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I am going to show you something which I Use which I think is a complete Game Changer when it comes to your skincare [Applause] We're back with another educational Beauty video and in today's video I'm Going to be showing you the correct Order of skin care before you apply Makeup I feel like this is something That really kind of sets the tone for Your makeup so I really wanted to go Through with you exactly how you apply It and which order is the correct way to Apply it and why so if you do like this Video so please do give it a thumbs up Don't forget to subscribe to my channel And hit the Bell button so that you Don't miss any of my future videos and If you want to catch some unboxing of Press boxes just makeup in general and Just what I get up to when I'm not Filming for YouTube then you can head Over and follow me on Instagram too now I think we can get started with the Video So this is something I feel like Everyone needs to know and it's such an Important part of applying makeup it's Actually your skincare so the correct Order of applying skincare before Applying makeup it makes all the Difference it really does completely Change the way your makeup applies onto The skin how it actually Blends and also

How it sets and how it overall kind of Looks at the end of it so it really does Make your skin look better or feel and Look at its best before you actually Start applying makeup so let's get Started now the first thing that I have Already done but it's always a little Bit messy to kind of show this on camera Is actually cleanse my skin now I've Used my wind Oasis fresh dissolving Jelly cleanser it's actually a it's a Great cleanser I use this not every Single day but I use it when I feel that My skin is kind of needing that extra Comfort just a bit of looking after Because maybe it's feeling a little bit Tired it's feeling like you know maybe I've put makeup on every day over the Last few days and it's a little bit kind Of just a bit stingy you know and and This is a really great jelly cleanser Which is very soothing on the skin so It's a ph balanced cleanser and it kind Of like goes on like a jelly and it Lathers up when you apply water and it Just feels so good on the skin what I do Love about it is it is a cleanser which Is packed with vitamin C niacinamide Which I absolutely love that ingredient Literally is the Holy Grail of smooth Skin that cleanser is something that I Use mainly in the mornings I would say Because I feel like it just gives me That fresh feeling on my skin now once

I've kind of used this jelly cleanser Which by the way I would recommend to Everyone because your skin doesn't Actually feel tight after using it and I Hate that feeling after using like after Washing your face it doesn't feel tight It doesn't strip your skin of any Moisture so it's very gentle on your Skin so it's a great cleanser I think For all skin types next what we do is we Apply well obviously you let your face Dry because you want that to kind of dry Up as well now my first my next thing That I usually do is kind of like apply My lip product now this genuinely is the Best lip product whatever you want to Call it that I have ever used it's my Dual lip maximizer and it has hyaluronic Acid in there it's very kind of Hydrating for the skin I feel like it's A no fuss Lip lip product like there are A lot of lip products out there but I Feel like this one in particular well Firstly can I just say I've been using It for years like I'd say at least five Years for five years it feels like that Long anyway it genuinely is such a great Product because I like the zero zero one Shade with because it's clear it has no Color in there but it almost has this Like very natural fleshy tone undertone To it and on its own I feel like it's a Great gloss so you don't actually need To go for something which is separate as

A gloss this can do the job for you but It also is the one product that doesn't Irritate my skin my skin doesn't get too Used to so then it doesn't stop working You know that horrible feeling when you Find something great and also I like Blotting it and just applying lip liner And leaving it as it is like literally That is my lip combo most days now once I've applied that the reason I apply This at this stage age by the way is so That it gets to work you know so I'm Thinking about the order of what I'm Applying like do I want to apply this Last when really I might blot it and Then it doesn't really you know too much The product isn't really sitting there For long enough to be able to work on my Skin so I apply it right at the Beginning Because by the time it gets to Actually doing my lips it's literally The perfect amount of gloss left left There my skin has absorbed all that kind Of moisture and it's left with excess Moisture which is great because I still Want that kind of like really nice Glowing look on my lips so that's the Reason I do my lips first now next what I do is I apply my eye cream the reason I apply my eye cream next is because the Skin around the eye area is the most Delicate than anywhere else on your body And I don't really like to I really Think about where I'm applying my

