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Hopefully you get what I'm saying Because I do get some people who are Like actually it's meant to be used in That way well actually it can be used However you want it to be used [Music] [Applause] We're back with another educational Beauty video and this time I'm going to Be showing you how to bronze blush and Highlight the correct way exactly where You should be placing it how you should Be blending it everything we're going to Be doing the wrong side and the right Side so you can see exactly what the Difference is and trust me the Difference is huge now if you do like This video please do give it a thumbs up Don't forget to subscribe to my channel And hit that little bell button so that You don't miss any of my future videos And head over to Instagram if you want To see some real some unboxing and now Let's jump straight into the video I have a full Glam on as you can see but I don't have my bronzer blush and Highlighter on now I really want you Guys to be the best at what you do so We're going to be going through exactly How you shouldn't be applying it and how You should be applying it so therefore On this side we're going to be applying The bronzer blush and highlight in the Wrong way so the way that isn't really

Flattering at all and on this side we're Going to be applying the bronzer blush Empire Light the right way so the way That is very flattering for you and can Like lift the face at the same time so Let's get straight into it we're going To start with bronzer now this is a bit Of a touchy subject when it comes to Bronze or touchy or you know everyone Has a different opinion of it so I feel Like let's just clear something up Because a lot of people say oh you're Not meant to apply bronzer that way You're sculpting with it you're meant to Actually use it to kind of like give you That sun-kissed look whether whether Sun Hits your face and that's where it's Supposed to be used let's just Straighten something out who said that Like who who which and whoever did say That I'm sorry but do I even need to say This like they didn't create the rules For makeup there is no rule book that Says that you have to use bronzer this Way and if you don't use it this way Then you're doing it wrong you can still Apply the bronzer blush and highlight in The wrong way that I'm going to show you If you want to it doesn't it's not Illegal you can apply it however you Want but I'm showing you the ways that Are more flattering for you so it lifts Your face more if you feel that the Wrong way suits you better you go go you

Go for it use it that way but you know I'm here to show you the ways that are More flattering for your skin and I just Want to be clear that you know bronzer Can be used to sculpt I've been Sculpting with it for years and I think It's happened to me like I'm still here Everything's fine my makeup still sits Perfectly if not better so anyway let's Move on hopefully you get what I'm Saying because I do get some people who Are like actually it's meant to be used In that way well actually it can be used However you want it to be used anyway I'm using my veil brush and I'm going Into my it's Cosmetics bye bye pores Bronzer in Beach let's do the wrong way First I see some people apply it in this Way and on some people it kind of like Looks fine you know because maybe They've toned it down a little bit They've not applied too much of it and They've just applied the right amount That they need and it probably looks Okay what I'm doing on the wrong side is An extreme version okay so let's just be Clear about that that is me showing you So that you can really visually see like It doesn't mean every there are people That walk around like that with this Much on but I'm showing you because I Really want you to be able to see it for A start and I also want you guys to know That even if you do this and maybe you

Do just a little bit not as much of it You know try this side because I think It's going to be really flattering for You and I think you're going to really Love it so anyway let's go in with our Veil brush and I am going to apply this Just in the way that I know very old School way of applying bronzer which You've always been told that oh you put It on their forehead where the Sun hits It and you know it's supposed to give You a sun-kissed look and that's it you Can use it however you want to use it It's it's just it just it's just called Bronzer okay so let's use it how we want To use it and I'm just going to apply This You see a lot of people just kind of Like applying it all over because they Don't know any strategic way of applying It I also see a lot of people like doing This you know swirly movements If anything I feel like that's Disturbing the makeup underneath I could Already feel a little bit sunburned I feel like I look a little bit Something I just think that's made me look like I've got darker skin you know and that's It which is fine maybe if that's what You're going for fine but You know a lot of people want to look Bronzed and that's fine and that's the

Reason they use it but honestly I feel Like that's not done much for me I might As well have just used a darker Foundation now let's move over and do This on the other side in the way that I Feel is going to be a lot more Flattering for you and can actually help To lift the face in combination with the With the blush and the Highlight so I'm Going to go from the top of my ear and I'm just going to like apply a little Bit kind of like I'm just kind of like Pressing flicking pressing flicking you Can either go side to side if you want But I like to press and flick because I Feel like Sometimes that can give me a you know Better understanding of how much I've Applied so now can we see we've got some Definition now I feel like we've now Created a kind of like cheekbone area There a little bit of a kind of nice Sculpt there Now I do like to also give myself a Little bit of a bronze Sunkist look but You can do that without applying it Everywhere so I'm applying it into the Hairline so I'm really taking it into The hairline because if I start here and Then I go in I'm just coloring in the Whole of my face right so all I'm doing Is just kind of like touching the Hairline and it goes right into the Hairline and that's like giving me a

