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Top 10 Wearable Spring 2024 Fashion Trends




Top 10 Wearable Spring 2024 Fashion Trends

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Winter may not even be in full swing yet But to help you plan ahead I'm sharing The most wearable spring fashion trends That I'm sure you're going to [Music] Love hi I'm Leon and welcome to my Channel today I'm talking spring fashion Trends and there are a couple of really Interesting ones here and in fact I'm Going to keep the best till last and I Know this one is going to make a number Of you very happy so anyway I hope you Enjoy today's episode I as you can see Am back here in New Zealand I'm very sad To have left the us but I had an amazing Six weeks over there with my boys so Anyway before I keep rabbiting on Happy New Year to everyone great to see you Great to be back here and let's get on With these Trends now arguably the Biggest Trend that is set to dominate This spring is one that I'm calling Classic styling now it was originally Referred to as quiet luxury I did a Video on that last year I took it down I'm not going to go into that but what I Am going to do is put the spotlight on Classic styling and essentially it is Elevated Basics that are Timeless They're not covered in logos they're not Attached to a Particular year or genre they're very Good C basic pieces that are going to Really form a good foundation for

Creating all sorts of interesting Outfits these pieces do tend to be a Little bit more high-end they're a Little bit more tailored and that's not Saying that you can't actually wear some Of these tailored pieces in a very Casual way it's a little bit like the Office has moved to the street and so It's about taking one part of what would Traditionally have been more of a a kind Of a a corporate outfit and creating More of a modern street style look so That could be as simple as just some Tailored trousers worn back with a T-shirt and some trainers just kind of Mixing it up a little bit but that very Classic simple minimalist styling is Going to completely dominate for spring In fact it's also going to continue on For the rest of 24 so if you like this Look then it's time to invest because It's not going anywhere and at this Point I'd just like to say a very big Thank you to salmont for sponsoring this Portion of today's episode if you've Never heard of song want before it's a Beautiful brand that offers luxury Quality and an accessible price point They use high quality full grain Leather So their bags feel luxurious and Extremely durable so you don't have to Worry about scuffs and stains the Designs are not only beautiful but also So practical before I walk you through

Why I particularly love the bags that I Chose I wanted to share a discount offer From the team at songm mon which is to Save 12% off your order all you need to Do is use the code Leoni 12 at checkout To take advantage of that great deal now I chose two bags from songm Mon and the First one is a drippy hobo bag in this Beautiful Olive Suede and I also Couldn't help but pick the viral Luna Bag bag which is just a classic Beauty And so versatile it's basically four Bags in one you can wear it as it is as A shoulder bag as a mini dumpling little Croissant look bag and you can also wear It as a wristlet the final way and Probably my favorite way to wear this Bag is as a crossbody bag and this is a Good one if like me you prefer to go Handsfree to me this makes the the Luna The ultimate bag it will see you through Any occasion from day to night Considering how many ways you're going To wear it the actual cost per wear on This bag will be amazing it's an Absolute classic in my mind and one that I'll love and wear for many years it's Also the perfect neutral tone too which I especially love I absolutely love the Drippy tote in Olive suede I've been Carrying it ever since I got back from The US because as you can see it fits a Lot it's made of real suede in this Gorgeous khaky olive color it has an

Adjustable full grain leather strap so You can wear it as a shoulder tote or Even a cross body it has a really handy Inner pocket for small items like your Keys and a lipstick and at the top it Has this magnetic closure to keep Everything nice and safe the strap also Has pockets on either side large enough To fit an iPhone and the Magnetic Attachments on on the side make sure That these flaps don't sort of flop Around all over the place it keeps them Nice and snug and in place it also has Little foot studs as you can see here to Stop it from getting dirty and to help Maintain its shape both of these bags in My opinion absolutely beautiful Hardwearing and classic bags that you Will get lots and lots of wear out of For years to come and that's my motto This year I am buying well and buying Less so if you like these bags or if you Want to see what else songm do then whip On over to their website I will leave a Link in the description box below but Also don't forget to take advantage of That offer which is Leoni 12 to save 12% Off your order now let's get back to the Video now next up is the Return of Black And I did touch on this in a recent Video but it is quite surprising and a Little unusual to be seeing so much Black in Spring we can normally expect To see lots of vibrant colors and

Patterns and florals of course but this Spring you will see those but there is Also a really dominant feature of black Making a comeback as well now I'm kind Of giving a odd to that Trend today and I do think it also leads in very nicely To that kind of more minimalist style of Classic dressing that we are seeing Gaining momentum black in my opinion is Always a very chic look especially Wearing it in a monochrome fashion sort Of all black outfits are very much what We can expect to see and certainly it's A little bit of a a change from sort of The peacocking colors that we have seen Of late and certainly a lot of those Sort of bright jeweled colors that we Can expect to see this winter so think About black as your new staple and of Course it is universally flattering if You want to break it up a little bit Then oper a piece like this that's a Little bit sheerer so that it kind of Doesn't look quite so heavy but black is Definitely back for spring now one of The other trends that is going to be Huge this spring and one that I do think Is extremely flattering and that is Pretty peplums I did see designers send Their models down the runway wearing Some gorgeous floaty lightweight pum Tops and what I should say too is that There's quite a return to crop more Fitted jeans and these pretty peplums

