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So I'm just applying it to the same Places I usually would do and wait till You see the Finish you're going to be Like how have you done that without Foundation [Applause] How are we all doing today I'm back with Another educational Beauty video and in Today's video I'm going to be showing You the most Flawless space ever it's a Concealer trick that requires no Foundation can you believe it guys I am So excited for you guys to learn how to Do this look you guys are going to be Shocked at the results so make sure you Stay tuned and watch this whole video Because I know you're going to Absolutely love it and you will again You will be shocked because honestly It's the most Flawless base ever and I Cannot believe there's no Foundation Involved now if you do like this video Please do give it a thumbs up don't Forget to subscribe to my channel and Hit the Bell button so that you don't Miss any of my future videos and don't Forget I'm over on Instagram too so Please do come say hi there as well Because I'd love to see you there now I Think let's move straight into the video So I really wanted to show you another Way of creating a Flawless base now I'm Going to be using concealers today I'm Not using any foundation and the reason

I'm doing this technique is because I Feel like it may appeal to some of you Who actually want that really nice Flawless effect who want that full Coverage don't want it to look cakey and At the same time maybe you struggle with Using Foundation over concealer because Maybe you find that when you apply Foundation you know you feel like the Coverage is kind of lost or maybe you Don't want that soft focus effect so I Really wanted to kind of show this so That you guys have the option of Creating this type of look because I Really honestly feel like the coverage In concealer is impeccable like Literally it is so Flawless and it Actually lasts all day all night and you Can get the most sculpted look from it So this is what I'm going to show you Today it is just an option it doesn't Mean that it is better than applying Foundation over your con your concealer I personally love that finish and I do That all the time so this is just an Option for you now what we're going to Do is get started with skin care now Because we're relying on Purely Concealer and it's quite a heavy thick Consistency we really want to make sure We kind of moisturize our skin properly I have nothing on my face at the moment What I am going to be doing is applying My lots of peptide drops because I'm

Absolutely obsessed with them and they Give me the most amazing hydration ever And I'm just basically applying one drop Of that and I'm gonna just kind of like Press this onto my skin Now you want your skin to kind of really Absorb all that product so you want that Product to really kind of start sinking Into your skin and give it that chance To settle down don't just go straight to Your next product make sure you give it That time so I'm literally just going to Give it a few well maybe like a minute Next up we're going to go in with the Eye cream I'm using my drunk elephant Sea Tango multivitamin eye cream this is Just what I'm currently using at the Moment it's great because I love that Kind of balmy finish to an eye cream I Don't like it when I just can't feel it After I've applied it so I'm I'm loving The texture from drunk elephant like the Eye creams are just so good now we're Going to go in with our moisturizer and This is my wind marker Marrakesh I'm just taking a bit of that Onto my hand so I'm making sure I've got Some good moisturizer like a decent Amount because I feel like you know my Skin's feeling a little bit dehydrated At the moment and this is just my Favorite moisturizer at the moment well It has been for quite a while does Anyone else do that if I have leftover

Moisturizer I put it on my elbows I Think that's you know a great thing to Do because and it just honestly you know When you can't get that oh try again What was that oh my God it was my body God did you see me I got so scared Because I was like my phone's on the Desk and it's not coming from my phone That's freaked me out guys I was like What is going on you know when your Hands feel like it's just they're too Slippery because you've got you've just Put moisturizer on or a skincare product Like I always take it off on my elbows Because it literally just comes off Straight away because it always so dry So it's like just totally just sucks in All that moisture anyway moving on we've Got a really nice kind of like we've got Some nice skin prep going on our skin is Feeling great very nicely kind of tacky With moisturizer not greasy now I am Going to be applying a primer now I Don't want something which is kind of Gonna mattify my skin because your Concealer is such a texture that it kind Of gives you that great matte finish to Your skin which is not overly matte Either what I want is something that's Really kind of grip gonna grip hold of My concealer but creates a really nice Tacky base for it you know so I'm just Basically smoothing this on this is my Milk Hydro grip primer I absolutely love

