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Top 10 Wearable Sweater Trends | Fall Fashion Trends




Top 10 Wearable Sweater Trends | Fall Fashion Trends

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Sweater season is almost here which is Why now is the perfect time to talk Sweater trends Hi I'm leonie and welcome to my channel I spent 20 years working in women's Magazines with seven of those editing New Zealand's top selling fashion Magazine fashion quarterly when I left Magazines I started this YouTube channel To share my passion for fashion with you I also love a good shortcut so consider This channel your shortcut to style now Today we're talking about sweaters and In particular the key looks that we can Expect to see over the coming months now Sweaters in my opinion are more classic Pieces than they are Trend pieces but Essentially the 10 looks that I'm Sharing with you today are pieces that Are going to be readily available in the Coming weeks and months but they're also Going to be pieces that you'll be able To wear for far more than just one Season also I have an amazing discount Code from the team at Javi coffee to Share with you and if you're a coffee Lover you're going to want to hear about This one because it's a really generous Discount so stay tuned for that but in The meantime let's start talking about Some of these sweater Trends because There are some really gorgeous options Out there or certainly heading our way Real soon now this first trend is

Probably not going to come as much of a Surprise because I have talked about it Quite a bit here in the last few videos But that is the trend for wearing Collared sweaters now there are lots of Different interpretation of this trend So it's obviously quite a preppy look Some pieces are a little bit more preppy Than others a lot of the collared pieces Have a little zip detail which I think Is really cute and definitely very handy And some colored knits I've seen are Fully buttoned down the front so they Are more like a cardigan but I am seeing Them being worn more as a sweater so They're fully buttoned down I like that Versatility of being able to kind of Wear them a couple of different ways but But certainly knitwear with collars has To be in my opinion the biggest sweater Trend for the season now next up is also A bit of a classic and that is the Striped Sweater but what I am seeing for This year is Striped sweaters being slightly more Oversized and more boyfriend style which Is a really good and easy look to wear Especially if you're going to use it as A layering piece and leggings for Example are going to be big for winter So they look great teamed over leggings Just to create a a cozy look but one That's just a little bit more Sophisticated as well so there's lots of

Interpretations of stripy sweaters and I Suppose what does tend to change is the Size of the stripe and the cut of the Sweater and as I said this season is all About these slightly oversized striped Sweater which is in my opinion a really Good staple now at this point I'd just Like to say a very big thank you to the Team at jabi coffee for sponsoring this Portion of today's episode now as I Mentioned earlier Javi coffee are giving You a really cool 25 discount today so I'm going to share that code with you Shortly but if you haven't heard of Javi Before they make amazing coffee Concentrates so this little bottle here Holds 30 cups of coffee well essentially It doesn't but you can make 30 cups of Coffee from one of these little bottles And for me I find that's super handy Because I don't have to have a big Coffee machine sitting on my kitchen Counter there's no mess no fuss it's Quick and easy and the best thing of all Is the Javi coffee tastes delicious my Favorite is their French vanilla which I've been enjoying for some time now but I also love dipping my toe into some of The limited edition flavors that they Come out with I'm totally loving this Sugar cookie flavor at the moment it is A limited edition flavor so it's here For a good time not a long time so if That one excites you definitely give it

A try and just to give you a little bit Of a heads up on Javi all of the coffees Are made from 100 natural arabica beans And they use the purest of water all you Need to make a delicious coffee is a Teaspoon of Javi coffee added to your Liquid of choice so for me I Particularly love soy milk and almond Milk but lately I've actually been Getting into a little bit of coconut Milk as well so you choose the liquid of Your choice and then the coffee is easy Peasy to make as I said Javi is offering You a 25 discount off anything on this Site all you need to do is use my link And that is simply by dot forward slash style Insider use my code which is simply Style Insider and you will get that Discount I'll leave a link that or that Particular Link in my description box Below so you can go down there and click On that that will take you through but Yes style Insider at checkout will get You that 25 off but if you love Delicious coffee without any mess or Fuss then definitely give it a try now Next up is the ultimate in cozy classic Knits and that is a cable knit sweater And what I have noticed is that this Season cable knits are not quite as Thick and chunky I know in the last Couple of winters we've seen really Thick chunky and quite oversized cable

