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Top 10 Wearable Winter Fashion Trends | How To Style




Top 10 Wearable Winter Fashion Trends | How To Style

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Four may have only just arrived but as We know winter isn't far behind it and Coming this winter are some fabulous Wearable trends that are not only going To be comfy and cozy to wear but they're Going to help you create some stylish Outfits [Music] Hi I'm Leone and welcome to my channel So today we're talking Trends and in Particular winter Trends now you guys do Tend to like my Trends videos and the Whole idea behind these videos is just To give you a little bit of inspiration And potentially give you a heads up as To what you can expect to see in the Shops or what are those pieces that you Perhaps already own that you can hang on To so I hope you find some inspiration In today's episode and as I said just Now these particular pieces are not an Exhaustive list of the winter Trends but They are the ones that I have Specifically picked out because I think That they are not only wearable but they Are going to help help you create some Very cool outfits also while I think About it thank you to everyone that has Followed me on the ltk app I mentioned In a video recently that I have just Finally joined ltk if you haven't heard Of it before it's an app a little bit Like Instagram except it is shoppable I Will leave a link to my ltk page down

Below where essentially I am just Creating almost daily content of fashion Finds or fashion items that I've been Influenced to buy and try and I just Wanted to share a little bit more Regular content with you uploading once A week here on YouTube is great but Sometimes I've got well actually a lot I've got more to share and it just kind Of can't wait a week then anyway if you Would like to follow me on ltk it's a Free app I will leave a link in the Description box below but let's get on With these winter Trends now this first Winter trend is one that I am very Excited about and in fact you may not Even call it a trend but leggings are Back and bigger than ever now I have Always been a fan of leggings in fact I Really kind of resort to wearing my Leggings on the weekends I'll team them With a simple sweater or a sweatshirt Usually for me if I'm wearing leggings Out of the house I will never wear them Without tying a denim jacket or a Sweatshirt around my waist I just don't Like that kind of exposed feeling of Leggings but I do love the comfort that They bring and so this winter is all About leggings and now there are three Different types that I am seeing so your Classic sort of gym tight leggings Teamed with trainers or an oversized Sweater which is something that's very

Much happening this season there are Also some leather look leggings Happening and I have even seen some Slight boot cut style leggings as well So if you're not into that kind of super Clingy tight tight gym tight leggings Then you may actually like something That's got a little bit more room and a Little bit of a boot cut just to kind of Give you more of a straight leg as Opposed to them being super tight on you But leggings in my opinion are one of Those items that as I said I have always Worn I find them super comfortable and Easy enough to dress up as well now it Has been quite a while since I've seen This but for someone who dearly loves Wearing black it's music to my ears and I do think that black as we get older Can be a little more difficult to wear Especially if you have a light skin tone Like mine it can seem to be a little bit Harsh and wash you out so for me when it Comes to wearing all black outfits I Definitely need a little bit of makeup Just to give myself a little bit of life And color otherwise it does tend to be a Little bit a little bit harsh on my Aging skin but I am excited about all Black outfits I do find them very easy To style it's kind of a no-brainer when It comes to putting together an All-black outfit if you do want to Create a little bit of interest in your

Outfit there are two ways of doing it That I would suggest one is to add a Little bit of texture so choose black Pieces in different textures and Different weights just to add interest To your outfit and also accessories Again are another really easy way to Give an all black outfit a little bit of An update and certainly the accessories That we're seeing at the moment are kind Of bold I don't think you can see my Necklace here but got bold sort of Statement necklaces and also statement Earrings this necklace just thinking About it is a mixed metal so it's half Gold half Silver if you will um it's just a Costume jewelry piece which I absolutely Love but mixed metals are very much Happening so two ways to update those All black outfits is with accessories And certainly adding some texture to Your look and at this point I'd just Like to say a very big thank you to the Team at Squarespace for sponsoring this Portion of today's episode now I've been A huge fan of Squarespace for many years Even before I started my Squarespace Blog I originally was introduced to Squarespace because I was helping a Client build their own website I was Amazed at how easy it was to build a Website because everything is there for You they even had some amazing templates

