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This brush here is similar to this but It's a little bit bigger this brush can Still do what this does but this cannot Do the other stuff that this brush does If that made sense [Music] [Applause] Welcome or welcome back to my YouTube Channel which is all about educational Beauty today's video is all about the Top five makeup brushes that you need These are the only five makeup brushes I Think you need so this is great if maybe You are a minimalist or maybe you don't Want to confuse yourself with so many Brushes and you really just need what You need and that's it now if you do Like this video please do give it a Thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to My channel and hit the Bell button so That you never miss any of my future Videos and I'm over on Instagram so Please do come say hi there too now Let's jump straight into the video I genuinely feel like this is going to Make your life so much easier when it Comes to makeup these are the top five Makeup brushes that you need now I'm not Going to be doing this as a list from Five to one in terms of like one being The best because honestly these five are Brushes that I feel that you could Create any kind of look with these Brushes are very important to me so I

Will always make sure I have them on me When I'm traveling because I feel like They're versatile I feel like there's a Lot more that I can do with them and I Do feel like you can create an amazing Makeup look with these brushes so and This is base and eyes so this is kind of Like everything that you would need so The first brush I'm going to show you is My Sigma Beauty f47 multi-tasker brush This brush has to be one of the brushes That I didn't even know I needed so Badly because when I started using it I Was like oh my God it is insane how this Has made my life so much easier Especially when you're in a rush or you Don't have much time this is the brush Obviously I'll show you a close-up of The brushes but this brush in particular Is amazing for applying foundation CC Green BB cream and this is what I use For all of those things like like Sometimes I I will obviously use a Sponge most of the time if I'm doing a Full coverage like kind of medium or Full coverage look but when I don't have Time this is my go-to this is my brush And I still do use this when I apply my Kind of CC cream so I use a CC cream a Lot at least I've been using the CC Cream a lot recently and this is what I Use because I don't want to kind of use A sponge for my CC cream because it's Really important to me that I really do

Get an even finish with it so that's why I feel that this is a brush that you Definitely do need you can use this for Other things like say if you get a Couple of these like I would I got one More as well so I use one to kind of Sometimes apply certain skincare but you Can just stick to one if you want if you Just want to use it for your foundation But I honestly think this is great it Also is very easy to wash as well so all These brushes are very easy to wash in General like they're good quality Brushes which don't ruin when you've Washed them you know sometimes the hairs Just kind of like go everywhere this Doesn't it doesn't happen with this so This is the first brush that I wanted to Talk to you about genuinely this is Something which I think is going to make Your makeup game so much easier and I do Have a discount for Sigma Beauty it's Nina ub10 and the link is in the Description below so make sure you do Head over and click that and it's going To take you straight to Sigma Beauty so You can grab yourself one of these but Don't do that just yet because there's Also another brush from Sigma coming up And trust me that is a game changer for Your eye makeup next up is my Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood complexion brush this Is a brush that I think is great because You can actually use both sides it's a

Dual ended brush so you have one side It's a flat brush completely flat so It's perfect for buffing and then the Other side is more or less the same but It's slanted and it's a lot smaller so Let me tell you why I use these for so I Use this large section of the brush to Buff in my kind of dark Contour my Concealer that I apply as my contour and I just buff that in and it's the perfect Size because it is some buffing brush Brushes tend to be very big I don't know Why like if you look for a buffing brush It's just overly big and this is like The perfect size it's really really good Like it just fits in perfectly so that's Really really good for buffing in liquid Concealers or cream products into your Skin it's perfect for that and it's Perfect for that kind of like cheekbone Area and also great for that kind of Like jawline area so the other side of It is what I use when I want to kind of Buff in the cream products into my nose Area so say for example when I'm using a Dark concealer to Contour my nose this Is perfect it's the perfect size for Your nose so you can literally just kind Of buff it in I do my little diamond Shape and then the sides the bridge of The nose and it fits in perfectly like This is really really good for that now Another thing that I think that you can Also use this brush for is actually

