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Top 2023 Fashion Trends Everyone Needs PLUS Urban Revivo Try-On Haul!




Top 2023 Fashion Trends Everyone Needs PLUS Urban Revivo Try-On Haul!

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There are some Fab Trends this year that Are definitely worth taking a closer Look at not only because they are super Cool but they're pieces that you can Wear and love for years to come Hi I'm leonie and welcome to my channel Now before we get started with today's Episode I'd like to introduce you to the Sponsor of this video and that is urban Revival if you haven't heard of urban Revival before there are Trend focused Fashion brand that drops new Styles Every single week now the key here is That you need to be fast to get those Styles they don't actually produce huge Runs so if you like something you need To get in quick and order it this is a New season Urban Revival dress that I'm Wearing today I'll put a little bit of E-roll in here and show you what it Looks like but it is an absolute Favorite of mine I love the fact that it Is black because that just means that I Can wear it for years to come and it Doesn't sort of date it now if you've Been watching me here for a while you'll Also know that I'm not a huge fan of Cutouts but this one has a tiny sliver Of a cutout in the back which gives it a Little bit of breathing space for those Warmer spring summer days and it also Just adds a little bit of interest to This dress now this is just one of the Pieces that I ordered from Urban reviver

Recently I do have some other is here to Show you and I wanted to do a little bit Of a try on to highlight some of these Trends and share them with you so that You can see exactly how you can not only Wear them to update your looks and your Outfits this year but you'll be able to See the versatility of these pieces and How they'll be good pieces to own for Years to come I'm also delighted to say That the team at Urban Revival have Given me a 10 discount to share with you Guys off absolutely anything on their Website now all you need to do is whip On over to Urban Revival I will leave The link in my description box below use My code style in and that will save you 10 off your purchase now that code is Valid for two weeks from the date of This video going live so that one's Going to be easy to work out but I will Leave all of those details below so if You like anything you see like the dress That I'm wearing or any of the pieces That I'll feature later on in today's Episode then definitely take advantage Of that offer the pieces from Urban Revival that I currently own are Beautiful the quality is beautiful yes You may pay a little bit more but Believe you me that quality is Definitely worth it so take advantage of That discount offer all the details Below now let's get on with today's

Episode now first up I want to talk About denim maxi skirts and these are Definitely the skirt of the year if There is one Trend that is taking over It is denim Maxis now they do come with A few little problems in terms of Styling and choosing the right dinner Maxi is the key to nailing this look Certainly in my opinion anyway now one Of the things that I struggle with with These denim Maxis is that quite often The split is at the front of the skirt Now this tends to highlight your knees Your the focus is kind of drawn to your Knees and I don't know about you but my Knees are not my most favorite body part But there definitely are ways around This and ways that you can choose a Dinner Maxi that will not only look on Trend but it will flatter your figure And it will also be a skirt that you'll Wear and own and love and wear and own And love for years I'm sounding crazy But hey it is what it is anyway take a Look at these skirts that I've picked up From Urban Revival and I really do want To just share a couple of styling tips As to why these two are great now I'm Loving this gorgeous Maxi because one it Doesn't have a split anywhere so there's No need to worry about covering up or Hiding your knees I also love the fact That the paneling detail gives it a Super flattering look it actually helps

To elongate your body and that little Bit of movement just makes it a little Bit feminine now as you can see with This skirt the split is at the back and It has a gorgeous fishtail sort of shape To it which is incredibly flattering it Kind of hugs you in all the right places And that split is not too high but it Just makes it easy for you to actually Walk and move around as I said the shape Of the skirt is super flattering I love That sort of fishtail effect and I've Just teamed it here with a y white shirt A skirt like this is versatile because You could easily dress it up or wear it More casually as I am here and you can Team a skirt like this with just about Anything including a leather jacket a Bomber a Blazer and wear it with Sneakers like I have here or you could Wear it with some little ankle boots or Sandals it'll work with a crop top you Name it this is a goodie I'm just Wearing it with this t-shirt from Urban Revival and I particularly like this one Because it's just got a little bit more Interest as opposed to it just being a Straight white T-shirt I'm just playing With the the Cuffs here I kind of like My sleeves a little bit cropped a little Bit capped so I'm just kind of Shortening them a little bit but that Detail at the front just adds a little Bit of interest and gives the T-shirt a

Little bit of shape which I particularly Love Now one of the big trends this year is Tailored shirts now I know this has been A look that's been happening for the Last few years actually and I definitely Consider a tailored shirt a classic in Any wardrobe but there are a few things That you can look out for that can make Not only wearing a classic shirt look Modern and sophisticated but keep it From looking to tailored and Corporate-like I think that's often the Trap that we fall into with tailored Shirts they can tend to look a little Bit like you're ready for the office as Opposed to creating an outfit that is Modern and Chic so take a look at a Couple that I've recently picked up from Urban Revival and I just want to share a Few very simple styling tips on how to Actually get this look right Now this shirt is anything but corporate In my opinion it is oversized which Gives it that slightly japanese-y kind Of Luxe look about it I'm wearing it Teamed with some wide leg trousers just To give it a very sort of easy breezy Simple minimalist Vibe so this shirt is Not looking corporate because it is so Oversized on the flip side this cropped Shirt hardly looks corporate either but It's still giving that nice Sleek Tailored look this is oversized for me

