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TikToker Vi Luong Shares Her 9-Step Korean Beauty Skincare Routine | Body Scan | Women’s Health




TikToker Vi Luong Shares Her 9-Step Korean Beauty Skincare Routine | Body Scan | Women's Health

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In elementary school I was boy crazy hi My name is Villa Wong and this is my Women's Health body scan my favorite Thing about my body is and I hope this Doesn't sound conceited is my face But it's because growing up I had Stronger features like bigger lips like Bigger cheekbones and stuff and I wasn't Always meant to feel the most welcome as I've grown up I've just learned to Appreciate those features Me a lot of cool opportunities what I Love most about my body on the inside I Love that I'm able to have a lot of Compassion for people and look at things Through different lenses and Perspectives do I have any tattoos I do Not have any tattoos because I cannot Make up my mind I think whenever I have My first kid I would probably get Something super basic like Roman Numerals on my wrist or something or I'm Open to getting something more artistic And meaningful if Life does something to me and it means Enough for me to get it I have so many Scars all over my legs I don't know if You can see them I have like little ones On my knees I have a bunch on my arms And stuff and the reason why I have These scars is because in elementary School I was boy crazy so I would Chase Boys every single day and fall on the Cement and that's why I have all those

Scars I have triple low piercings on Each of my ears I got my first one when I was 12 at Claire's I got my seconds When I was 14 at Claire's and then I got My thirds during covid at a tattoo Parlor and that's the one I kind of Regret getting because it ended up Swelling up and closing up within two Months anyway so it was kind of a waste Of time my favorite part of my body to Work out the most is definitely my legs And my butt for some reason I don't know If it's Asian genetics I've just always Had the ability to really build my leg Muscles off of doing basically nothing Else did track in a field so I had Really big calves and quads at one point But I do a lot of squats lunges I'll do Like the leg machines where you know Lift up for your quads and for your hip Extensions also do hip thrusts with a Booty leaving I don't really have a hair Care secret I basically just stop Bleaching my hair I used to be almost Platinum blonde for three to four years And I have naturally black hair so it Really went through it to get there and The moment I stopped bleaching it dyed It back just started using deep Conditioners and not using a lot of hair Tools is when my hair really started to Thrive I was never a nail biter growing up I Always had short nails because I did

Things like track and field marching Band I did a lot of extracurriculars That required short nails and you're Also never allowed to have long nails Once I got to age like 21 I started Experimenting with gel X hard gel nails Now I'll really get them done at a nail Salon for like a special occasion like Coachella these are my Coachella Nails Other than that I like to keep them Short to game and play piano normally The way I care for my nails is just by Getting them redone every two to three Weeks sometimes I'll use a little Cuticle oil at home other than that I Also try to clean them every night Especially because I have long Nails Food and other crusty stuff gets stuck In there and it's pretty nasty so I'll Just clean it out with like a wet towel Or paper towel or something that's Pretty much the extent of it I've Recently switched over from Western Beauty Brands to Korean Beauty Brands And I found that that has made the Biggest difference especially because I Have acne prone skin and sort of the Asian method behind dealing with that is A lot of hydration versus a lot of Exfoliation so switching over that has Made a huge game changer I also have a Little like seven step Beauty routine With vitamin C serum niacinamide drops Hydrating moisturizer sunscreening every

Single day and I also try really hard Not to pick at my skin because that's Probably what makes it worse I really Had to make mental health a priority Especially because my parents their Asian immigrants they didn't really Prioritize it for Me growing up I now do Things like I'll do offline weekends Where I do complete social media detoxes I don't go online just because I find That it really just messes with the way I perceive the world and just doesn't Get my brain time to rest I'll do things Like I have a proper morning routine I Didn't know how important that was going To be but I have a proper morning ritual Where I get up I eat breakfast I now use The Calm app every single day to Meditate for seven minutes I'll write Down things I want to get done just Really plan my day get all that brain Clutter out of there and onto paper Because that's how I process well I will Try to either go outside and listen to a Podcast for 20 minutes or I will do a Short gym workout maintaining my mental Health definitely does not come Naturally I have to work very very very Hard at it especially because I already Have a hard time like focusing on tests But I really have to write everything Down stick to a schedule if I don't Write it down it's not gonna happen for Example I have to write down breakfast

Lunch and dinner which probably for Other people is common sense but I need The constant reminder and I have a joke Million alarms on my cell phone and I Use the F out of my focus modes iPhone Feature Thank you for watching make sure to Subscribe to women's health and my Tick Tock at the luong

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