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The Ultimate Guide to Glass Skin Unveiled | Nina Ubhi




The Ultimate Guide to Glass Skin Unveiled | Nina Ubhi

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It's pretty insane I just really think There's just so much you can do with This Spray so this is now adding some color To my face but it's glowy and it's like Giving me that really nice healthy skin Look I actually can't get over how it Doesn't build up on your face and look Really greasy I'm just going to add a Little bit of lip liner and then I want To show you my last tip so you can get Some of that same blush and spray that You've mixed together so I just got Whatever's on my back of my Hand and gone over the lips and now you Kind of feel like everything you've Applied is very hydrating for your skin And very kind of like smoothing for your Skin it's just very good every single Part of the face has something amazing In it which is that the white truffle From daba products and I think you guys Are going to love it

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