As well because that's how I like to Wear my shirts but you can kind of size It down a little if it makes you feel More comfy and to mix things up a little Bit look for shirts with some Interesting details so this one Obviously has shape so it's very much Shaped in at the sides and in the lower Back it also has these extra long cuffs And the buttons only actually finish Where I have it buttoned up so it gives It nice shape so look for those Interesting little details that just Give a bit of a wow factor now the next Trend that is very much a happening Thing this year is cropped tops now There are crops and there are crops not All crop tops are created even and today I want to share with you how you can Actually dip into the trend but do it in A sophisticated way that also feels Covered up and creates a lovely Silhouette but without exposing too much Skin if any there is a way around it and Let me show you how to do it So crop tops don't need to be midriff Bearing tops I particularly love this Shirt because it kind of lends into two Different Trends the classic tailored Shirt Trend but also this one is cropped As you can see I'm loving the fact that This one's slightly oversized on me and It just means that I get that length in The sleeves I really like my cuffs to be

Kind of falling in the middle of my Hands there just so that it kind of I Don't know how you describe that it just Makes it look and feel a little better So this in my opinion is a crop top it Is buying into and giving a nod to the Trend but you don't have to bear your Midriff which definitely suits me I've Just teamed it with the denim maxi skirt That I showed you just before and as you Can see with the maxi skirt I've Actually turned the zipper around I've Got that as a little detail in the front I like the versatility there that you Can sort of change it up a little bit But the skirt is slightly higher waisted Which means that I can have a little bit Of fun with a cropped shirt I've got an Outfit there which is seamless and Really easy I could also use this shirt As a cropped jacket as well which would Be super fun Now I've talked quite a lot in recent Videos about denim jeans and what is Trending and please remember that at the End of the day the genes that are Trending for you are the ones that suit You and make you feel great that's it End of story whether it's skinny jeans Wide leg jeans cargo style jeans Whatever makes you feel great is what is Right for you but when it comes to Trends that are being seen out on the Street or trends that you can expect to

See in the stores you will be seeing More and more of the kind of wide leg Jean look Now I know this style won't work for Everyone but because this is a trending Look I wanted to share a few simple tips And tricks to getting it right now wide Leg jeans are obviously less restrictive Than any other genes they're easy to Move around in and most importantly of All they are universally flattering they Will truly suit every body type now if You're worried about getting lost Underneath that baggy denim then just Opt for a slightly fitted top that will Really help to provide a bit of balance And still allow you to show off your Shape And of course one of the biggest trends For the season is cargo pants and they Come in all sorts of different types and Styles but I have found a pair that are Not only on Trend but they're going to Be timeless and they're easy to wear and Best of all they are going to suit every Single body type so take a look at this Now these cargo pants are by far the Best I have ever found not only are they Really comfy to wear they're made of This really lovely silky lightweight Fabric as you can see here I'm totally Enjoying wearing these they also have This stretchy waistband so a little bit Of elastication at the back so they are

Flat across the front which is also Really flattering but that elastication Around the back just makes them very Easy to wear I tend to like them a Little bit on the looser side I've got a Size large here also I need it for the Length as you can see here they are only Just long enough on me but these are Perfect they are black so they are going To be timeless they're also easy to do Up way more casually and you'll know That I absolutely love that they've got A nod to the trend here with the big Pocket details on the legs and of course Pockets to put your hands in this pair Are amazing Now I know double denim is a trend that Tends to scare a lot of you but it Really doesn't have to it's not that Scary it's basically just a monochrome Outfit so it's a really simple outfit to Pull together using Timeless pieces that You love and own so take a look at how I'm wearing my new pieces from Urban Revival one of the easiest ways to wear Double denim is to change out the washes Of the denim so I've just tamed my Darker denim Maxi here with a lighter Wash shirt I really love this shirt I Love the sleeve detail it's kind of got A slight Bell shape to it and it's the Perfect weight so it works well worn on Its own as a shirt but it's also heavy Enough to double as a very cool jacket

