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Top 10 Wearable Fall 2023 Fashion Trends To Shop Now | The Style Insider




Top 10 Wearable Fall 2023 Fashion Trends To Shop Now | The Style Insider

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Today we're talking fall fashion trends And I know fall hasn't arrived yet but It's just around the corner and there Are some amazing wearable trends that You need to know about [Music] Hi I'm Leone and welcome to my channel Now I always love creating these videos Just to give you a little jump start on The new season and as I said there are Some amazing fall fashion trends but not All of them are overly wearable so today I'm picking out the 10 most wearable Fall fashion trends that I'm sure you're Going to love as much as I do and for Those of you who have been asking to see More sustainable fashion brands I have Found a goodie and I'm going to share it With you shortly but for now let's talk Trends now first up and probably the Most favorite trend of all for me for Fall is the return of circle skirts now I know that Circle skirts are not going To be for everyone but they are a very Feminine pretty sort of flirty option And especially when a lot of skirts are Hemlines are rising skirts are getting Shorter and there were lots of mini Skirts on offer the circle skirts just Provided something a little bit Different to that and and in my opinion They are a relatively easy skirt to wear You do have to be careful that you don't Opt for one that is too full if you are

Petite because it does run the risk of Swamping your figure but a circle skirt Can make an outfit but a circle skirt Can be an easy way to create a a very Interesting outfit teamed with a simple Knit just gives it that sort of high low Mix or pair it with some over the knee Boots for a little bit more of a harder Edge but I'm super excited to see The Return of something that's just a little Bit more feminine for fall now remember Last season how everyone was wearing Those little cut off Uggs you know the ones I'll flick up a Picture here but they were the hot Ticket for fall winter last year and What has happened is that they are still Going to be trending this year but it Seems as though the shearling or the Faux fur is now on the outside so Ugg Have put out a a fluffy pair here now I'm not sure that these are going to be Particularly practical for wearing Outside of the home but they do look Super cute and very snuggly so Definitely continue wearing those little Cut off Uggs that you wore last season But if you do want to update them and Create more of a modern look then think About those accessories that are a Little bit sort of furry on the outside For me personally I think I will stick With my Uggs where I've got the Shearling on the inside I just don't

Really like the idea of them getting all Kind of dirty outside but there are some Beautiful shearling accessories and Woolly fluffy accessories like little Purses and clutches and Handbags that I Think I will add one of those instead in Fact I recently added a shearling bag Let me get it and show you I've shown You before but hang on this is my cute Little shearling Karen Walker bag which I bought probably about I don't know Three four months ago and it's a cute Little crossbody bag and it's fluffy and I love it been wearing it with Everything and this is the kind of style Certainly not bright orange like this But this is the kind of style that we're Going to see in accessories for fall This year so if you like anything furry And snuggly this is going to be right up Your alley now one of the other trends That is happening in a very big way is The return of hoods now I talked in a Recent video about hoods being seen on Dresses and I didn't really recommend it But there seemed to be hoods on Everything from jackets to coats to Shirts and I think that this can be a Not only a really practical look but it Just adds a little bit of interest to an Outfit especially if you are layering an Outfit and layering some heavier coats And jackets over the top the hood just Gives a little bit of an interest to an

Outfit and just kind of adds that sort Of sporty Luxe look and feel which in my Opinion is always cool and certainly This was a look that we saw a lot last Fall winter but they didn't have the Hoods and I think the hoods just add That little bit of extra practicality And interest so hoods are happening for Fall this year and at this point I'd Just like to say a very big thank you to The sponsor of today's episode and that Is a stunning jewelry brand called Ginger Berry now Ginger Berry is a Gorgeous jewelry brand that is Affordable they also do collections in 18 karat gold plated and also solid 18 Karat gold so there's kind of a price Point for everyone I'm also really Excited to be sharing a discount code With you today and that is style 15 to Save 15 off anything on the ginger Berry Website now I will leave a link to Gingerberry in the description box below But I firstly want to show you some of The beautiful pieces that I selected Myself so take a look at this this one Has to be my all-time favorite necklace It's 18 carat solid gold and it's Actually made using a metal carving Technique to give it that sort of gem Like Spark it is super pretty and looks Great worn on its own or layered with Other pieces this one is the most modern Pearl necklace I've ever seen it's super

