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Is a lot that can go wrong and trust me This is from experience there's a lot Can go wrong with there's a lot that can Go wrong with the under eye area so That's why I really want to focus on That area for you today [Applause] Welcome or welcome back to my YouTube Channel which is all about educational Beauty in today's video we're going to Be talking about how to set the under Eyes in the correct way this is all About how to make it look really Flawless all day long no creases Everything's going to look Flawless now If you do like this video please do give It a thumbs up don't forget to subscribe To my channel and hit the Bell button so That you don't miss any of my future Videos and don't forget I'm over on Instagram so please do come say hi there Too now let's jump straight into the Video I feel like this is a topic that has Kind of been a lifelong struggle for a Lot of people and I fully understand why And I wanted to help you with that Because the under eye area is very Sensitive like the skin around that area Is the thinnest part than anywhere else On the body and it's very delicate so it Can end up looking you know cakey when You're applying a lot of makeup it can Also end up looking quite mask-like or

Just white you know because maybe the Concealer you've used is too bright so I Really wanted to help you understand Exactly how you can apply your concealer Your foundation like everything from Skin up you know everything that you Need to know from right from base all The way up to finishing it and setting It so I want to show you how you can set Your under eyes today now I haven't got Anything on my face so we are going to Be starting from scratch because it is Important what you use from scratch it's Important what you use on your skin in Terms of skin care to help with your Under eye area too now it's going to be Very difficult if I was to just do the Under eye area because that isn't kind Of like how I do bass I always kind of Like put my concealer on first and then I go in with my foundation so it's a Whole process so I want to show you the Exact process because there is just not Any way of me just showing you the under Eye and I feel like once you see it all You'll understand how it all kind of Like it's just a marriage between Concealer Foundation powder and your Technique and the products that you use As well so I want to explain everything From start to finish for you and I think You guys are going to absolutely love This it's going to be a game changer for Your under eye area and your base in

General so let's get started with Skincare now I have already washed my Face I use the wind Oasis fresh this is A jelly cleanser which I absolutely love And I use this one I don't really want My face feeling kind of tight you know Not that I ever want my face to feel Tight but I feel like my skin is dry at The moment it's a little bit dehydrated Because I have started my retinol Recently and because of that I really Need something that isn't going to strip My skin so this is something think that I use it's a jelly cleanser so it's very Kind of it's jelly basically it's not Like it's not it's not foaming initially But after you've kind of applied it and Then you kind of like start mixing it With water it then kind of Foams up it's Very light on the skin vitamin C and Niacinamide both ingredients that I Absolutely love to help kind of nourish The skin and brighten it now I've let my Skin kind of like dry naturally like air Dry I'm now going to be applying a serum I'm going to be using my Oasis bright Multi brightening serum this is Basically like a little dropper system Here so I'm just gonna put a little drop On my hand on my fingers and I'm just Gonna smooth this over That's all I do now that Serum is Actually really great to kind of like It's almost naturally exfoliating your

Skin but not while you're you know like You don't see any there's no kind of Shedding or anything and it is great for Dark spots and it brightens your skin Too I just feel like it it kind of gets Rid of that dullness and also you see The results pretty soon like it only Took like around a week or so for me to See kind of extra brightness in my skin So now I'm gonna go in with my eye cream You've got to make sure you use an eye Cream especially like when you're Worried about how you're going to set The under eyes because you really want To make sure it is well hydrated and I'm Using my drunk elephant sea Tango Multivitamin eye cream and I've just put That on my fingers there and I'm going To press here so I'm just literally Pressing it around the Contour of the Eye just letting that skin kind of Really soak it all up now because we're Going to be applying makeup I want to Make sure that my eye area is well Looked after exactly the same way the Rest of my face has been looked after I Don't want to leave that area out I Don't want to neglect it so this is me Just kind of giving it that same Hydration that I've already applied to The rest of my face now that we've Applied the eye cream I just want to Finish off with my moisturizer my Moisturizer is my wind Marrakesh rich