This primer it's great let's just Quickly add some lip balm this is my lip Maximizer zero zero one from Dior now We're going to be using one brand Concealer the reason being is because I Feel like I can really get the perfect Finish with it like I don't want to mix Different kind of texture concealers Together I really want to kind of use The same brand so that it kind of Blends Really easily together if you see what I Mean you know if I use one which is Ultra fluid and one which is slightly Thicker I feel like it's going to end up Looking quite patchy on the skin this Way by using one brand all over the face You actually get that more uniform fluid Finish okay first off I'm going to apply Some concealer to my eyelid you know I Always like to apply it there just to Kind of like Get It really even and nice So I'm going to go ahead and apply my Concealer there I'm using my hourglass Airbrush finish is it airbrush finish no I don't know about it Spanish Concealer it this shade is Beach And just a couple of little lines there And then I'm just going to buff this in With my sponge And I don't want you to think that with This kind of like using concealers it's Going to give you a really heavy finish Because honestly you'll see it doesn't This is one of the best concealer Brands

I think to use for this type of look if You're only using concealer I feel like This gives your skin a really kind of Beautiful kind of almost very slight Sheen to it where it doesn't look super Matte okay let's go into our powder I'm Using my Ben eye luxury powder a little Bit of banana powder on the palm of my Hand to my powder cloth and I'm just Going to press press this over and this Is just going to set that so I don't Need to go back to that area and then Using my Real Techniques brush my Setting brush I'm just going to kind of Like dust that powder off now you know How usually when you're using concealer With foundation and you apply your Concealer on your under eyes it's a Little bit lighter than your skin tone Because you want that brightness right And you know that you're going to go Over with Foundation or use foundation In whatever way that you use it with it So you know that it's not going to end Up looking so bright on the under eye Well because we're not using Foundation We're going to go with the color which Is a lot closer to the skin tone so like We're not actually trying to brighten The area because we're going to get that Anyway which you'll kind of see as we go Along so I'm actually going to use the Shade Dune now the first shade I used Was Beach that's a little bit lighter

But I I want that kind of there what I'm Going to do is use June and then apply a Little bit of beet just to in case I Feel like I need that kind of brightness There so what I'm going to do is just go Over this under eye area here You can see this is a lot warmer And I'm also going to apply this just From other areas Where I usually would do you know like My you usually you've seen you kind of Apply concealer in those areas now I'm Going in with my Hollywood complexion Brush from Charlotte Tilbury and I'm Just going to basically start kind of Like blending this concealer outwards so We've kind of applied it mainly along The center of the face and this is where We're just going to blend outwards And really kind of spread it around Because honestly the concealer goes a Long way so you don't need to apply Everywhere Foreign Because we've got some really nice Skincare underneath which is really Looking after our skin and it's not left A horrible dry finish on our skin Everything's kind of like blending Really nicely can you see how much Coverage we've already got I'm just Going like spreading it around other Areas of face because I can still feel That there's product there so it can now

I'm going to go in with my beauty Blender and I'm gonna buff this under Eye area Same as I usually would And see how it doesn't look like white On that area it's much closer to my skin Tone so it doesn't look like it's super White How great is that right we've got that Really nice coverage it doesn't look too White and you know we've we've got what We kind of want there I'm gonna go in With that slightly lighter shade which Is Beach and I just want to kind of like Add a bit of brightness in certain areas So you can apply this wherever you feel That you want a tiny bit of brightness I Think that's more or less enough for me Honestly I'm gonna just use the brush For this bit Right this is where I'm going to go in With a darker shade this shade is flax And it's not overly dark when you've Seen me Contour you've seen I use quite A dark shade you might find it a little Bit difficult to kind of see this but Honestly you'll see it in a second when I start kind of buffing it in So I'm actually applying this in all the Areas I would have sculpted Now we're actually going to use our Sponge for this so what I'm going to be Doing is kind of blending this in so These areas are where I just want a bit