Dainty it's also 18 karat gold and the Pearls can actually be moved as you can See you can slide them along and create A very different looking necklace so It's real versatility and this is just a Timeless piece that I will have and own And wear for years to come I also Grabbed a pair of these classic akoya 18 Karat gold pearl earrings which are Timeless they these gorgeous Aphrodite Earrings are also 18 karat gold they're Just such a beautiful shape they fit to Your ear perfectly I love the Craftsmanship with these two because They give such a delicate matte finish Anyway I hope you love those pieces as Much as I do and I've been wearing and Loving them for the last couple of weeks And I know that I will enjoy them for Years to come but don't forget I do have That discount code so that is style 15 To say 15 off anything on the ginger Berry website again that's linked below So definitely go and check that out now Let's get back to those Trends we all Probably know that coordinated sets have Been a big look for the last probably Year actually and certainly summer has Seen the return of gorgeous please say Sit and kind of colorful short sets and Suit sets but for fall this year we can Expect to see some leather or leather Look sets now I think this is a Relatively easy look to pull off and

Certainly if you own some leather or Leather look pieces you can Team them Together and kind of create that almost Set look or the look of an outfit being Coordinated there's also a return of Leggings and sort of pleather leather Leggings this season so maybe it's time To drag out some of those leggings team Them with a leather look shacket or Shirt and you've got a full appropriate Set it's almost like a cool weather take On double denim but we've moved into Double leather or whatever you want to Call it but it's all about coordinated Sets and leather and leather look pieces Teamed together so definitely give it a Go I think it's actually going to be a Practical and very wearable look for the Cooler months Now every season there seems to be a Color that is hot for the season and Summer has been all about red and Interestingly so is fall it seems as Though designers Kind of got swept away with red and I'm Not mad about it especially for the Cooler months there's nothing like a Little bit of dopamine dressing when the Weather starts to change so one of the Key colors for the season if not the Most prevalent color for the season is The color red now do remember that there Are Reds for everyone there are blue Based Reds and they're a more true Reds

So there is a red that's going to work For you and in my opinion it's a really Easy way just to add a punch of color to An outfit red always looks great teamed With beautiful vibrant pinks and it Always works back well with classic Denim pieces and there's a lot of denim Around so denim is always a really easy Way to add a statement color into your Outfits I know it's tempting to always Pair bright colors back with black but I Do think that that can sometimes just Kill the vibrancy of your outfit as a Whole it does work but sometimes you can Create more of a Punch If you team it Back with something that's a little bit More neutral and less harsh against the The statement read so if you are into Red then this season is for you next up It seems that scarves have become bigger Than ever and they've actually sort of Transformed into more of a a wrap or a a Stall I know that that's an Old-fashioned word but beautiful woolly Scarves and oversized wraps are Definitely where it's at almost Poncho-like in fact I've actually seen a Couple of woolly ponchos that are Happening as well and these wraps are Perfect for fall they give you the Option of an extra layer and an easy Layer to take on and off sometimes you Just don't quite need those really thick Woolly pieces as fall starts to hit but

You do need something especially at Night time so these lovely kind of Layers to snuggle up in uh perfect now It seems to be a little bit of a theme Here that Designers have put more focus and more Emphasis on comfort and easy dressing And certainly I'm not mad about that I Think it's practical I like to look good But I also like to be comfortable as Well and that seems to be where things Are at for fall yes there are those Outliner Trends but I'm not going to Talk about them today I will create a Video shortly on What Not to Wear what Trends not to fall in the Trap of Wearing but today is not that day but Certainly there does seem to be a lot of Very relaxed easy to wear Trends which I Know that you guys are going to really Love because I do oh and before I forget I wanted to introduce you to a tiny Segment that I'm going to introduce into Some of my videos and I'm going to call It label to love and I just want to Share some interesting labels when I Find them and today to kick off I want To share a sustainable fashion label That comes out of Australia my home Country called Eva's Sunday now either Sunday is a beautiful luxury linen Fashion label I'm wearing one of their Gorgeous shirts today it's a new release The linen is just absolutely Exquisite

