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The ONLY Fashion Accessories Everyone Needs | 2023 Fashion Trends




The ONLY Fashion Accessories Everyone Needs | 2023 Fashion Trends

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Well thought out accessories will not Only have you looking great but they are Absolutely Timeless so today I'm sharing 10 accessory trends that are not only up To date right now but they'll be your Absolute favorites for years to come Hi I'm leonie and welcome to my channel So today we're talking accessories and In my opinion accessories are one of the Most underrated fashion Essentials it's Usually a little bit of an afterthought To add an accessory to an outfit but Adding well-chosen accessories can Really add that Finishing Touch and take An outfit from Zero to Hero in an Instant so today I'm shining the Spotlight on accessories that are going To update your outfits make them look a Little bit more modern but also you'll Be able to enjoy these pieces for a long Time at the end of the day I just can't See the point in spending money on Fashion and accessories if you can't get That cost per wear out of them so let's Just start with the video and let's Check out these accessories now first up Let's talk bags now if you've been Following the trends you'll probably Realize that oversized bags are where It's at this year and it's kind of Interesting because these come on the Back of little mini purses that we were Kind of looking at and certainly were Trending last year but I would suggest

When it comes to bags you should Definitely look at something that is a Little bit scaled back so I'm just going To show you a bag here that I've had and Owned for a couple of years this is a Not sure if you can really see that it's A decent size it carries loads of stuff But it also has the ability to these Little domes here that you can actually Make it a little smaller as well so You're not kind of carrying this massive Bag around it also has a dome here so You can kind of close it up too and it's Secure but definitely when it comes to Bags I would opt for something that's a Little bit more mid-sized and also think About your frame and your body as well I Can definitely carry off a bag this kind Of size because I'm almost six foot tall But certainly take into consideration Your frame as well you don't want the Bag to wear you now next up let's talk Jewelry and in particular necklaces and There are kind of two styles that are Happening and it's very much fine Jewelry and I just mean fine and Weight Wise so dainty jewelry which is always Kind of layered and also chunky Necklaces sort of shorter chunky Necklaces so nothing extreme and that Sort of goes with most accessories so It's all about how you wear these pieces Too and what you put them together with And how you style them so just like a

Simple t-shirt and add a slightly chunky Necklace is going to give you a bit of a Modern look but it's a classic accessory That you'll have for years and at this Point I just like to say a very big Thank you to the team at vincero for Sponsoring this portion of today's Episode now don't fast forward because Ventura if you haven't heard of them Before create the most gorgeous Well-crafted and affordable watches I'm Lucky enough to own a number of their Watches and they have actually made me Realize that you don't have to spend a Fortune to own a stylish looking watch Now with Valentine's Day just around the Corner I am super excited to share with You a fantastic discount offer from the Team at venturo so they are offering you 20 off site-wide plus free shipping if You use my code style Insider and if you Haven't heard of Ventura before there Are San Diego based company that make The most beautiful watches that I've Personally been wearing and loving for Years they also fairly recently Introduced a beautiful range of men's And women's sunglasses and jewelry the Jewelry is beautiful because it teams Perfectly with the watches as well I've Recently updated my collection with this Gorgeous men's watch and I absolutely Love it but you don't have to be a fan Of men's watches like me because Ventura

Does as I said a stunning collection of Women's watches too not only is there Something for everyone but they're all Timeless designs as well oh and it's Worth noting too that all of the Sunglasses come polarized and the frames Are hand crafted and there are so many Different styles to choose from so as I Said if you'd like to spoil yourself or Someone you love this Valentine's Day Then definitely take advantage of that 20 off plus free shipping offer I will Leave a link in the description box Below but all you need to do is whip on Over to and that is and then use my code Style Insider and that will get you your 20 off site-wide it is such a good offer So definitely take advantage of it now Do you remember about 10 years ago we Were all talking about arm parties and Stacking all of our Bangles and Bracelets together now while that may Not be happening what we are stacking is Rings so I'm really loving this and in Fact I've even brought out from hiding My wedding band and I'm not sure whether This is bad luck or not given that I'm No longer married but it just seemed Like such a shame that it had been Sitting away and not being worn and it Was a piece that I loved so I'm Obviously not wearing it on my wedding Finger but I am stacking it with one of

