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The Clothes You’ll ALWAYS Regret Buying | Anti Haul 2023




The Clothes You’ll ALWAYS Regret Buying | Anti Haul 2023

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There are some fashion pieces that we Inevitably regret buying and today I'm Sharing what those pieces are to help You avoid falling into that trap ever [Music] Again hi I'm Leone and welcome to my Channel now I was recently watching a Video here on YouTube and I had a a real Mic drop moment when I was watching it It was by the lovely Creator Christina Mikas I will leave her Video or a link to her video in the Description box below but I had a mic Drop moment because she talked about Buying pieces for your fantasy self and That just resonated with me I mean I Have a fantasy version of myself that Version of me that I would perhaps like To present to the world but it doesn't Suit my lifestyle or my budget or my Fashion sense but it's that fantasy Lifestyle or that fantasy self that we Often get caught caught up in buying and Shopping for and so that is basically Why I decided to create today's episode There were lots of things that I wanted To add to the list so here I am doing That today as I said I'll leave Christina's a link to Christina's video In the description box below so you can Go and check that out because what she Says is fabulous so anyway let's get on With these items or clothing pieces that I definitely think if we buy them we

Will regret them so so you don't have to Agree with everything I say here and you Obviously can pick and choose which Pieces work or don't work for you but These are the pieces that I believe Definitely most of us regret buying now First up are the pieces that we buy as a Form of therapy now I'm sure many of you Can relate to that feeling of perhaps You're not having a great day or you're Not feeling overly happy and you go Shopping and you use shopping as therapy Generally speaking these pieces are not Particularly well thought out they're Not pieces that we've spent a lot of Time thinking about whether they'll go With other items that we own so these Shopping for the therapy pieces are ones That generally just tend to sit in our Wardrobes and not get worn so be very Careful when you're not feeling that Great and you're heading out shopping And shopping becomes a little bit of Therapy it's never generally a shopping Excursion that ends well so maybe make It a window shopping experience and meet Up with a friend for a coffee and a chat As a bit of a feel-good but beware of Those pieces that you buy when you're Feeling a little low now next up is the Designer trap and that is simply buying Pieces because they're a well-known Label or brand or because that Particular label has a little bit of

Hype around it it's very easy to get Caught in the Trap of thinking that Because it's a well-known brand that It's going to suit you or be better Quality or work for you better so you Potentially go out on a limbs spend more Money than you would like to and you're Never actually happy with that item so Be careful not to get caught in that Designer label track there's a lot of Talk here on YouTube about capsu Wardrobes and buying Essentials and Buying quality Essentials and I'm all Here for that but I do think it's really Important not to get caught in the Trap Of buying someone else's Essentials so Pieces that you see influencers or YouTubers or some of your friends if They are buying certain pieces as Essentials it doesn't necessarily mean That they are the right Essentials for You an essential for me for example is a Denim jacket but a denim jacket may not Suit everyone's style so while it's an Essential for me it's not necessarily an Essential for you so be really careful Not to be overly influenced by the wrong Influencers so people's personal style That doesn't suit your own now I'm a big Fan of baseball caps and hats in general I just love them and I do tend to pick Up a hat when I'm somewhere new it's Almost a little bit of a collector's Thing for me but it did get me thinking

That I have a ton of baseball caps that I hardly ever wear and so hats are also One of those items that you can buy too Many or own too many and you just don't Get that cost per wear so really think Twice about the hats that you own and if You see a hat that you particularly love Do you really need it how practical is It going to be have you already got hats That you wear and love just think about Hats they're not something that most of Us tend to wear all the time so there is A limit to how many of them that you Actually need so just proceed with Caution when it comes to hats another Fashion item that I will never buy and I Also think that we generally regret Buying these pieces is the pieces that We really love when we try them on but We know they're going to be high Maintenance to care for and I recently Fell into this trap myself I bought some Cargo pants in fact I hadn't tried them On I bought them online from overseas When they arrived they were made of that Fabric that just attracts lint so They're black cargo pants but they're Always they always have little white Pieces of lint or Pet fur or they just Seem to be a magnet that's something I Wouldn't have been able to tell when I Purchased them online but honestly if I Had seen these in store and tried them On even though they fit perfectly and

