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The BEST 7-Layer Dip Recipes EVER




The BEST 7-Layer Dip Recipes EVER

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Today I'm going to share a super fun and Delicious seven layer dip with you two Different ways one quick and easy and Another more sophisticated one for when You have a little bit more time on hand And want to make it fancy let's start With the quick and easy one For this you will have to add one cup of Refried beans to the bottom of your Clear 4 cup container and smooth it out With a spoon then add a little salsa to It if you like it spicy store-bought or Homemade are both great then get another Small container in which you can Mash an Avocado cut your avocado in half and Then add the flesh into the container And start mashing it with a fork Once it's nice and creamy add the juice Of half a lime and some sea salt and Pepper to taste and mix that in super Well Then spread the mashed avocado on top of The refried beans in an even layer After that add half a cup of sour cream As a third layer and spread it out Evenly Layer number four is some shredded Cheddar cheese add as little or as much As you like I add about a third of a cup The fifth and sixth layer is diced Tomato and the white part of three Scallions sliced and then the green part Of the scallion sliced And the last layer is sliced black

Olives and some cilantro for garnish if You like Now all that's left to do is take a Tortilla chip and dip right into it so Easy and so yummy now for the Sophisticated one we have to prep a Little bit more but don't worry it only Takes a couple of minutes first preheat A pan of a medium-high heat and once hot Add a drizzle of oil and then add half a Pound of lean ground beef to it Season the beef with sea salt and pepper Only and break it up so it fries nicely Once it's all brown add a tablespoon of Salsa Roja again sorboto homemade and Give it a last stir and then set it Aside so it can cool down in the Meantime let's make guacamole I have a Full tutorial on how to make it in Detail but here's the quick version cut A ripe avocado open and Spoon the flesh Into a bowl and mash it up with a fork Once it's nice and creamy add sea salt And pepper the juice of half a lime a Small handful of chopped cilantro about Two tablespoons of finely chopped red Onion and finely chopped jalapeno pepper And stir until well combined Next up let's prepare some pico de gallo Again I have a full tutorial with all The details but here is the quick Version dice a large tomato add two Tablespoons of coarsely chopped white Onion coarsely chopped cilantro to it

And chopped jalapeno pepper and then Season everything with sea salt pepper And lime juice and then mix it well now It's finally time to build our dip add a Cup of refried beans to the bottom of Your container and smooth it out with a Spoon Then add your delicious guacamole and Smooth that one out as well Next add sour cream And now add the cooked ground beef as a Layer some shredded cheddar cheese add As little or as much as you like and I'll top it all first with your amazing Pico de gallo and then with a few slices Of black olives [Music] The fancy sophisticated seven layer dip Takes an extra 15 to 20 minutes to prep But in my opinion well worth it the Flavors in that one are just absolutely Incredible I hope you enjoyed this video I hope you're going to give one or the Other recipe a try if you do please Don't forget to snap a picture and show Me I love seeing when you make any of my Recipes and I'll see you with my next Video bye Foreign

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