Products like I don't want to apply my Serum and then it kind of goes towards My eyes and then I apply my eye cream And it's kind of mixed in with the serum Like I really want to make sure I am Targeting those areas correctly so I Want to make sure that when I'm applying My eye cream I'm really focusing on that Area and it's not mixing with any other Products so that's another reason I Apply it then now the product I use is My drunk elephant and it is the sea Tango multivitamin eye cream you guys Know I use this all the time and I Literally just go in so I've kind of Like rubbed it taught in my fingers and Then I go around the Contour of the eye And I basically just start kind of Pressing it in I'm making sure it's all The way around I always find this part Really soothing you know just generally Applying skincare I I really do find it So soothing and I guess it's because my Skin is so kind of it's just ready for All that moisture now next up I'm using Something which I absolutely love this Stuff has been a complete game changer For my skin it is the Lancer triple Peptide drops with vitamin E and Niacinamide this stuff is amazing you Know I've talked about it in other Videos like you can mix a couple of Drops into your moisturizer or you can Use it on its own before moisturizer now

It's a little kind of dropper bottle Like that and basically I just put one Drop it says one to two drops but Honestly I think one drop is more than Enough for my skin and I basically just Press this in now even though my skin is Prone to breakouts that's kind of mainly Because of wearing makeup you know and The thing is I can't stop wearing makeup It is my job I do love it so you know It's just a sacrifice I've had to make But ultimately at the same time my skin Even though I get breakouts you'd think That's down to just oiliness of the skin It isn't really I don't really have oily Skin like I do actually have quite Dehydrated skin so it's very difficult For me to find the right type of skin Care that works on my skin which is Dehydrated but also kind of prone to Breakouts if that makes sense so I have Quite thick skin and majority of the Time I am not sensitive to products I Can sometimes here and there end up Getting a little bit sensitive to Certain products but you know most of The time my Skin's pretty tough in that Sense these products in general what I'm Showing you are all products that are Great for soothing the skin and great For breakouts but also great at giving You that moisture it's a really tough Kind of issue to solve of an a difficult Skin battle to face basically because

You've kind of got breakouts your Skin's Not oily though it's kind of dehydrated But at the same time you don't want to Pack loads of moisture on and then just Make it super oily if that makes sense So it is difficult to deal with but I do Feel that these products in particular Have worked great on my skin and Obviously it all starts with your face Wash as well so it starts with that Because that kind of preps your skin for Your skincare and then your skincare is Prepping your skin for your makeup after I've applied my Lancer peptide drops I'm Going to let that sink in and it has This very very subtle tacky feeling now Once I've applied that I then move on to My moisturizer my moisturizer is my wind Marrakesh Rich this I just literally Take a little bit of my hand and I apply This so I basically Just apply this here when I press it in And this moisturizer is amazing guys Honestly it's one of the best Moisturizers I've used because I feel Like it gives me the moisturizer and you Know what funnily enough I thought this Would be a bit too rich for me because It's Marrakesh rich but it's perfect for Me like it isn't over it doesn't make Your skin feel greasy it doesn't like I Don't break out with it I don't feel Like it's just overloaded my skin even Though it's married it's Rich it's not

It doesn't feel rich if that makes sense I am going to show you something which I Use which I think is a complete Game Changer when it comes to your skincare Now SPF and primer are separate but this Product is all in one now this is the Charlotte Tilbury invisible UV Flawless Poreless primer it's smoother looking Skin and daily defenses SPF 50 which is Amazing now I love the fact that it's a Primer and SPF in one because honestly If I don't have to apply as many layers That is that is like the best news to me It's like music to my ears because if I Can avoid having to use lay is that's Amazing but yet it's still giving me the Protection and doing the job that I Would get if I were to use each layer Separately so what I'm going to do with This is I'm going to apply this onto my Skin and I'm just going to take a little Bit of this so it's kind of a almost Like a kind of it just looks like a Thick cream but it's it's very good I Just feel like it's it really good Because it is your SPF and your Moisturizer sorry your primer so I just Smooth this over now it really does help With the appearance of large pores which Is another thing that I like now because I've applied this I feel like I'm not Really overloading my skin with Unnecessary kind of products like it's Not feeling gunky I feel like I've got

