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The Most Delicious German Goulash




The Most Delicious German Goulash

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Today I'm sharing a recipe for Incredible comfort food with you a German goulash oh my God you guys it is So so good now in swabia in southern Germany where I'm from this recipe is Called Hungarian goulash but after doing Some research and talking to Hungarian Friend turns out it's not the original It's not a Hungarian goulash it's Essentially a German gosh so we are just Gonna call it what it is a German Goulash and maybe Hungarian inspired It's delicious nonetheless and I hope You're gonna give it a try let me show You how to make it to start we need to Peel and chop a large yellow onion And then also find the top two to three Cloves of garlic Then get a red chili remove the stem and The seed it and then I finely chopped That Then set this all aside and get a large Brazer or lidded pan And turn the heat to medium and add two To three stirs of bacon to the cold Razor and let them release all their fat Serum beef in bacon fat is next level it Gives so much flavor but if you want to Skip the step then just use any other Type of high smoke point oil such as Avocado oil once the bacon starts to Crisp and has released enough fat to Cover the bottom of the pan it's time to Sear two pounds of stewing beef in

Batches this is super important don't Add all the beef at ones or else the Steam will get trapped in between the Pieces and then the beef will cook in Its own juices instead of searing you Want to make sure that the pieces don't Touch so any steam that is released has A way to escape and get out of the pan Season each batch with sea salt and Pepper and sear it for about one minute Per side or until it reaches a nice Brown color on all six sides I know this Step is a little time consuming and Annoying but trust me it's so worth it It makes or breaks the recipe a great Sear gives infinite flavor Once you meet is all brown nicely set it Aside and add the chopped onion garlic And chili to the freezer and stir fry Until lightly brown at this point add Two tablespoons of tomato paste a Teaspoon of Curry seeds The zest of about half a lemon Two tablespoons of Hungarian style sweet Paprika Give it a quick stir and then Immediately pour half a cup of red wine Over everything Paprika Burns super quickly and super Easily so don't let it sit on the bottom Of the pan don't stir fry it for too Long add that liquid as fast as possible Use the wine to deglaze the brazer a bit And then add one and a half cups of beef

Broth you can use two cups of beef broth And leave the wine out of course if you Want at this point we're going to add The browned beef back into the freezer Make sure all beef is submerged in the Broth now if your beef broth is not Salty then this is a good moment to add A little bit of salt and pepper if Necessary try your sauce a little bit so You know how much you want to add cover The pot and then let it simmer on low For an hour and 15 minutes in the Meantime the seed one green and one red Bell pepper and cut them into bite-sized Pieces after the hour and 15 minutes Summer time add the diced Peppers to the Beef give it a quick stir cover again And let it continue simmering for Another 45 minutes if we add the bell Pepper from the very beginning it'll Completely dissolve because two hours of Cooking time is way too long for Bell Peppers but 45 minutes of cooking time Is way too little for beef so that's why We're breaking this up to get the best Consistency of each ingredient once the Meat is beautifully tender it's time to Thicken the goulash with a slurry my Favorite slurry for this is one Tablespoon of creme fraiche and one Tablespoon of flour whisked together add A little bit of stewing sauce so it Doesn't form a blob when you add it to The brazer the creamier the slurry the

Better add it to the stew and then Immediately mix it in let it simmer for A couple extra minutes stirring Constantly until it reaches your desired Thickness and then serve over egg Noodles or German Sprinkle it with some fresh parsley and Dig in I can't stop thinking about this German Galache every time I make it I'm already Planning on when I'm gonna make it again Because it's so delicious I hope you're Gonna give this recipe a try if you do Please don't forget to snap a picture And show me I love seeing when you make Any of my recipes and I'll see you with My next video bye

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