Warm perimeter of the face but keeping The center nice and bright so that's What we're doing here and then sometimes I like to just go under the cheek the The jawline and just go back and forth And that just sculpts that area for me Okay now look at that it's kind of like There and then you look at this and it's Just you've got that lift there but it's Also given me that sun-kissed look on The perimeter of my face now let's go in With the blush and I'm using a dual Fiber brush this is actually a Mac brush I don't think they do it anymore but any Dual fiber brush will will do or Whatever brush that you think you know Works well with you and I'm using my Dual Rosy Glow blush in the pink shade And we're going to go on to the wrong Side first and a lot of people smile And they just go right in on the apples Of the cheeks And you know that's about it Again could work for you depending on Your face shape and the look that you're Going for But honestly I don't feel like it does It's very kind of like there Everything's on this side what is that Doing what the what is that doing it's Really not doing much At all There You know and I see so many people smile

And then they're like Okay that's great if it does Look at the end of the day if it looks Good on you it looks good on you right But then there's excessive and then There's also limitations which means That basically you're really just stuck In That one way of doing makeup and you Haven't really like opened up your eyes To so many other techniques of applying It so many other placement options if You see what I mean so like what I'm Saying on this side is not necessarily The only way but I'm just saying it's It's one way that you can apply your Bronzer blush and highlight which could Be completely game changing for you and It may lift your whole face so you know Nothing not doing anything for me now Let's go over to this side now this is Where you're going to be a bit you know A bit more kind of Careful with how much you're applying And we're also going to apply just on Top of the upper part of the cheekbone Because that helps to kind of lift that Area And also give us that nice kind of flush Of color And don't get me wrong you can still Apply it here but this much and in this Bigger circle is is just a bit too much Like you can still go over on that area

So that when you smile you see that Flush of color but when you smile you've Got a flusher color here And then we've just got like a Plum it's just you know and I like to Just like press this in that's nice see I feel like that's giving me a really Nice lift and I've got some nice color There it looks nice next up we have the Highlighter and I'm going to be using my Tom Ford Illuminating powder Duo and I'm Using the kind of like slightly kind of Rose gold shade of it and I'm using my 134 brush from zoeva I still see people Doing it this way like we'll see the Results in this way and it doesn't look Good so we're doing the wrong side and We're just gonna go Straight in But Firstly you just go straight in with a Strip there it just looks like a strip Secondly it's enhancing every pit every Open pour every acne scar that there is There it's just like hey look at me I'm Here slowly hidden away with all that Makeup and it's like I tried so hard and Now I've just like brought you back up So yeah there's that Applying it in a strip and also just Applying it too close into the center of The face it doesn't do anything and yeah Not a good look okay now we're gonna go Straight into that shade again and this

Is where we are gonna go just onto the On top of the cheekbone so where the Blush is put a little bit below and We're not going all the way in it's Actually such a small area that we're Going to apply it to Just enough to get a really subtle kind Of Hint of highlight there And you can go over onto other places Too like above the brow a little bit and Just on this area here I always feel Like that gives me more of a natural Kind of look it just makes my Foundation Look a bit more natural especially if I've gone for like a kind of like matte Foundation look and I want to just like Make it a little bit more kind of glowy Or dewy looking I mean even when you Look straight ahead you shouldn't really Be able to see a whole load of highlight On your face like here you can see you Can see that right it's there here you Can't really see it it's only when the Light kind of like hits it in certain Angles that you can see it and that's The whole point it shouldn't you Shouldn't be putting makeup on so that In any light you can see every single Product that you've applied like it Should just blend in to look pretty Natural and kind of like lived in so That there are certain products that You've applied such as highlighter are

More effective in certain lights if you See what I mean what happens is when you Apply a highlighter like this drawing a Strip form then even in Darker light When the light isn't there to hit off of It it's still visible it looks white it Just looks like a white strip and trust Me I know because I've seen it I've seen It and there's been a time where you Know I applied highlighter a little bit Too kind of not as much as this but you Know I applied more of it than I do now And in Darker lights you can see it and It's like it's not even like a glow it's Just like a white strip it looks really Awful so I just really wanted to kind of Like share that with you because Honestly like I said I want you guys to Be the best at what you do I want you Guys to be amazing I want you to come Here watch these videos and go away do Your makeup and be like wow that really Worked for me you know if that really Helped me so I really do hope that it Helps you it makes me feel happy I Really would love to know if there are Other things that you want me to kind of Like do and if there are then obviously Let me know in the comments box below Because I always read your messages I Just want to be able to kind of like Solve those problems for you so if they Is anything else then please do let me Know for the rest of your day I hope

That everything goes to plan it's Productive it's blessed you're happy and No one gives you any problems and I love You guys I really do hope you've loved this video And I hope it's really helped you too if You have any questions let me know in The comments box below if you do like This video please do give it a thumbs up Don't forget to subscribe to my channel And hit the Bell button so that you Never miss any of my future videos until The next video take care and I'll see You soon

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