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The Problem With Quiet Luxury | The Worst Fashion Trend of 2023!




The Problem With Quiet Luxury | The Worst Fashion Trend of 2023!

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I don't generally take fashion too Seriously because in my mind fashion Should be fun and it should be about Self-expression and most importantly it Should be about freedom but there is a New trend that seems to be gaining Momentum and I have a real problem with It Hi I'm leonie and welcome to my channel Now I probably should start out by just Explaining the basics of what quiet Luxury supposedly is quite luxury is Kind of a term to describe what we used To call old money so a type of dressing That is associated with people that come From old money or come from wealth so Basically the emphasis of this style of Dressing is about craftsmanship and Quality of design it's also about a Minimalist approach to to Fashion no Logos no fancy trimmings it's very Structured sophisticated and elegant now You might be thinking hey these are just Words to describe a trend and yes they Are but what they represent is far more Than that and that's the bit that I Don't like I was watching a YouTuber Recently and she Described it perfectly take a look it is Not necessarily about design it's not Necessarily about quality of fabrics It's not about treatment whenever you go Into a boutique for example it's not About Aesthetics it's not about what

Fashion really is about it is about how Well you are able to adopt white Dominant norms and that is highly Problematic my primary contention with This idea of old money and a quiet Luxury is that those terms are just Veiled ways to uplift and to Shepherd And to propagate white supremacy and This idea that we should all want to be Like white Elites so old money has been Made on the backs of some horrendous Acts of slavery and genocide of native People and I know that this is coming Across as heavy and deep and we're Talking fashion but I think that we've Actually got it really wrong when it Comes to quiet luxury and to try and Aspire to something that only one Percent of the population can Realistically achieve makes no sense at All to me and given that we are on the Brink of a global recession or a global Financial crisis in my mind it just Seems out of whack distasteful and a Very big step back to somewhere that we Don't want to go there is no denying the Fact that old money has been acquired by Oppression Exploitation and colonization which in My mind makes it a deeply disturbing Classist racist way of living and even Though these are just words to describe A fashion trend it's a trend that I Don't think any of us should want to be

A part of let alone aspire to and if You're thinking well I haven't heard About this or clearly it's like any Trend that will come and go and he's Hoping that that's the case but last Time I checked there were 35 billion Searches for quite luxury over on Tick Tock and I know that's just one platform But it does show that there's a huge Amount of interest in something that is Rooted in a very dark and unforgivable Past I also think aspiring to trends Like this tends to play on people's Insecurities it makes you feel like if You don't own that four thousand dollar Designer bag then you're not quite as Good as that person or you are not quite As worthy and in fact I think that That's a dangerous way of looking at Fashion and comparing yourself to others It does tend to just be something that Preys on our insecurities I mean Shopping with intention and conscious Consumerism is great don't get me wrong But I think it's a dangerous game to Associate wealth with taste and that's Because it positions the unattainable Lifestyle with something that is Aspirational there's also a superiority That comes with it that basically is Saying that that one percent is superior To the rest And that's not something that will ever Sit well with me I just feel that this

Is a topic that I needed to get off my Chest I keep seeing the idea of quite Luxury and stealth wealth and old money Being put up on a pedestal and content Here even on YouTube about how to get That quiet luxury look for Less It's just something that that in my Opinion it needs to stop I would love to Hear what you think about it and I'd Love to debate this topic in the Comments below but it is something that I just felt really strongly about and I felt like it flies in the face of Fashion you know at the end of the day My feeling is that fashion needs to be Fun and trying to set yourself up to Fail and trying to Aspire to be Something that that isn't good anyway is Is not going to make you happy and it's Just setting us up to fail and in my Opinion that is the antithesis of Fashion fashion should be about freedom Freedom to express yourself freedom to Have fun freedom to be colorful and Flamboyant everything that this old Money Trend doesn't stand for And even when I think about the whole Notion of old money being you know if You have old money you dress in a Particular way which is minimalist in Neutral colors and no fleshy logos well In my experience that's not what it Looks like if you look at different Cultures around the world wealthy people

Around the world don't all dress that Way it's a a white Colonial way of Dressing and for that reason I I have a Real problem with the entire concept of Old money and quiet luxury there's been A lot of talk about shows like HBO's Succession that's been driving this Trend and certainly celebrities but I Personally tend to think that yes that Has played a part but I also think that It's almost like luxury designers Still trying to Achieve a sense of relevance in a in a World that is quite different to the one We lived in even a year ago Even the the financial pressure That most of us are feeling in this Point at this point in time It really is in my mind a ploy by luxury Brands to Create some relevance for themselves and I read a really interesting article Recently about quiet luxury and the fact That it is anything but quiet you know Living a an old money lifestyle and Having nannies look after your children And private jets to get yourself around And all of the other trimmings and Trappings that come with Old money There's nothing quite about that you Know that that speaks volumes that's Loud to me that is not quiet so it's the Whole notion is just

Fraught so that's why I felt compelled To make today's video and just share my Two cents with you on this crazy Trend Called quiet luxury I actually think It's time to stop obsessing about trying To look rich and trying to appear to be Something that you're not and just Return to having fun with fashion and Enjoying the freedom that fashion can Give you the freedom to express yourself In any way possible now I know that That's almost Ironic because if you have that freedom You can express yourself as Old money but I'm just saying It's not good it's rooted in a terrible Dark past and one that needs to stay in The past we need to look forward we need To have fun we need to enjoy colorful Fashion that works for us but please Please let me know in the comments below What you think about this what you think About quite luxury and old money style Of dressing You don't have to agree with me I'm not Expecting you to agree with me I would Love to just have some sort of debate And discussion about this but it's very Rare that I will not or that I'll feel So strongly about a a trend as such Um But I do this one and It needs to go

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