That you just choose a template which You like the look and feel of and then You can customize it if you would like To further down the track or not Depending on what you're looking for but Squarespace offers everything you need To really create a solid and Professional online presence now I'm Delighted today to say that the team at Squarespace are offering you a 10 Discount out of your first website or Domain now what I suggest you do is whip On over to and take Advantage of their free trial when You're ready to push play simply use my Unique URL which is Forward slash the style Insider and my Code which is simply the style Insider And that will give you your 10 discount I will leave a link in the description Box below but definitely go and check Them out if you need to get yourself Online if you have products to sell if You want to start a blog whatever it may Be Squarespace in my opinion is by far The easiest way to do it now next up is Denim now I've talked quite a bit about Denim in previous videos and touched on Some of the denim jeans that we will be Seeing for fall winter this year let me Know in the comments below actually if You would like to see a full video Dedicated to denim jeans and Trends and Kind of how to wear some of those

Particular Styles and I kind of thought About out doing a bit of a video on Which figures work best with which style Of Jean those videos always tend to get Me in hot water but let me know if you Would like a dedicated denim jeans video But in terms of denim for winter I am Seeing denim vests quite a bit and also Some beautiful denim Blazers and short Sleeve shirts now I have never really Been a fan of the denim short sleeve Shirt in fact I don't think I've seen Too many of them in the past but I love The look of these kind of boxy they look Like this sort of summery denim shirts But they're in a Midway weight Denim and They look great with a beautiful Turtleneck layered underneath so Definitely be they're they're being kind Of used as a bit of a layering piece or Just a kind of a finishing piece of an Outfit just to give it a little bit of Extra Edge so in particular denim vests And the short sleeve denim denim shirts As well I've also seen some denim Blazers so denim never goes out of Fashion in my opinion so any of these Pieces you can hold on to for years to Come and just sort of keep rotating them With different outfits but I especially Like some of these new shorter sleeve Trends that are happening for winter Oh And before I forget I am still wearing My plaster here and if you watch the

Video when I talked about this a couple Of videos ago a couple of weeks ago I Actually had a sun sun cancer removed From my arm the results came back from The lab saying that it was actually a Squamous cell carcinoma which isn't as Bad as a melanoma but it still has the Potential to spread so I had to go back Get some more removed and the that Little sample is now at the lab again so That's what this unsightly plaster is Here but perhaps use this as a little Bit of a word of warning too take care Of your skin if you notice anything that Is not quite normal or a little bit Different or changed this was absolutely Tiny it was a little tiny rough dot that Had been there for probably about six Months and I kind of thought nothing of It because it was so small and Insignificant but it turns out that yeah It was a cancerous little spot so if Something isn't looking right definitely Use this as a bit of a public service Announcement to go and get your skin Checked and certainly if you're heading Away and escaping the cold weather then Make sure you wear sunscreen that's not Something I did enough growing up in Australia and unfortunately have damaged My skin but whatever you can do to Protect your skin and look after it now Um yeah please do but also the the main Take at home is if you notice anything

That is just not quite right or has Changed on your skin definitely go and Get it checked out and while all sorts Of denim jeans are having a moment for Fall winter this year including Barrel Leg and wide leg one of the key pant Trends for winter is a slouchy tailored Pant now I know you guys tend to be Divided on this look but a slouchy Tailored trouser can actually look Casual it can be dressed down and warm With sort of a trainer but it can also Be elevated to wear out to dinner or to More of a formal type event so I love The idea of these slouchy trousers being A great addition to your wardrobe if you Pick the weight wisely too they are Going to be more of a trans-seasonal Piece that you can kind of wear as the Weather gets warmer as well but a Slouchy tailored trouser that fits you Well is always going to be an absolute Winner what I do tend to look for in the Slouchy trousers is a little bit of Elastication through the waistband at The back and I know that some of you Will be saying a hard no to that but What it does tend to do is it creates a A little bit of Flexibility in your sizing it also means That you don't get any of that sort of Gaping at the waistband and just a Little bit more comfort with them as Well but over to you if you don't like

The elasticated waistband and I'm not Saying a full elasticated waistband just Certainly the elastication just at the Back and it does create a very Comfortable slouchy trouser and you're Not going to feel all buttoned up and Tight and restricted but slouchy Trousers are definitely a happening look For winter now this season when it comes To dresses the most prominent trend is Ruching Gathering draping you know the The type of dress that I mean a real Sort of Grecian inspired style now the Reason I particularly like these dresses Is because they are obviously super Comfortable but they also tend to Highlight the female form and show off All of our curves and show them off in All of the right places and for those of You out there that don't have curves They're going to give the illusion of Curves as well so take a look at some of These Grecian style dresses as I said They are comfy they always look good and Again they're quite Timeless as well so If you do invest in one you are going to Be able to wear it and love it for years To come they're stretchy too so if you Change in shape and size it doesn't Matter so this season has been all about Highlighting our wastes and I've seen Lots of and talked about this in recent Videos belts being used to cinch our Wastes in and kind of get some more wear