Blending in eyeshadow onto the eye so This slanted side of this brush works Really well for blending in cream Eyeshadows so it's a really good shape For that kind of like Contour of the eye On the lid and it works really well to Kind of buff it out so I feel like That's also what you can use it for so That's why I love this because I feel Like there's a lot that you can do with This brush and generally for buffing It's amazing it's an amazing buffing Brush next up is number three which is My hourglass Veil brush it's an Expensive brush guys I'm not gonna lie But it is so worth it it's an amazing Brush it honestly the quality is amazing And I can't begin to tell you how I use Both these sides so much so you've got a Big kind of powder puff which puff Powder Puff powder brush which is great For kind of like dusting away the powder You know when you've like kind of like Applied your fowl to pressed it into the Skin and then you want to dust it away It's amazing for that because it's a big Enough brush for that and also the other Side is amazing for applying bronzer or Highlight or blush so there's so many Things you could use this brush wall Because it's the perfect size it's a Really really nice kind of Dome shape to It so I feel like it's the shape is Perfect just to fit under the cheekbone

Area just in that kind of like little Indent here and then also if you want to Take it under the jawline you'll find You can take it into like the hairline As well when you want to kind of sculpt There so I feel like this brush is a Very good brush I used to find it very Difficult to find a good brush which is Good to kind of sculpt with this is the Only brush that I've probably stuck with The longest because there were other Brushes that I used like especially from Fenty but I felt like it was great Initially but then the shape of the Brush changed slightly whereas this is Probably the one that I've used the Longest and the shape hasn't changed and You wash it and it still goes back to Its original shape whereas the other Brush that I used from Fenty which is a Cheek hugging brush I used to love it Initially but the shape changes each Time you wash it so that doesn't really Work for me anymore so this is perfect For kind of sculpting this has to be a Brush that I feel like I'm asked a lot Of questions about a lot of the time When I've done videos you'll always see Me using these brushes in fact and this Brush especially because obviously I'm Always going to be doing my base in most Of my videos so this is what a lot of People tend to ask like what is that Brush where is it from and whoever who

Follows me on here who has actually Purchased this has always come back and Commented and said it was expensive Granted but it is amazing it's such an Amazing brush so so I just want to let You know that it is worth the spend if You have that spent so don't just go out There and buy it if you're really kind Of like cutting it fine but if you do Have that kind of spare cash and you Want to invest in a good brush I would Say this is a really good brush and Number four is another Sigma Beauty Brush it's my e04 wings liner brush this Brush I can't even begin to tell you how Many I have I have so many of them lying Around because I've just like over Stocked myself because they are such Good brushes so I feel like because I Like to have a few of them so that you Know like say if I haven't washed them In one like I don't have to keep washing It straight after each use when I want To use different colors so I have a few Different ones lying around now this is An amazing brush for quite a few Different things now one obviously is Wearing eyeliner like applying eyeliner So you can use this with a gel it works Amazingly with a gel but what I also Love is that I love creating more of a Soft focus finish with my eyeliner and This is what I use for that so I use This in powder eyeshadow to create a

Wings liner faded eyeliner look this is The brush for it we've all probably got Eyeshadows lying around right especially Like matte eyeshadows even if you want To create a soft focus this faded Eyeliner look you can very easily do it If you have this brush because most of Us like I said we have the eyeshadows Lying around but do you have the right Tool this is a tool which I think gives You that amazing amazing finish to your Eyeliner because it's slanted it's flat The bristles stay in place so again Don't forget head over to my link in the Description and you can use my code Nina Ub10 to get yours because you'll get a Discount off of it now what I love is The fact that you can hold the highest Point of the brush hold it facing down And basically tilt it a little bit so That it's just kind of resting on your Skin perfectly and then you just I think This has actually got some eyeshadow on Here but it literally is just so easy to Create a really super faded look I might As well do it on the other side now Yeah there you go it's just such a good Brush it's so easy to do a Wings liner With because you can also kind of like Apply it from the top section you don't Have to only apply it here this works All the way across the entire lash line So that's what I love about this and I Also love the fact that you can use this

