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Top 10 Wearable Winter Fashion Trends | How To Style




Top 10 Wearable Winter Fashion Trends | How To Style

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If you've been feeling a little out in The cold about recent fashion trends You're going to love what is heading Your way for winter Hi i'm leonie and welcome to my channel I spent 20 years working in women's Magazines both here in new zealand and Also in australia with seven of those Editing new zealand's top selling Fashion magazine fashion quarterly i Left magazines to start this youtube Channel so that i could share my passion For fashion with you i also love a good Shortcut so consider this channel your Shortcut to style now we don't often Think about winter as a particularly Stylish season i think our priority Tends to be Keeping warm and staying out of the cold But with these wearable trends that i'm Going to cover off today it's really Easy to not only keep warm and comfy When the weather gets cold but to also Look stylish too a small portion of Today's episode is sponsored by monica Vinita and i will share a little bit More about her shortly but for now i Can't wait to share some of these really Wearable fashion trends that i am Pretty sure you're going to love in fact I'm really sure so just keep watching Okay first up and i'm giving a nod to This trend today by wearing my Turtleneck but turtlenecks are going to

Be trending big time for winter but They're going to be worn underneath Dresses now i particularly love this Trend because it means that your Favorite spring summer dresses are going To get Far more wear and if you've been Watching me here for a while you'll know That i'm all about fashion being fun but Also being practical too so anything That gives some of your pieces a little Bit more longevity and gives you the Option to wear them more often I am here for it so i love the idea of Wearing turtlenecks Layered under some of your favorite Dresses and also some of your favorite Summery shirts as well it does give Those pieces more longevity which is Great i'm also today wearing a monika Vinita necklace over my turtleneck and I've never done this before it's not a Look that i've ever really I suppose being drawn to but i'm Actually really enjoying it but let me Know in the comments below do you wear Necklaces over the top of your Turtleneck knits or is it a no-go for You I wasn't ever into it but today i've put On one of my favorite pieces and i Actually really like the look so i think I may have influenced myself and changed My mind but i'd love to hear what you

Think in the comments below now last Winter was all about the camel Overcoats and trench coats and while They are still very much a happening Look they have been replaced by navy so Navy coats jackets trenches now the Reason that i'm really here for the navy Is because it's one it's a little bit of A change from where we've been with the Cameling neutrally colors but also it's A color that's just a little bit softer Than your classic blacks Also navy is timeless so it is a piece That you will love and wear for years to Come So the navy is just i think a really Lovely wearable option especially if You're finding black a little bit harsh Or and yes i know the irony i'm wearing A black turtleneck today i love black But i also love navy too so the Introduction of more navy options in Terms of jackets and overcoats and Trenches is a goodie if you if you ask Me now phoebe philo shocked her fashion Crowd when she sent some of her models Down the runway wearing Leggings yeah that's right so she had Her models wearing leggings and so Leggings are basically Making a real comeback if you thought That they were dead and gone then they Are not and the reason that they're on This list today is because not only are

They going to keep you warm over winter They are super comfortable but they are Being worn layered under skirts and Dresses so again a little bit like the Turtlenecks it means that you give some Of your summery and lighter weight Pieces A little more longevity so you get the Option of wearing them and wearing them Throughout the whole of the year so That's why they're on this list i think Leggings are great i've always been a Fan they're not being worn so much in The sort of active wear leisure wear way In a fashion sense they'll always be Worn that way because that's what Leggings are naturally designed for but When we're talking fashion they're being Worn more as a layering piece and as i Said under skirts and dresses so Think about leggings and yep i think That they are going to be a fabulous Addition to your winter wardrobe anyway At this point i'd just like to say a Very big thank you to the team at monica Vinida for sponsoring this portion of Today's episode and as i said earlier I'm wearing some of my Favorite monika vinida pieces And This necklace here is particularly Special to me i Got my son's initials that i can kind of Carry them with me all the time but also