More warmth you know and I want to kind Of like sculpt the area so I don't want It to look like so flat and it's very Subtle so it's not like oh my god wow She's just contoured so that's why that Color is kind of a lot it's just warmer But it's not warm enough that it kind of Creates an obvious line you should be Able to see a little bit of sculpting There yeah see it's just a bit more Natural This is where I'm going to use my Hollywood complexion brush because Obviously it's a small area so we're Just going to like really make sure That's nicely buffed in I'm kind of like happy with that because I feel like we've got that sculpted kind Of finish it isn't overly harsh we can See that it's kind of like highlighted My cheekbones a bit more now it's Getting to the point where we need to Kind of like set this and make sure it Doesn't kind of go anywhere but can you See how like the Finish we've got is Really nice it's flawless I don't feel Like we actually you know you can put it On if you want a bit more of a soft Focus effect but you can still kind of Carry on with this and that's it without Foundation now I'm going to apply some Powder into the palm of my hand and I'm Using my Ben eye luxury as always and I'm just going to get my sponge now I'm

Just going to like kind of take out These creases so I'm just taking out all The products and it's kind of sitting in Between those creases And then going in with my Powder Puff And honestly this is not going to go Anywhere so I'm just applying it to the Same places I usually would do and wait Till you see the Finish you're going to Be like how have you done that without Foundation like do I even need to wear a Foundation let's just Dust Away All that powder with my veil brush And then my Real Techniques setting Brush Look at that see See what I mean I am going to do my Brows in a minute but let me first just Add a little bit of kind of like blush And a little bit of sculpting so you can Actually see how it does sit on the skin Really well this is my islanding bronzer And all I'm doing is just warming up my Face a very very little bit like Just a tiny bit Because I just want a little bit more of A bronzed look I love how makeup sits on Concealer because there's like less Layers right so it actually sits really Nicely and really like loving this whole Kind of Base routine let's use my Ambient tiger palette from hourglass Because I'm loving this palette at the Moment it's going with this pink because

I'm wearing pink it's got a little bit Of Sheen in there oh this is so nice I Haven't used this color before this One's actually number six in case you Have this palette oh it's really nice It's the swirly one This is the zoiva 134 Brush by the way Okay brows are done lips I've just added A little bit of lip liner that's it and I think you can kind of see how this is Just a normal look even with concealer Only it still gives you a really nice Flawless finish it it's not anything Drastically different other than the Fact that honestly it doesn't feel as Heavy funnily enough because you've only Got concealer on there's no Foundation Here and honestly it's much easier to Kind of get that kind of sculpted look So I actually really love this type of Finish and I will be doing this a lot More I'm not giving up my underpainting Because I love that but honestly you Don't always have to apply foundation on Top of your concealer like you can just Just go with concealer and you get the Most amazing finish like I personally Love this I have done it quite a few Times and I it's something that just Every time I've done it I feel like okay I'm gonna be doing it more because I Love the finish so much and later on in The day I love how it looks then as well You can you can almost see your skin

More so you've got that Flawless finish But it just doesn't look heavy and I Really hope that this is kind of showing You that you can create looks like this You can step out of your comfort zone Try different things because honestly When you try it it's going to be a game Changer for you and you're not going to Know unless you try so other than that I Really do hope you head over to my Vlog Channel because there's loads going on There that we kind of like get up to Behind the scenes and you come to events With me a bit of self-awareness making Yourself feel good because why not and Yeah we're just we're just it's just a Whole load of like relaxed raw Real Talk Fun I'm not trying to say I'm fun but I mean You know it's there's only one thing we Can do on this channel and I love it and I'm never gonna stop it but over there You get to learn a little bit more about Me too thanks so much for your support So far by the way guys I've seen so many Of you like familiar faces heading over To that channel and I see you leaving Your comments and I'm like because it's Still such a small channel it's so much Easier for me to actually reply you know Like I do read all my comments here but It's really hard because there's Hundreds of comments a day on this Channel and it's like hard for me to

Actually you know while I reply through My my videos basically but over there at The moment it's still a little baby so I'm like you know like doing my little Kind of giving my little replies back There and yeah I'm excited for that to Grow and I will see you on the next Video and wherever you are in the world Today I hope you're having the best day Ever and it's full of light and loads of Possible that just didn't come out right Loads of light and positivity and yeah Sending you a big hug I hope you've enjoyed this video today And I hope you're going to recreate this Look too because honestly it's going to Make your life so much easier if you Just don't want to use Foundation now if You do like this video please do give it A thumbs up don't forget to subscribe to My channel and hit the Bell button so That you don't miss any of my future Videos until the next video take care And I'll see you soon

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