On your brows if you want so if you want To use this with with a kind of like a Gel brow product then you can kind of Like flatten it with your finger and Then you can use it for really really Fine feather Strokes so that's another Brush which I think personally is a Must-have in your makeup brush kit Number five is my Marc Jacobs the crease Brush now this brush has to be probably One of my favorite brushes for the Crease area because I feel like it's the Perfect shape it fits in my eye shape Really really well I like to kind of Like apply it right here I go in with Like a really nice kind of warm brown Color and I like to just Define that Area I might actually do a little bit Now so you can see so I'll just get any Kind of like warm eyeshadow this is the Good vibes from the Jaclyn Hill morphe Divine neutrals palette and basically I Just put a little bit on the tip And literally this is all I do and this Gives me amazing definition that I get So many people asking what ice cream are You wearing it's like the smallest Amount I've applied and I feel like it's Not even really about the eyeshadow I Feel like it's about the placement and The brush like it's just so easy to use Like all I have to do is look down into The mirror and It just fits in perfectly Into my crease and that's literally it

Like it's given me that definition there Without it looking too over the top and What I love is that it's small enough That it doesn't drag all the way to the Inner corner or have to go all the way To the end obviously that has a lot to Do with your Technique as well but if Your brush ticks every single box then At least you can focus on your Technique As opposed to like using the wrong type Of brush this is soft enough as well and When you wash it the bristles don't go Everywhere this is an amazing brush I Just assume it's expensive because it's Marc Jacobs but it might actually not be It might be you know I don't know Something similar to the other brushes I Do feel that this is a brush that I Think that you're gonna love because I Feel like you can go all over the lid With it you can just just go into the Crease you can create a nice Smoky look With it there's just so much you can do So these are the brushes that I would Kind of like take around with me because They're brushes that I feel work really Well they're versatile I feel like There's a lot more that I can do with it As opposed to just using on one part of The face and I do feel like I can use it Into in different kind of textures or Colors without it kind of compromising Whatever else that I use with it so yeah I really do hope that that has helped I

Hope that that's kind of like shown you What I think are the best five brushes In my opinion that you should kind of Like invest in so these brushes are Brushes that I feel you could create a Whole look with and if you are looking To invest in makeup brushes these five Are the ones that I would recommend Because I don't think you need to go Into all the you know complicated stuff I feel like they're actually very basic Brushes that I've shown you and I feel Like these are brushes that are easy to Work with you know it's not like I've Shown you some on Trend brush or Anything like that or weirdly shaped Brush these are very basic brush shapes That honestly do so much more than a lot Of the brushes you see nowadays on the Market it is I feel down to the way that They are shaped they're cut they're Material and how the brand has obviously Focused on the kind of like the quality Of the brush as well so I really do feel That you are going to love these brushes Now I know some of you might be thinking Well okay we've seen you use another Brush literally all the time I know Which one it is it's the real technique Setting brush it didn't it's not in my Top five because I feel like this brush Here is similar to this but it's a Little bit bigger this brush can still Do what this does but this cannot do the

Other stuff that this brush does If that made sense but hopefully it did As a bonus I would say if you're looking For six brushes and you can stretch Yourself to get an extra brush then Obviously go for this this is in the Description below anyway honestly my Five brushes I would say are those ones Because there's a lot more that you can Actually do with it whereas this I only Use on my under eyes so that's the Reason I didn't put that in the top five Because I really want to give you Brushes that I feel like are versatile You can do a lot more with I don't want To just give you a brush and there's Only one thing you can do with it I want To give you brushes I feel that you can Do a lot more with so that you feel like You've got a lot more for what you've Spent if you see what I mean not just What it says that it can do so again if You have the extra cash then go for this Price it's a cheap brush but it doesn't Do all of the things that the other ones Do as well so I really do hope that That's helped let me know if you want to See more videos like this because I Really do enjoy it I feel like it's very Informative and it's kind of like it's Kind of like answering things that you Guys would probably want to ask me for Your face to face without you know Things that I don't necessarily have to

Show you but I can explain you so yeah I Really do hope you've enjoyed it and Wherever you are in the world have an Amazing productive day I hope this has really helped you out With your makeup brush game if you have Any questions let me know in the Comments box below as always if you do Like this video please do give it a Thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to My channel and hit the Bell button so That you never miss any of my future Videos until the next video take care And I'll see you soon

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