They look great they're a great style They fit my lifestyle they're high Maintenance pants so be really aware of Pieces that you may try on whether they Require regular steaming or ironing if You're fine with that then great but if Like me you would rather your p pieces Below maintenance be really aware not to Fall into the Trap of buying them and at This point I just wanted to say a very Big thank you to the team at gingerberry For sponsoring this portion of today's Episode now I've worked with gingerberry In the past and tend to wear a lot of Their pieces regularly I absolutely love Their quality and one of the great Things about the brand if you haven't Heard of them before is that they have a Price point for every budget so some of Their pieces are 18 karat goldplated and Others are solid 18 karat at Gold so There really is something for everyone I'm also delighted today to share a Discount code with you and that is to Save 15% off anything on the gingerberry Website and that code is simply style 15 I will leave that link in the Description box below to make it easy For you I'll also link all of the Products that I've recently picked up And I'll be featuring in today's episode So let's just get on to that so you can See some of my favorites but I am Wearing a couple of them these little

Sparkly earrings which I'm absolutely Loving I don't tend to wear a lot of Sparkle so it was kind of nice to add Something a little fresh and sparkly to My lineup I also absolutely love this Chain this necklace I love it for a Couple of reasons it's giving a nod to The chunky chain sort of statement chain Trend but it's also got a a kind of Invisible clasp so the clasp is actually Exactly the same as these little links Here so you can wear it and basically You can't ever see where the clasp is so If you know how necklaces can sometimes Kind of slide around and then you can See the clasp sitting at the side here Which does tend to happen for or to me From time to time well that doesn't Happen with this necklace because the Clasp is basically invisible so I love That aspect of it and I love the fact That it's a nod to the statement Necklace Trend but it's not too too Chunky I suppose but let me share some Of the pieces that I am loving and Wearing from gingerberry right now okay These earrings are my absolute faves They are Aurora pearls and I just find Them really elegant they are modern and Fun fact you can actually detach the Tassel with the pearls on and you end up With a pearl stud that you can wear on Its own I also think these earrings look Especially nice with your hair up and I

Love the versatility I have a beautiful Drop earring or a simple stud now this One is absolutely Timeless it's an aoia Pearl necklace and it is on a gold veret Chain I've teamed it here with one of my Original gingerberry necklaces which I Don't think I've taken off since the day That I got this one I absolutely love it And I love this simple combination worn Together the great thing about most of The gingerberry necklaces is that you Can change up the length as well so it's Very easy for layering now while pearls Are actually having a fashion moment Right now they are a Timeless classic And I love the fact that you can wear Them dressed up or more casually as I'm Wearing in them here just making a very Simple outfit look a little bit more Polished now I absolutely love this set It is a beautiful necklace with matching Bracelet and this is super versatile now What you can do with this particular Necklace as you can see here is it's Quite long so you can wrap it around Twice you can wear it long also it can Be attached to the chain that I'm Wearing in today's episode and you can Wrap it around three times it's just Really versatile and as you can see here A beautiful modern take on a classic String of Pearls and I absolutely love This AOA pearl necklace it is called a Mini light bulb it's a high luster clean

Blue overtune Pearl which is why it's so Pretty you can also adjust with the blue Pearl sits by pulling the chain through The little gold ball so it's super Versatile piece another item that we Generally regret buying is those pieces That when you're in a dressing room at a A store you try something on and you Find yourself uming and arring about it You're not quite sure whether it's right Or it's 90% right but not 100 those Pieces you need to walk away from Because quite often when they're almost Right we're tempted to buy them because We fear that we're not going to find Anything that's any better but generally Speaking those pieces we we never feel Great about so what I always say is if You don't absolutely love some something When you try it on and it fits well and It makes you feel great from the minute You put it on then don't buy it it's too Likely that this is going to be one of Those pieces that you will regret buying So unless you're 100% on it don't do it Now when it comes to regrets one of the Things that we often say and I find Myself saying it here on YouTube as well Is to when you find something you love Buy it in a few different colors but This is also potentially a trap when I Go shopping with women they will often Be they'll walk into a store and they'll Be drawn to the same pieces store after

Store after store and then when I look In their wardrobes they have a lot of Pieces that are very similar and these Are the pieces that we find comfortable To shop for we find they work for us but We end up having too many of the same Items in our closet they're all taking Up a lot of space but we really only Need Maybe a quarter of those similar Pieces but every time we go into store We are drawn to whether it's Britain Stripe teas or whatever it is that is The Kryptonite for you we all have those Pieces but it's really important to look At how many of those pieces do you Really need and how many of those pieces Do you really wear so be very careful Not to fall into the Trap of always Buying a similar type of item it's very Easy to do but you don't need them all Now this one always goes without saying But I am going to include it because Often we buy occasion wear and evening Wear pieces that we absolutely love we Spend quite a bit of money on but they Sit in our closets and very rarely get Worn and I do think we need to think Twice about these pieces there are so Many rental places around these days and Maybe renting a piece yes you don't get To keep it at the end of the day but Equally it's potentially more affordable To rent than it is to buy a piece new And you don't have that peace hanging in

