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Top 10 Wearable Fall Fashion Trends To Shop Now | 2023 Fashion Trends




Top 10 Wearable Fall Fashion Trends To Shop Now | 2023 Fashion Trends

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It may still be hot where you are but The good news is there are some amazing Fall fashion finds that have arrived Early and are definitely worth taking a Look at right now [Music] Hi I'm Leone and welcome to my channel Now you may have noticed online if You've been having a look at some of Your favorite stores that they are Starting to drop some fall fashion now It's always around this time of year That that happens so I've been out and About and also having a little look Online to find some amazing fall fashion Trends that I believe are definitely Worth shopping right now oh in case you Were wondering what this is I've just Had a skin cancer removed and have a Couple of stitches in there so sorry it Kind of looks a little bit unsightly but It is what it is and maybe just take This as a friendly reminder to either Stay out of the Sun or wear sunscreen Two things that I did not do growing up In Australia and boy am I regretting it Now anyway let's get on with some of These Fab fashion finds that I'm super Excited to share with you so one of the Key fall Trends is satin now I mentioned Saturn in a recent video saying that I Wouldn't go near it but what I was Talking about was actual satin fabric The problem with Saturn is that it

Stains really easily anytime you get a Little bit of a drip of water on it it Tends to stain and also unless you pay a Little bit more for those pieces Satin just doesn't look well made it's a Really tricky fabric too so and for that Reason it just doesn't always look great But the good news is there are some Satin look Fabrics around at the moment And they give you that sort of Sheen and That polished look but they're a fabric That is more sustainable and also one That just looks and wears better so I Have found a couple one in particular is A fabric called Cut Pro or coupon please Let me know how you actually pronounce That I'm not sure so I'm calling it Coopro capro I don't know it is what it Is but it is a fabric that mimics satin But wears and looks so much better so I Have uncovered a few pieces here that I Think are really going to give a great Nod to the trend but they're not going To compromise your look because they are Made out of fabrics that just perform so Much better than a classic satin fabric Does and I'm kind of picking that that's Probably what most designers are doing Certainly the High Street designers They're using these Fabrics that that Look like satin but they perform so much Better so definitely take a look at some Of the satin pieces of course they give A really Luxe look and feel and I

Especially love them teamed back with Sort of jeans and giving off that sort Of high low look so I do think that These pieces can add something to your Wardrobe but just be careful of the Fabric that they are made out of now one Of the other top trends for fall is Preppy so very much sort of tailored and Buttoned up and shirts and a very sort Of polished traditional look now what I Am suggesting is that there are some Gorgeous preppy knits that are Definitely worth taking a look at even If you're not completely sold on that Top to toe preppy style some of these Gorgeous preppy knits become Timeless Classics in any wardrobe they're super Versatile especially the little half zip Knits now these have been sort of Trending and happening for a few years Now which is super handy but I love the Fact that the half zip just gives you Options to zip up and keep warm also They're easy to take off and not get Makeup on they are a really good option So I have found some really preppy knits That can kind of give you that preppy Style whether you team a classic Cashmere sweater a simple crewneck Sweater over a button-down shirt these Are pieces that are just going to really Help you build outfits so think of them As cozy layering pieces so as I said if Preppy isn't your style top to toe it

Doesn't matter some of these preppy Knits are definitely great pieces to own And at this point I just like to say a Very big thank you to the team at MD Here for sponsoring this portion of Today's episode now one of the questions That I tend to get asked all the time on My channel is why I don't do anything Differently with my hair now the reality Is over the years I've had my hair in I've worn it in every style imaginable From super short to permed to layered You name it I have tried it but the Reality is that my hair as I'm getting Older is thinning and it's just not what It used to be so I find that this style Is the best one to manage my hair as it Is now so I was really excited when MD Here reached out and wanted to partner With me because they're a brand that I'd Actually looked into and explored using Their products to kind of give me back My thicker more luscious more useful Here that seems to have gone over the Last few years so MD here is the world's First medical grade customized hair Growth treatment and that's one of the Things that I loved about this product It's actually customized to my exact Needs the way it does that is that you Whip on over to the MD hair website and I urge you to do this so you answer a Little questionnaire they ask you a few Really basic questions you can also