And I'm just gonna put a bit of that on My hand And I'm just pressing that into my skin Now what I'm going to do is apply my Concealer everywhere other than my under Eyes and we're going to speed through That because I really want you to focus On the under eye area but you will still See it so you will understand how I've Done the rest of the face too so what I'm going to do is just go ahead with All of that then we can get started and Go into like some major detail with the Under eye area Thank you Okay so now that we've done majority of The face we're left with the under eye Area this is the part that people seem To get stuck on so we're going to start With the concealer now if you are Wondering why am I putting all my Concealer on first and then I'm going in With my Foundation it's because I use The technique under painting it's a Technique I've used for absolutely years Majority of professional makeup artists Do use this technique and have been Using it for absolutely years so it is a Technique that gives you a soft focus Effect and if you don't know much about It then head over to my playlist all About foundation and base and you'll see A video on underpainting which will Explain it all to you now moving on with

The video we're going to use a concealer To basically just conceal the under eye Area now bear in mind you can use However much you want to use if you feel That you need to use a lot less than What I do that's fine the amount that I'm showing you is not what I'm saying Is the right amount because it differs Person to person coverage to coverage Like however much you feel works for you You go with that amount I'm just going To be going with what I've feel works For me now I'm going to go in with my Concealer which I've been using Everywhere else which is my tarte shape Tape in 35n medium and I'm just going to Apply this to the under eye area just Like this so as you can see I'm not Going too close to that under eye area Here to like the lower lash line you Don't want to really go that close to it Because I feel like when you go too Close it ends up giving you almost like A mask effect and it just looks really Weird on the under eye area especially Like on the actual lash line because it Kind of gets rid of any depth that there Already is there and any kind of Darkness with the lashes it just Lightens it all and looks very odd so Then I'm going to go along here now what This is doing is helping to lift the Area you don't have to apply it in this Exact way you could actually just apply

Your concealer on your under eye however You usually apply it I'm just going to go ahead and do this Side here Now I'm going in with my sponge I'm Using my beauty blender it is damp so Make sure your beauty blender is damp or If you want to use a dry one you can do It's completely up to you now what I'm Going to do is go ahead and basically Buff this in now I'm going to start with This eye here because this is where I Applied it first I'm just going to Basically start pressing it in and you Will see that this will give me that Really nice coverage and because we Applied it a lot lower than the actual On like lower lash line You'll see that It doesn't kind of go all the way up it Kind of whatever's blending will end up Kind of going up into that area which is Just the right amount But I'm really happy with that coverage And I feel like I have got that really Nice Flawless under eye but obviously we Want to finish off with our foundation And everything as well If you go in with a lot less concealer Like I said that's completely fine it Doesn't have to be the amount that I use It's just whatever you feel suits you Now I'm going in with my Foundation now You can use whatever Foundation you want What I would say is if you are going to

Be doing the underpainting technique and Putting your concealer on before you Apply your foundation then I would Suggest using a kind of light to medium Coverage don't use a full coverage Foundation because that just is going to Basically cover everything up and you're Not going to get that nice soft focus Effect plus I feel like it that itself In itself can end up being quite a lot For the under eye area so I'm using my Dual forever matte foundation this Foundation is one of my favorites my Shade is 3w and I basically have just Kind of wiped that across on the back of My hand I'm now going to get the sponge Pressing it into the back of my hand and Now I'm just gonna I'm just gonna go Across my forehead right now I am going To basically take this down the nose and Then I'm going to go over the under eye Area if you have a specific kind of Order that you start applying your Foundation that's completely up to you Don't have to do it this way I just like It because it's just a bit more in just Flows nicely so I'm just basically Pressing this into my under eye area and There's not too much foundation on this It's actually a very small amount Probably the least amount on my under Eye than anywhere else on my face that I Apply it Now I know that a lot of people may

Understand this you know when you Basically apply your foundation Concealer whatever and you get this Really nice finish on the under eye area And then you're kind of like okay I've Got it exactly how I want it but like Now how do I make it stay like that you Know because some people I've heard have Said to me that the minute they start to Set it that's when it starts to look Either like it's just dark circles there Again or they feel like it just looks Very cakey and they don't feel like it's Actually giving them that nice Flawless Finish so I totally totally totally get It I'm gonna now apply this everywhere Else on the face so I'm trying to make This really kind of like easy for you in Terms of like understanding how you can Set the under eye areas difficult for me To kind of only show you the Android Area and hopefully by now you can kind Of see that I only drag the sponge on The kind of jawline to make sure there's No kind of like mask effect there But the rest of the face I'm always Pressing Okay I'm kind of happy with my Foundation coverage everywhere now this Is the part where we want to basically Set the face now the first place I'm Going to set is actually the under eye Area that's not just because I want to Show that to you first it's actually