Out of some of those oversized man style Blazers it's been all about highlighting Our waist and as a flow on from that Peplums have made their way back now if You're anything like me and you get a Little bit tired of doing a half tuck or A French tuck or no tuck then peplums Are a very easy way to kind of avoid all Of that but have an outfit that just Looks put together and one that you Don't have to kind of touch or fiddle With they also do exactly what I just Said and I highlight light your waist And really kind of amplify the female Form which is always in my opinion a Really good look so keep an eye out for Some of these lovely peplums I know that They're not for everyone but they are Far more wearable than you perhaps Realize now they're always prints of the Season and prints that kind of really Tend to dominate and the print that is Really making a comeback this season is Polka dots now I always think of that Pretty woman scene where Julia Roberts Is at the races in her brown and white Polka dot dress but I've got to say I Really do love polka dots and they tend To be lots of different sizes and shapes On offer as well so if you already own Some polka dot pieces definitely drag Them out from the back of the cupboard And reintroduce them into some of your Outfits and remember when I talk about

Bringing pieces back and reintroducing Them it sometimes requires you to have a Little bit of a play in your wardrobe Try on a few of those pieces that you Perhaps haven't worn for a long time Team them with some of your newer pants Or jeans or skirts and create some new Modern outfits but when it comes to Prints one of the key prints for winter Is polka dots let me know in the Comments below if you like polka dots or You're not much of a fan now this one is Probably a bit of a no-brainer but faux Fur jackets are happening in a very big Way for winter yes they did happen last Year as well so expect to see them again And they seem to be almost muppet-like Really big bold colorful fluffy snuggly Faux fur jackets and coats so there Really is something for everyone they're Making a colorful bold statement but They're also going to keep you super Warm as well so Make like the Muppets and stay warm and Cozy in some of these super-sized lovely Faux fur coats and jackets now if you're Anything like me and you kind of have to Tame that inner Magpie then you're going To love the fact that sequins are making A huge comeback for winter as well now I've seen Michael Kors scent models down The runway wearing sequins also in a Current Stephen maisel Zara Collaboration there was a beautiful

Sequined well it looks like a denim Jacket but it's basically a denim style But it's a sequin jacket so more and More these sequin pieces are coming in And it really is just about wearing them During the day and wearing them for Every day it's not about keeping your Sequins for good or making them sort of Just party wear it's very much about Sequins for everyday wear so if you like Things that shine and Sparkle like I do I'm definitely gonna have to hold myself Back but if you do like anything that Shines and is sparkly then you are going To love some of these beautiful sequin Pieces that are happening for winter They're perhaps not as practical as they Could be but they're definitely going to Give your cold winter dreary days a Little bit of a lift and last but not Least are Kilts now Alexander McQueen Vivian Westwood sent their models down The runway wearing Kilts and when I First thought of kilts I wasn't a huge Fan but in saying that I do think that There are some really lovely ways that They can be incorporated into your Wardrobe in fact I've even seen some Shorter style Kilts being worn over Jeans and pants so don't necessarily Think your traditional Kilt which may Sort of seem a a little bit Dare I say frumpy but Kilts are kind of Having a little bit of a moment and they

Are getting a little bit of a modern Makeover so I do think that they can add A little bit of something interesting to Your outfits and as I said it is all About the styling how this particular Plaid is styled so I'm going to try and Find a few images to kind of show you What I mean here and a few Kilts that Are definitely worth taking a little Look at and I know that this one is a Little bit a little bit out there and Potentially will push you a little bit But I do think that this one is worth Mentioning and worth including in Today's episode because it's a little Bit different but it's also a a good Basic piece that you could own and love And wear Forever these particular pieces don't Change they you know a kilt is a kilt is A kilt no matter when you buy it and Where you buy it so think about a kilt As just an added piece that you can Create a very interesting fun and Slightly colorful outfit for winter now You've got a good handle on the winter Fashion trends that are heading our way Real soon why not take a look at some of The pieces that I picked up recently at Zara so click or tap on the screen here And I will see you there [Music] Foreign [Music]

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