My favorite Monica vinegar pieces so I'm Once again it's all in how we're wearing Them but definitely think about just Stacking a few different rings together And wearing a few different rings on a Few different fingers at the same time And also don't get too hung up on mixing Metals because that actually can look Really cool so ring Stacks is definitely Where it's at and when it comes to Accessories you can't beat the classics And certainly for this year I think we All need some classic Footwear so I know We've seen a lot of chunky trainers Trending but what I would say this year And what seems to be happening is kind Of just standard classic trainers There's also obviously retro and you Will see those Trend focused Sneakers But certainly a pair of classic sneakers Are going to keep you looking fresh and Give your outfits a little bit of a Relaxed look and feel and all sorts of Classic Footwear like ballet flats are Definitely having a moment they've Returned and seem to be on Trend at the Moment and generally this is always a Good time to invest in these pieces Because a shoe like a ballet flat if This is a style that you love it's never Going to go out of fashion so ballet Flats loafers and of course we've seen Lots of chunky loafers but a classic Loafer is not going to go out of style

Ever as well so classic Footwear is Always going to be that final piece of The puzzle that just finishes off an Outfit gives it a kind of a modern Timeless look so don't overlook the Importance of investing in some classic Shoes the 2023 runways were full of an Explosion of super-sized headwear now While I'm not suggesting that you invest In something that's kind of out there And huge what is happening this year are Fedoras and kind of cowboy style hats Now the reason I wanted to include both Of these hats in today's episode is Because both of them are really enjoying A moment in the spotlight this year and Also if you are a hat person and you Like wearing different hats these are Going to be hats that you can pull out At any time and they will look great so Definitely keep an eye out for a fedora That you like and if you already own one Maybe you might like one in a different Color or a lighter color if you own a Black one but certainly hats are Definitely where it's at I love the Practical side of hats but instead of Going super extreme with the size of Your hats think about something that's a Little bit more paired back like a Fedora or a cowboy style hat because They are trending in a big way but Regardless of that you will love and Wear them for years to come now key

Accessory that I often think is Overlooked and definitely underrated and That is a great pair of socks now if you Ask me I think socks really do give a Little bit of a Finishing Touch to an Outfit as well just seeing a little bit Of a sock peeping out out of the top of A little booty or certainly socks with Sandals and don't come at me for this But I do think it can actually look good Especially if that suits your style Socks worn with Mary Janes and sometimes A a booty or a shoe just needs a little Something extra so don't underestimate The power of a gorgeous pair of socks Now another accessory that is not only Popular this year but is a firm favorite Of mine and has been for many years and That is a shawl type scarf so not super Sized scarf so nothing too extreme but I'm kind of thinking the acne Studios Type scarf so something that's just a Little bit more than a kind of a a small Scarf but in my mind small scarves tend To just look a little bit mean-spirited But something that's a little chunky and Full and it's got some weight to it just Makes a statement and obviously there's The Practical side of it as well they Are going to keep you warm and you can Really snuggle up in them so don't Underestimate how important a gorgeous New scarf can be and certainly if you're Wanting to update your look it's an easy

Way just to add some color I know Anna Wintour did this at the runway shows she Seemed to wear a different bright color Scarf at every show and of course that Is an easy way just to update pieces That you already own I'm sure Anna Wasn't updating pieces that she already Owned she would have been wearing the Current season but for us normal people Certainly adding a bright scarf or an Interesting scarf or a scarf that's Almost like a shawl it's going to Elevate an outfit give it a little bit More of a modern look but it's a key Accessory for the looking good but also Keeping warm now next up when it comes To watches my favorite style of watch is Happening this year and that is man Style sort of large oversized chunky Watches which I've been a fan of forever Probably because my hands are massive And if I were a tiny dainty watch it Sort of just makes them look even bigger So a man style watch has always kind of Been a bit more in proportion with the Size of my hands but I love the large Faces and and yes so there's a lot of Unisex watches now obviously if that's Not your style that's not going to be a Key accessory for you but certainly a Timeless watch is something that I think Most of us need and even though we've Got our smartphones and we're not Tending to rely on our watches as much

As we did years ago I do think it's a Really nice piece just to kind of add That little something extra to an outfit It's always something that is a bit of a Talking point and watches are just a Really easy accessory to update as well They've been my favorite accessory for a Very long time watches and shoes I'd say And last but not least are hoop earrings And I must admit I was really slow to Come to the party and incorporate hoop Earrings into my accessory lineup but I Absolutely love them and certainly there Is kind of something for everyone from Really large hoops what does tend to be Trending more this year is slightly Mid-sized to smaller Huggy type hoops But of course it's up to your personal Style and preference and there is a hoop Earring for everyone so certainly for me I love the look of a classic hoop I also Love them stacked if you've got multiple Piercings a number of Hoops of different Sizes and weights stacked is a great Look but a pair of hoop earrings or Three is definitely a accessory Essential certainly for me that is if You enjoyed this one then click or tap On the screen here and check out the 10 Closet Essentials that everyone needs I've also put together a free workbook That you can download so click or tap on The screen here and I will see you there

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