Your wardrobe taking up Prime real Estate and also being wasted money Because you just don't get that cost per Wear out of those pieces so think about Some of those occasion wear pieces and Have a little think and see if you could Potentially be better off renting them Trying something on and loving it is one Thing and often it's hard to come by That experience when you try something On and you immediately fall in love with It and sometimes when this happens you Buy that piece but you haven't actually Thought about whether it suits your Lifestyle so again it's a little bit Like buying for your fantasy self so Something may look great on you and it Fits perfectly and you absolutely love It but if it doesn't suit your lifestyle You're not going to get that wear out of It so even though it's a winner it's not Really ultimately going to be a winner For you it's more likely to be a regret So definitely think about that and not Get swept up in the excitement of Putting something on in the changing Room that does look amazing but you Really know in your heart of hearts that You're not going to get that wear out of It now one thing that we often do when We're decluttering or just clearing out Our closet for the new season which I'm Sure many of you will have recently done Or perhaps you're planning to do that

One of the things that we often do is we Might come across something that hasn't Quite worn out or doesn't really need to Be donated it's still got some life in It and then we say to ourselves we can't Bear to part with it so let's just keep It we'll keep it in there and wear it Around the house let's have it as a as a Wear around the house piece now in Theory this can kind of work but I don't Like it now the reason I don't like this Way of thinking is because why wear your B rate clothes or b-grade clothes around The house why not wear the pieces that Make you feel great every day why set Yourself up for a day where you're not Going to feel the best version of Yourself so don't hold on to those Pieces that have seen better days or Really are kind of beist pieces make Sure that they are out of your closet You don't want to be wearing those just To sort of be frumpy around the house Have some pieces that are A-list pieces To relax in don't let yourself down and Relegate yourself to wearing those Pieces so if you have that kind of train Of thought when you're clearing out and Decluttering that you will keep Something just to wear around the House just don't now some of the other Regrets that we often have are pieces That we've bought on sale so I always Proceed with caution when there is a

Sale happening because I know that I'm Extra tempted to buy something because It's cheap or it's at a hugely Discounted price I generally only buy Pieces on sale that I've perhaps had on My wish list and I've had my eyes on for A long time waiting and hoping that They'll go on sale not pieces that I Sort of stumble upon and realize that They are reduced because generally we Don't make a rash decision at those Times we get so easily swept up in Saving money and it being a bargain and How great is it to save money and we can Easily make some bad decisions when That's the case so I always say proceed Really carefully when it comes to buying Sale items and more than ever that's the Time you need to ask yourself some Really hard questions and think about How many outfits you could create with This item do you have something similar That you own already so you don't really Need it ask yourself some of those hard Questions before you get too influenced Influenced and go off and spend money Unnecessarily and this one is an Interesting one because I read about it I think I was reading an article in Vogue recently and it talked about People that seow and crafty people that Seow their own clothes I do wish that I Was that sort of person but quite often They don't like their own creations and

So the story talked about being okay With that and not beating yourself up or Not trying too hard to love the pieces That you that you make yourself it is Okay you can still enjoy creating Clothing and sewing but you don't Necessarily have to love those pieces That you create maybe so for someone Else a family member or a friend and Create pieces for them if you find Yourself falling into the Trap of loving To sew but never generally wearing the Pieces that you make yourself maybe find Someone else that you know will love Them anyway that's it from me today I Hope you enjoyed this one and if you did I'd love you to give it a big thumbs up Don't forget to subscribe to my channel For more oh and also don't forget to Take advantage of that gingerberry Discount code it is a real Goodie and It's not just a code to save on the Pieces that I've featured in today's Episode it is to save on anything on the Gingerberry website so as I said earlier I will link all of the P pieces that I Have featured in today's episode down Below and whip on over take a look at Their website and the discount code Applies to everything there so anyway Thank you again for watching and I've Really had fun with this one and please Let me know in the comments below can You relate to any of these fashion

Regrets and if you have others that I Haven't touched on I'd love to hear About them too but thank you for Watching and I will see you real soon Bye for [Music] Now [Music]

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