That moisture there but at the same time Now I can also feel that my makeup is Going to apply really smoothly now I Wanted to very quickly show you Something which is almost like a bonus Skincare product because I know that it Isn't something that everyone would Include part of their skincare whereas Everything that I've currently shown you Is kind of like what the average person Would use like you'd use a lip product An eye cream a skin treatment or serum a Moisturizer and a primer an SPF or you Know at least most of them now I know That not everyone will end up then Applying something else to the skin Right after you've applied your primer And everything you go straight into Makeup I wanted to show you something That I kind of feel is something that You would love and also great if you Have like very dehydrated skin so this Is the wind Oasis Veil and you've seen Me use this before it's one of my Favorite face Mists now it's basically a Serum in a bottle so it's a spray and it Gives you that extra hydration and it's Got vitamin C so it really does give you That kind of on-the-go hydration now This is something that you can use while You're out and about you can actually Use it on top of makeup and it really Does give you the really really nice Kind of like healthy glowing skin look

But you can also use this before your Makeup so this is something that I like To apply after my primer if I feel like My skin is a bit more dry than usual More dry than usual it's basically I Feel like even after everything I've Applied I feel like I could do with a Little bit of moisture but obviously I Can't rewind and take my primer off take My SP off F off and then go in and like Apply more moisturizer so it's really Difficult because you don't want to also Ruin you don't want to disturb the Layers you don't want to disturb Everything that you've already applied So what I tend to do then is I go go in With this and I basically spray this Onto my face so I basically just There you go and it doesn't even like it Doesn't make you look all like wet or Anything but it is a really really good Spray I don't know why my voice is going It's something that I kind of jump to if I know that I've applied all my skincare And everything's great but I kind of Wish I applied my more moisturizer or a Bit more of my serum to give me that Hydration so if I get if I'm stuck in That rut after applying all of my Skincare then that's when I go to this And I apply this because I know that That's going to give me that instant Hydration and it's also going to kind of Look after my skin and not disturb any

Of my skincare underneath what I also Want to do is just apply a very light Skin tint because I want to show you how That kind of looks on the skin after Applying our skincare now I'm going to Go ahead and apply this to my brush I'm Actually using my Sigma f47 brush and my Summer Friday sheer skin tint and this Shade is shade five it's I'm actually Really loving this it's great for when You don't actually want to apply a lot Of makeup and you just want you know You've got a day Where you just well don't want to apply Any makeup maybe you're just like you Still want that little tiny tiny bit of Like kind of even skin tone so okay now I can now I can feel like when I'm Putting my makeup on Like I feel like it's easy you know it's Gliding on my skin it doesn't feel like It's difficult this is a really great Skin tone so I feel like everything's Kind of like going on smoothly and I Don't feel like it's disturbing my Skincare I feel like my skincare isn't Kind of like rubbing off while I'm Applying this so it's a great product to Use but ultimately what helps there is The skincare underneath that's so much Easier and now when I want to go in with Concealer and things like that I feel Like I can kind of get in there without Feeling like it's kind of like too fluid

Underneath and it's set the tone it's Given me that really nice smooth even Base now the whole point of applying Your skincare in the correct order is so That each skincare product you use Actually works on the area it's meant to Be used on and also it's not kind of Mixing in with other products which then End up changing the formula slightly and Also possibly being a little bit too Heavy for the area that that particular Product is meant for another thing you Want to remember is by applying your Skincare in the correct order is Actually helping your skin to be at its Best for makeup application now before I Applied any of my skincare my skin is Very textured I have pitted skin I have Slight acne scarring and it's not very Even right so it's not very smooth so It's it's like I it's tiny like kind of Like bumps along my skin especially Around the these areas here and what Happens is if I don't apply skincare if I don't apply it correctly it becomes Very obvious through makeup this way I've kind of like I'm kind of like Slowly applying a film along each layer Is doing its job to look after my skin And hydrate my skin and kind of like Just give it the moisture it needs and Give it everything that it needs and Also create a barrier between your skin And your makeup you know so it's also

Like kind of looking after your skin It's like that protective layer as well So as well as the the fact that it's Kind of doing what it needs to do for Your skin it's also helping your makeup To kind of like stay a little a bit Separate but also giving it like almost Like a you're creating the perfect base For that makeup to go on so hopefully All of that has been really clear for You guys and you now understand the Correct way to apply skincare before Makeup now wherever you are in the world I hope you have the best day ever I really do hope you enjoyed this video Today and I hope it cleared up any Questions that you have about skin care And how you apply it and the correct Order of applying it before you apply Your makeup now if you have any Questions let me know in the comments Box below and if you like this video Give it a thumbs up don't forget to Subscribe to my channel and hit the Bell Button so that you don't miss any of my Future videos until the next video take Care and I'll see you soon

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