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Tanaye White Talks In-Depth Skincare Routine for Dry Skin I Body Scan | Women’s Health




Tanaye White Talks In-Depth Skincare Routine for Dry Skin I Body Scan | Women's Health

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– My knees can predict the weather. They can predict when it's gonna rain, So they're swollen right now. (laughs) Hey, I'm Tanaye White, And this is my "Women's Health" Body Scan. What I love most about my body is my skin. As a child, I actually
had really dry skin, And so the doctor prescribed
me with oatmeal baths. They come in these little packs And you pour it in with your bath, And so my mom would take
oatmeal baths with me Almost every night for a few months Until my skin got better. Now I have a really good regimen With shea butters and moisturizing creams. So now that my skin is much better, It's one of my favorite parts of my body. I love the color, I love the softness, And I just love the skin I'm in. A body part that I've grown
to love are actually my arms. I did track and field throughout
high school and college. I broke several school
records, I went to nationals, And I also won two championships
with my team in college. So needless to say, I'm strong, But it's definitely been
a love-hate relationship With my arms, because I
always thought sometimes, I looked too strong, and
it even came to a point Where I would Photoshop my
arms to make them look smaller. I know that my arms reflect strength And I'm slowly learning to love them more. My favorite part of my body That I like to work on the most is my abs. I love core workouts. It's always been my favorite thing to do.

And I feel like when you work out, You immediately feel the results. So I know that the more there's a burn, The more it's working. I actually just was at the gym last night, So my stomach does hurt. (laughs) One of my favorite
workouts to do for my core Are reverse crunches, as
well as bicycle crunches. But as far as my regimen goes, I always start with cardio, core workout, Upper body, lower body,
it depends on the day. And then I actually go
to a rock-climbing gym, I've been rock-climbing
consistently since March. I think it goes with no surprise That my least favorite workout
to do is my arms. (laughs) I try not to do pushups or pull-ups Or anything like that anymore. My body has really maintained
its shape since college, And so I just sort of let it be. But if there's ever a
time where I know I need To work on my upper body
strength, I just rock-climb. I don't really have a go-to healthy meal. I really like to indulge in food, It's one of my love languages, So whether it be Thai food,
sushi, Italian, cheesy pasta. But as far as healthy snacks go, I love sliced cucumbers with
a little cream cheese on top, Sprinkle a little cayenne
pepper, salt and pepper, It tastes really good. I would say that my comfort
meal is definitely pad see ew. It's a pasta dish from Thailand. You can get it with chicken,
seafood, pork, beef, But my favorite is chicken. My love language is food. (laughs)

I just love the fact that
you can come to the table And dine with your loved ones. Growing up, my family was really strict About eating dinner
together without the TV on, Without any distractions,
and talking about our day. And I feel like as an adult now, It's been one of my favorite things to do. I love enjoying time with my
friends at nice restaurants. Whether it just be by
myself or with others, Just being able to be
with my favorite dishes Is one of my favorite things to do. I haven't ever had a serious injury, But I did sprain my knee doing
triple jump in high school, And that definitely has affected The way my knees function today. I have patellofemoral
syndrome in both of my knees, Which means that they swell
with water occasionally. But the cool thing about it Is that my knees can predict the weather. They can predict when it's gonna rain, So they're swollen right now. (laughs) I have a really in-depth skincare routine. First, I would start with makeup removers. So I use Clinique's Take Off the Day balm And I rub it all over my face. Then, I use a cleanser. My favorite right now is by Herbivore. It is their BHA cleanser. And then I follow that up with a toner, Which my favorite is
the Glow Recipe toner. I believe it's called Watermelon. It's really good at
getting into your pores And getting off the lasting residue Of dirt that's on your face.

I also use Paula's Choice exfoliant To help with my hyperpigmentation, And then I follow it
up with a moisturizer. I use Clinique's moisturizer.
That's my OG go-to. And then after that, one
thing I have to emphasize Is to always, always, always wear SPF. My favorite is Cay Skin by Winnie Harlow, But any SPF will do. Another really good one
is Black Girl Sunscreen. For my skin, it's really
hard to find good sunscreens That don't make me look ashy or blue, So those are definitely my two favorites. One skincare product I wish
existed when I was younger Are the pimple patches that
you can put all over your face. They really do work, at least for me. So if I had that growing up as a teenager With really bad hormonal acne, I think it would've made
a world of a difference. For my hair routine, I
have an elaborate process. When it comes to wash days, I love to use OurX's hair regimen. It's this system that works
specifically for textured hair. It's one of my favorite new products And it's one of my go-tos. I also love Camille Rose's line Of hair oils and hair moisturizers. My hair just really loves it. You can't tell today, but I
actually have a huge afro, And so making sure that my
hair is always moisturized And oiled is really important To reduce breakage and
ensure that my hair is okay, Especially on days where
I'm on photo shoot sets And they may use heat on my hair, But my biggest tip for anyone,

Especially if you're a curly girl, Is to just make sure that
your scalp is always oiled. No matter if it's castor oil or shea oil, Find something that works for you Because the health of your hair
really starts at the scalp. So one of the ways that I
take care of my mental health Is with sound baths,
meditating, and bubble baths. I always start each
morning with sound baths. I just go on Spotify, pick
a playlist and let it go. Some of my favorites
are sounds of the ocean, Sounds of rain, or just
your classic sound bath With the humming of the bowl. Another favorite, as I
mentioned, is meditation. It's something I'm working on, I think a lot, and it's
really hard to calm my mind And calm those crazy thoughts sometimes. But even if you can put
away 10 minutes of your day Just to calm yourself, breathe slowly, It makes a world of a difference, Especially if you have a busy day. And then one of my favorite
ways to show self-care And self-love to myself
is with bubble baths. I make them really elaborate. I light candles, I have
bath soaks, bath oils. I have this bar that you
can sit across the tub. Sometimes I'll even put a
laptop on my toilet seat And watch Netflix. (laughs) It's really my time to love on myself. And I think that in this
crazy world we live in When we're always looking at a screen Or always around people, It's really important to
take care of yourself. Because mental health
is so important to me, I actually started my own mental
wellness company last year.

It's called Feel Good Babe And it's a community for women To support them on their
mental wellness journey. Thanks so much for watching And don't forget to follow Feel Good Babe @heyfeelgoodbabe on Instagram.

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