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The Only Dress Trends You Need To Know About | Wearable Fashion Trends 2023




The Only Dress Trends You Need To Know About | Wearable Fashion Trends 2023

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A great dress is the ultimate when it Comes to one and done dressing so today I'm sharing the only dress trends you Need to know about this year Hi I'm leonie and welcome to my channel Now this year there are some amazing Dress trends happening and there's some Retro Styles and some unexpected Styles But the good news is there's actually Something for everyone I kid you not Even if you're not such a huge fan of Dresses there will be something that I Am picking is going to pique your Interest so that's why I wanted to Dedicate today's episode to the Different dress styles because I'm sure There is going to be something that will Excite you so let's get on with it now The First dress trend is probably the Most interesting one for me at least and That is shift dresses now shift dresses Until very recently were seen as boring And really outdated but it's designers Like Prada and Valentino that have Brought the shift dress back into the Spotlight I personally haven't worn Shift dresses a lot because they are not The most flattering style if you do have A fuller bust so you do have to be Careful if you are a little bit top Heavy because they can just kind of Accentuate that but certainly if you Love Chef dresses this is your time to Shine if you're not quite sure about

This look you can also think about Teaming a shift dress over some slightly Wide leg floaty pants now I know last Time shift dresses were in they were Being worn with leggings underneath that Is not so much a happening thing but Definitely a slightly wider looser fit Pant would be a really good option to Team a shift dress with or of course Just wear it on its own now speaking of Shorter hemlines as you would expect to See in a shift dress another Trend that Is very much happening this year is Shorter dresses with long sleeves now I Do really like this look I like the idea Of exposing one area of your body so Showing off your legs and covering up Your arms that kind of juxtaposition Tends to look really stylish and really Elegant so I do like that about these Dresses and at this point I just like to Say a very big thank you to the team at Squarespace for sponsoring this portion Of today's episode good now my blog is The Squarespace blog and the reason for That is that Squarespace in my opinion Is the easiest platform to navigate Especially if you're anything like me And you're not overly tech savvy so Squarespace makes it super easy now I Know I've mentioned this before but they Have the most beautiful templates to Choose from you can pick one of those Templates and seriously within an hour

Or two you can be live and online the Other great thing about Squarespace is That everything is right there in one Place so you can access all of your Analytics and see how people are finding You you can send out emails and you can Also sell things right there from your Squarespace site it's seamless very easy To use it's it's intuitive so you don't Actually have to have those Tech smarts Or know how to do all of the back end Stuff because all of that hard work is Actually done for you so if you're Thinking about getting online this year Then the team at Squarespace have a Fantastic offer and they are giving you 10 off your first Squarespace website or Domain now what I suggest you do is Simply whip on over to And have a little bit of a play take Advantage of their free trial when You're ready to launch yourself simply Simply go to forward Slash the style Insider use my code the Style Insider and that will save you 10 Off your first website or domain now I Will link everything down below to make It easy for you but if you are planning On getting online this year then Squarespace is definitely the way to do It now flipping it over to the other Side we also have beautiful long sleeve Floaty maxi dresses as well so they tend To be quite oversized and just almost

Caftan-like so there seems to be lots of These kind of Maxi floaty styles on Offer and certainly it's a look that I Love I know it's not going to be an easy Style for everyone to wear especially if You're on the more of a petite side of Things so if you are petite it's Probably not an easy style for you to Choose but certainly if you're a little Bit taller like me at almost six foot Tall this style works really well for me I particularly like this style too Because it pairs back with Summer sandal Or trainers sneakers it's a very Effortless Chic relaxed look now this Next one is probably going to be the Most controversial unpicking and that is Dropped waist dresses now I know they're Not going to be for everyone but it is Very much a style that is happening this Year I particularly like the relaxed Feel of them I do think this may be a Bit of a tricky Trend to wear and Certainly you may have to try on a few Different styles to find one that works Simply because of that dropped waist it Tends to put out out of balance that Sort of proportions and a flattering Proportion because of that dropped waist At waist it tends to sort of lengthen Your torso and potentially shorten your Legs so you do have to be a little bit Careful of balancing your proportions With these dresses but certainly if they

