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Sydney Sweeney Talks Wellness Must-Haves & Building Confidence I On Set With | Women’s Health




Sydney Sweeney Talks Wellness Must-Haves & Building Confidence I On Set With | Women's Health

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Hey it's Sydney Sweeney and I'm at my Women's Health cover shoot here to Answer some Questions I think that my strength comes From very strong and independent female Role models in my life whether it's my Mom or my aunts or my friends and then Also myself I'm very hard on myself and I think it's important to be and to be Your own role model I think being strong To me means confidence I think that it Means Health there's also just being a Strong person and and standing up for Yourself and having strong friendships It can be so many things growing up Super active and in a lot of sports I Think it really helped me be not only More confident in myself but I also Learned so much respect and patience and Pushing myself past the point of where I Think that my body wants to stop and I Also it's really fun being able to kick A guys's ass so it's pretty fun too Something I did for myself this morning Was Ice roll my face I literally I ice Roll my face usually every morning Especially before a shoe or when I'm Working I just feel refreshed and I'm Good and I'm going to start my day so One Wellness must have I always carry Little ankle weights for me so that I Can do in my own hotel room workouts or I can put them on and I can go running And it just makes me feel like I'm

Bringing my own personal gym with me I Don't know if I have a least favorite Workout move I used to hate running but Now I kind of love running getting Yourself to get there in the morning I Think that's the hardest part is like Getting yourself pushing yourself to Actually just show up take care of your Body I think that sometimes can be a Struggle I don't want to get out of bed I don't know if I've ever had like one Mantra for myself that I go by I feel Like every day it's like a new day and a New challenge and I'm just there to Embrace it a smile on my face and I'm Ready to go I put up a ski course Recently and I've been trying to do a Ski course and touch my shoulder to the Water and go one-handed as I turn and Just hit every buoy and I'm kind of Challenging myself I really love it I've Been skiing since I was 3 I used to Wakeboard more but I got on a Wakeboarding accident when I was 12 I Was at my friend's cabin and I went wake Boarding with my dad and I jumped awake And I tried to do a 360 with my board And as I went to land the tip of the Board hit the wig and it just pushed my Board up and I actually went the other Way and my face sliced the bottom fin of The board definitely I was like knocked Out not sure what's happening Everybody's jumping in the water blood

Is everywhere my dad rushes me to the Hospital he was like oh my God don't Tell Mom but of course she's got to know And I hit my face and I had to get Stitches right here and I have a scar That not many people know about yeah it Was pretty gnarly but the day that my Stitches came out my mom drove me back To the lake she threw me in the water And she told me that I wasn't allowed to Get out of the water until I got back up On my board because she did not want me To be scared or afraid of whiteboarding Again thanks so much for watching don't Forget to look at my cover cuz it's Going to be sick and it's awesome and I Love you all so thank You

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