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Take advantage of this very cool offer That they are giving you guys today Which is to save 70 off your first kit So that is a whopping saving so it's a Really good one and all you need to do Is use my code which is Insider 70 and The link that I will leave in my Description box below oh I'll also put Up QR code somewhere on the screen here And if you want to just pause this video And scan that QR code that will take you There as well but if you are like me Struggling with hair thinning or hair Growth issues or you would just like to Get back to the Luscious Hair that you Once had then definitely give MD hair a Go the customization and the fact that You get a diagnosis of your hair and Where it's at mine is stage two hair Loss switches a little scary but you get The treatment that you personally need And that customization is definitely What made it really exciting for me to Explore MD here so definitely go and Check them out and all the details are In the description box below and when it Comes to preppy style the most iconic Piece is a classic button-down white Shirt now I have been talking about White shirts for probably a year now but It seems to be the piece that every Designer is showing which basically just Means that that's going to flow through To the High Street and to brands that we

All shop regularly so a classic white Shirt in my opinion is one of those Pieces that regardless if you like Preppy style or not is going to work Really hard in your wardrobe it is a Piece that you can throw on over jeans Or tailored trousers or over a skirt you Can wear it buttoned up open with a tank Underneath there are really lots and Lots of options for wearing a good basic White shirt now what I would suggest is Probably opting for something without Any bells or whistles or tie details or Puff sleeves just that traditional Classic quality white shirt in Preferably 100 cotton or if you prefer One that's a little bit more fitted I Would opt for a blend so there's a Little bit of stretch in the fabric There but having a classic simple Timeless white shirt is definitely going To be a really good piece to own this Season and for many years to come now Double denim is a trend that's been Happening for some time and it is a big Trend for fall now expect to see denim Maxi skirts which I know we've been Talking about for ages now but denim Maxis are definitely going to be where It's at this season I've also noticed Some denim pants so obviously we've been Enjoying a lot of wide leg tailored Pants of late I have seen some denim Jeans but cut in a wide leg pants style

And I've also seen what seems to be a Popular cut and that's sort of a barrel Leg where the jeans kind of barrel out At the sides and come down to more of a Narrower ankle but these jeans are in my Opinion really flattering certainly the Barrel and the tailored jeans are Definitely going to give you a little Bit of a Modern Edge for the season but There is everything available at the Moment from even skinnies to straight Leg denim jeans to oversized boyfriend Style obviously high-waisted jeans there Really is something for everyone and I Know a number of you are often Saying to me that genes are just not Your thing but if there was ever a time To try and find your perfect pair then Now is that time and what I suggest if You are new to wearing jeans is don't Buy them online go in store and take an Hour or so go somewhere that specializes In Denim and try on lots of different Styles I think you'll be surprised if You invest a little bit of time you will Find a peer to love and you'll end up Wondering what you wore before you found Them so definitely think about denim as A really good option this season and if Double denim isn't for you that's okay As well just wear them with some of your Other favorite pieces but denim is Definitely where it's at now we all know That maxi skirts are happening for fall

I'm sure you've seen them everywhere That hemlinks are either Maxi or their Mini there doesn't seem to be a lot in Between but the maxi skirt that really Keeps popping up on all of my online Searches is the plated Maxi now this is Just music to my ears I've got a couple Of pleated Maxis that I love and one That I've owned for years and years and It's a perfect piece to just bring out And dress up or wear more casually they Are super comfy to wear and in fact I Have my eye on the Frankie shop gold or Silver Maxi now I can't actually decide Which one I want it makes me kind of Think I probably should get both because They'll be timeless pieces that I will Love and wear for years to come but Please let me know in the comments below I'll put a pic of both of them up here And what do you think I should go for The gold or the silver I would really Appreciate your help on this but these Beautiful Maxis as I said are just a Great piece to wear with say a logo T-shirt or they can also be worn with a Camisole or even with a knit as the Weather cools down you can wear them With trainers with knee-high boots with Ankle boots the options of styling these Pieces are endless and they're super Comfy practical and if you own one I Promise you you will have it for years And years but I am super excited about

These Maxi pleated skirts really having A moment now sweater dresses in my Opinion are the easiest way to bring Sort of Summer style into the colder Months and sweater dresses seem to be Everywhere at the moment so they are a Really easy piece to wear they are a Great base layer to build an outfit from As well so obviously you get that one And done Factor because a suite address Is put it on and you're good to go but If you do want to layer up and build an Outfit you can add a shirt over the top Or a Blazer over your shoulders or you Can really do whatever you want with These sweater dresses because obviously Some of them are tank style some of them Have sleeves but in my opinion and they Are just a classic base layer that Really takes you through to the colder Months as well so you can layer up as it Gets colder and again these dresses are Like our Maxi pleated skirts are really Easy to dress up or wear more casually And that's the beauty of them they're Super comfy they look Chic and just look A little bit more special and they're Going to keep you warm and snuggly right Through to the winter months as well so They are a really good investment to Grab now if you haven't already jumped On this bandwagon now we've seen a lot Of bare midriffs in the last couple of Seasons and what we are going to see in