As well I'm just trying tucking it in Here because it has this shape to it It's an easy shirt to actually give a Bit of a half tuck which again sort of Breaks up the outfit as well but double Denim is so easy and in my opinion it Looks really cool too see this shirt It's just such a winner The other styling tip that I use to wear Double denim is to sometimes just break It up and what I've done here is I've Just teamed it with a simple White Tank And I've got the shirt over my shoulder But equally it looks just as good worn With these jeans and it just gives your Double denim outfit a little bit of Breathing space So as you can see here the white just Breaks it up a little bit and I'm just Teeming that with the white crossbody Purse and I really love this look I Think it's effortless it's Chic it's Also on Trend right now but these pieces Separately can be worn for years to come Okay you saw earlier that this dress That I'm wearing today does have a Little cut out detail now this is Probably as far as I'm prepared to go When it comes to this trend but cutouts Are a huge Trend this year and you Either love them or you don't and for me I'm kind of on the fence about them Which is why I don't really like to take The trend too far but this cutout that

Is on the dress that I'm wearing today Is not too far it's just a simple nod to The trend and because it's not too far It does mean that this piece is one that I'll be able to wear for years to come So take a look at this dress in its Entirety it is an absolute Beauty and I'm really loving it I love the fact That I can dress it up and wear it more Casually too so it's a very versatile Piece for me to own and when it comes to Pieces that can be worn casually or more Dressed up you can't go past a pair of Wide leg pants now I know wide leg pants Have been happening for a couple of Years now and the truth of the matter is They're not going anywhere so if you Have been tempted to to try this trend Now is a very good time now if you're Looking for a perfect pair of pants to Minimize your hips then this is them a Pair of wide leg pants like wide leg Jeans will suit absolutely everybody I Am in love with this pair they are the Perfect neutral in my opinion I've just Teamed them with my new balance trainers Here and a simple black tank but this Pair are lightweight and they are Absolutely Divine they are the perfect Length for me too because I don't like Them dragging on the floor now if you Want a pair of perfect wide leg pants Without pleat detailing then this pair Are amazing they've got a slight stretch

To the fabric so you can wear them a Little bit more firm fitting but they're Not going to be uncomfortable as you can See here they're a really good fit They're figure hugging but not tight They're also a little bit lower wasted As well for you girls out there that Like a slightly lower waist And as I mentioned earlier monochrome Dressing is a very simple way to pull Together an outfit and pair pieces that Perhaps you weren't sure of putting Together but because they are in the Same color family or in the same shade Or tone of color you can be guaranteed That this look is going to work so Monochrome dressing is very much a Happening thing for 2023 but in my Opinion it's a classic style and when I'm struggling to put together an outfit I'll always go to a monochrome outfit Because it's seamless it's flattering And it just in my opinion always looks Good so yes it's a trend for this year But in my opinion it is one that can be Pulled out and worn whenever you need Something to just look good and look Chic without trying too hard but let's Have a look at how I'm styling a couple Of outfits now okay I'm wearing my Favorite wide leg pants and I actually Ordered this cute little vest from Urban Revival but unfortunately it was too Small I ordered a medium and I actually

Needed a large so I'm kind of showing You here how cool this outfit would have Looked if this best fitted me but this In my opinion is a very modern easy Monochrome look Also when it comes to monochrome Dressing you don't have to wear pieces In the exact same shade so as you can See here these pants would also work With a white shirt or a white T-shirt Monochrome is really just thinking about The same tones not exactly the same Color And that is why the white will work and This off-white shirt also works now Those colors are not the same but they Are a similar tone so wearing them Together is actually going to work this Shirt's a real goodie because it's Actually got some built-in shape so let Me show it to you on because it is worth Looking at so as I said here this is a Really nice look teaming the shirt with The wide leg pants I'm just wearing it Here with my denim Maxi just so you can Kind of really see the shape in this Shirt as well another big Trend this Year is being called white out and Essentially it's a bit of a nod to the Monochrome dressing but it is wearing White now I know that this can be a Trend that scares people because it's Sometimes not over practical to wear or White but also it is a trend that it's

Important to find the white that works For you because obviously there are lots Of different options when it comes to White there are crisp clean blue based Whites and they're slightly more warm Whites so when it comes to wearing white And especially all white outfits it's About finding the white that works for You and speaking of white I always think It's super handy to own a white purse or Crossbody bag now this little one is Super cute I love the fact that it's Versatile and can be worn as a little Purse to carry or it can be worn as a Crossbody bag that versatile versatility Just makes pieces like this really Helpful and I think what often happens In the spring summer is that we tend to Just carry over our Handbags and purses That we have been wearing all year but Sometimes you need something that's a Little bit lighter because a dark color Can weigh down a spring summer outfit so If you haven't found a beautiful white Purse in the past then now is a good Time to consider adding one to your Lineup they are super versatile and as I Said they're the perfect piece to wear With some of your favorite spring summer Outfits so if you are into the all white Trend great if not maybe just consider Updating your outfits with a cute little White purse anyway that's it for me Today I hope you enjoyed this one and if

You did I'd love you to give it a big Thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to My channel for more and I'll see you in The next one bye for now

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