Because that's the way I always do it This is the exact routine the exact Order of everything I'm doing it in the Correct order that I use because I feel Like if I were to show you the whole Routine it kind of is a bit more Understandable for you because had I Have only done that under eye area that Whole eye area I would have had Questions like but where did you apply Your foundation like what about other Areas or how does this kind of like go Well with the rest of the face so I Really wanted to just show you this Routine and really break it down for you This is where I really want to set the Under eye first because I basically Don't want any creasing to happen there Which has already started happening I Can already see it but what we want to Do is completely set it so that there Are no creases and so that creases don't Develop later on in the day I just want To quickly add it it's normal to have Creases on the eye area it's completely Normal they're called fine lines and if You are a bit older and you have more Mature skin and obviously then they're Called like wrinkles because that's a Little bit more deep set now either way You either have them or you're going to Get them right it's going to be there What I'm trying to show you is how to Minimize the appearance how to stop the

Foundation and concealer settling in Those lines and how to just set your Under eyes so that that area just stays Looking flawless and I'm not saying the Rest of the area doesn't but for me if There was one place I would want to just Keep looking flawless throughout the day And I had to only pick one part of my Face it would be my under eye area Because if you look kind of flawless on The under eye area I feel like you don't Look tired you just look awake if the Rest of my face decides to go or dewy And maybe a little bit greasy I'm Totally fine with that I can get a Tissue and I can block my face and I can Deal with that but the under eye area That's a very sensitive kind of like Area and it's really difficult if things Mess up during the day like say if it Starts to look very cakey like you can't Reduce it it's just not gonna work if You start to get creases and you wipe it A little bit and it accidentally smudges And then because you haven't said it Properly it just looks like there's a Big patch missing and you end up looking Like you've got dark circles there's a Lot that can go wrong and trust me this Is from experience there's a lot can go Wrong with there's a lot that can go Wrong with the under eye area so that's Why I really want to focus on that area For you today right now the creases have

Probably started building up in that Area now what I'm going to do is I'm Going to get my sponge I'm going to get The tip of my sponge and I'm just going To basically just pick up any kind of Concealer or Foundation I'm only using a Tip and I'm very lightly just kind of Like dragging it across like almost like Picking up any product and flicking it Away And what happens is the tip of the Sponge is kind of soaking up that excess Product so that's that if you feel like Overall you have a lot of product there And it just looks like too much before You've even said it then flip your Sponge over use the back of the sponge The area that maybe you don't use that Much and then just kind of like press Over it and that hopefully should kind Of pick up any excess products that You've applied now we're going to go in With the powder now I'm using my Ben eye Luxury powder it's something that I have Used for years and I absolutely love it You can use whatever setting powder you Like although I will say that not all Setting powders are the same if you use A powder which is ultra Ultra ultra fine Like micro fine then it doesn't work as Well it's not you know those kind of Like dusting the finishing powders They're not going to really help to set The under eye you really need a powder

That is kind of almost great for baking Because we're not really baking I'll Explain to you in a minute we're kind of Like basically applying it and then We're gonna dust it off pretty quickly After I don't let it sit there because I Actually find when you let It Bake can End up looking even more and more cakey So I don't like to actually bake but I Am going to now apply this powder I'm Using my shade in banana and I'm going To grab my Powder Puff I don't apply With a beauty blender sometimes I do When I'm working on clients but it Really depends on you know what their Skin is like and how kind of crippy the Area is on the under eye area like if They have a lot of Fine Lines I won't Use a beauty blender I'll always use a Puff I always find that's better now What I'm doing is pressing this into the Powder I'm basically going to now go in And press See how that just very quickly I applied that on the under eye area There that's it I just go ahead and Apply this everywhere else that I want It So just Like I'm not being very precise with it Then I get my big brush And I dust it off everywhere but the Under eye Right this is the only this is the

