers It's really about balancing that high Low look so that your sneakers look Intentional they're an intentional part Of your outfit and creating an outfit That does have that real sort of high Low with sequins or fur or A very Upscale dress or outfit and team them Back with sneakers it's intentional it's Making a style statement so think about How you're teaming those pieces together To create a high low outfit which is in My opinion the best way of doing it now I just wanted to touch on some of the Key sneaker outfits that are very much a Happening thing for this year now not so Long ago the sneaker style was to wear Sort of dad style chunky trainers with Sundresses and summer frocks and Maxis But but what seems to have happened this

Year is that those sneakers appeared Being paired back and we're seeing more Pretty floaty summer dresses worn back With more of a classic simple sneaker Obviously it depends on your personal Style but in terms of Trends this is Very much The Happening look for spring Summer this year so anything that's Really pretty and floaty is definitely Being teamed back with a more Sleek Classic simple style sneaker as opposed To what we saw last year which was that Really chunky dad style and because Because we're still seeing a huge focus On neutrals and monochrome neutral Outfits this is the time to let your Colorful vibrant beautiful bold sneakers Shine because this is when they will Shine with a pop of color a beautiful Bold sneaker is really going to have its Moment when it's teamed back with a Neutral outfit and certainly any neutral Styling will give you that ability just To create a statement with your sneakers So if you are into bright colored Sneakers which I am from time to time a Great way to style those and incorporate Them into your outfits is with Monochrome or certainly beige toned Neutrals it really does just let the Sneaker do all the talking and with These outfits that's where a small Accessory in the same color whether it's A case of iPhone case or a scarf really

Just creates that cohesion with the Outfit or otherwise you can simply stick With a neutral outfit and let your Sneakers do all the Talking another way To wear sneakers with dresses and skirts Is to show a little bit of sock now in The past socks have all been kind of No-show and needing to be hidden and That's often been tricky but now there's A real trend for actually showing the Socks that you're wearing but a little Bit of a word of warning like I did Mention earlier is just be really Careful where those socks finish and Certainly you don't want to break up Your leg in too many parts they will Look great with a maxi style skirt and If you have Super great legs they'll work with a Mini skirt but again it's up to you with Your styling and what you like the look Of but socks are great there are also Some really cool socks as well so some Sparkly socks that can work well with Just simple classic white sneakers but Socks are definitely here and making a Comeback as well so think about teaming Some of your favorite sneakers and and Socks with some of your favorite dresses But just be aware of where those socks End you don't want to highlight the Widest part of your calf or where your Ankle starts to widen out so just think About that but socks are a great way of

Adding some interest and using the socks To actually style and create a a lovely Outfit and obviously baggy style jeans Are very much a happening look for this Year and what I do recommend when it Comes to styling sneakers with baggy Style jeans is to opt for a sleeker Style sneaker when you try and team a Sort of a chunky lug style or dead style Type sneaker with these more voluminous Denim jeans what you do run the risk of Is creating an outfit that's just quite Bottom heavy so to get around this just Opt for more of a sleeker style sneaker Sleeker steep sneaker tongue twister and When it comes to retro sneakers you can Wear them with more sort of preppy retro Style outfits but the sort of fresher More modern way to to wear them is to Team them with more sort of polished Outfits so baggy man style trousers and Really sort of polished more structured Pieces or tailored pieces I should say I Think the juxtaposition of the retro Sneakers worn with more sort of tailored Pieces Just creates a little bit more of A modern fresh look so think about this As well now that you're across all of The key sneaker trains and how to wear Them then you might like to know which Fall fashion trends are heading our way Real soon so click or tap on the screen Here and I'll see you there

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