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The Sunday scaries are no match for #SerenaKerrigan! #womenshealth




The Sunday scaries are no match for #SerenaKerrigan! #womenshealth

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I love Sundays like I feel like yes they Can be scary but it's all really about Your mentality and your attitude towards Them I think it's okay to have a day of Literally doing nothing being on the Couch watching movies talking to your Boyfriend because you don't watch movies But really just like you know maybe Ordering my favorite ritual to do on a Sunday is like order Chinese food and Like watch a movie Watch Sex in the City Old rerun episodes and like you have my Girlfriends if they come over just like That kind of vibe like Pig Out Veg Out Chill it's just like your day you know It's the day rest is it not The reason I don't get the Sunday scares Is because I love what I do and if There's anything that you can take away From this interview it's not how good I Look in a tennis outfit or any outfit For that matter it's that the most Important thing that you can do in life Is find what you love to do because our Time is so limited and it's a currency That we never get back and so I don't Get my Sunday series because I love my Job and you should too

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