Make a little bit of a style statement The thing about this brand too that i Love is that the pieces are made of real Gold but they are plated so that means That they are far more affordable than Solid gold they also don't tarnish and They wear really well which is important For me because i don't want to be taking My jewelry on and off all the time i Also found these beautiful hammered Golden a Hoops which are chunky hoops which we Know are trending i also for the first Time in a very long time ordered a Couple of rings i love the fact that This crossover ring is just timeless It's elegant it's modern i also ordered These gorgeous little rectangular hoops Which again i just Like a standard hoop but they just are a Little bit more interesting and modern With the shape And this necklace is a real favorite of Mine too i just really loved the Interesting chain detail it's textured It's really sparkly when you wear it and It's just a lovely update on a standard Chain this little charm here is really Special too so i've worn the chain with And without the pendant this bracelet is Probably my favorite piece i love it and Have worn it every day since i've Received it all of the gemstones Diamonds and pearls that they use are

Ethically sourced monica vineda also has A repair and re-wear program to prolong The life of pieces so you wear more and Buy less and in my mind that is such a Great thing it's not about Purchasing more and more and more and That's why i Preach that regularly on my channel but The great thing is monica vinida Has offered me a 20 discount to share With you so i will link all of my Favorite pieces down below but if you Are looking to update some of your own Jewelry check out the site there are Some gorgeous stylish pieces that are Not only modern but also timeless so i As i said i will leave the links down Below 20 discount is amazing so definitely go And check them out now designers have Been playing a lot with color over the Last couple of seasons which is great i Think we've all needed that sort of Dopamine hit of wearing a little bit More color Yes ironically i'm wearing black today But if you have been watching my recent Videos you'll know that i've been Wearing a lot of color lately and loving It but the designers seem to Have picked up on the fact that we're All enjoying a little bit more color and The colors for winter are especially Bold

Which is i think really fun there's a Lot of color blocking and again this Isn't necessarily new we have been Seeing a lot of bold color blocking but Just to let you know that it is trending And there are going to be those pieces Available so if you've considered Wearing color In the last couple of season or if last Winter you were thinking about it and Didn't quite get brave enough to go There then there are going to be some Beautiful colorful options available This winter as well so If you missed out last time maybe now is Your turn to Jump on the colorful bandwagon I've got a whole video on dopamine Dressing i will link that here But if you haven't Dipped your toe in the whole idea of Wearing color it really does well Certainly for me my experience is that It makes me feel happy when i wear a Color And other people respond more positively Towards me so it's a win-win so bold Bright colors are here for winter and I'm a big fan now the next trend that i Am loving and this one never really goes Out of fashion but when it comes to Footwear it is going to be front and Center and that is knee-high boots now i Am

Really not happy with the fact that i Marie condo'd my closet a while back a Couple of years ago now And got rid of all of my knee-high boots Part of that thinking too was i was Moving to A new house with a much much smaller Closet and a lot less space But i tended to get a little bit carried Away like i think a lot of us did back a Few years ago and got rid of all of my Knee-high boots but knee-high boots are Trending as i said they're always in Fashion but they will be front and Center this winter everything from Flat sort of riding style knee-high Boots knee-high boots with a little bit Of a chunky sole I love the fact that they are really Versatile they look great one-under Dresses and again if you're going to Jump on the turtleneck under dresses and Skirts then knee-high boots are a great Option as well and in terms of warmth You can't beat them so style and warmth And comfort definitely go hand in hand With knee-high boots and that is what This winter is all about now this next Trend is a bit of an interesting one and We have seen over the last couple of Seasons a real sort of reintroduction of Faux leather and leather pieces again And certainly in the way of leather Shirts and jackets but what we are

Seeing this winter in full force is the Return of leather pants now yes we did See leather and faux leather pants last Season but there was sort of almost a Mix of leather leggings and leather Pants this season is all about leather Pants now i think you do have to be a Little bit careful when it comes to Buying a pair you want a very Classic Pair that is not too Wide leg not too skinny just something Midway which will mean that you Will get much more wear out of it and Out of them and there will be that Longevity that they won't date now i've Been a fan of dresses for a long time But the sweater dress and knit dress are Front and center for winter now in my Mind These pieces are the perfect way to Combine comfort and style so these Dresses are being worn back with Knee-high boots and Faux leather jackets and they are just The ultimate in comfort so whether A sweater style is more your your kind Of vibe which is i suppose more relaxed And a little bit more casual Or a knit dress Would probably be my pick because it Gives you the option of dressing it up Or wearing it more casually with Trainers or with a denim jacket tied