It's beautiful to wear it feels amazing And I know a couple of you in particular Kimberly and Poppy regular followers of Mine have been asking and talking about Sustainable labels so I'm really excited To bring you labels that I love and that Are new to me and that you've been Asking for so definitely go and check Out Eva's Sunday I will leave a link to Them in the description box below but They create beautiful sustainable linen Pieces that are Timeless so regardless Of the fashion trends these pieces are Going to look and feel great and have You dressing beautifully for years to Come so Trends are one thing but Timeless pieces that really do last Distance in my opinion where it is Really at you definitely get your Biggest bang for your buck if you're Investing in those pieces that you can Wear for many years either Sunday is one Of those definitely go and check them Out as I said I will leave a link to Them in the description box below now Let's get on with these fall fashion Trends and something that is on the rise And we can definitely expect to see more Of come fall and that is Hosiery and in Particular statement types so there is Everything from colorful tights pattern Tights good old opaque tights are Happening again and I love the Practicality of this look I love the

Fact that statement types are trending And it does make sense because as I said Earlier mini skirts are happening and Shorter hemlines are definitely Happening so to keep yourself warm and To almost yeah create a little bit of Interest to your outfits these statement Tights are great now it doesn't Necessarily mean that you have to wear Mini skirts or wear shorts skirts but it Does make it a whole lot easier if you Would like to so there are lots and lots Of options cut bright colors there's a Lot happening in Hosiery and I'm Definitely here for it and as I said There seems to be a real return to Wearability and comfort and kind of Classic dressing this season and what I Am seeing a lot of is a good old Shearling lined jacket now I bought one A couple of seasons ago I'll be bringing It out it's going to be the perfect Piece to wear for the season and I'm Sure a lot of you already own these Pieces I love the fact that you don't Need to be spending a whole lot of money And buying new trends all the time Because if you watch my channel that is Not what it's about for me it is Definitely about trying to make the Clothes that you already own work harder But give them a sort of a fresh modern Look so these shearling line jackets and Shearling trim on jackets and coats are

Really fabulous and just a classic that As I said a lot of you will already own And just a very practical piece to be Comfy and look cool come the cooler Months some of the designers definitely Put their own spin on these jackets like Ralph Lauren Chloe Isabel Morant they Did do a little bit of a modern spin on These jackets but you don't need to Worry about that if you've got a jacket That is similar then that's still going To work as well because certainly in my Mind it's all about giving a nod to the Trend and not being a slave to the Trends and while white shirts in my mind Are more of a classic and not a trend Most of the designers sent beautiful Classic white shirts down the runway and It just reminded me that these Timeless Pieces are Building blocks for most wardrobes and I Read all of the comments that I get on My videos and I know some of you don't Like that buttoned up look of a of a Classic shirt but there are some really Interesting details coming through in These white shirts so they don't have to Be boring in fact they're anything but Boring but a white shirt is definitely Going to help you create many different Outfits and many different looks and Certainly get you out of a bind for Those times that you just feel that you Don't have anything to wear so even if

You haven't been a shirt wearing person In the past definitely have a look at Some of the cool options on offer this Season now last but not least is the Return of peplums for fall now I know This isn't a look that's going to work For everyone and certainly if you tend To have more of an apple body type or You carry more of your weight around Your midriff a Peplum may not be the Easiest option for you to wear but for a Lot of different body types a Peplum can Be extremely flattering certainly for me I love a Peplum it creates a very Feminine silhouette and just makes me Feel a little bit covered up but does Still give me some shape without kind of Feeling too constricted it's a beautiful Silhouette and definitely one worth Taking a look at anyway that's it from Me today I hope you enjoyed this one and If you did I'd love you to give it a big Thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to My channel for more and I will catch you In the next one bye for now [Music] Thank you [Music]

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