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#TallulahWillis reflect on her Tony Hawk tattoo 🛹 #bodyscan #womenshealth




#TallulahWillis reflect on her Tony Hawk tattoo 🛹 #bodyscan #womenshealth

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I have a lot of tattoos I had more I Can't remember the count but I got a ton Removed when I was 20 years old I got Sober and I think I was just really Desperate for something you know extreme To do in in lie of the other stuff so I Just started getting tattoos and the Thing is I love tattoos I think it's a Beautiful art form I wasn't thinking About them it was like my body became a Doodle scratch pad and then all of a Sudden I was like but you don't get to Rip the page away like these are your Arms I actually had Tony Hawk's name on My butt because I thought it was really Funny and it was really funny until it Was like oh my body is a temple and it's Sacred and maybe I don't need Tony Hawk's name on it and bless Tony but I Just didn't need it on my bum

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