Around your waist But these knit sort of sweater dresses Are Really A comfortable Sensible solution for Looking stylish but also ticking all of Those boxes that you need in winter for Comfort and warmth as well now this next One is really interesting and one that I'm quite excited about and it's the Return of faux fur stalls and Scarves as we've seen in spring summer Have have made a real sort of Return they've picked up their Popularity and scarves we've seen being Worn as tops and Tied to our purses and they've been Everywhere so in my mind the sort of Faux fur stole is like a a winter Version of a scarf and I love these pieces because they are the Pieces that just add a finishing touch To a really Basic outfit so it's that kind of piece That you can Throw on as you walk out the door and it Just adds that little extra Judge to your outfit so take a look at Some of the faux stop stall stalls Stalls stalls Stalls I'm losing it today faux stalls that are Out there and yeah just think of them as

A fun piece that you can add to any Outfit and pretty much the great thing About them is that they give you that Warmth but they also make a little bit Of a style statement at the same time And they're a great thing to thrift so If you Are Looking at your local thrift store have A look at some of these faux fur stalls And i'm picking that you will probably Find the real thing so Have a look at thrift stores but stalls Are Back now talking about the color of the Season it would have to be green and There seems to be This Love affair with bright kelly style Green emerald green I've even seen sort of sage pistachio Greens i have a friend who Ha her favorite color is green and Everything she has in her home Everything she wears is green So this season is perfect for her but Green is just one of those lovely Natural colors It's a fun color it's a color that i've Recently added into my wardrobe and You've probably seen me wear my kelly Green shirt on numerous occasions here But it is a color that's uplifting and It just makes you feel good it's also an

Earthy color which makes you feel Connected to the earth i'm probably Going a little bit deep there but green Is a great color there are going to be Lots of options and it's not a color That we i think are naturally drawn to Unless you're someone that just is Obsessed with the color green like my Friend So maybe if that's if you fall into that Camp that you haven't really thought About the color green before then Definitely give it a go it is a Beautiful color to wear and as i said It's uplifting but also strangely Grounding at the same time if that makes Sense now this one is going to upset a Few of you because i recently mentioned It mentioned this particular trend in a Recent video and i asked you whether you Were On this team or not and that is shackets Now a lot of you actually said you don't Like the word shackets and i kind of Agree it's just a sort of weird word but Maybe we should just call them Shirt jackets or Oversized chunky shirts I don't know what do you think we should Call them but Jackets are really hot for winter and as I said in my recent video They are great because they They can be worn buttoned up they can be

Worn open as more of a lightweight Jacket or cover-up They are versatile and there are some Some different options available this Winter and i know a few of you said that They make you feel like a lumberjack They look sloppy I don't think that they have to look That way and certainly the key is that You wear something a little Slimmer and more fitted down below so That you don't sort of have your Proportions out of whack when you wear a Shacket but there are some great options Out there they're going to keep you warm They're going to give you that final Layer of warmth and comfort But they are also on trend and that just Basically means that there are lots of Options out there for you to choose from As well so Whether you like it or not shackets are Here for winter now last but not least Is ski wear and Puffers fall under this Category but what i am seeing is some Sort of retro Styled ski Connor jackets which i think are very Cool we did see quite a bit of this Happening last winter and it's really Continued on to this year as well so if You dipped your toe in the trend last Winter

Hooray you will still look super on Trend if you're wearing those pieces but I love this particular trend because i Think it is again a timeless trend and These pieces are always going to keep You warm the great thing about them is That they tend to have Great color options available and some Interesting details whether they sort of Tie at your waist which is great for an Over warm piece because they can give You a little bit of shape And so they do have these details that Make them A little bit more versatile in terms of Shaping they have little pockets Zip detailing Great colors so there are options here They're going to keep you warm they're Also going to be great if you love a Sort of Street sporty kind of style if that's Your vibe So i've added them to the list because i Think that they're really versatile As i said what falls under this category Are puffers And i think you cannot beat a great Puffer for winter whether it's a cropped Or full length or it's just a puffer Vest They are in my opinion a must have for Winter so there'll be plenty of puffers Around as well anyway that's it from me

Today i hope you enjoyed this one and if You did i would love you to give it a Big thumbs up don't forget to subscribe To my channel for more and i'll catch You in the next one bye for now [Music] You

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