Work back beautifully with that style of Of denim so keep an eye out for them I Know they're not going to be a favorite For everyone but they are potentially Very pretty very good for spring they're As I said feminine what I have seen the The designers show is more of a sort of A a floaty Airy style peplum so it's Feminine it's fun fun and perfect for Spring now this season has been all About belts and cinching ourselves in at Our waist to kind of emphasize our Silhouette spring seems to be taking a Turn to the other way and there seem to Be a lot of drop waist dresses coming Back now these drop waist Styles Definitely tend to in my opinion be the Most flattering on more slender bodies With smaller bust and hip But certainly when it comes to fitting Them and styling them as long as you Don't have them too fitted they can Really give your or give the illusion of Different proportions to what you really Have depending on where that drop Dropped waistline actually falls so just Proceed with a little bit of caution but Also potentially use them just to alter Your proportions a little bit to create More of a a flattering look if that's What you're going for now this next is a Real favorite of mine and that is the Return of boxy style cropped Blazers and Jackets and of course the last sort of

Spring summer we saw oversized men's Blazers men's Star Blazers and we will Be still seeing a little bit of that but What we are also seeing along with Bombers is these beautiful boxy style Cropped jackets now I just think that They are a fantastic layering piece They're easy to wear great to cover up Your arms if you like to do that and They just create an Interesting an interesting outfit in my Opinion and don't be worried about Bearing your midriff you can wear them Over a maxi slip dress or a maxi dress You can wear a t-shirt or a top that Hangs a little bit lower underneath it's Not all about having everything finish Where your jacket finishes but these Crop jackets are really versatile There's not too much weight to them They're just an easy addition to a Spring wardrobe so I'm very excited that There are going to be plenty of options On offer now I didn't actually think That I would be including this trend but Cpri pants are coming back now this is Probably going to divide some of you Some of you will love Capri some not so Much but what is happening and what we Can expect to see are capri pants that Fall just below your knee and I think That's the key when it comes to this Style of pants it's where they actually Fall so steer clear of any Capri that

Fall midcal they are not going to be Flattering but anything that is just Above your knee or even just below your Calf is going to be a good option just Steer clear of that midcalf fall it's Really not good on anyone but capri Pants are here they're going to give Your outfits a bit of a sporty Edge and They can be teen back with some flat Sandals oversized button- down shirts Which you can grab from more of your Sort of classic minimalist styling but There are options here with these Capri And they are also practical so Capri are Back and I can't quite believe I'm Excited about it now this one isn't Actually new but it is gaining momentum In Spring and that is sheer layering Pieces now I talked about Shear pieces a Few videos ago and that was sheer pieces For fall winter which I just feel tend To be pretty tricky to actually style But for spring summer they that's a Different story in my mind so expect to See lots of these sheer pieces and a Little bit like the woven pieces that I Spoke about earlier it really is just What you wear underneath to kind of make It more wearable and every day so think About some of these sheer pieces they do Give you that versatility and giving you A bit of coverage but they're not too Heavy as the weather starts to heat up And you can have a little bit of fun

With coordinating different colored Pieces underneath just to give those Sheer pieces a different look and feel So don't write them off have a little Bit of fun with them they're nothing to Be scared of but you do have to put a Little bit of thought into some of those Pieces that you team team them with and Wear underneath I couldn't put this Video together without sharing kitten Heels now we have seen kitten heels as a Happening thing for the last few seasons I was going to say few months yep it has Been the last few months but kitten Heels are very much here to stay and if Like me you don't like tottering around In high heels and Feeling or sacrificing your comfort for Style then kitten heels are kind of that Middle ground they're generally super Comfy they're not too high and they just Go with everything from dresses to pants To jeans they're the Ultimate Shoe when It comes to wanting something that's a Little bit more elevated than say a Trainer or just a flat sandal or a Loafer so kitten heels are here to stay If you've been wearing them over fall Winter or over the last 12 months keep Them don't part with them they are going To be bigger and better than ever for Spring summer so hang on to them now I Know there's been a lot of talk about Lowrise coming back but I am not seeing

Any real evidence of that for spring This year and in fact some of the Rises On pants that I'm seeing are if anything Going up so even paper bag style wastes But high-rise pants are definitely here And definitely here for the Long Haul I Think the only thing that we need to Keep in mind with these pants is to Perhaps team them with something that's A little more fitted on top and they do Tend to look particularly good if you Tuck in whatever you're wearing on top Also if you are looking to create the Illusion of longer legs these highrise Pants are the easiest way to do it and Last but not least this one is one that I have completely ignored today but it's Not spring yet so that's okay but side Parts are returning now I'm talking About my hair or hair trends in general I keep seeing models coming down the Runway with side parts and really deep Side Parts in fact I had a very deep Side part on my wedding day I will try And grab a picture of that it was many Years ago but I'll pop up a picture here So you can have a look because I get Lots of comments on the way I part my Hair or style my hair and in fact the Returning I'm definitely going to give It a go again just to change things up a Little bit but in terms of hair and Styling it has all been about the middle Part for a really long time but we're

Moving to the side and I know those of You out there that don't like my metal Part are going to be very happy about This one and if you enjoyed today's Episode I'm sure you're going to love to Hear about the biggest trends that are Set to be huge this year if you would Click or tap on the screen here and I Look forward to seeing you [Music] There

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