Amount time I leave it on that's it I Grab my setting brush this is my real Technique setting brush because it's the Perfect size for my under eye area now I'm lightly dusting this off If you feel like your skin becomes very Dry quickly Then I will just dust off the powder on The under eye area first you don't need To even wait okay so now that we've done That that is basically set as you can See we do have a bit of depth still Coming through because we have that Concealer underneath that darkness that I applied along the cheekbones you can See that it's given a little bit of Depth to the face now you can add more Depth if you want with your bronzer or Whatever you want to use your blush it's Up to you if you want to add more but You don't need to add as much because You've already got some depth there Obviously it looks a bit weird because I Don't have my eyebrows done and Everything but the under eye area is Basically done now if you feel that you Have maybe applied too much powder Hopefully you want to kind of nip it in The bud straight away if you've applied Too much and you can see immediately You've applied too much get your brush And dust it off immediately dust it off In the same way you don't want it to Kind of like stay there too long and

Soak up the liquid the cream product Underneath you want it to kind of like You want to get rid of it as soon as you Can you know what let me just very Quickly do my brows I'm going to be back In a second because I just can't take Myself seriously with no bras on so let Me do that very quickly okay I'll be Back in a minute I'm back and I feel a little bit normal Now that my brows are done now I really Do hope that this is kind of explained To you the layering like how you kind of Blend everything together and also how You set it at the end and I want you to Know that it is not just about how you Set it it is about the products you use It is about the pressure of your hand Like how much you are pressing how much You are dusting off like how much Pressure you have like I'm really not Pressing hard when I'm doing it because I'm just going to kind of disrupt Everything that I've kind of buffed in Underneath honestly very lightly I'm Very likely taking it off like dusting It off so you've got to be very soft With everything don't be too Heavy-handed do remember that the first Time you do it if you feel that okay I Can still see my dark circles you Probably need a little bit more Concealer if you feel like the setting Powder worked initially but then it kind

Of like died down it could be that Either your skin is a little bit oily it Produces more oil so maybe you need Something like a primer underneath which Is going to help to keep that oil at Bay Or maybe it could be that you're not Using the right powder now I'm not only I'm not going to say to you that the Ben Eye luxury powder is the only powder That works like I personally feel like I Can still create the same kind of look With other powders just to list a few For you that I have actually used and I Feel that do help to set the Android Areas I will list them actually in my Description below rather than just list Them out now so they will be in my Description below so that you can read All of that and click on the links that Will take you directly to each one if You are worried about whether you get a Real Beni powder because I've heard some People say that on Amazon they feel that Maybe they're not getting the real one Or whatever I have made sure that Whatever link I've put down for the Beni Powder is the real one so trust me that One is going to be it's real it's not Like a dupe like not like a fake or Anything I want you guys to understand That it has a bit of everything to do With it it has to do with the kind of Concealer that you use it has to do with Your pressure it has to do with how much

You've applied it has to do with how You've kind of buffed it into your skin It has to do with your skin type it has To do with the powder that you use and The the pressure that you use to dust That powder off as well so it is a bit Of everything there's no magic Ingredient that changes the entire like There's not just one thing that you can Do that makes it last all day honestly I Can tell you from years and years of Using this technique I can tell you that It will not budge by the end of the day Even if my the rest of my face is Looking a little bit more dewy because I Generally tend to dust that off first Remember you saw me dust that all off First I know that my under eye area is Going to consistently throughout the day Look Flawless so I really wanted to Share that with you so that you guys Understand exactly how you can create That too and how you can correct and set Your under eye area so that you have the Most Flawless under eye area ever Whatever you're doing for the rest of The day I really do hope that you have The best day ever it's full of lots of Love laughter and hugs and yeah wishing You loads of love I really do hope you've enjoyed this Video today if you have any questions Let me know in the comments box below if You like this video give it a thumbs up

Don't forget to subscribe to my channel And hit that Bell button so that you Don't miss any of my future videos until The next video take care and I'll see You soon

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