Suit your body type and you find one That works for you it's a fun and flirty Summer look now this next trend has been Around for a while and it is not way and That is the trend for wearing sheer Dresses now there's everything out there From Fully sheer figure hugging dresses to Dresses that just have a sheer element So I've seen some beautiful dresses that Have sheer skirts with a filled in Bodice and vice versa there are some Dresses that just have sheer sleeves and More of a shift style dress so there Kind of is something for everyone but That sheer detail is not going anywhere You don't have to be completely Brave And go all sheer there are elements of It that you can pick and choose from so Sheer dresses are here to stay there Also seem to be a lot of strapless Dresses around and I've just been Scanning online and looking at a few of My favorite retailers and they all seem To be bringing out strapless dresses and What I have seen quite a bit of is Strapless tube style dresses in every Kind of fabric from your knit style Fabrics and also in every kind of Different length from short sort of Shift style lengths to longer maxi style So the overarching theme Here is that There are lots and lots of strapless Dresses that are back one of the things

That I love about strapless dresses is That they are a timeless style so if you Opt for a strapless dress that is quite Simple and quite tailored it is going to Be a classic piece that you can wear for Years to come there are also lots of Knit dresses which we have seen over the Last couple of years and they are here To stay so if you've already grabbed Yourself a great knit style dress then You're good to go this year as well they Are here and they almost seem to be Gaining momentum so there's every Everything from tank style knit dresses To knit dresses with sleeves there's Kind of a little bit for everyone and There's lots of different lengths as Well but that sort of knitted fabric is Where it's at and they all do tend to be Slightly body or figure hugging as well So not bodycon not super tight but there They are figure-hugging dresses but There are in my opinion a really nice Relaxed dress that you can kind of throw On you can Team it with a denim jacket And some trainers or some little booties Or sandals they're one of those kind of Classic really easy pieces that can be Dressed up or worn more casually so they Are a winner in my book and when I was Online earlier I did see quite a few Wrap front dresses so they almost look Like they're wrap dresses but instead of You actually tying them and wrapping

Them they are fixed so you get that sort Of ruching detail and that movement and The wrap tends to give you a little bit Of shape as well so if you don't have Much of a waist that wrap detail can Actually give you a nice amount of shape And these wrap dresses if you didn't Know are a great option if you do have An apple type body shape because Generally you're going to have great Legs so you can show off your legs in This style dress and they do have a Slightly deeper V as well and if you Tend to have a little bit of a fuller Bust that is a great neckline for you And the wrap tends to give the illusion Of a waistline so these are a great Option as I said for anyone but Certainly also if you do have or tend to Carry most of your weight around your Middle these are a really good style for You but they seem to be everywhere and There are also some really feminine Beautiful pretty colors but also some Really nice patterns and prints out There as well another key Trend this Year is for a Timeless classic which is A shirt dress and there really is Something for everyone here from denim Shirt dresses to beautiful fine silky Shirt dresses and in my opinion a good Shirt dress is a fantastic addition to Your wardrobe you can wear them open as A kind of a jacket like coat almost

Duster style piece obviously you can Wear them as a dress but there are Plenty of options here you wear them Belted or not belted and I have actually Also seen some shirt style dresses with The dropped waist as well so combining Two of the trends in one but shirt Dresses are Timeless if you invest in One you're going to oh I think I've got A visitor here if you invest in one you Are going to have it for years to come So shirt dresses I'm particularly Excited to hear that they are around for This year as well What do you think what do you think About shirt dresses Now quite possibly the most feminine Trend of all is one for wearing dresses With beautiful ruching and draping Fabric detail so there seems to be lots Of different styles and hem lengths and Sleeves or no sleeves but this beautiful Ruching draping fabric just creates a Lovely feminine silhouette these dresses Are often really good for figure fixing As well so if you'd like to create the Illusion of a smaller waist or a little Bit more shape or if you want to Disguise one part of your body or show Off a particular part of your body this Kind of ruching effect and certainly This draping of fabric can do exactly That so there are some gorgeous feminine Draped style dresses in lots of

Different styles lots of different hem Lengths and as I said it's just a modern Elegant style of dress and if this video Has you excited about what's coming up For spring then click or tap on the Screen here and check out some of the Key trends that you can expect to see Click or tap here and I'll see you there

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