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Tallulah Willis On Body Confidence & Her Sobriety Journey | Body Scan | Women’s Health




Tallulah Willis On Body Confidence & Her Sobriety Journey | Body Scan | Women's Health

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I have a cowboy up on my arm and that's Something that my dad used to say when You're in the pits like cowboy up pull Up by your bootstraps hi I'm tulula Willis and this is my Women's Health Body scan what I love most about my body Is my ability to communicate things with My arms and my hands I'm very gestural And I also have a lot of physical comedy So I like that I can express myself Through my body My love language is Physical touch and words of affirmation Since I was little there's always been Something really reassuring about Someone holding my hand especially kind Of that silent nonverbal communication That can happen with touch I have had an Injury that then I reinjured the same Spot so I have a double scar underneath My chin I was about 8 years old on a Boat and it was a tiny little boat and I Was sitting on someone's lap not Strapped in And the boat lurched forward and I just Smacked my chin and they actually just Put one of those Butterfly bandages on and I remember I Was laying down and there was like all Of these adults talking above me and They just seemed gigantic and they were Like well she might need stitches and Then I would go and they were like no no That's spreading it like it was like I Couldn't stop grimacing and that made it

Even worse so they were like just don't Move don't make any sudden moves with Your face or facial expressions um but I Didn't get stitches the first time and Then years later I was living in West Hollywood and I slipped on my apartment Building steps and I fell and I so I Have like double trouble and I went to Urgent care I just didn't want to touch It I didn't want I just I had the Bandage on and it really Hurt I have a lot of tattoos I had more I can't remember the count but I got a a Ton removed when I was 20 years old I Got sober and I think I was just really Desperate for something you know extreme To do in in lie of the other stuff so I Just started getting tattoos and the Thing is I love tattoos I think it's a Beautiful art form I wasn't thinking About them it was like my body became a Doodle scratch pad and then all of a Sudden I was like but you don't get to Rip the page away like these are your Arms I actually had Tony Hawk's name on My butt cuz I thought it was really Funny and it was really funny until it Was like oh my body is a temple and it's Sacred and maybe I don't need Tony Hawk's name on it and bless Tony but I Just didn't need it on my bum I used to Have Reptar tattooed on my arm which I Love the Rugrats it was like such a Pivotal show for me but I don't know if

I needed repar on my body but the one That I think I look at the most and has The most meaning is I have Cowboy Up on My arm and that's something that my dad Used to say when you're in the pits like Cowboy up pull up by your bootstraps I Love like body care a friend of mine From childhood Carson Meyer started this Company called seea in the moon and they Have this incredible body scrub that's Like literally the most like so silky so Good and then I'll use Tata Harper body Oil but that's every once in a while cuz It's very Luxe I'll honestly just use Like Gold Bond my dad used to use it and For whatever reason it's like this Childhood thing I would just slather it All over me yeah I've had a journey with My hair I've shaved it twice I've Probably had every single color under The sun I was a red head for a really Long time I love being a red head my Hair stylist Amber who uh has her own Salon called A&M she's amazing because She will be down with any of my kooky Ideas but won't fry my hair or at least We'll say we're only going to go a Little Bit that's a really important thing Because my OCD manifests in like a Textural way and so if my hair is dry And crunchy like that's why I've shaved It for my mental health it connects to Body and wellness and it's all kind of a

System that operates together I get really over stimulated like Sensory overload and so sometimes I have To like draw the curtains and and have It be a little darker or I'll have to Put an eye mask on if I just have music Going and no phone stimulation and no Scrolling and it just really mellow Music that's kind of like a reset time For me something that I will say to Myself as kind of a grounding Mantra is It's a feeling not a fact And something else I'll say is you're Safe and you're loved I'll usually Repeat that over and over until I sense That I'm I'm a little more Calmed

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