Knits but they've sort of become a Little bit more refined this season Which I think is kind of helpful because They are going to team really Beautifully with a lot of the tailored And wide leg trousers that are are Really happening at the moment so cable Nets are here and I'm sure you're saying That they're a classic they're not a Trend and you would be right but there Are going to be lots of them on offer This season now next up is a really Gorgeous one and that is a trend for Wearing open weave sweaters now Admittedly these sweaters aren't Designed to necessarily keep you warm so You do have to put a little bit more Thought and effort into looking at how You're going to layer them and make them Work but the texture in these just makes Them such an interesting piece to Incorporate into a simple outfit so have A look and keep an eye out for some of These beautiful open weave sweaters I've Seen some gorgeous open weave cardies as Well which are really pretty and easy to Wear so I especially love the texture in These but again you do have to put a Little bit more thought into how you're Going to layer them to make them weather Appropriate now next up expect to see Lots of light neutrals on offer as well So there seems to be every sweater Imaginable in a really light neutral

Color and these pieces are great because They're obviously Timeless they're great For layering they work with everything You own and I am seeing them sort of Leaning into that whole prippy Trend as Well so draping and wrapping them over Your shoulders just to give a simple Outfit a little bit of interest to give You a bit more warmth perfect for Transition trans seasonal months where The weather hasn't quite decided whether It's cold or warm or what's going on so These light neutrals are just good basic Pieces to own and you will have them for A really long time so there are plenty On offer at the moment now the next Trend and one that I think is just the Ultimate and cozy comfy dressing and That is sweater dresses and this season Sweater dresses are coming in every Single shape and form from fitted to More loose and oversized different Lengths I've seen midis I've seen Sweater dresses that are above the knee So great for layering with tights Knee-high boo boots Blazers coats Jackets Sweater dresses in my opinion are just a Really easy easy cozy classic piece to Own there are different necklines on Offer as well so if you've thought about Wearing a sweater dress in the past but Haven't dipped your toe in the trend Now's a great time to do it because

There are so many options out there Another big trend for sweaters this Season is the injection of some bright Color and I think we enjoyed wearing That over spring summer there was the Whole sort of dopamine dressing with Bright vibrant colors everywhere and That's also being carried over into full Winter with knitwear so there are some Beautiful sweaters that I've seen in Vibrant tangerines bright yellows Reds Beautiful pinks in fact I've seen a pink One here that I am so tempted to to get Myself because I think just adding a Bright colorful sweater is a really fun Way to just add a little bit of Something extra to your winter outfits Especially if it is dull and dreary Outside go for that dopamine dressing Here and add a bit of color so there are Some really great sweater or colorful Sweater options available this season as Well now this next Trend isn't strictly A sweater but it made sense to include It here and that is the trend for Wearing Coords or knitted sets and I've seen Some really beautiful options of Gorgeous knitted tanks and almost Um camisole type knits with matching Little cardi sets some of the cardies Have collars on them which is a nod to a Big Trend this season but these sets are Super versatile a game perfect for

Layering but also like any set you get The option of wearing it together so You're done you've got your outfit Sorted or you can mix and match them With other cases that you own separate Them and wear them in different ways so These beautiful knit sets as I said are Not strictly sweaters as such but they Just it just made sense to include them In today's lineup because they're a Really hot look for the season they're Knitwear and they are super versatile Now I think this next trend is going to Divide you but it is the trend for Oversized crew neck and v-neck sweaters And I know a lot of you are tiring of that Oversized look but it's it's still here And obviously we saw a lot of oversized Shirts and Blazers for spring summer That look is being carried over to the Cooler months as well so the Interpretation of that over the sort of Fall winter is an oversized sweater and Yeah I have seen both crewnecks and and V-necks so there's kind of something for Everyone it's very much an oversized Relaxed sweater last season was all About the chunky really chunky oversized Nets and this season they've been sort Of paired back a little bit which I Think is great because it's more of a Classic look and more of an easy sweater To incorporate into different outfits

And it's an easy piece to dress up or Wear more casually where the chunkier Knits do tend to just skew a little bit More casually natural actually but these Yeah classic crew and v-neck sweaters That are oversized are going to be Everywhere and yeah they're super handy Warm cozy and just an easy addition to Your outfits now last but not least and While this is not going to be a huge Trend it is going to be around so Definitely worth including here and that Is the trend for wearing hairy sweaters So they look really sort of textured and Mo hairy which in my mind gives gives Them a little bit of an elevated look Gives them a little bit of a look of Being perhaps more expensive than they Are but the texture is probably what I Think is the most valuable part of these Sweaters you get the texture but without The bulk of those super sized super Chunky sweaters that we saw last season So these hairy sweaters are here I'll Find a few here so that I can share them With you to give you an idea of what I'm Talking about but Hairy textured sweaters are definitely a Look for the season as well anyway That's it from me today I hope you Enjoyed this one and if you did I would Love you to give it a big thumbs up Don't forget to subscribe to my channel For more and also don't forget to take

Advantage of that Javi discount code if You are a coffee lover like me anyway Thank you for watching and I look Forward to seeing you in the next one Bye for now Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music]

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