Fall this year is the return of cropped Style jackets now don't panic because What designers are doing with them is Strategically layering pieces underneath So if you are happy with showing off Your midriff great these pieces are Going to be great for you just to give You that little bit of warmth but you Can still bear your midriff but if you Don't like showing off your midriff like Me then layering pieces become your best Friend but jackets for the last couple Of seasons have tended to be more Oversized and very much more covered up But the crop jackets are really where It's at but as I said don't be scared of This because layering pieces underneath Is a really good way to wear them and Sometimes the layered piece underneath Just gives you that opportunity to Create a little bit of a striking Contrast but most of the crop jackets Are quite boxy really sort of buying Into that utilitarian style of dressing And the great thing about them is that They're not really going to date either Obviously the trend of wearing a cropped Style jacket will change and sometimes Come and go but the style won't change At all so if you like crop jackets in Fact I've got a couple from a few years Back that I'll just bring them back out And wear and enjoy them again but crop Jackets are

Especially easy to wear with higher Rised waistbands like high-rise jeans And skirts which are still very much Here so if you do like your high rise Then a crop jacket is definitely a Really good option oh and while I Remember I've also seen some gorgeous Denim cropped jackets and I've been Wanting to do this for the last couple Of Seasons so I'm definitely going to go And Thrift myself one and just chop it Off because I love that Hilo dressing of Wearing a cropped denim jacket over a Pretty evening style dress so I'm going To do that and yeah maybe think about Doing that yourself the cropped denim Jackets are definitely a good look in my Opinion I've also noticed a lot of Quality Basics that are around at the Moment which makes sense at the Beginning of a new season but there are Some beautiful long sleeve tees which I Have talked about in past videos in fact I needed one today just to cover up a Little bit but there are some gorgeous Options and again a long sleeve tea is Just a fantastic trans seasonal piece And a great layering piece there are Some lovely striped options some I saw One I'll try and flick it up here a Beautiful stripe with a contrasting Color neckline and just just simple Classics like a white black gray Marl These pieces are fantastic for those

Days where it's just starting to get a Little bit cold but fall hasn't properly Arrived but don't underestimate the Power of just updating your wardrobe With some good transitional trans Seasonal pieces that are going to make Getting dressed as it gets a little bit Cooler so much easier okay as I Mentioned earlier wide leg pants are Still very much a happening thing and Let me know have you jumped on the the Tailored pant Trend have you been Wearing them have you just stuck with Your jeans or have you decided that You're not going to go anywhere near Them but certainly I've gone that way And really enjoyed wearing my tailored More wider leg pants I just find them Super comfy really easy to wear and just A little bit more polished than say a Pair of jeans but wide leg pants are Very much happening thing I've seen some Really beautiful options that are in Like a fine wool or a fine wool blend Which is the perfect kind of fabric for Fall it's just a a great option for the Weather as it starts to change and get a Little colder but it's not going to be Too hot in case the weather where you Are is still a little undecided but Lovely fine lightweight wool or wool Blend pants are going to be perfect for Fall but let me know in the comments Below have you jumped on the bandwagon

Of wearing tailored wide leg pants yet Or not and if you haven't I'd love to Know why and last but not least I Couldn't help mentioning Beauty Beautiful organic shaped earrings now I Have talked about them in recent videos But I've found some gorgeous options Online in fact I've ordered this Particular pair and was hoping that they Would have arrived by today so that I Could swap out my standard hoops and Wear them but my opinion of a statement Earring and one that is as beautiful as These organic sort of styles and shapes Is that essentially if you buy nothing Else for the season you can update your Look and give a kind of a nod to a trend Without spending a whole lot of money a Statement earring kind of gives a bit of A wow factor without you having to try Too hard and I don't know about you guys But for me sometimes I don't really want To try too hard I just want to put on a Pair of jeans and a t-shirt and add a Statement earring and then I'm actually Just looking a little bit more pulled Together pets before I go out today I Would put a Blazer over my shoulders Crossbody bags sunglasses good to go but Some of those small details like a Statement earring as I said a really Easy way just to update your look Without spending a whole lot of money And it's just it makes your outfits that

You already love and own and perhaps Have worn for a long time seem a little Bit fresh anyway I hope you found Something to love in today's episode and If you'd like to know the 10 most Wearable fall fashion trends heading our Way real soon then click or tap on the Screen here and I'll see you there

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