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The Summer I Turned Pretty Cast Reveals Embarrassing On-Set Moments | My Best Flex | Women’s Health




The Summer I Turned Pretty Cast Reveals Embarrassing On-Set Moments | My Best Flex | Women’s Health

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– Hi, I am Kyra Sedgwick. – Hi, I'm Rachel Blanchard. – Hi, I am Jackie Chung. – Hey, I'm Rain Spencer. – Hi, I am Lola Tung. – This is "My Best Flex". We're gonna be answering
some cool questions And voting on who has the best answer. (upbeat music) – [Rain] Okay, who is your most Impressive follower on social media? – I'll go first.
– Okay. – No one. (women laughing) – I love that.
– Lola's gonna win this. – I don't know, the ladies in this room. – Aww, you stole my answer. – Aw.
– Oh gosh. I know it's somebody really cool. Oh, Miranda Lambert. (women oohing and aahing) – Do you have one, Rain? Do you know your person? – Yeah, I got one.
– Okay, go ahead, go ahead. – Probably Andie MacDowell
'cause she's a legend, I love her.
– All right. – I'm a big Japanese Breakfast fan And Michelle Zauner
follows me on Instagram And I think that's really cool. – Oooh
– That's good. – I think that Rachel won this round – Yeah, yeah! – Because I just think it's
so cool that she's like, "no one", and is completely, you know,

Just wrapped her arms around that And thinks that's super cool, And so now I think it's cool. – I'm gonna say Lola. – Yeah, I'll give, yeah, Rachel, Rachel– – Okay. Rachel too. (women laughing) – I'd say Jackie because
I think the ladies are A pretty cool group. I don't actually know
if you all follow me, But I just assumed. – I unfollowed her this morning. – I actually don't; I will now though. – That was my way of
shaming Kyra. (laughing) – What's the best message
you've ever received from a fan? – Elaine Stritch, I'm really aging myself. She's an old, was an old
timer singer, dancer, actor, And she somehow got my phone number When I was doing The Closer
and she called me to say "I just wanna tell you that I
know how (beep) hard it is." Sorry, I can't say that. (women laughing) "I just wanna tell you that I know How freaking hard you're working. Other people may not know, but I know And I gotta tell you, you're great." – Aww.
– That's cool. – And I thought, my God,
that's pretty amazing. – I'd be like, "I am working so hard." – I know, no, totally. – I'm so tired.
– Yes, exactly. That's exactly right. – I've gotten several messages from Young Asian American women
saying just how excited they are

To see my face on screen on this show. So I think those have been
really nice messages to get. – Yeah, I mean I've kind
of had a similar experience And I've gotten lengthy emails and DMs Just about how much the show means to them And how much people and,
young girls resonate with Or Belly resonates with them, And that's always really special. – I've gotten similar messages Just around the subject
of the show as well. Like, it's nothing to
do with my character, But just families who
go through, you know, Mom having cancer and being sick And how they're dealing with that And how the show really
helped them process Those feelings you know? So those are really sweet messages. – I can't vote.
– I know, we can't. – Yeah, I don't know
if we can vote on this. – Definitely all three. All four. – Your story was pretty good. – Yeah, yours was– – Everyone's a winner. – The next question is, what
is your best hidden talent? – I can write my name with
my toes with a pencil. – That's impressive. – How'd you figure that out? – I did it as a kid and then
my daughter came up to me The other day and she's like, "Mommy, I can write my name with toes." (women laughing)
– It runs in the family. – I mean, I can do that
clover thing with your tongue. – Oh, me too.
– Ooh.

– That's not– – I don't even know if I'm doing it right. – It's also genetic.
(women laughing) – I'm a good bowler. – Oh, that's a handy one. – Yeah, it's hidden, very
hidden, but I can bowl, yeah. – I once peed in a urinal standing up. – Wow.
– And aimed? – Yep. – I guess I have to follow that But I'm very good at ping pong. – That was my other,
that was my second thing. – What? – She's my daughter.
– I know. (laughing) – I have to go with the toe writing. – The toes? – Toe writing is just so– – Ping pong, bowling. – Yeah, the tongue thing. – Yeah, but if something
happens to your hand, You can still write to people. – If you can bowl with your toes, That'd be really impressive. – Okay, the question is, what's
the most embarrassing thing That's ever happened on set? – I broke my foot on set. I feel like that was pretty, That was kind of embarrassing. Chasing Sean for a a muffin. – [Rachel] Oh yeah.
– [Lola] First season. – [Kyra] Oh no.
– His fault, yeah. – Early on too.
– And tripping wrong, yeah. Like, within the first
month of filming I think.

– Oh no. – I feel like I, in
general, am often hungry And my stomach is like (growling). – They're always like,
"What's that sound?" I'm like, "It's me again". – Mine was probably when
I was filming Clueless I was really homesick And I used to be really into rollerblading And I would just roller
blade around the lot And I'd like go through the
buildings down the stairs. And then there were
these guys in golf carts And I thought they were playing with me And then I got a ticket in my trailer. – Oh my gosh.
– What? – Yeah.
– Oh my gosh. – I didn't know they gave tickets out. – For roller blading? – Yeah, what? – I was doing a movie with
John Travolta and I came And I went and got my food
at the caterer's truck And I came back and he
went, "Wow, that's a lot. That's a lot of food." I think I was a little embarrassed. – You got shamed for your lunch. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Nobody needs to shame
you for your lunch. – Freaking amazing, greatest caterer. – Petaluma, California. Every once in a while, you
know, it's late or whatever, Or not even late and you
get like the giggle fits. And so Lola and I couldn't
stop laughing in this one take, And I tripped on the carpet sitting down, And I don't know if that made it. Do you remember that?
– When?

– I just couldn't keep
– I'm like, which time? – Myself together and then
tripped into the chair. And was just like, this
is a serious scene. Like, nothing's funny about this. Like I need to collect. But that's always embarrassing. I'm gonna vote for Lola. – I'm gonna vote for Lola. – Okay, Lola – Thank you. Thanks everyone. – What is your best impression of Conrad? What? – Mine's.
– Yeah. (laughing) – Oh, he goes "Belly" all the time. – He's like "Belly", but when
he's being serious, you know? "Belly", I don't know. – I feel like he's like…
(laughing) – The hair. – Gotta say Rain's
stare through the camera Was pretty accurate. As someone who did Zoom chemistry reads. (women laughing) – I like the "What?".
– Me too. Yes, I liked "What?". – Oh, you liked the "What?"
– Yeah. – I was gonna say, I'd
just say Rachel's brooding. That was really good. – [Rain] Yeah, I really like that. (upbeat music)
(women cheering) – Yay!
– Wow. – It's my hidden talent.
(women laughing) Thanks for watching My Best Flex And subscribe to Women's Health.

– Don't forget to watch Season two of The Summer I Turned Pretty.

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